Psychology is a broad subject that aims to understand behavior and mental processes. It tries to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior. Sigmund Freud is a prominent figure in this field.

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How does psychology affect you everyday life?

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I don't know if this will help but this is an example in my psychology book. "If you live in or near a bog city, you may have noticed a gradual change in the color of fire engines. Although old fire engines were bright red, most new ones are lime-yellow. That's because psychological researchers who study perception found that lime-yellow objects are easier to detect in the dark. Indeed, lime-yellow fire trucks are only about half as likely to be involved in traffic accidents as red fire trucks." - (American Psychological Association, 2003; Solomon & King, 1995).
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What is to prioritize logic over emotion?

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It means that you use your thoughts (brain) to make decisions first before your heart (feelings). It is considered good to use both methods.
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What does paradoxical excitement mean?

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Paradoxical excitement or paradoxical sleep is a stage of sleep (during REM) in which the brain and body systems are active while the body is physically at rest. This excited stage while at rest is why it's a "paradox."
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What is a father complex?

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The answer will depend on whether it's a negative father complex, or a positive father complex. A person with a negative father complex will be fearful and distrustful towards stereotypical father figures. A person with a positive father complex will seek out and admire stereotypical father figures. A father complex (positive or negative) is probably brought on by an under-involved father during childhood - your mind believes it missed out on having a father during childhood so it seeks an ideal replacement in later life.
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What is the defference between guidance and councelling?

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to guide someone or something you would actually have some hand in what ever action is being taken, you actually have some type of control here. More like setting specific parameters. to counsel someone you really only provide information or an opinion and leave the open ended part of the decision to be made by the person being counseled.
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Why do some people have no respect for others?

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There are so many different variables as to why some people have no respect for others and here are a few: the individual in a product of their own environment (brought up that way or, as an adult has become self absorbed); technology is a wonderful thing, but with the Internet; Blackberries, i Pods, etc., some people are so into technology they have disconnected themselves from physically being capable of corresponding properly on a face-to-face basis in society.
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What are the functions of psychology and learning?

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the function of psychology is how to know behiver of the people
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What are two kinds of unconsciousness?

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It could refer to a medical unconsciousness or a spiritual, intellectual, or worldly unconsciousness. Someone can in the first instance, be knocked unconsciousness from a concussion, brain injury or coma. One could also become unconscious with anesthesia or induced coma. They would not be brain dead and would also be in a state of subconsciousness, using other brain waves or different parts of the brain in a dream like state. But they would be mostly unaware of what was happening around themselves. In the second instance it would mean that they weren't fully conscious in everyday life. It would refer to a person not being aware of their feelings or the feelings of others, or the reality and depth of things around them, in a larger sense, as in the world. It would mean that there were different levels of "awareness" and some therapies, personality theories, and religions try to teach a greater or heightened awareness. They use prayer, meditation, and talk therapy as a way to do this. It led a personality theorist from Harvard, Timothy Leary, to use LSD as a quicker way to awareness. Tibetan Monks, for example, use meditation to quiet their brains to achieve greater and expanding awareness and get to the highest level known as enlightenment. Most cultures who practice achieving enlightenment, ie: Carmelite nuns, Native American Medicine Men/Women, and individuals through personal tribulation (see Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr.) describe this state as a great compassion, acceptance and understanding. ___________ Another take: A person not being conscious of something is different from the person being unconscious. Not being conscious of something is the same as being unaware. You can be fully awake and alert and be unaware of a person's actions behind you, for example, or unaware of the subject matter of a nearby conversation that you are filtering out in order to focus on your own conversation. You are unconscious during sleep which is a natural, healthy and cyclic kind of unconsciousness. You are completely unaware of anything around you unless it is arousing enough to awaken you. You are unresponsive to any kind of question or cue. Sleep cycles are complex, and your responsiveness to different cues changes over the course of a cycle. You are also unconscious during a coma, which can result from severe trauma or it can be medically induced for various reasons. I think general anesthesia can be considered a kind of induced coma which is temporary, controlled and for the most part completely harmless in the long run. But this kind of unconsciousness is not normal and is different from the sleep cycle.
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Why do serial killers target women?

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There are several reasons why serial killers pick women. Almost all serial murder is about sex in some way. Even if the victim is not raped there will be other signs that the killer leaves that gives clues into his mindset. Jack The Ripper never raped any of his victims yet his were sexually motivated. The Zodiac of No. California never raped any of his victims, yet again there were certain sexual elements to his crimes. Women as victims are simple for many killers. If the killer has sexual problems it seems logical he won't take out his anger on men. (unless he's homosexual) Women by their very being make for easier victims. They are smaller, weaker, and conditioned 'not to make a scene' from their earliest childhood. Also, many murder victims of serial killers have been known to work as prostitutes. That alone puts them in a higher risk factor. Prostitutes pick up strange men as a matter of business. The are frequently working in areas that are dangerous and have high crime rates. They also move around alot. If a 'working' girl has not been seen for a while, well that's just part of the job. And last by not least, working girls avoid the law. When you put all these triats together you get the perfect victim.
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Who invented classical conditioning?

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Ivan Pavlov invented classical conditioning in 1927.
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What can you do when you are bored in class?

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Bored in Class... Whether it's because you already understand the material being taught, or are off in your 'own little world', or the teacher is just plain BORING, you should still try and give the teacher the courtesy of your attention, (you could add to any discussion). The educational option: If a class is really boring and you still want to learn, read ahead in the textbook and take some notes. Draw pictures in your notebook about what the teacher is saying, or make up a crossword puzzle or word search using the vocabulary words in the lesson. So long as you are sitting quietly in your place and appear to be paying attention, most teachers will ignore the fact that you're not really "all there." NOW if both the teacher and the lesson are boring, you have no choice but to resort to one of the options below (submitted by contributors): Note-Some of these are ONLY PROVIDED FOR AMUSEMENT (and if attempted may lead to discipline) Try to develop psychic powers, then proceed to use them. Play tic-tac-toe with yourself and lose. Sing show tunes. Make animal noises, and then deny doing it. Only speak in rhymes. Think of new pick up lines, and see if they work. Pretend you're flying a jet fighter in the Gulf War. Churn some butter. Conceive a brand new language. If the walls are made from bricks, count the bricks! Plot revenge against someone, regardless of if they have 'wronged you'. Answer every question with one word answers. Think of nicknames for everyone you know. See how long that you can hold your breath. Take your pants off and proceed to give them to the professor. Chew on your arm until someone else notices. Move to a different seat every three minutes. Think of ways to cheat at Trivial Pursuit. Shave your armpits, legs, face, etc.! Run across the room, tag someone and say "You're it.". Blow up a beach ball and toss it around. write a letter to your friend with the opposite writing hand (lefties- use right, righties use left) Announce to the class that you are God and that you are angry. Think of five hundred thousand new ways to use your shoes. Start a wave going across the room that go back and forth continuously! Walk around the room begging for spare change. Roast marshmallows and sausages! Practice phrasing your answers in the form of a question. Crawl around the room humming the music from Mission Impossible. Take apart your desk. Put your desk back together again ... better, faster, stronger. Pretend to communicate with your home planet. Play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' with yourself, and proceed to accuse your left hand of cheating. Do a quick tap-dance routine. Try birdwatching. Walk up the aisle yelling, "Popcorn! Hot popcorn here!". Throw your backpack at someone. Run to the window, then say, "Sorry, I thought I saw the Bat-Signal". Ask the person in front of you to marry you. Start laughing really hard and say, "Oh, now I get it.". Make a sundial. Give yourself a new identity or name. Write a screenplay about a diabetic Swedish girl who can't swim. Dig an escape tunnel. Announce your candidacy for President. Write songs, poems, stories, or books! Cook hummus. Eat the assignment! Eat your desk. Sing, "I Believe I Can Fly", while flapping your arms wildly about. Start a debate with one of your classmates. write a note to yourself and have it delivered by messenger Order Pizza and have it delivered to the classroom. Hide the teachers pen or marker. Learn Origami. Fart and blame it on a friend. When the teacher is taking roll after every two names jump up and say "That's me I'm here...Oh wait no.." Ask the teacher if she's ever seen an actual HUMAN!! Ask the teacher a random question about Flamingos then ask what the lesson was. Sing the "Happy Birthday Mr.President".. Ask the teacher who they want to win the Super Bowl in 2020. Tell the teacher your new name is Bob Figly Jr. and if she calls you by it yell at her saying "THAT'S NOT MY NAME WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!" Take out your cell phone and get on ESPN facebook or myspace Get other people to sing aloud with you. Stare at the hottest girl in the class and when she say what you looking at you say the fat girl behind you. If the teacher asks you to name two pronouns say, "Who, me?" When the substitute teacher passes the paper around for everyone to sign they are here, make sure you sign "Al Coholic" or "Phil Ashio". If asked to name a Civil Rights leader, say "Eldridge Cleaver" or "James Earl Ray". If you don't know the real answer, give a funny answer. Thus the answer to "Who won the Civil War?" is "The Civilians" and "The Battle of the Bulge" refers to Hitler's well known weight problem. Stare at your teacher and mentally undress her. Then mentally fantasize about having to stay after class with her. Now write a letter to Penthouse describing it as if it actually happened. Make sure you start the letter, "I never thought this would happen to me, but..." Raise your hand and ask if you may use the bathroom. When she says yes, remain silent while staring up at the ceiling, then after a few seconds say, "Thank you.". If she's one of those teachers who sits on the desk, ask her if she can show a bit more thigh. Raise your hand and when she calls on you, ask, "Are we still on for this Friday night?" If she calls on you and you don't know the answer, say, "I'm sorry, but my faith doesn't permit me to answer the unbeliever." If you're in biology class, answer every question with "Because God made it so, sinner." Pretend you are channeling Ki-Ra, a 3,000 year old ghost of a Babylonian stable boy. (Channeling princes and warriors is so cliche.) No matter what she asks you say, "What would the School Board think about you asking that to kids our age?" Never ask if you can go to the nurse's office for Ritalin, instead say you need to see your dealer to score some speed. If you walk in late, go straight up to her, lean in, and whisper, "The principal told me to have you come to office at once." (Careful, that works.) If you don't know the answer, say, "I think I need you to paddle me. (pause) Again." (Works whether teacher is male or female.) Fold up a note and pass it to someone and when they open it it's blank If your teacher wears glasses, try to take them and wear them while he/she looks for them. Go to the back of the room take out your cellphone and pretend your talking to your mom. (When they try to take the phone away from you say "shush I'm on the phone." and then say to the phone " Yeah I'm still here." etc.) Play patty cake with the person next to you. If its hot out make a paper fan and fan yourself with it. If your teacher is in a bad mood ask them " Having troubles with the online dating???" Listen to your iPod and start dancing crazily in your desk. If someone tries to get your attention pretend you cant hear them. Play spin the bottle with a few friends using a pencil and actually kiss the person next to you if you get picked. Write "I'm bored ,from your fellow students." on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and put it on the teachers desk. Play catch with a friend across the room. Start playing a game of hangman on the (white board,chalk board, smart board,etc.)with a friend during the lesson. Start singing the party rock anthem and shuffle around the room. When the teacher asks you a question say a business slogan (example. Teacher." Whats the square root of 26?" You. "Save money, live better, Wal-mart." Use the electric pencil sharpener the entire lesson. If the teacher tries to tell you to stop point to your ear and yell " I cant hear you! the pencil sharpener is to loud. When the teacher hands out paper say "Tree killer." If the teacher has food in class with them go to there desk and start eating it. I the fire alarm goes off yell "Field Trip!" and then run out of the door. When your teacher asks you to write an essay always write it on the wall so that it will never be late. Go up to the teacher and start dabbing her face with a paper towel. When she/he asks what you are doing say "Oh I'm sorry, you just looked a little sweaty". Pitch a tent in class and then invite everybody to a party at your tent. Throw a party for the back of the room with soda, chips, and a portable DVD player. Record noises like farting, a pair of pants ripping, burping, etc. and play them back just at the right times You can try spinning your pen/pencil around your fingers Or draw a picture If you're really daring, pull out your phone (if you have one) during class and try to go online
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What is the Three Stage Model of Stress Response?

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Selye developed the Three Stage Model of Stress Response. This model consisted of alarm, resistance, and exhaustion.
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What is NonSymbolic Interactionism theory?

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It is a sociological term derrived from some swampy donkey eee theorist a long time ago who wanted to descrive in non scientific terms a theory desribing the interaction of a population using data that is not scientific or objective. If you are looking this up, I feel sorry for you.
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What is concurrent schedule?

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A complex reinforcement procedure in which the participant can choose any one of two or more simple reinforcement schedules that are available simultaneously. Concurrent schedules allow for the measurement of direct choice between simple schedule alternatives.
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Why is psychology not an exact science?

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Because you can never establish causality in situations where there are so many extraneous variables. There's always another alternative answer even though we're pretty sure that our chosen answer is correct.
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Why do psychological perspectives exist?

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So there are different ways at looking at physological questions
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What is the primary goal of psychology?

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The primary goal of psychology is to find out the cause of a behavior (WHY it is occurring) in order to be able to predict (tell HOW it will occur) and ultimately control the behavior.
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How can you turn into a cat?

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It is not possible to turn into a cat. The best you can do is to always think about cats and concentrate on them as you're falling asleep. Usually, you will dream about cats. Also, try to learn to lucid dream. Then, you can change yourself into a cat in your dreams and be free.
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Is culture a learned behavior?

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Yes, It is developed by learning, normally from your parents and/or your guardians