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Native American History

There were many indigenous people already living on the entire North American continent when the first European explorers arrived. They had long ago divided into several distinct groups, each with its own customs and specific way of life. Questions about these Native peoples and their interaction with the early explorers - and, later, with the Colonists - belong in this category.
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The state that most Native Americans were moved to during the  Indian Removal Act was Oklahoma.
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According to their ancient creation story, the Quileutes werechanged from wolves by a wandering Transformer. By legend, theironly kindred, the Chimakum Tribe, were washed away by flood anddeposited near present-day Port Townsend (where they lived untilChief Seattle's Suquamish Tribe wiped them out...
diyin yá naalʼaʼí , messenger from God
When the Spanish settled the Aztec and Incan lands, their plan was  to conquer the land.   When conquistadors came in the early 1500s (Hernando Cortez being  the first, followed by Francisco Pizarro), they made the Native  Americans allies at first; then slaves.   Cortez sided with one...
The Blackfoot tribe lived in northern Plains, particularly Montana,Idaho, and Alberta in Canada. The environment* could be plentifuland great for planting crops, or at times, droughts occurred.Overall, the environment was good.
yes but they were better known as Morivians
Bow and arrows, tomahawks
Wood Poles, with rope wrapped around the top and buffalo skin for  the walls.
Many of the Native Americans who lived in the Great Plains region  of what is now the United States of America were nomadic hunters  and foragers. They ate lots of bison, elk, deer and game birds.  They dried buffalo meat into jerky and often traded it with other  tribes. They foraged for...
Hunted and grew food in gardens.
they shared allot of stuff with each other
Sussette LaFlesche was a well-known writer, lecturer, interpreter, and artist of the Omaha tribe in Nebraska. She spoke up for the Omaha Indians.
clay,water,deer, crops, and other hunting stuff
"First Nations" is a term used in Canada to refer to the remaining  native populations, those called "Native Americans" in the US. They  were actually also the first people to come and settle here. "first  Nations"    The term "First Nations" is used because these people are now  treated as...
Algonquin was a big tribe.
He was a chief and married a girl named Mary Galloway. They had  four kids together
bufalo and deer
He was at war with the American settlers.
Ghost Dance  Central ritual of the messianic religion instituted  in the late 19th cent. by a Paiute named Wovoka. The religion  prophesied the peaceful end of the westward expansion of whites and  a return of the land to the Native Americans. The ritual lasted  five successive days, being...
Kalpana Chowla. She was, not only the first American-Indian in  space, but the first woman in space as well.
They never use toilet paper. they use water.
Reburial of dead relative from their primary grave to joint grave  of community.
The Chippewa indians traded a lot of copper. Wich they made copper arrwoheads out of. They also traded jewerly, fish and canoes made from tree bark. 1 other thing they traded fabric.
Sioux leaders were Red Cloud, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull
The tribal arrangement in Israel was based on descent from the 12  sons of Jacob. These twelve family heads produced the "twelve  tribes of Israel." Two Tribes made up the Northern Kingdom of  Isarel, Judah and Benjamin. The other 10 Tribes made up the  Southern Kingdom of Israel. 1 Kings 11:29...
Around 1877,pomo people have started to come to Northern  California.
Indians had to give up their land east of the MississippiRiver. . They had to go to what is now Oklahoma. . Many died of starvation, diseases, and exhalation. . Indians sued to stay on their land, and the US Supreme Courtruled in the Indians' favor but Andrew Jackson ignored it and madethem leave...
They sewed animal skins together with a bone needle. Also used thefurs of animals.
It showed a distinction between the clans and tribes, but was for the purpose of decoration.
Pomo Indians didn't wear much clothing, and when they did, it was  usually made out of buckskin.    Buckskin is a leather made from buck hide, thus the colour they  wore was brown.
the hunkapapa tribe
Sitting Bull was a Lakota Sioux chief who resisted the settling of the native land in the mid-west by the United States. He was among the last to surrender and he was killed by the Indian Agency police.
They paired off a man and a woman, had some sort of ceremony and hey presto they were married.
men wore buckskin shirts and pants in winter only a breechcloth in summer
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There were 100's of sometimes unrelated languages spoken by "Native  Americans". You will need to narrow down the question considerably.
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Jaisalmer is situated on the western end of India in Rajasthan.
Monkey. In Armenian.
Sacajawea have birth to a son, jean baptiste, on feb. 11, 1805. she was 16. http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=3389
European settlers were becoming crowded and less land was available. Native American's were outside the taxing powers of the States and Federal Government. Added to this was not only the raw land value, but the mineral value of gold discovered on native lands. Andrew Jackson made 'Indian removal'...
  I know the kids would gather with an elder and hear myths, stories, folktales, under stars. I read it in a book. The picture was amazing! :)
Although there was no dominant religion in the southern colonies,the main beliefs were those of the Anglican and Baptist faith. Mostof the colonies practiced religious tolerance, however, Virginiawas not tolerant of non-Christian religions, and mandated worshipat the Anglican church..
The Chumash Indians ate hundreds kinds of fish,hunted small and large animals,clams,mussels,and plants. I almost forgot about corn,acorns,berries,and deer.These are just notes if you would like more information use google or a mission book or social studies book.I also apologize if this is not...
Tisquantum lived for some time with shipwright John Slany in London, England.
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The Iroquois longhouse was a building usually 60 - 100 feet long,sometimes much longer, 16-20 feet wide, and 15-16 feet high. It hada frame of saplings (young slender trees) and was covered withsheets of bark on the sides and top. It was occupied by a group offamilies; for every two families there...
how pueblo indians influenced us today
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I would have to answer that in a few ways. If you are referring to herbal medicine, yes, anyone can learn it. In fact, now many books are available on Native American herbal medicine.As for spiritual medicine, it is not that anyone can't learn it. However, mostly, spiritual medicine is something you...
They live in Peru. They are one of the few remaining "uncontacted" groups of people left in the world and their privacy and culture should be respected the rest of the world as the Peruvian government and human rights groups have asked. Contact from the "civilized world" could greatly impact and...
men was to hunt and women was to cook
The Powhatan tribes called their dwellings yeahawkan or yohacan. These were longhouses with flat sides and ends but curved roofs, entirely covered with sheets of bark. Larger versions, used as meeting houses or for chiefs such as Powhatan himself were called machacammac.
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The Seneca Nation of Indians is located in Western New York, in Cattaraugus County.
The Crazy Horse Gift Shop is located in the Crazy Horse Welcome Center Building. Crazy Horse Memorial is being carved from a solid granite mountain. The welcome center, museum and gift shop are located in buildings on the property immediately surrounding the carving.
The Old Spanish Trail began at Santa Fe (now New Mexico) and ended at Los Angeles. It was a path for Spanish explorers and traders beginning in the mid- 1500s, and reaching its widest use during the last years of greater Mexico. from about 1830 to 1848. It was still in use even after the majority of...
The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by President Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830.[1][2]President Andrew Jackson called for an Indian Removal Act in his 1829 speech on the issue.The Removal Act was strongly supported in the South, where states were eager to gain access to lands inhabited by the...
Indian reservation that have won threw the court that they do not have to charge tax on cigarettes of any kind
hunting poems and art are there customs that's all i have 2 say. im only here because i got a project 2 do XD
Algonquin (Algonkin) Indians used to be located in Quebec, Canada. They Also used to be located in the United States Somewhere but that's booty because I couldn't find any thing about where in the United States.
they do not have a specific religion instead t hey pray to the gods using masks and singing songs
Native American religions are unlike any European concept of "God" and therefore very difficult for non-natives to understand. Among the Delaware (Lenape) people, "god" was called welsit mannitto which simply means "the good spirit" (there were many other spirits alongside him, some not...
The domed hut known as a "wigwam" or a "wetu" was constructed of a  framework of cedar branches with bark, cattail reeds, or grass for  the covering.
i think mud bricks check in a book to see if it is right
Fire has always been used to help carve out the wood from a log to create canoes around the world. We are fortunate that we have first-hand accounts and pictures of the Powhatan people using fire to help with this process. The fire must be controlled in some way, but essentially the interior area of...
Native Americans did not affect americas as much as americans affected native Americans. The only way Native Americans affected Americans was through warfare. From the Northeastern coast to the desert southwest Native Americans used guerilla warfare(warfare in which the enemy uses surprise/hit and...
Nez Perce they were the tribe that helped Lewis and Clark after they crossed the Rocky Mountains during winter
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no one really knows, but the Hopi and Anasazi of the desert southwest used them
If I have to choose one of those options, I would choose that the  Native Americans were colonized by the United States. However, I  would argue that while the US illegally confiscated the territory  that Native Americans occupied, the Native Americans were rarely,  if ever, colonized. The US...
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