South America’s largest country and the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil has a total land area of 3,287,597 sq mi and has a total population of approximately 191,241,714. Brazil was a former Portuguese colony and gained in independence in 1822.
He was a shoe shine boy, street vendor, and factory worker thatbecame a union president. Then he became president of Brazil.
Tourists should eat Brazilian food, see the beautiful beaches, andparty with the locals.
The average precipitation per month in Brazil is 1761 mm
In the first January 1502, portuguese sailors, saw a nice Bay. Believing that was the end of a big river, they gave the name RIO that means river in Portugues, and Janeiro that is January also in Portuguese. The city was founded in 1565 by Estacio de Sa, with the name, Sao Sebastiao do Rio de...
Two important lines of latitude pass through the South America- the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. The Equator passes through Brazil.
Rios Azuis. Located in Tocantins State.
Yes. Rio de Janeiro is a state and also a city, located in southeast of Brazil. Rio Grande means large river unless you're talking about Rio de Grande do Sul, which is another state in south of Brazil.
Brazil is famous for the Samba dance. Samba is a lively, rhythmicaldance. There are 3 steps to every bar, making the Samba feel like a3/4 timed dance.
Well, acording to IBGE it had 551.000 people in 2009 in cuiabá- MT, Brazil
a country looks like an island and is shaped in all sizes
Winter. Not too hot, not even cold. Best time of the year in Brazil.
Because there are less workers there and fewer resources to mine
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18 years old is the legal age to buy and drink alcohol in Brazil.
2.455. 903 people. The latest estimated was in 2007.
Growing your own Brazil nuts will require patience. First, youneed to gather some Brazil nuts, but not from your nut bowl, thosehave been boiled. . Obtain proper seeds from an online nursery. Soak in water for 24hours to loosen the outer husk. . Pour out the water and rinse the seeds. Soak the seeds...
JK= Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira was elected president of Brazil in the 1955 elections The great work of JK was the construction of Brasilia, Brazil's new capital. With the transfer of capital from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia, JK wanted to develop the central region and away from the center of...
President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
It has a federal government and the president now in 2011 is dilma rousseff.
cristo redentor is located in rio de janero on corcovado mountain. Hope This Helps!
As of 2000, there were 2,230,000 people living in Brasilia..
not very at all
Georgetown is the capital of Guyana. It's not in Brazil. It's a country on the northern coast of South America.
Yes. for tourists, work os study..
1 Brazilian Real = 2,750 Cruzeiros
In the year 1960 Brasilia officially was designated and inaugurated as Brazil's capital city. In order to be in compliance with the Brazilian constitution was the official reason that was given by the government for changing the location of the country's national capital. Specifically, in 1956,...
The most famous one is the Amazon, the largest in the world in terms of volume.
This depends how you would like to define a "strong" economy. Brazil has the 9th or 10th biggest economy in terms of GDP yet its GDP per capita is horrible. The average Brazilian earns less than 12,000Reais anually (7,000 USD). Their goods to wages relationship in many areas is very bad. A computer...
The capital of Brazil is Brasília. The capital cities are: Macapá (Amapá's capital), Boa Vista (Roraima), Manaus (Amazonas), Belém (Pará), Palmas (Tocantins), Rio Branco (Acre), Porto Velho (Rondônia), Cuiabá (Mato Grosso), Goiânia (Goiás), Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do...
what ever they can find i guess
it does not get along because it took aver urugay and Uruguay did not wanted to do anyhting with it
In order to be in compliance with the Brazilian constitution was the official reason that was given by the government for changing the location of the country's national capital. Specifically, in 1956, Juscelino Kubitschek de Olveira [September 12, 1902 - August 22, 1976], who was President of...
The temperature in the desert is 205 degrees and there is less than 5 ounces of rain every year.
many people who live outside the cities don't have very structured houses
Sáo Paulo, with a population estimated to be 17, 711,000 isBrazil's largest city.
Heitor da Silva Costa designed the statue but it was sculpted by French sculptor Paul Landowski.
There are many cities in Brazil, including the capital Brasilia.Other cities include Sao Paulo, Salvador, Rio de Janiero, and PortoAlegre.
spotted jaguar represents Brazil's culture in my opinion
On the other hand, due to its large internal market, while important producer of Wheat, Corn, Rice, Barley and Malt, Brazil the matter very, reaching more than 1.0 billion dollars a year, their spending of foreign currency with these products. Products such as Garlic and Onion, representing...
not as many as in USA, but a lot.
Unbelievably yes. The Brazil nut is one of the most radioactive fruit in the world!One thousand times more radioactive than any other food... Although eating them won't give you superpowers, large amounts ofit could get you a little sick (really large amounts). It's because the roots of the tree...
Brazil gets between 60 and 80 inches of rain per year. The Amazonrainforest in Brazil gets about 9 feet per year.
You would type in the coordinates -11.0, -51.0 on either Bing Maps, Google Maps, or Google Earth. However, the Xingu river at 11.0°S is near 41°W, not 51°W. The Liberdade, aka the Jurua, is way over at 65°W. You may be thinking of two similarly named rivers.
they eat bread crumbs that r on the floor or they catch fish or wild animals. by:basmah ellaz school:AIA
Brazil - 3,287,597 square miles. Brazil - 3,286,486.71 total square miles. 3,265,124.55 square miles of land area. 3,286,470 sq mi Brazils area is 8,514,877 square kilometers or 3,287,612.4 square miles.
unsual plants in brazil
Brazil is not a country which imports a lot of goods, but it doesimport some. Among the things Brazil imports are cars, oil,electronics, and medications.
The capital of Brazil is Brasilia The Brazilian Capital is Brasília, a planned city build in the 1960's. It was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer and urbanist Lucio Costa. The President at the time, who took upon the building quest was Juscelino Kubitschek. Brasilia substituted Rio de...
You call them Brazilians, and in Portuguese you call them Brasileiros!
most of the time, it is.
it's a statue of Christ built around 10 years ago in Rio de janerio. many people visit it because it has big feet
The average flight time is 8 hours. This is only an approximation and flight times are likely to vary. Your airline will provide you with a flight time when you book a flight.
depends where, most countries about 4% but in Canada about 40%
they have 1:the festival of the fruits (El Festival de Las Frutas) to celebrate the abundant amount of fruit they have 2:rare animal festival9 El Festival de Los Animales)to celebrate the many rare, poisonous animals.
Brazil's agriculture is very abundant. Coffee, corn, cotton, wheat, cocoa, soy, etc.
Most Brazilians are descendants of the country's indigenous peoples, Portuguese (and other Europeans) settlers, and sub-Saharan Africans brought to the region as slaves.
Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Chile
You mean population density? If you take the whole country, the population density is very low. Brazil is as large as Europe, but with 200 million people (while Europe has about 800 million). To be more specific, Brazil´s density is 22 people per square kilometre, making it the 182th...
yes, Brazil is considered a Latin America country. From Mexico to all the way in the south of south America is considered a Latin country.
the average temp. in Brazil is 77 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit
brazilians love soccer so it has to be a soccer player
In South America, on the Atlantic side. Brazil is located South America. It's the biggest country in this continent. It's in the Atlantic Ocean side of the continent. And it borders all the other countries in South America, except for Equador and Chile. America (South) South America is the...
Yukon is the state north of British Columbia.
European white (Portuguese) African and mulatto Indigenous
brazil is not able to get things that they need like other countries. so brazil trades their products for things they really need.
Brazil is located on the continent of South America .
No, Brazil is not completely flat.
As the economy is boosting as well as the major cities have a lot of potential for new businesses, overall for money.