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The United Republic of Tanzania is a country located in East Africa. It is the 31st biggest country in the world at 364,898 sq mi. Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.
Tanzania became independent when Julius Nyrere became president of the territory of Tanganyika and invited the island of Zanzibar to join it, forming the United Republic of Tanzania
No. The Tanzanian flag is a black stripe diagonally across it, with two yellow stripes on either side of it. It is green above the stripe and blue below the stripe.
the president and his cabinet are the greatest enemies of TANZANIA
The Stone Town of Zanzibar is a World Heritage Site under criteria ii, iii, and vi. The town is an outstanding material manifestation of cultural fusion and harmonization. The intense trading that unfolded in this town at its peak is illustrated beautifully by its architecture and urban structure....
It goes from 0 feet at the Indian Ocean to, and I got 2 different heights, 19,331 or 19,341 feet [5,892m or 5,895m] at Mount Kilimanjaro.
Postcode for Nyerere Road Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
British rule ended in Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1961. They merged to become the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964. The country's named was shortened to the portmanteau United Republic of Tanzania in 1965.
Because it is below the equator line and when it is winter here it is summer there, visa versa Actually, in Tanzania it is hot pretty much all year round as it is near the equator.
According to the CIA World Factbook, current primary exports of Tanzania are gold, coffee, cashew nuts, manufactured goods, and cotton.
I think mama getrude rwakatare tops the list! Together with Jacqueline Mwita
Curriculum changes included doing away with gender stereotyping  through textbooks as well as classroom practices. Also, academic  courses covering sex education and gender education were added.
It is on the east of Africa. See the map at the link below.
As of March 2010, the Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania is Ali Mohamed Shein, who has held that office since 13 July 2001.
There are 2 main exports of Tanzania and they are coffee and sisal. Sisal is a fiber used for making twine and rope
Julius Kambarage Nyerere became president of the new nation, Tanzania in 1962
The Chagga people mainly.
its a volcanoe. volcanoes are important.
Yes. Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru
Swahili has been a lingua franca in East and Central Africa for a thousand years and more. A lthough it's a second language to most Tanzanians and Kenyans, it has the status of national language, so it's not really a lingua franca anymore. It's also an official language of the Demcratic Republic of...
Umuhimu wa fonolojia kwa walimu na wanafunzi ni kufanisi mawasilianano katika kufundisha na kujifunza
Mt. Kilamanjaro is Tanzania's largest mountain. As if right now, that's all that I am aware of.
Dodoma is the capital of Tanzania.Tanzania is rich in heritage and  natural beauty.It is a famous place for safari. If you want to buy  a safari package for visit then One -Way Tours & Safaris Ltd  (one-waytoursandsafaris.com) will provide wildlife camping safaris  in Tanzania.
It's importance in the development of the East African nations cannot be overstated. It enabled Tanzania to become a unified nation from Tanganyika's independence in 1961, and was the foundation for unification with Zanzibar in 1964. It has for 90-plus years been important to the East African...
No, why would it? It stems from Arabic with English and Hindi influences.
1he had the important information about the potentiality of east africa coast 2political conflict in oman forced him to shift into zanzibar because he wanted to be free from his enemies
  some of the main foods are: ugali, pilaw, chappati, beans and rise.   many "restaurants" serve delicious roasted meat, and pomme frites.
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DODOMA is a capital city as government adiministration and paliament is there.DAR ES SALAAM is a commercial city and was a foma capital city.
Coffee, Cotton, Sisal, Tea, Cashew Nuts, Diamonds, Gold, and Cloves.
Jakaya Kikwete became president of Tanzania on 2005 December 21.
Since 1966, there are 100 senti (cents) in the Tanzanian Shilingi (Shilling) (TZS).See link to Universal Currency Converter.Using the Universal Currency Converter, you can convert any denomination from any current currency, into the equivalent value of any other current currency.It is updated...
it takes 1234567km to get there right or wrong
It ranges from up to 1312 to 2000 ft deep!
  Tanzania is south of the equator   It's south of the equator.
On sokoine drive opposite the kilimanjaro hotel.
In the 1860s gold and diamonds were discovered in Southern Africa.  People from all over came to cash in on the mineral discoveries.
By plane its in africa.   It depends on where you are coming from.
Among the major seaports are the following, in terms of tons of cargo moved: . Shanhai, China . Ninbo-Zhoushan, China . Singapore, Singapore . Rotterdam, Netherlands . Guangzhou, China . Tianjin, China . South Louisiana, USA . Hong Kong, China . Busan, South Korea . Qingdao, China
phoni lizards, gwak monkeys, chinchillas and the fish eagle.
yes he is a member of Freemason
The Serengeti Plain sits somewhere between 1000 to 1900 meters  above sea level which is approximately 3280 to 6234 feet.
yes; I met an albino man along the road for Stone Town in january 2012.
the answer is, the government doesn't know how to develop up the country and they use the money of the government for their own benefit.
Tanzania it is located in Africa named after the combination of the  names Tanganyika (referring to the mainland British colony) and  Zanzibar (referring to the island archipelago off the coast).
Yes, located in East/ Central Africa
of couse ihave stayed in ujamaa hostel in tanzania.
The aims of education in Tanzania is to pass down skills and  essential information to students. This equips the students to the  future with the relevant knowledge.
Tanzania's population is around 36,766,356 people.
The net worth of said bakhresa in Tanzania
no its a place in Africa look
Hasheem Thabeet is an NBA player for the Portland Trailblazers and was born in Tanzania. Hope this helps :)
The shortest nonstop flight time from Johannesburg to Zanzibar is 3 hours, 30 minutes on Tavrey.
no, no they do not but they do have two feet and two legs.
The type of climate is hot and humid
It is famous for gold, platinum, natural gas, diamonds, AIDS and wildlife safari.
  Tanzanian Shilling   Tanzanian Shilling
Unless someone specifically states that he is a member of the freemasons, it is hard to know for sure. And anyway, what is with you Tanzanians? Why are Tanzanians so obsessed with whether their politicians are Masons? Would it make any difference?
Jakaya Kikwete was born on October 7, 1950.
Unless someone specifically states that he is a member of the Freemasons it is almost impossible to know for sure that they are.
They are made of mud and usually have a metal piece for a roof.
Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda is the Prime Minister of Tanzania. . Pinda became the 11th Prime Minister of Tanzania in 2008 February 9, appointed by President Jakaya Kikwete. He also has a law degree from the University of Dar es Salaam. .
According to the websites of Wikipedia AND the CIA, the government of Tanzania is a republic.
our country is among of peacefully countries in the world, but for expats must be carefull in your situation.
some bodies water in Tanzania are like oceans,rivers,dams and likes.
you get an average of R100 000 p/m
Maharage ya Nazi August 10, 2012 By Miriam KinundaThe best beans everThese beans will change the way you cook your beans forever. Another simple recipe from Tanzania; please use dried-beans, it is not as nice if you used canned beans.Here is the trick of how to cook and store beans for future...
five cities make Tanzania
Unless the person specifically states that he is a member of the Freemasons, it is hard to know for sure.
The Tanzania name(s) until 1964 was Tanganyika and Zanzibar. In April 1964 the two states united to form a state named Tanzania