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Safe Driving Techniques

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This category is for all questions and answers about the do’s and don’ts of the road, as well as tips for safe driving skills.


turn on front lights and focus on road!
ALWAYS wear a seat belt. ALWAYS drive defensively. NEVER drive under the influence of anything.
Sure you can! Before and during, but during your driving test it should be 'in your heart' (silent); but do concentrate on what you are doing!
In the U.S. a destination sign is a "guide sign" they are green and usually rectangle, sometimes square.
There was a bike lane installed in Charleston, SC in August 1896. Don't know if it was the first though.
This turns off the traction control feature. Most people should not press this button. There are, however, certain situations in which it can be useful: 1) Useful during diagnosis of a mechanical problem. 2) As a workaround if a dangerous system problem with the traction control is known but...
towards the edge of road, for if it started rolling backwards it  would go off of the road, not into traffic
No regulation on that. But you find a new one as soon as you can,  and before police will stop you with the written off one for the  safety reason. In this case cops will give you a timeframe in form  of a ticket to replace the car.
It will have to be texting, since you have to bring away your attention from the road; to the phone to text message. Still, talking and texting on your phone is dangerous and could result in fatal damage towards your life and your car.
Not exactly - a 30 mph crash alone cannot determine the severity of the crash - the damage to a human body in a crash is largely the factor of time it takes from the 30 mph velocity to zero - I figured this out a long time ago for a physics exercise and don't remember exactly the numbers but a rough...
It is your following distance. You should be able to stop within the distance of you and the car in front of you. However if you should have a vehicle that is following you real close, you should give yourself a larger area of cushion.
You can go to Indiana's mopeds regulations online and grab the info  from the Governments website.
Most likely you are, but it also depends on what the person you hit was doing   In most circumstances, yes ... it's called "failure to control vehicle" and is usually caused by tailgaiting the car ahead or not paying attention to what is happening. Too many people only see one car ahead when they...
It really depends on how your recovery is progressing, usually it ranges between 2-6wks. You should always consult your doctor.
depending on which city you live in chilliwack it is 7-30 to 5 in surrey 8am to 5 pm on school days only so does not include holidays or weekends , or when school is not in seassion such as spring break or summer time.Also remember school zone is only 30km if it is posted under the school sign...
It is neither legal nor safe. All 50 states have child restraint laws. The reason for these laws is concern for and an effort to keep children safe in a motor vehicle.
  generally 18, unless you are the son or daughter of the business owner...and in some cases it is 21 and i have seen a minimum age of 25 before as well.
If under 18 you need a new 3001 form from your driving instructor
To prevent the fatigue you have to reduce the amount of driving  time. On a long distance the best way to avoid the fatigue is  driving no more then eight hours in the row.
You cannot have 18 points no matter within any time. You can  however accumulate only 11 points at any given time, after which  the Ministry of Transportation will ask you to submit written test  and road test, whatever the Ministry will find fits your situation.
As far as natural causes...I'm thinking "Black Ice". When it has rained for a short time all the water forms on top of dirt and oil, then mixes in.to be exact... when covered by a film of liquid sufficient enough to reduce the coefficient ecstatic friction between the tyre and the road to...
In a city. If you keep up with the traffic flow on a highway, then  you are pretty safe. Whereas in a city you face all kind of  hazardous driving, and this is reducing the safety on city streets.
The clutch will normally be pushed out and/or the transmission will disengage on its own. Many vehicles also have electronic systems which shut off the engine and allow the vehicle to freewheel.
I believe the road is the most slippery when it first starts to rain after a dry spell. The road has all the oils and greases that have dripped off of other vehicles. The road is most slippery at freezing temperatures. Below 20 degrees Fahrenheit it actually is less slippery than at 28-32 degrees....
you are looking about 2000 to 5000 to the ticket
Driving the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, He had a mechanical  failure, hit a wall head on at high speed, and he suffered numerous  head injuries from a wheel impact. Part of the car's suspension  also penetrated his helmet visor.    On lap 7 at San Marino Grand Prix in Imola, Senna was being ...
The tire, the vehicle. anticipated speed, temperatures, cornering requirements and the roadway are all factors that determine the optimum inflation. Most don't need to be considered by street cars, but must be factored in for racing at high speeds.
using the formula, speed squared divided by 20 plus speed gives 40 feet approximate stopping distance at 20mph.
Fuses blow when there is a short circuit or an over current  condition.
    The driving testor's instructions. You will be nervous as hell but must still follow instructions. Make a full and complete stop at any stop sign and look three ways before moving again.     I learned the test route from previous applicants before my test but on the driving test...
  Depends on what car - please specify what car you are asking about.
Slow down and avoid driving into deep water covering the road.  Replace worn tires that have less than 4/32" of tread wear left.
is most slippery in the winter because of black ice and in the morning when the temperature is actually bit close to freezing because black ice forms along with slush in the morning so yes in the morniing slow down and watch out for snow, rain, anything weather wise that can affect your tires...
  hmm as you ask what happened to high beams, i am going to assume that low beam works. id this is correct i would say that your low/high beam switch needs replacing
It's a matter of height rather than age. Typically, people five  feet and over can sit in the front seat of a vehicle, while car  seats are made to accommodate children under four feet.
False Moving a vehicle quick even on dry pavement gives you less control and more chance of a crash. Much more so on wet pavement. If you come in too close in front of a vehicle behind they may not have enough distance to brake safely to avoid hitting you.
  Got your mobile ? Call a friend and ask them to bring some petrol, No mobile, flag some one down and get ride to the nearest gas station. If you have run out of gas in a dark area you need to ensure that other motorists can see your car.
Just like it says - it's nothing or in between something. In the old straight shift transmissions vehicle you put it in neutral to crank it or tow it or roll down a hill then put it in low gear to crank it. Some auto transmission cars can still be started that way.
  Yes, but they still have speed limits. Its law, the default for highways is 70 "unless otherwiese posted" 55 rural, 25 residential....
    Did you locate the culprit? How much uninsured motorist insurance did you have? You have to find someone to sue.
1. Close to 25% of fatalities on the road are related to alcohol. Correct Answer: B. FalseCorrect!Explanation: Almost 41% of all fatalities are caused by drinking and driving or doing other drugs and driving. 2. Youth who drink before the age of 15 are _________ more likely to develop alcohol...
Texas Government's website will give you information about child's  hardship licence.
Either call the last company in which you attended traffic school or call the court.
VERY bad idea to do this. no it guves you less control and if you beging to skidd your cruise control will tell your car to accelerate and you will take off like a plane
The owners manual is the only accurate source of towing info. GAWR is only a rating for the vertical load on each axle. Which is not a consideration, unless your heavily loading the vehicle.   GCWR is the total max combined of truck and trailer. With proper equipment, you can tow the GCWR - GVWR....
When equipped properly 2000lbs towing with a 200lb. tongue weight.
1. by use of public transport. 2. by use of walking or cycle for the short distance travelling. 3. by strictly prohibiting use of outdated vehicles.
Likely, an expressway is the only place one could use cruisecontrol. The minimum speed to use cruise control is at least 45 mphand many roads don't allow that speed. Also, the expressway getsrid of constant stops that make it annoying to use the cruisecontrol. Basically, if you aren't stuck in...
is this rear wheel drive? RWD's don't have AXLE "joints"
It depends on the vehicle and if it actually has 4 wheel drive. Some vehicles have it on the dashboard while some have it on the floor of the vehicle
  No. They have annual medical examinations to prove fitness to drive already. Consider the restrictions you would want the authorities to insist you obeyed, if and when you become an elderly driver.
Front passenger airbags are generally  activated by the passenger weight. If a person (or other item) is  placed in the passenger seat that weighs greater than 50 lbs, the  passengers side air bag will activate. ones the vehicle is started.  With passengers (or stuff) which weighs less than 50...
For me personally, learning to maintain my speed instead ofaccelerating and letting my speed fall and then accelerating again.If you have this problem, you'll figure it out eventually and saveyourself some gas money.
19-23 mph over in a 70mph zone is $215+$200 for what Georgia calls "a Super speeder fine", it supposedly is used to fund emergency trauma services.
Rules I found online say 3m or 10ft with 9m or 30ft between. However, when I used to paint them with the highway dept in 1971 the length was 15 ft with 45 ft between. This appears to have changed. But you can measure the distance of the highway in miles or killometers!
I have a 1995 Mack Vin#1M1AA13YOSW053225. Can you please tell me where to find the engine number and how many are they?
Padding slows the occupant hitting it down "slightly slower" that if the same occupant hit a non padded dash. (it reduces the G forces experienced, helping to prevent injury.) The padding acts (to a much lesser degree) like a parachute acts to slow a person falling from the sky. Also, a padded...
Because of the lack of other types of transportation (in the US and Canada at least) in other countries (russia, Finland, etc) they have railroad and most people use them for transportation also most roads aren't paved (or at least not well) so most people don't have cars in those countries.....
Turn you front wheels to the right and set your parking brake.
Seat belts became mandatory in Michigan since July 1, 1985. Theentirety of the law can be viewed at the Michigan State Policewebsite.
No, but it is more safe to let your seventeen year-old drive than to have one that wants to drive but isn't permitted. Make him buy his own car, so when it breaks it's his own fault.   Are most adults? I think not.
  It's much better for the drive train that way.
There's a great article on Decision Driving on the Liberty Mutual Solutions site-and it includes five safe driving tips. See the related link below. These Decision Driving pointers can help sharpen your driving skills and give you a boost of behind-the-wheel confidence. There are tips such as:...
i have a California license and i need to get a license (online) from Texas.
When people get pulled over for drunk driving, they give several different excuses, here are a few: 1. "I can handle my liquor" - According to police, this one typically applies to the "macho" variety of men who feel their exaggerated sense of manliness enables them to overcome the effects...
  Because the driver took their foot off of the gas and slowed down in a high gear. Or probably because they didnt push in the clutch. Either of those things can stall a manual transmission.
There are 18 questions on the permit test. You cannot miss more than 3.
The written part of driving test are sometimes the worst part of it. Those you actually have to study for. The actual driving part of the test can be nerve wracking with the tester sitting right there.Not hard enough looking at crash statistics!
The first person to patent power steering was Frederick W. Lanchester, an Englishman who produced Lanchester cars. His patent was in 1902
Simply they call it Driving Phobia or Fear of Driving. I don't believe a latin prefix has been designated to it such as amaxophobia(fear of riding in a car), motorphobia(fear of automobiles), tachophobia(fear of speed). Driving fear can make life very difficult for individuals who have to commute to...
If you are driving with friends or family, have a conversation! Crank up the music, and even sing along! Listen to a book on tape or a podcast or talk show. Take the scenic route and enjoy the view, rather than speeding along the interstate counting down the miles. If you can afford a little extra...
In Texas, you must have your leaners permit for 6 months - which allows you to drive in the car with an adult. After the 6 month period, you may apply for a Texas Driver's license...and if you pass, you will be able to drive in the car by yourself. There is, however, a law that will only allow you...
Until you drive so long your petrol tank is empty.
When you are looking for potential hazards you are predicting any  dangerous situations that could develop.
If you ran someone over there would be a much higher chance of killing or seiously injuring them, if you crashed, you and/or your passenger would be at much more risk of harm. If caught by the police you would be likely to face some form of punishment, the type would depend on your country or...
  there is no set height of a truck. the height depends on the type of truck and the configuration for which it is built.however the maximum legal height for a truck, without special permit is 13 ft 6 inches.
do not cross to change lanes or pass