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Literary Terminology

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Literary terms are words used in the classification, discussion, criticism and analysis of literary works such as novels, books and poetry. Some literary terms are allusion, body, character, climax, denotation, monologue and plot.
figurative, or figuratively means that, for a given phrase, you  should understand it in it's nonliteral meaning. It is a current  pattern for people to use the word 'literally' when they really  should be using 'figuratively' (yes, an example of a figure of  speech or trope is metaphor or...
That everybody had to have a symbol.
There are two major characters in "Sonny's Blues," Sonny and  Sonny's older brother. Each of these characters has an independent  conflict and together they share another conflict. Sonny's conflict  has multiple parts: heroin addiction; the "vivid, killing streets;"  his choice for jazz and...
How many state in India
Well, as pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins andwas considered to be the pivotal element leading to the downfall ofthe protagonist in Greek tragedy, you might say it can havenegative connotations. From the Wikipedia article: Inalmost every list, pride (Latin, superbia), or hubris (Greek),...
To define words to the reader that may be unfamiliar.
Cause he is the birth wardent of the flies , for him to speak
Using the person's name is more common for the third person; in the  second person "you" is used most commonly.
CH: character S: setting P: plot CON: conflict I: irony T: tone TH: theme F: foreshadowing SYM: symbolism
  So gradual as not to be noticed as in "Little by little the stone was imperceptibly worn away by the feet of the visitors"
Where the story takes place.
Language contributes to the tone of a story because it depends on  how the author puts down the words on paper as to how the reader  reads it. The author has to put into play how the words flow and  that's what sets the tone or mood.
Edward leaves Bella and Bella goes and befriends Jacob Black with two old motorcycles.
  I'm pretty sure that rennisanse writing is the kind of writing that they did back then ie. poetry about love, usually sad, not much was happy
writing fiction is to makeup a story and write it.
protagonistantagonistlove interestmentornarratorpoint of view character
Lois Duncan's Locked in Time is set on a plantation in Louisiana.
When David's uncle Ebenezer has him kidnapped by Captain Hoseason onto the Covenant - therefore making the title of the story!!
"The Open Window" is a short story written by the author Saki. The  most important element in this story is irony.
In the word candy, each letter stands for a phoneme (that is not true of all English words, but true of this one) so there are five phonemes.
Language that appeals to the senses
The climax is when Stephen dies.
"To Be Or Not To Be": Spoken by Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 1To be, or not to be: that is the question:Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to sufferThe slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;No more; and by a sleep to say we...
An analogy shows similarity between things that might seem different like an extended metaphor or simile. It can be a logical argument: if two things are alike in some ways, they are alike in some other ways as well. Analogy is often used to help provide insight by comparing an unknown subject to...
No because they share a common belief and stick to rules important to their religion.
Third-person normally gives you more detail and a more complex story, as you can see everything building at once, while still hiding certain details until a later time. It also allows more literary tools to be used, since the comparison between situations experienced by different characters can be...
Is my thesis clear enough that you could explain it to someone else after reading my essay?
a character that acts predictably throughout the  story
Sarcasm intends to hurt and bite while pretending to be a compliment. The above remark appears to be a direct opinionated insult.
A first person narrator is limited in their understanding by only what they experience themselves. They cannot tell what someone else is thinking or what happened to other people while they are not present unless someone else tells them.
Lyric poetry is by far the most common type of poetry. The word lyric comes from lyre, a harplike instrument played by ancient Greek poets during recitals of their shorter poems. Today, lyric poetry means any short poem.The haiku, a Japanese form, is one of the shortest types of lyric poetry. In...
because he destroys old tradition and create new culture.
Penguin Concise English Dictionary defines ethos as ~ "The  distinguishing character or guiding beliefs of a person,  institution, etc." And science as ~ "The study, description,  experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of the  nature and behaviour of phenomena in the physical...
Yep. That makes it more interesting. Just keep building up.
In the beginning, Dexter sees Judy Jones as an ideal lover, and he whole-heartedly commits himself to obtaining her. However, in the end, he realizes she was flawed and human, and his perception of her perfection was wrong.
The book bunnicula is about a boy named Howie. One day when Howie goes to the movie theater with his family he finds a bunny under neath his seat.The bunny has bright red eyes. When the movie is over he goes home and he takes the bunny with him. Howie takes care of the bunny and he names it...
A frame narrative is a story related by the narrator but in the  voice of another character.
Warm and clean also cosy and homely.
The main charator in Twilight is Bella. She come's to fork's to live with her dad and meet's Edward who is a vampire when she find's out she goes playing baseball with his family the Cullens but in the middle of the game 3 bad vampire's come and find out there is a human with them Jame's one of the...
it's so hard to tell if youre describing the character
Look for anything produced by Tyndale House. You can look also for the Acts of Faith series, the Men of Faith, Women of Faith. Anything by Francine Rivers.
  1.) the alignment with Freud's   discoveries of the primacy   of the unconscious   2.) a radical questioning of the   process of representation   3.) the problematic status of the author   and his authority-the author   appears in the text   4.) the artist as dandy or ...
  It is metrical tale when a narrative poem is told in first person. Example: The Lady of Shallot
transitional words are words that connect sentences or that transition from one sentence to the other. Common Adverbs This list includes: last, first, second, next, but, on the other hand, moreover, in addition, furthermore, before, however, to begin with, otherwise, conclusively, lastly, secondly,...
In literature, an omniscient point of view is when the narrator  knows everything about all the characters. When they know  everything about only one character, they have a limited omniscient  point of view.
  To write a book to interest readers like you and me........ ;0)  
designed castles,cathedrals,railway station,and city halls
Four phonemes /s/ /p/ /A/ /s/. A phoneme is a minimal unit of sound and is not connected to the number of letters.
They are the two basic classifications of literature. (Sometimes a separate distinction is made, for purely reference sources, as they are not intended as prose.)
Don't do drugs, eat your vegetables. Simple enough
no, novelettes are longer than short stories.
  Basically, in the literary sense, slanting is ignoring all of the facts when making a claim, and concentrating on the facts that validate your point. One definition is "interpreting or presenting in line with a special interest" There are many ways that we incorporate slanting into writing.
Slanting is presenting an argument in a way that ignores opposing  positions. A slanted argument in favor of higher taxes would ignore  the negative effects.
Mood is defined as the feeling the reader gets from a literary  work.
I don't think so that he have indirect characterization because......
An unreliable narrator would reflect their bias in their telling of the story.
i think he is in good position in the on going process of the windmill and his controversy is to not finish it in a short period of time
The objective point of view is when the writer tells what happens without stating more than can be inferred from the story's action and dialogue.
ya cause that question almost made sense...
  The simple answer to this question is "Yes, of course." In many cases, a composition about literature, film, etc., will be read by an audience that is unfamiliar with one or all of the pieces being discussed. If that's the case, plot summaries make subsequent discussion of the books/films/etc....
Here you go, but in my opinion, it's not accurate enough: http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/littleprince/section2.rhtml
The action of the story concludes, and the conflict is solved.
I'm nobody! Who are you?- Emily Dickinson. Rain- Robert Louis Stevenson . Humpty Dumpty- From Mother Goose . The Raven-Edger Allen Poe . Nobody-Shel Silverstein
I have traveled to and lived in a lot of places. I would have tosay the most tranquil are the ones with the fewest people. Thoseinclude small communities or rural settings. For me, the mosttranquil is the north shore of Prince Edward Island--sitting on theedge of a sand dune watching the ocean,...
Non literary prose would be anything not written in novel or book  form. This might include letters, instructions, manuals, laws and  guidebooks.
the words around it might explain what it means
Bat man vs. Joker
First person point of view often makes the tone of the story much more personal.
Zeus gives his opinion of Odysseus when he says to Athena: " "My child, what a word to let out between your teeth! How could I forget that fine fellow Odysseus, after all! He is almost one of us. Wise beyond mortal men, ready beyond all to offer sacrifice to the lords of the broad heavens." (pg.12)...
The people that will read your work. You write to your audience, making sure that what you wish to convey is coached in terms that they will find favorable. Green Eggs and Ham has a very young audienceFrankenstein has an educated audience.The Note Book has an older, more sentimental audience
Yes, the psychosis has been well exploited in literature. Doctor Jekyll and Mister HydeThe Three Faces of EveSybil Raising Cain
No. When people use the terms `` noodlehead```they are considering you or whoever they were talking about as stupid or crazy person.
A glossary is a list of the special words, terms, jargon, and language used in the text that may be difficult to find elsewhere. A bibliography is a list of all the reference used to find content for the text.
The functions of literature are to help man master and enjoy life.  A few major functions are transmission of culture, art of  communication and the science of communication.