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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt started around 3150 BC. It is a time known marked by pharaohs, pyramids, gods and goddesses, science, math,and art. This era ended when Egypt was conquered by the Roman empire in 31 BC.
The Kings of Egypt were not called Pharaohs by the ancient  Egyptians. This word was used by the Greeks and Hebrews, and today  is commonly used for the ancient Kings of Egypt. We really do not  know how many kings ruled in Egypt, for at times in its ancient  past the country was split up, and...
Cleopatra basically did, but she was also helped by A man. She did rule an army of men in her position. She was a ruler, because she killed her brother. So yes she was a ruler, I'm pretty sure, but look it up incase.
Cleopatra VII's family came from Greece. She married a roman general and became the queen of Egypt. P.S... Soz if it's not so great as the other answers.
We are baffled by them because they were so huge that it seems impossible that they were built by men.
It was Cleopatra. In actual fact, this was a  power play on Cleopatra's part. She became the lover of the most  powerful man in Rome to avert the possibility of a Roman invasion  of Egypt. The affair was also an alliance between Egypt and the man  who dominated Roman politics. Had the Romans...
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valley of the kings in Africa
The pyramids were lavish tombs for their deceased pharaohs. They  wanted to be sure that their kings were traveling safely to the  afterlife.
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There were many Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, although rule by queens  was less common. The modern kingdoms of Egypt (1805 through 1953)  had thirteen rulers, all of them male.
The ever greatest pyramid in the world is pyramid of giza which has  been 146 metres which is 479 feet tall.
They felt that Cleopatra's father, Ptolemy XII, did not have a legitimate claim or right to the throne.
Skilled workers such as physicians and craftspersons made up the middle class. Craftspersons made and sold jewelry, pottery, papyrus products, tools, and other useful things.
The climate of Ancient Egypt is hot desert climate.
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None. No mummy has ever been found in any of the Giza pyramids.
The Egyptians buried there dead in small sand dunes inside the desert. They still did this after pyramids for pyramids were only made for the wealthy. Also the pyramids were only made around the early ancient Egypt, and they switched over to chambers underneath the ground because of grave robbers....
Queen Nefertiti brought back the old religion.
"thoth" is barried in the Valley Of the kings, where most egyptian  pharaohs were barried. The only tomb in the valley of the kings  that was NOT grave robbed was Tutenkhamen's tomb or (king tut) as  the most popular Pharaoh who died as a kid at the age of 19.
he was stabbed to death by rivals in politics and even friends in politics who wanted his job.
They match the three stars in the constellation Orion's belt. They  also match up with the placement of the three Pyramids in Mexico  City and a set of pyramids in Xian China. There may also be a  similar set up in the valley of the Bosnian Pyramids.
Cleopatra was the last independent queen of ancient Egypt. She died by committing suicide by some type of poison, or as modern research is saying, by a combination of three poisons.
Hapi had 2 wives. One to represent the northern part of the nile and one to represent the southern part of the nile. One was Nekebet who took place as a vulture. The other was Buts who took place as a cobra.
They were built to show the symbol of what they did
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The Aztecs, Olmec, and Mayan in Mexico and the Inca and Peruvians  in South America. Also ancient and unknown groups in Europe and the  Mississippi valley, as well as an ancient Chinese group in Xian  China. There are also pyramids in the desert of Sudan as well as a  top secret, large, ancient,...
Both. The sphinx is part woman, part lion.
The first pyramid was the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, built for King Zoser in 2750 BC.
We do not know. It may have been at the same early and unknown time  as the Egyptian and other great world pyramids were built. But it  may have also been later on when the Aztec were at their height in  power which is about the time of the Roman Empire.
The Pharaoh's tombs are carved out of rock right into a cliff side  in the Valley of the Kings. No pyramid in Egypt has ever officially  been documented to even have a mummy found in them, let alone a  Pharaoh. It is simply a traditional archaeological assumption that  the pyramids were built...
The ancient Egyptians' belief system is generally studied by their interpretation of three concepts of thinking mythology, religion, and philosophy. Their society centered around their attempt to explain such nonempirical questions such as; 'Is there life after death?' 'How did the universe began'?...
Giza is right on the border of Cairo - it practically is in Cairo,  right o the southern end of the Nile Delta on the Western shore.  And the river no longer runs next to Giza as it did in ancient  times. But it is not far from the Nile's shore to the Giza plateau.  Definitely within walking...
Egypt, tomb, bandages, coffin, and pyramid are associated with a mummy.
Only one! And that is the great Pyramid of Giza, traditionally  called Khufu's pyramid.
Yes, well, it pretty much is. Form the shore to the base of the  pyramid is within a few miles. And the Pyramid sits right up on top  of the Giza plateau.
Wealthier woman wore white or gold, long dresses with purple or  blue detailing signifying their wealth. Their dresses were died  with dead fish saturated in stake urine. (ew) People who were not a  wealthy wore long, light dresses, typically in white.
At one time the pyramids were covered in limestone.
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The PYRAMIDS are in EGYPT in CAIRO..............
Almost the same as it appears today with one major exception. In  the 1800s a large earthquake cracked the outer casing stone layer  so that the Muslim leaders of the time took and removed the outer  layer of the pyramids to build their fortresses and buildings in  Cairo and Alexandria....
It only took two women. Learned this at school.
There are several ancient pyramid mounds in Mississippi just across  from St. Louis a the Cahokia Native American site. There are also  modern pyramid structures like the building in Memphis Tennessee,  the tower in San Fransisco, and the Hotel in Las Vegas. And there  are many more smaller ones...
There are several ways of answering this question, but the main basic reasons are because: a) People are willing to purchase Rosetta Stone at what the company charges, b) The company needs to recover costs involved in making the programs (not just programmers, but also linguistic specialists) and...
The Egyptians also built their tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. They also built temples to their gods, and obleskis (large, straight, pointed at the top, monuments) .
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Menes was an ancient pharaoh of Egypt, and the founder of the first  dynasty. His own identity is unclear, and scholars do not know who  his parents were.
No mummy has ever been officially discovered in a Pyramid. There  are separate buildings that house mummies and these are called  mastabas. And the Pharaohs were buried mostly in special places  like the valley of the kings which is in the Egyptian dessert. It  is only a theory that the pyramids...
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The pharaohs died in 1336
Aton the god was a very old god that was created to replace theolder mythology sun god named "ra". After Akhenaton, King tut or(tutenkhamen)'s relative replaced and made a religion whereeveryone would believe in one superior god named "aton" the sun godinstead of believing in the god of the sky...
He was also spelled Aton. The God of the Sun
The Pyramids at Giza are all mad from limestone quarried locally from the plateau. Later pyramids were often made of mud bricks cased in stone.
No they paid with food, water, clothing, etc. It is called bartering.
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King tut and his mask was discovered in 1912 by Howard carter.
The Egyptians farmed, fished, traded goods, built cities from stone, waged war, created the first paper, and mummified their dead.
Ramses (Ramesses) - by Ramses I through Ramses XI in  the 19th and 20th dynasties.   but also  Seti - by the son of Ramses (Seti I) and the son of Amenmose  (Seti II)
To get fish out of the sea at the bottom of the cliffs. The steps enabled them to haul the nets up to the cliff tops.
Queen Hatshepsut was known for building many great monuments and temples during her reign. She was also probably one of the first queens to become a pharaoh. She also sent traders north to trade with the people of Asia minor and Greece and south to trade with the kingdom of punt. This establishment...
King Zoser accomplished building the first step pyramid.
He wasn't. He became king at age 13. His father had died (or was killed, no-one is really sure), so Tutanhkamon had to become Pharoah.
there culture and writing and beliefs 
Living Image of the Aten
Religious ceremonies including human sacrifice
The rulers of ancient Egypt were called "pharohs".
They needed to put their remains in small vases so that they couldretreive them in the afterlife plus they had to bury theirbelongings with them including the servants so that they would havesomeone to attend to them in the other life.
Hatshepsut was a powerful female pharaoh who believed that her father was the sun god Ra and dressed in male clothing, attached a fake beard just to make her people believe she was pharaoh better.
mummy baryd with lot of gold and jewl and food and drink.
well king tut what a good and loyally king so he enforced a good and loyally government
They had the power to to take care and to work for the pharaohs/ gods
it is used for making paper in ancient Egypt
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They wrote the book of the dead proclaiming what to do to the dead  bodies and what would happen to the deceased.
the pyramid of Giza is lower Egypt
Ancient Egypt was a time when many things were accomplished....
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