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In 1866 Oliver Winchester bought control of New Haven Arms Company and changed the name to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Model 1866, called the Yellow Boy lever action, was the first gun to bear the Winchester name, and was known as "the gun that won the west." The company is still producing quality firearms today.
Condition being #1 then age. No Set price in stone.
It can range from $300 to $750 depending on the condition of the  gun.
Some can be $450 and some can be $1500 it is probably best to look  on trusted gun websites before buying (Ive heard about this one  called gun broker is pretty trusty but you might want to check on)  your opinions if it trust worthy.
With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model  70 bolt action rifle was made in the year 1976.
It should come apart like any other bolt action rifle pull up and  back
depends on the condition 200-750
a ground troop used that gun at a base.
1928, Check the date code on the left side of the barrel. The details and chart can be found on the Remington Society of America under the Manufactured Date link.
1932, you can check the date code stamps up on the Remington Society of America, manufactured date link for details and the chart with the month/year.
The prices for a Winchester model 141 will vary depending on  condition. The prices for one in good condition start at an  estimated $299.
There were only 45,000 of these made. That has contributed to the  value increasing in the past 5 years. They list for 3 to $400 in  pretty average condition.
In production since 1894
Gun shop, want ad, pawn shop, garage sale, gun show
It gave people out west something to fight with and practicly started a war in the west.
Is was made in 1919, that is the patent date. I suspect I have the patent posted in the patent section of the Gallery on the Remington Society of America if you want to see it...
  == Answer ==   Mine is stamped on the barrel as first being patented Nov 28 1905, last date of Nov 20 1917. I'm trying desperatly to find a clip for it, but there is no Model # anywhere. Brownells has not even been able to help. My e-mail is tfl4981@blackfoot.net if anyone can help....
This site should help.http://www.savage99.com/winchester1892_dates.htm This question actually asks for the original 1892 selling price of the model 92. I can come close. Here are the selling prices from the 1894-95 Montgomery Ward catalog No. 56: Round barrel, 24 inch rifles in 32, 38 and 44 WCF...
Might add 5-10 percent for the right collector
100-1000 or more depending on specifics
  == Answer ==   Production of the Model 63 ended in 1959.
It is hard to value the gun without seeing pictures or the gun. Internet auction sites will have them starting at $300 to "BUY NOW" for $1200. You don't see many in gun shops. There are many variables such as if the stock has been shortened or is there a Polly-Choke on the end of the barrel. Both of...
No sn's required before 1968.
There are many places where you can find Winchester window decals.  You can find these decals on many online stores.
  While these are good guns they are not rare or terribly valuable. Figure on roughly $500 and you'll be in the ballpark.
No sn data that I know of
  It is a shotgun shell.
Levers are grouped by where the fulcrum, load, and effect force are found.
it's usaully at the bottom of the website page , where it has a © and then a year.
== Answers ==   == ==   There is no single resource for all firearms. The Blue Book of Gun Values can be used as a pricing guide.   From my brief search for an answer to this same question, it looks like Fjestad's Blue Book of Gun Values is authoritative. I don't see it published online,...
Impossible to answer without specifics, condition, accessories, etc..
Yes, the Model 94 has serial numbers.
  == Answer ==     According to OldGuns.net, the year of manufacture for serial number 2336019 is 1958. Not sure about the value.
Astra is a Spanish company which made a Model 1916 pistol, although they may not have been the only ones.
100-1000 or more depending on specifics
Answer . Not sure if this is the same person that I answered before, but I have 3 of these rifles, I bought the last 2 for 65 and 75 dollars ( both work excellent). I'm no pro, but I see them quite a bit and they don't seem to be worth much. Sweet guns in my opinion tho.
Answer . \nLike new Century 39's are going in the $400-$500 range, if they are unfired, and have the original box and papers. If your gun is fired, and has no box, it will probably get about $350.
To date the Model 11 Shotguns, look on the left side of the barrel nearest the receiver.there will be 2 or 3 letters there, the 1st letter is the month, and the next 1 or 2 is theyear. Copy and paste this link and you will find the Remington Dating codes.http://www.wisnersinc.com/additional_info...
  == Answer ==     Depends on the model and condition. Certain grades in new condition can fetch upwards of $1000 but a typical field grade gun in average condition has a value of approx. $250 - $400.
How much does a used Winchester model 1300 excellent condition with pistol grips and a side saddle go for?
1929. It will be date code stamped for the month/year on the barrel. The details and table look up are on the Remington Society of America, click the manufactured date link.
Answer . \nAccording to OldGuns.net, the year of manufacture for serial number 2416842 is 1960. Not sure about value.
No way to answer without a detailed description of all markings, features, accessories, box, papers, etc.. Check on line auctions or gun shows/shops for one closest to what you have.
Check the receiver, barrel
    I have one for sale if your interested. I bougut it at a gun show last summer.  It is in good condition.  I have fire the gun and like the feel of it.  I have kept it clean and oiled.  Will sell for $200.00 and I will ship.   Thanks   DH   professor22@cox.net
Check the date code on the barrel. See the Remington Society of America for details on the Manufactured date link.
Answer . I can't find any reference showing that Winchester made any M1917's for anyone besides the US government. However, it would be a good action to use if you wanted to build a custom hunting rifle.
  == Answer Winchester 61 hints ==   A model 61 Winchester is a collectable rifle that would be no problem selling. An octagon barrel is a plus on the value side. If it is a single caliber, meaning .22 long only, or .22 short only, also a plus. Condition is everything as far as value. Could...
  Yes, by all means you can. Just be careful because some manufacturers use corrosive primers. Just be sure to clean and oil your gun each time and you'll be fine.
$200 in rough cond. and $600 in ex. cond.
The serial Number is on the bottom of the rifle in front of the trigger assembly.I believe they will start with"B" and have 6 or 7 digits following it.
what years were the 370 , 20 gauge made in Canadawhat years were the 370 , 20 gauge made in Canada
Can't be answered without knowing who made it, what caliber/gauge, if its a pistol, rifle or shotgun. Even then, the records may not exist/be published.
If the distance from the handle to the pivot (fulcrum) is n times the distance from the load to the pivot, then the force required to move the load will be the weight of the load divided by n,
  == Answer ==     i have been asking the same question for years. I have found 1 to be sold on line, but have never been able to find out who manufactured it.   Randy Lorence   rjlorence@msn.com   == Answer ==   The Blue Book's trade-name cross reference list is available at...
Answer . First, I'll tell you the Standard Catalog's suggested value for a standard Sporting Rifle manufactured prior to 1964 in NRA Good condition is $1000. Now, I'll tell you why that's probably not right. There are 5 different major configurations and literally hundreds of varieties. In...
Buy the serial number you provided the year of manufacture of your springfield M-1 garand is 1944.
  i just got one..havent shot it yet but cant wait.im hoping to bring down a wild pig or two with it.its very short,only about 850mm long,but ive heard they have good accuracy to a max of about 120 m,with excellent stopping power..
Well there's 3 types, 5 models, and at least 15 variations so it depends so anywhere from 1865 to 1935. Also which one and original condition also makes a HUGE difference.
If you are asking if Winchester made a Ranger model 120/12 gauge shotgun,then the answer is yes.It was the economy version of the model 1200 shotgun which was made from 1964-1981.
Answer . \nMy understanding is that the first true gas operated automatic shotgun was sold by Sears & Roebuck in 1955 as the J.C. Higgins Model 60 and was manufactured by High Standard.