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Founded in 1816 as E. Remington and Son, Remington Firearms is the longest running and largest producer of shotgun and rifles in the US. The company later ventured into the manufacturing of pistols and revolvers.
Seems like I've seen the Model 11a autoloaders for sale at $350-$500 depending upon condition. Original finishes in good consition raise the value. Refinishing detracts as does poor condition.
Check here but I don't remember letters in the serial no http://remingtonsociety.com/rsa/questions/barrelcodes
It's not they made it from 1952-1960
With that serial I would suspect that to be late 1944 I didn't think numbers went that high and it's probably a 1903A4 Sniper. Is there a 12-43 or a 1-44 on the barrel?
You really can't. They haven't been manufactured for decades. The only way to do it is to find one from a private party (Ebay, gunbroker, etc) and even then, you're probably looking at around $50 for that little tiny piece of flimsy steel. Other options include using a bolt from a model 700 or...
Yes It was a crescent buttplate held on with 2 screws. I have one that was made ca 1901 that belonged to my grandfather.
no there are some minor adjustments to the safety area
probably depended on state laws
Answer . \nThe year is 1907. The value is dependent upon (original) condition and configuration. It could well be substantial, so do nothing to it until it has been examined and appraised by an expert.
1925 As such it will be date code stamped on the barrel. Further details here: http://www.remingtonsociety.com/rsa/questions/barrelcodes
About the same. The 1903 Springfield used a licensed version of the Mauser action used on the German Model 1898 Mauser.
Try different ammo, make sure it is clean, check piston installation, check rubber o ring installation. If none of that works, find a gunsmith.
Value of a weatherby .300 magnum made in germany
about $200.00 In MINT condition, no you can easily get 400-500 for it.
To remove the barrel you first pull back on the carrier finger latch and lock the bolt in the open position, then remove the magazine end cap. Remove the forend wood and then the gas cylinder collar (which may have stayed in the forend). The barrel can then be slid off. It now becomes a bit more...
I have found them for sale NIB for $599 to $795
a Remington 22 cal viper new is worth 250 dollars used depending on condition probably half that
The would be a model 51 w/ serial I can date it. It depends greatly on condition from $100 parts gun to $1000 new in the box, but unless it's on the higher end of condition it won't pass the 4-500 price it's top end condition for collectors.
Depends on condition from a $100 parts gun to $1,200 new in the box. However unless it's excellent condition it won't pass the 5-600.- range. Just good 300-400.
This rifle was the first center fire rifle I bought when I was just out of my teens. I now own 104 firearms and I have five reloading presses. I have loaded and shot all the standard loadeds currently listed for the 257 Roberts in my 722 with zero problems. It is a classic round and is still one of...
The link gives barrel code location and tables to look up date.
1921, first year of barrel date code marking. Should be ?M (? being some month) M meaning 1921.
$30 - $70. They're not particularly high quality firearms.
The 870 Remington shotgun used to be a popular candidate for a "release" trigger.
I can't tell from a patent #, is it a pump or auto? Is the RJ on the left side of the barrel near the receiver if so that's a date code from November 1940.
the value of ANY firearm depends on overal condition, maker and date of manufacture...
Depends greatly on which model and more importantly ORIGINAL condition, condition, and condition.
It was made in 1926, you can get the month/year from the link I'll add here in a second that has all the details;) (Remington Society of America)
The Inland Division of GM made M1 Carbines, but did not make M1 Garands (in 30-06)
yes with the serial and a VERY good description on condition.
1928, will be date code stamped. check link on Remington Society.
need more information to tell correctly is it 11-48or 11-87
If it's a hexagon barrel and 22 lr it's a 12-C if it's 22 WRF it's a 12-CS. 12-A is a round barrel, 12-B is round and shoots short's only (Gallery rifle) By the way it was made in 1913.
\nI dont know what the value is but my grandpa bought it for $2.
A friend of mine emailed Remington directly asking for the date of manufacture, he gave the model and serial number and received a reply with the information he was looking for. Yeah but there is no model 1909, that's why I can't answer this.
Around 200 in mint as of 2009 it will go up in value being the first semi auto .22 rifle
1924 - will be date code stamped on barrel if original, I'll add link to look diagram and table.
1922, it will be date code stamped (month/year) on the barrel which is more accurate then tables. I'll add associated link to the Remington Society of America.
100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics
Call S&W or get a copy of the Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson by Supica and Nahas
Check related links I added how to determine
P = June and G = 1938 or 1960 The year code "G" repeated itself through the years. Other markings would have to be used to determine which year exactly. I, myself, have one with the "DG" markings which mean mine was made in September of either 1938 or 1960. I do not know what other markings will...
1929 I'm also attaching a link that explains the barrel date codes. (in related links)
No where I'm aware of online, I have a list ;) If it's made 1921 or later it's barrel code dated link added for details.
I just restored a 592 5mm . and by restored , I mean floated thebarrel , refinished the stock. Trigger job , and pillar bedded theaction. New 4 1/2 X 14 Burris signature bp. scope. I was ready tosee what she would do . I knew she was capable of sub MOA . beforeI put in the time to restore her....
I have a remington 243 I shoot the silvertip winchester 95gr or 100gr i am only 13 years old and i killed more deer then i have missed so i recemended a remington 710 model
Well it was made in 1931, I don't know what you mean about an oct bbl? Since it was made after 1920 it will be date code stamped on the barrel, left side in front of receiver with this you can get the month/year. I would add a related link to the Remington Society of America's page with the...
See link for details, no public serial list use table or call Remington.
slide the spring to the 2nd hole and go from there
Owner's manual located here - http://stevespages.com/pdf/remington_870.pdf
Answer . If it's a grade I- plain barrel, 400- 450 in very good condition. It goes up from their based on grade and type of barrel (ie: matte rib, vent rib). FYI, the grade IV- vent rib (which should include tons of engraving and an auto butt wiper) runs about 4,250- 4,500 in VG condition. Hope...
If you mean the magazine, there is a magazine release button on the left side of the gun. You press the button and the magazine comes out.
You need the services of a good gunsmith.
Well, it all depends on which rounds you want to feed into the tube magazine. The Model 512 will shoot .22 short, long and long rifle cartridges, so if you put a mixture of .22 caliber cartridges in the magazine tube, the number of cartridges it will hold will vary. You can add one more round if you...
That's a 12 gauge, the Model 11's had different serial no sets for different gauges. That particular shotgun was made either late 1923 (according to the actual factor record books) looks like November. But the best way to tell is to look at the letters on the left side of the barrel in front of the...
Remington never made an over/under 22/410. This sounds like a Marble's game getter.
Depending on condition, about $170-$250 (for an excellent specimen) There is a fair collector interest in the Remington Nylon rifles, although the semi-autos get the most attention.
It's date code stamped on the barrel check the associated link (I'll add) for a diagram and table to look it up.
Retractable sling? Never heard of such a thing. If it's a magazine tube in the stock it's a bit older and it's probable a model 241 later would be a 550 but it's magazine is the normal front tube. If you really are talking about some sort of retractable sling in the stock, Remington never made...
From $100 - $1,500 depending on original condition.
From $100 - $1,500 depending on original condition.
From $100 - $1,500 depending on original condition.
Answer . \nIn all honesty, it is worth as much as any other Remington 700 in the same shape. There doesn't appear to be a premium, or a penalty, for the older 700s. I am trying to find exactly what you are describing. I expect to pay 400-600 dollars depending on condition. As for the scope, I...
Actually, there are two completely different rifles that have the "Model 4" designation. A rolling block rifle chambered for .22 rimfire and .25 Stevens was built from 1890 to 1933. Then there was a High Grade Model 7400, designated the Model FOUR, that was made from 1981 until 1987 in various...
From what I can find they are selling at auction for between $1200 and $1900 for most models.
The bottom of the barrel, left of center, just in front of the stock.
The 12 gauge double barrel Remington is S-Mart's top of the line. You'll find it in the sporting goods department. They're made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and retail for about $109.95 - Walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. Shop smart - Shop S-mart. Nehehehe...
Made in 1927, will be date code stamped on barrel see related link.
Start with a cleaning rod, patches, powder solvent, oil, and a copy of the owner's manual. If you do not HAVE the owner's manual, go to the website for Remington Customer Service, and download the manual. Before starting to clean, be certain that the shotgun is UNLOADED.
Do not see a 543 in any of my references. Sorry-Sportsman is associated with the Remington centerfire rifles in Model 76, 760, and model 78.
This is a very subjective question, with no right or wrong answer. 1- A well-maintained M16 is a very good weapon, especially atlonger ranges (100--300meters) 2- An AK-47 is a very rugged and reliable, better at closerengagements (less than 100meters). Just my opinion.
This would be a model 12CS made from 1909-1936, if it was made after 1921 it's date code to determine (month/year) is stamped on the barrel. The details for this can be found on the Remington Society of America (collectors site) http://www.remingtonsociety.com. This site also has a public forum...
Numrich arms has a good supply of new 870 stocks.
Check this table for the answer: http://www.remingtonsociety.com/rsa/questions/barrelcodes
I can't give an exact date but the 22rf was (re) patent in 1859 and guns started appearing for it in 1860. Of course while very convenient everyone wanted larger calibers so they started immediately increasing the size and firearms for the 32 rf were available by around 1863. The rf design doesn't...