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Founded in 1816 as E. Remington and Son, Remington Firearms is the longest running and largest producer of shotgun and rifles in the US. The company later ventured into the manufacturing of pistols and revolvers.
First scan the document (using your scanner). It will be saved as an image file. You may want to size it in editing software to make the image a bit smaller, so the file is not too large. Open a new e-mail message, select the option to Attach a file. (You may need software to convert the document to...
call the state police and give them the serial number off the weapon or take it to a gun shop and have them do a check, but if you were smart and bought the gun legally at a gun show or gun dealer the gun will most likely not be stolen due to the background check and gun registry, also if you...
I have one for sale , Its the Nucleaoplast industries lb7100k (same model rifle the storm troopers carry) Its a variable sweep pulse-laser with proton variable generator. Its good for almost infinite charge life with a nuclear plasma power supply. This gun is the shit! Every time I travel to the...
A Remington 700 bolt will work fine in a 722 action. No modification required. Even the swept back 700 bolt handle fits. Head space checks should be done of course. This option was exercised quite often here in Australia as the cost of replacing 722 extractors became prohibitive. Many 722 / 721...
It's either a 12-C or CS depending on if it's a 22 lr or 22 Remington Special. It's worth between 100 bucks for parts or 1,500 for like new in the box, all depends on condition condition and condition.
Long action. The .270 cartridge was based on the 30-06, a long action. .308 length is short action.
givin your info id say .32 Rimfire (blackpowder)
I am Australian and I just paid $590 for my brand new Marlin 882 SS with a Nikko Stirling Scope. My good friend paid around $900 for the same rifle with no scope a few years ago. Hope this helps.In the US, this rifle if in decent used shape would go from $150 to $200, more with a scope mounted.
Refer to related links to look up the barrel date code stamping.
value of Remington targetmaster model 41 cal 22rifle
Its the Berrett 50.cal
Which one and what caliber? Also define great shape in great detail, great case colors?, great wood? great bluing? Also I suspect the 1886 your referring to is a patent date which means it could have been made well into the 20th century.
The manner in which you have asked your question almost guarantees it can not be answered with any degree of accuracy. You need to give the overall condition, serial number, finish, sights, accessories, box, papers, any engraving, etc.. You might be in the 100-1000 USD and up range depending on...
MAKE SUE IT IS EMPTY FIRSTknock the pins out the side of action, drop out trigger group. remove the mag cap and the barrel will come off. Leaves the bolt open to be cleaned. If you need to remove the bolt, hold the mag stop in bottom of action and it slides out the from with the slide. Reassemble...
That's a Model 12 from 1914 but without good description of condition it's a 100-1,500 gun. Just like a car if it's a beater or like new, they are worth different amounts of money.
Depends on condition, condition, and condition. If a model 12 which I assume since your not saying the model it's a early 12 and not marked. From 100 - 1,500 need condition.
I own a Remington Nylon 66 BD and it's in perfect condition the current price for it is $820.00. It does depend on the condition of the gun and the model of the Remington 66. I have seen the same rifle models go for $610, but they were in fair condition. In 1967-1968 the serial numbers were located...
Civil War was 1861-65; obviously, the Remington rolling block came out later. Is it a military rifle? What caliber? What condition? All these things affect value. Ranges of rolling blocks are from $550-$4000.
It's a BDL. I know this because I own one and the replacement stocks are for BDL's...
Can't usually get more then $300 for them but in Very Fine, maybe $350+
  Unfortunately off-hand I can think of at least 12 different bolt action 22 caliber rifles made by Remington, without a model it's impossible to even give ballparks without writing a book, if you revise this question with a model, also put in CONDITION.
  Go here for ballpark values. http://www.manheimgold.com/car_lo.html   $30k to $90k   I'm an interested buyer if you are selling. contact Tom tmartinez@martinezandturek.com, or 951-453-9080
  == Answer ==   There are millions of870 Wingmasters available, and therefore this gun will not appreciate significantly with age.    Depending on the condition of the metal and wood parts, this gun would sell for between 200 and 400 US dollars. 
Considering the value of a 41 unless it's near mint it's doesn't have any that much collector (or otherwise) value anyhow so re-bluing a 41 that needs it anyhow probably doesn't make much difference and may even increase it.
Remington Kellogg was born on October 5, 1892.
They started in the 50's and still make them. The older ones have a serial number that starts with a T or S. The older ones also have a chrome flap on the underside, the new ones have a black mag flap.
Look at the date code stamp on the barrel, see related link.
  The answer is yes...and no   There are several models of Weatherby rifles. Different models are avail. in a plethora of calibers. Here is an example:   If you have a Weatherby Mark V chambered for 7mm Weatherby Mag YOU CANNOT shoot 7MM Remington Mag ammo.   Dont look at the...
Model 12. Depends on Condition, Condition, and Condition. Like a 1920 Chevy, is it in the junk yard or the show room?
This coin is called a Liberty Head Dime or a "Barber" dime, after its designer Charles Barber.Look on the back of the coin to see if there's a small mint mark letter below the wreath. It may be blank or there may be an S.Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 03/2013:No mint...
1909 - 1936 After 1920 they are date code stamped or a serial I can date it with. If it says model 12 on it, it's probably date code stamped see related link for details.
4 shot magazine, plus 1 in the chamber.
  Manual located here - http://stevespages.com/pdf/remington_597.pdf
The long action simply has a longer receiver, to accommodate longer cartridges such as the .270 or .30-06. The .308 should be a short action. I have seen long action .308 rifles before, but these were typically .30-06 rifles rebarreled for the shorter .308 cartridge.
You can probably find this at whatever store you buy ammunition at  regularly. There might also be a food online options as well.
1937 assuming its not a hammer gun, if it is, then it was made in 1907
this shotgun is actually very cheap. it is only somewhere between 300 to 350 dollars. i think it is a good deal because it is fun to fire and will last a long time. ammunition may be a bit expensive, so be sure to get leadshot! it isn't that fancy but it is good for just going to the shooting range...
If the gun never had a serial number, it could be what was known as a "tool box" gun. These guns used a frame which hadn't been stamped with a serial number and was assembled by a worker at the plant which manufactured the gun and smuggled out in his tool box.
  Check this table for the answer: http://www.remingtonsociety.com/rsa/questions/barrelcodes
Check with Brownells INC. last know phone number 515-623-5401 orwrite to Rt. 2 Box 1, 200 South Front St. Montezuma, Iowa, 50171 Ifyou have a composite stock now they can help you. Answer I haven'tlooked recently, but all the magazines like Outdoor Life, TheAmerican Rifleman, Guns and Ammo and...
  == Answer ==   Western Field was the house brand for Montgomery Wards. This shotgun was subcontracted to various manufacturers. Main one was Mossberg. I have one and it's a Mossberg 500. Recommend you contact either Numrich or Brownell's, both of whom have web sites. Both are major...
yes it will. the rating shotguns are chambered for is the maximum size shell you can shoot. i have a 1100 LT chambered for 3 inch and i shoot 2 3/4 inch shells out of it mostly.
The very first .357 Magnum cartridge was introduced in 1934 by Smith and Wesson.
Email Remington. They will get back to you.
The Auto Assault-12 shotgun is the AA-12 the most powerful action close combat shotgun in the World. The Auto Assault-12 is really the machine shotgun, not like a regular shotgun. The AA-12 is the only powerful shotgun that can pears through wall, body armor with the grenade and even vehicles.
== You are in possession of a Barber Dime - a 1913 coin in good condition (G4) is worth: $3.00; if its mint state is MS60, the value increases to: $ 100.00. ==
Because the .25-06 uses a necked-down version of the .30-06 parent case it will only work in the Remington Long action, same as their .30-06 chambered rifles. The .308 Winchester and the .223 Remington cartridges are found in Remingtons short actions.
  Where can I call to get answers to repair a malfunctioning Remington Mod. 11-87 shotgun? I have already taken it to a gunsmith and he was unable to fix it.
There is a small switch on the left side of your gun at the end of the area where the bolt slides into the gun. Flip it up and pull your bolt out. Take the magazine out and your done. As simple as that.....that is if you're just trying to clean your weapon....otherwise you need an armorer.
Lacking any more details; 10-1000 USD depending on specfics
  5E 038, that sounds about right for the Flayderman's no. It's greatly dependent on condition and not given that what he has in there is probably as close of a estimate as your going to get.
  Depends on condition, finish, accessories, box, papers, etc..   Range from 150-500 USD
Remington arms was first started by Eliphalet remington II in 1816.They started business in Litchfield,Herkimer county,NY circa 1816-1828. Remington has their history online, I put a pointer in related links.
Not necessarily. Serial numbers were not required for .22 rimfire rifles in the US until 1968. The Remingtonn Model 572 was introduced in the early/mid 1950's. I looked at one in a pawn shop recently that had no serial number and the barrel code put its manufacture date as Nov. 1957. Had there been...
Yes, go to www.oldguns.net and scroll down the left sidebar. There is a serial number search engine which should answer your question. Send them a note thanking them - this is very useful!    Answer You can also call Remington 1-800-243-9700 and follow the phone prompts, this will allow you...
$250-$500 Depending on the condition.
  About $250 if it is in good shape.
somewhere around $500 depending on condition and original materials  available for selling
The 700 doesn't have any trigger flaws, original concerns as was discussed were addressed 40 years ago, 12 cases out of over 5 million rifles possibly modifications, poor maintenance, whatever. Don't believe everything you see in the liberal media that just wants to eliminate all firearm...
  how do i disassemble a field master .22 caliber?
By serial only a call to Remington, however you can just check the date code stamped on the barrel. See related links for chart.
The date code is stamped on the barrel, see related links.
go to: proofhouse.com & look up Remington weapons
No, some type of autoloading Model 1100 offshoot (pun intended) or something?
  == savage 121 ==   i just got one in tulsa, ok at the gun show for around $80.00 do you want to sell yours? email me at getagiftnow@yahoo.com
  == Answer ==   The twist rate is 1/10"in the 7400
You will not likely find a Remington stock. I put my 722 in a Bell and Carlson stock and I love it.
  Harrington & Richardson made a top break 7 shot 22 rf called a premier.
  You can read or download a manual at http://stevespages.com/pdf/remington_572.pdf   or you can go to Remington.com and request one.
try replacing the but pad with a limbsaver and/or change the stock to a heaver one
If the Remington 552, 22cal. rifle is in mint condition it is worth about 500.00 bucks.   It is in very good condition with a scope. My husband passed away and I was wondering how much to ask for it. Any suggestions?
look at the date code stamp on the barrel, see related links.