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“Family Guy” is an American animated comedy TV series set in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. The series was created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company, which aired from January 31, 1999 to the present.
No specific date has been given but in the episode Road to Rhode Island, Brian is shown having recently been born. Since the episode originally aired in May 2000 and the on-screen text says '7 Years Earlier', unofficially Brian was born in May 1993.
Brian Griffin . Cleveland Brown . Glenn Quagmire . Joe Swanson
This is not a question, therefore cannot be answered. Care to reword it?
FOX, adult swim, TBS, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, local affiliates[check your local listings]
I take it you've never EVER seen the show? Yes, of course he can.
No one can possibly know this answer.
Pumbaa is played by Ernie Sabella.
Smithy gets kidnapped episodes 359 which you can watch on youtube by typing in the bill smithy and louise larson.
Techincally his job was never stated w/in the Family Guy world butpresumably he has the same occupation he had on The Brady Bunch,that being an architech
No, never. She voiced Luanne on King of the Hill
Yes, Mr. Saturday Knight
Rather broad person's funny is another person's mundane but there's the Disney inspired animated segment in Road to the Multiverse , there's the dead frog Peter got for Chris in Long John Peter , there's Paulie mooning the 'aliens' and being seen by Bonnie in There's Something...
29 or 33 spooner street as the Griffins live on 31 spooner street
To name a few... America, Canada, Mexico, Estonia, Iceland, England (The United Kingdom), Norway, Germany, Australia, Italy, Brazil, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Argentina, Romania
Absolutely not, You will find that Peter & Homer are both stupid, but they are very different. Family Guy Contains more of the adult humour, The Simpsons is watched by young children. Family Guy is on AFTER 9.00pm (In the U.K) and The Simpsons is on at any time. (In the U.K) If you think about it,...
No one person directs a whole season. Each episode has its owndirector.
Consuela appears in Believe It or Not Joe's Walking On Air (Season 6), Lois Kills Stewie (Season 6), Ocean's Three and a Half (Season 7), Dog Gone (Season 8), Dial Meg for Murder (Season 8) & Something Something Something Dark Side (Season 8)
It was more of a cameo. They did a cut away of "Jeopardy" and Mayor West made him say "Kelbert Xela" and then his head exploded.
One of the women was Meg's gym teacher from an earlier episode.
Brian is the family Dog. Brian is the family DOG
I don't believe they do, unless it's been stated otherwise in an interview that I have not read or heard. Why do they live together... be realistic, no one here can possibly know the answer to this question. They live together because they choose to is pretty much the answer anyone here can...
You can watch it physically, but it really depends on what your parents say! you could make a deal with them saying that if you read the book then you can see the movie. That's what I did with mine! GOOD LUCK!!!
Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr . High
Say funny things.
The episode is: 8 simple rules for buying my teenage daughter. season 4 episode 8
Seth MacFarlane still insists there will eventually be a theatricalFamily Guy movie. He most recently in late 2015, said on Twitter hewas still intending on making one (not in those words mind you). It's reasonable to assume we won't see a FG movie until the seriesif off the air. - At the 2016...
He is an atheist because Seth McFarlane is an atheist. To address the second point, if he is an atheist, then, by definition, he cannot be Catholic. . Answer Brian Griffin is a fictional dog, by definition he cannot be anything as he isn't real.
If you mean from the episode "Emission Impossible", then it's Bertram. And he actually is born in "Sibling Rivalry" when Peter goes to get a vasectomy, decides to freeze his sperm before hand, winds up accidently destroying the other specimens in the storage room, and has to fill up every jar in...
Yes, basically. But like many other "good guys" in the story - and just as with people in real life - he also has his defects. Yes, basically. But like many other "good guys" in the story - and just as with people in real life - he also has his defects. Yes, basically. But like many other "good...
This never happens in an episode of Family Guy.
It's called 'Movin' Out (Brian's Song)' (US season 6/UK season 7)
The same places you buy them everywhere else in the world I presume... in stores that sell video games.
The first show he created on his own was Family Guy . The first show he worked on was apparently Schookums & Meat Funny Cartoon Show
Season 8|Episode 4 Brian's Got a Brand New Bag
Go to the Game Crazy website and search "Family Guy".
Stewie doesn't write a book. Brian however, is mentioned writing a book called "Faster Thanthe Speed of Love" in the episodes "Brian the Bachelor" & "Moving Out (Brian's Song)" . Carter gets it published in the episode "420" and it ismentioned once again in the episode "Dog Gone" Stewie...
To the second generation? You mean from the very start of their lineage or from the Griffin family we know from Family Guy? Peter & Lois Griffin then Meg, Chris & Stewie Griffin and the next generation.
cause the constantly make fun of her.
What the deuce/devil?! Blast!
Five famous atheists: . Richard Dawkins . Brian Griffin . Christopher Hitchens . Douglas Adams . Noel and Liam Gallagher Five fictional atheists: . The Doctor (from Doctor Who ) . Constantine Levin (from Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy) - he's agnostic, so I don't know if he counts. . Carl Carlson...
You might be referring to the episode 'No Meals on Wheels' (US season 6/UK season 7), in which Peter buys a onesie (pyjama suit) and calls himself "electric man" when he realises he can give people electric shocks after shuffling his feet on the carpet when wearing the onesie.
I can't recall any episode where they get drunk together. They both get high in Deep Throats
I think it was called not all dogs go to heaven It was origanally sopposed to be in another episode
Smokes weed and listens to the awesome song called slow ride
If you're American, it's season seven; if you're British it's season eight. The episode's called 'Family Gay'
The first by a long shot
Not in my opinion. Some things said in Family Guy are controversial though. i agree family guy is not rubbish, family guy is made for entertainment It is is definitely Crap with a capital C however some of it is also definitely Funny.
It's a matter of opinion..I think both are funny, but Family Guy is better..To me..Others may disagree.
SERIOUSLY?! If it's a secret how is anyone going to know it?!
No Listen to the commentary of something something somethins darkside
While you should be concentrating on school work, you could easily watch it through Hulu, Amazon or Netflix if you have a phone or tablet capable of streaming video.
If you are on about herbert then he baby sits for all of the kids in Play it again Brian
From what I can find online, it's apparently not a real song as in a real song from outside the show. Obviously it's a real song but created by Dan Navarro solely for the episode.
Since "good" is completely subjective the only way to answer this is with the ratings. They are solid each week, between 6 and 7 million viewers per episode, and with the exception of a few episodes have been better than 'American Dad'. Since FOX judges shows by the weekly ratings and not what the...
The episodes that feature Bruce & Herbert are located in the links but the episodes that feature gay characters in either cutaways or plot points are... in no particular order. . Family Gay . E Peterbus Unum . And Now You Can Kiss the Guy Who Receives . Brian's Play . Life of Brian . Friends...
This isn't a question therefore cannot be answered.
It sure is - every Family Guy episode from US seasons 1-7 is available on iTunes.
Season 5|Episode 15 Boys Do Cry
It's called 'The Stripper' by David Rose - that famous faux-sexy, trombone-sounding music.
As a regular no . He's appeared in brief snippets. Besides, Virginia and Rhode Island are over 500 hundred of miles apart. Don't you think that's a rather time consuming commute to get beers at the Drunken Clam?