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Mapping and Cartography

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Questions about different types of maps and the technique of creating maps
First thing: Wait until your child(ren) are older than 8. When they ask "Mommy/Daddy how can I be perfect" or something that has to do with peerfection, say "People could.....if disaster wasn't around. God says that heaven is only perfect. earth isnt. Simple as that! Hope i helped! XD
A random search for flights from Miami (MIA) to Reykjavik (KEF) shows: OPTION 1: 9hr 45min via Boston Logan (BOS) MIA - BOS American Airlines Flt 1926 Dep 03:55pm 17Feb,wed BOS - KEF Icelandair Flt 630 Dep 08:35pm 17Feb,Wed Flight Duration: 8hr 15min; Layover Time: 1hr 30min; Total Trip Time:...
they are used to find areas and map legends have keys on the left, top, bottom, or the right of the map legend
makes it easier to remember all the antonyms in a word
It depends on each map. It should show up in the key.
This point is with in the Sea of Okhotsk. The closest city isMagadan, Russia to the north.
Consider Google or MapQuest.
As used in ship and plane headings, "southwest" is a heading of 225° on the 360° compass.
Geologist and people who want to learn the amount of rain that fell in each area. . Curosity is a sign of intelligence .
Kazakhstan . OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS Kazakhstan = 6,846 km China = 3,645 km, Mongolia = 3,441 km Ukraine = 1,576 km Finland = 1,313 km all others less than 1,000 km: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, North Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland Coastline = 37,653
It tells what all the symbols and marks mean on a map.
Sydney is a harbor city on the east coast of Australia, and a beautiful city it is, too. See link for details.
BY is in the middle of India and Mongolia
IATA Traffic Conference Areas are divided into three groups . TC1 North and South America. TC2 Europe, Africa and Middle East. TC3 Asia and Pacific
Geologists! If this is not your answer, sorry.
i reckon you would use a ruler
A map that shows lines defining countries ,state , or territories.
Well, one map is Karachi, that one most people knew about. And that's all I got.
no there will not be a 5th zombie map on world at war
no they cannot paralles show distance from the equatorin degrees
Detroit is in the northern hemisphere, the half of the earth above the equator that includes the North Pole.
Many people call it a "key". . However professional map readers, geography professionals, cartographists and so on call it a "legend". . Key is the informal name. Legend is the professional name.
A compass is used for finding the direction from north,south east, west and sometimes we use the cardinal parts, it is good
present information that is easy to see at a glance.
It is located in the Greater Antillean Archipelago which it shares with the Dominican Republic
Endogenetic factors . Exogenetic factors . Structural & lithological characteristics of rocks . Climate & vegetation . Extra-terrestrial factors - Meteorite impact . Time By Sujeet
100 cm = 1 m 1000 m = 1 km 1:2 000 000 means 1 on the map = 2 000 000 in the real world; thus: 1 cm on map = 2 000 000 cm in the real world = 2 000 000 ÷ 100 m = 20 000 m = 20 000 ÷ 1000 km = 20 km
Convert both measurements to the same units - choose the smaller unit, namely centimetres. 1000 metres = 1 kilometre 100 centimetres = 1 metre 28 km = 28 x 1000 x 100 = 2800000 cm 3.5 cm equates to 2800000 therefore 1 cm equates to 2800000/3.5 = 800000 The scale is 1 : 800,000 NOTE : A map scale...
Addition or removal of features like buildings, roads etc., upheaval or slump in ground levels, change of grid system and datum (point from which levels are compared to).
both can tell us about world Similarities: they both distort the size of the planet Differences: maps distort the shape, and depending on what type of map its area as well.
A 'political' map will show boundaries. A 'geographical' map will usually not show boundaries.
you need it to find where states and country's are
There are many things you have to consider when drawing a map such as the one you're thinking of creating: Firstly I would take the time to think about the map itself, forget about the traps and other objects contained within the map for now, they aren't important at this stage. The main focus...
if a map show the straight line distance between two cities as 3 and one half centimeters and the map scale show that 1 centimeter equals 100 kilometers what would the actual distance be ?
Missouri (Jefferson City) and Ohio (Columbus). Austin, Texas and Augusta, Maine are farther south of central, and Cheyenne is far in the southeast corner of Wyoming.
There are many types of maps. There are a World GDP map, a climatemap, and a literacy map. There is also a road map, a historicalmap, and an atlas.
The symbol that usually represents cities on a maps are dots.
Definition of small v. large scale maps: These answers contradict. Erase half of them.
little marks pointing toward the deppression
so that its nice and neat to show to our lovely teacherz
The title of a map should describe what the map is About. But Must Be Short . .
you go to the food stand and click on it and you will find the worms
Well, it depends on the sheet of paper. Considering that thecircumference of the Earth is approximately 24,000 miles at theequator and a sheet of letter-sized paper in the USA is 8 1/2 by 11inches, then if the Earth is represented in landscape mode and fitsthe page the scale is 11" to 24,000 miles...
This question cannot be answered because there is no symbol associated with it.
Map uses scale of 3cm/10km. If your distance is 12 cm, then 12cm/(3cm/10km) gives you 40 km.
The relationship of the size of details on the map to forms in the real world.
Tunis, Tunisia, Algiers, Algeria, and Tripoli, Libya are the threeAfrican capital cities on the Mediterranean Sea.
A circle with a star or circle in its center tends to mean the capitol of a country.
darker lines on a topographical map are used to show index contour lines
The study and practice of making maps is called cartography. Itbuilds on the premise that reality can be modeled in ways thatcommunicate spatial information effectively. People who make mapsare called cartographers.
Mapmakers use scale to represent distances between points on a map.
Brown is usually an indicator of higher elevation. Green, lower elevation and blue as water (lakes, streams, oceans)..
If you are referring to the Caribbean country, as in the Republic of Haiti, than it is spelled H-A-I-T-I . If you are referring to the wolf in Norse mythology, the correct spelling is H-A-T-I .
Where can i find a map of California state from the 1849
BOLTSS is important because it reminds you of the six things vital in a good map. . Border . Orientation . Legend . Title . Scale . Source See the related questions for more information.
Physical features such as mountains, lakes, rivers, plateaus, and other environmental features.
Answer from Supervisor GooberPlan: \n\n. It is a thematic map showing data by area. Color or shade intensities relate to the magnitudes of values in given areas are used to map data\n
The highest possible latitude number, whether north or south, is 90 degrees. 90 degrees north latitude defines the north pole. 90 degrees south latitude defines the south pole. There can't be a north latitude of 94-6-27, or a south latitude of 180-0-0. Furthermore, even if both numbers in...
There are only five oceans, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern and Arctic
I believe you might be looking for Google Earth, it's a GPS based interactive map of the world.
I would use the odometer on my car. If that does not help I would use a map and a ruler and measure it to scale.
That point is still about 800-ft west of Coles Ln. and 1,280-ft west of Golf Rd., in the Cinnaminson division of Riverton, New Jersey, about 9.4 miles east-northeast of downtown Philadelphia. It's true that the North American tectonic plate is shifting, just as much as any other component of...
they represent the borders i think
to tell time,we can use time telling machine.
Magnetic variation can be found on all nautical charts. On most it will be located within the compass rose nearest to desired location. The annual change is in parenthesis, the calculated date is shown.
They contain tropical rainforests. good luck on the study island bs
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