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Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ is the foundation on which the Christian faith is built. Ask and answer questions about His life, death, resurrection, and more here.
I cant grow closer to God because I am already a part of It!
Following Jesus means that you believe in him heartily and accept  that you are a sinner, and sharing his mission means you spread the  good news
Peter (Cephas) denied Jesus (Yehowshuwa) three times.
As legend would have it, it was made of dogwood, but due to the  small size of the dogwood tree that's highly unlikely. The bible  has nothing to say on the wood and roman history isn't very  specific about what was used to make crosses. Most likely it was  made of whatever they had at hand
Jesus Christ or Christ means that Jesus is the Christ, the Anointed one, the Messiah, the Son of God. It means that Jesus is more than just a man, He is God Almighty in Human form. It also means that the Roman Cesar was just an ordinary man and that the Cesar (Tiberius at the time) would have to bow...
Luke 17:11-19; Jesus heals the ten lepers on his way to Jerusalem,  on the borders of Samaria and Galilee. They cried out to him to  heal them. He tells them to go show themselves to the priests, and  so they were cleansed. Only one of the ten, a Samaritan came back  to express his thanks to...
Throughout the Gospels Jesus' every message was a witnessing event,  which he preached daily.
This encounter took place at the gates of a city called  Nain. See Luke 7:11-17.
You must be brave to get a whipping and to be cricified as well.
jesus died at 33. so we can say that jesus died right in his early thirties: 33  
Good Friday--the Friday after palm Sunday and before Easter.
Garden of Gethsemene
Jesus' death on the cross was the reason for the first Good Friday.
So that everyone would know he has risen from death
Answer 1 Because nobody believed in him anymore. Just like Ra. Ra was an Egyptian sun god who was worshiped way back around 2400BC. Ra is no longer "alive" since there is no one left to believein him. You see, since gods are not real, the only way for them to "live"is through belief. When you...
no. there's nowhere to be found in the bible that hesus turned mud into a pigeon.  
he was badly beaten because he was scourged at the pillar before he was nailed on the cross. among the three people who was nailed, jesus suffered the most  
Every man and woman is cursed with sin and not being perfect  because of the fall of adam and eve and thanks to sin entering into  the world. Part of not being perfect is being blind, handicapped,  deaf, etc. These aliments were and can be fixed or healed by God.
That faith and magic are paramount in Christianity, over logic and  reason.
The reasn Anno Domini is still used is because Jesus only died on the cross. He was then resurrected and is still our living Saviour today and forever.
A very little of Jesus childhood is known to us.
If you'll check scripture, Jesus never said that he was dying in  order to redeem civilization. Apparently, Christianity put those  words into his mouth,
The Ten Commandments weren't a prophecy. They were basic rules that  god gave the Israelites to guide them on the right path. Even today  people follow the Ten Commandments.
365 times and theirs 365days in a year
He was denied and insulted by sinners
The answer is found in Matthew chapter 16 verse 17. God revealed this to Peter. Mat 16:16 Simon Peter answered and said, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." Mat 16:17 Jesus answered and said to him, "Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but...
By showing His grace and kindness.   When He cured many diseases, Loved the children and said let them  come to me and told us to be like children, He said we should love  our enemies and pray for those who curse us, He said we should  forgive our brothers 7 x 70 times, he said that we should...
jesus said this to the paralytic man who were lowered from the rooftop by his four friends.  
Just like a court room has witnesses who tells the jury what  happened or what they saw, in the same way the Apostles did the  same for Jesus Christ, when they witnessed his miracles, his  teachings, and his death and resurrection.   Also in Christendom, to be "a witness" means to tell others...
Jesus himself did not, he only preached about common beliefs of the time, such as the Essenic beliefs, which were later removed from Judaism. However, later Paul removes many of the Jewish aspect from Christianity, such as keeping Kosher, so that Christianity would be more appealing to Gentiles....
1.He guided them.  2.He taught them.  3.He loved them. 
Satan never spoke to Jesus on the mount of Olives.
Jesus rose on a Sunday
An athlete is a very respected image in our society especially, and  if you are a Christian, show others that will be watching you that  your lord and savior Jesus Christ has blest you with the athletic  ability. Sooner or later people will start to follow your boldness  and courage in the Lord.
Another answer from our community:    The Bible tells us in Matthew Chapter 1 the entire lineage of  Jesus. This was very important because the prophecies about who the  Christ would be said He would be from the line of David. Careful  records were kept so that the lineage of Jesus could be...
He started up all the works to make Christianity
Jesus inspired others in many ways. He did not sin. He loved others and showed even the socially low and poor people care and unconditional love. He was generous, with his time and with miracles. He was able to inspire others to live in purer ways and follow God.
Maryam. She was a Hebrew Jew, and that is her name in Aramaic/Hebrew. Now commonly called Mary. Mary
Even the followers of Jesus knew him as a prophet. Provided here in Matthew 21:42 42Jesus said to them, "Have you never read in the Scriptures: " 'The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes" 43"Therefore I tell you that the...
No one knows as the story did not specify.
He found twelve men who he asked to follow him and he called them  disciples. They were Simon (Peter) , Andrew, James son of Zebedee,  John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas who would later be known as  Doubting Thomas, Matthew the tax collector, James son of Alpheus,  Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot,...
Since the modern version of the Julian and Gregorian calendars datefrom his birth (BC and AD), he would have been 2016 years old ifalive in 2016. However, historians have suggested that he wasactually born in 4 BC, so he would have been 2020 years old in2016.
The Bible seems to show them being very upset since He was  considered a controversial and unorthodox religious leader.
Yes beside jesus Mary had sons and daughter called Salomi and Jude and James. The bible says so not I. but the catholics believe was a virgin all her life so she had no children. And that is impossible Joseph was there.
  == Answer ==     No.   Narcissus was a greek tragic character who fell in love with himself.   Narcissism, as a result, means someone who thinks far too highly of themself, placing theimselves above the needs of others. It's vanity taken to it's most extreme form. Think Hugh...
They are called Christians. There are nearly 40,000 different sects  of Christians.
Jesus himself said, actually about Judas: "The Son of man indeedgoeth, as it is written of him: but woe to that man by whom the Sonof man is betrayed! good were it for that man if he had never beenborn." (Mark 14:21)
This means you are a believer and follower of Jesus.
Jesus ministered on this Earth for only 3 and a half years
All the plants and animals you see today were around back in Jesus'  time.
Christ referred to his father as "My Father" Christ did not referto him as God .... as a matter of fact he starts the Lords prayerwith Our Father not God. (Matthew 6)
The first visitors that Jesus had were the shepherd.
Jesús is one of the most popular names in Catholic Spain and Latin America, so probably not.
BC - Before Christ, then his life which is unaccounted for timewise, and then AD - Anno Domini   For example:   Dates Before Christ are written 350 BC   Dates after Christ's birth are written AD 250
Horses were the dominant means of transportation and work for most  of the Ancient world... even to this day in many areas of the  world. Horses were used extensively for military operations and  agricultural work. Horses were used to quickly convey messages from  one location to another; the...
He tried to trick him into turning a rock into bread. This was  tempting because He had been fasting for over a month. Next he  tried to trick Jesus into jumping off a cliff. Finally Satan (the  devil) offered Jesus all the world if He would just bow down to  him. All three times Jesus quoted...
Yes, for sure. Jesus (peace be upon him) likes Muslims because Jesus himself called people to be Muslims. Muslims in its universal sense is the attribution of all people who submit to Allah (or God in English) as the one and only one God with no partner, no companion, no son, no father, no associate...
He was a big fan of the show "FRIENDS"
Many people believe Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection took place  in the year 35 AD.
Yes. Just search 'purplele' on something and the first result will probably be purplele.That is all.
They all went to a place known as Paradise. That is why on the  cross Jesus said "Today you will be with me in Paradise" to the  thief that was also being crucified. During the three days between  his crucifixion and his resurrection he was there in paradise  preaching the word to all of the...
Many people believe that dinosaurs died way before Jesus, some 65  million years ago. I personally believe that the dinosaurs lived on  the earth during Adams time, but died when the great flood came,  which we all formally know as The Story of Noah's Ark.
Jesus did not change Simon's name; he surnamed him Peter, (Mark 3.16), so he is called Simon Peter more than 30 times in the New Testament.
Jesus went and prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before  he died.
Hygiene varied greatly throughout the Ancient world. Within the  Roman Empire public baths were built throughout the Empire which  provided people with an area to clean themselves in various pools,  see a barber, and swim. Annointing with oil was very common in  Palestine and Ancient Rome; it...
The answer to this depends on whether you follow the Protestant or the Roman Catholic set of beliefs. (It brings in the issue of original sin and what baptism does or confers as well as other issues). I will answer from a Protestant (Presbyterian) perspective. All babies, regardless of being...
A: Yes. Obviously his Jewish heritage is part of the story of Jesus, but his message bears some close similarities to that of the Stoics and could be understood equally well in a Stoic context. Ethical teachings are universal.
The 12 were selected out of a larger group of disciples after Jesus  had spent a whole night in prayer, "that they might continue with  him and that he might send them out [a·po·stelʹlei] to preach and  to have authority to expel the demons." (Luke 6:12; Mr 3:13-15)  These twelve symbolized...
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The date Jesus Christ was born was unknown and untold during early Christianity. The Christians moved the date to one of the pagan holidays. This holiday celebrated the season and one of the practices was gift giving. So Christians picked the same date and took parts of the pagan holiday such as...
Because he is the Son of God, and he wants us all to be saved so we  can be in heaven with him someday.
No, not at all. Jesus was actually a fulfillment of Prophecy (see Isaiah 7:14), ata time when the tribes of Israel, including Levi, had gone astray,worshiping other gods. Jesus did not become, or replace our Fathers Passover, he becamethe one and only sacrifice for sins, therefore replacing the...
The Jewish leaders could not bear the message Stephen brought and  the challenges he set before them. He exposed their sin and their  resistence to the work of the Holy Spirit. Stephen also saw a  vision of Heaven, and this enraged th Jews even more since Jesus  whom they could not accept as...
Jesus never did have a address.
A:The synoptic gospels say that Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness, as an allusion to the prophet Elijah. It is a matter of faith whether this should be thought of as a historical fact as well as an allusion. Perhaps there was no wilderness. Mark 1:13 tells of Jesus in the wilderness forty...
If you're looking to become a christian you just have to accept christ into your heart. Ask GOD for forgiveness of your sins or the things that you've done that didn't feel right. You have to believe that you're talking to Christ even though you don't see him in the flesh. You just have to believe...
To celebrate the religious holiday called Passover.
Jesus of Nazareth was the center of one of the greatest religions in the world Christianity. Jesus was a miracle worker, He was a prophet and a savior of souls.   Jesus was crucified on a cross for your sins before you were even born .He knew about you before your ancestors were even born. He...
This is not written in the four gospels. It is found in genesis . When Cain kills his brother abel, God asks Cain where is Abel?And Cain gives that reply Am I my brothers keeper.
Jesus knew that all men are the same at heart, and He came to save all people. In fact, he berated the Jewish leaders for their hypocrisy.
There has never been a book that was revealed to Jesus of Nazareth.
Jesus went to Jerusalem at the start of his last week before  crucifixion probably in preparation for the Jewish Passover feast  later in the week. He also went to teach, and during this week he  spoke many parables , the Lord's Prayer, and a number of key  teachings for His followers.   The...
It was a shadow caused by the angle of light shining onto the wall,  nothing more.
  In the earliest gospel, the Gospel According to Mark, there is no infancy account to prove Jesus to be the son of God, nor, in the original manuscripts, were there any appearances of the risen Jesus. So the baptism became a vehicle to achieve this. As Jesus rose out of the water, the Holy...