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Before Birth of Baby

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Prepare for the arrival of your baby physically and emotionally by asking questions here.
Unless they have a rare allergy or other medical problem, pregnantwomen should be able to safely eat green grapes. Note that it isimportant that the grapes be washed to get rid of any pesticides,herbicides and just plain old dirt that may remain on them. This isjust good food prep - something you...
Within 7 days or less
Its calculated from the last menstrual period.Their are a lot of pages that can help to calculate how many weeks pregnant you are.
your baby is at risk of having downs syndrome
No.Ultrasound its a safer procedure and will not hurt baby or mother.
Its ok to buy clothes once you find out the gender of the baby. You don't want to be stuck with pink dresses and later find out you're having a boy.
Usually this is one or two months before her due. The baby shower is the perfect time to get your friend baby needs and stuff she may not have had time to purchase yet. It has to be well-timed though - not too close to the due date, and not to far as to whittle down the excitement.
Answer . you should have a baby shower no matter how many babies you have, its a taditon to have baby showers.
yes the bloods can mixed that is why if u are a rhesus negative mother with a rhesus positive baby u will need a jab, because the bloods can mix. hope this helps
you would probably have to have 2 sets of reproductive organs
no, hes still alive, dumbasses.
No, you need to be a full 10 cm dialated in order to push out a baby, lol. 2 cm is only the size of a quarter so imagine giving birth to a 7-8 pound baby out of a hole that tiny...
not big at all.. you might not even show yet most woman don't start to show til around 12 to 16wks
Answer . Via ultrasound around 20 weeks.
It is customary to open the presents in front of all the guests at a baby shower, whether it is for the mother only or for the couple. To some, the gift opening is the main event of a baby shower party.
Depends on how bad the fall is, and how many stairs the fall was.If you experience stomach pains, and less baby movement, contactyour doctor immediately.
A baby starts to open their eyes at the beginning of the third trimester, which is about 27 weeks.
Look at it this way; whatever you feel, the baby feels. Stressdefinitely is not safe for the baby.
From 2nd day to 2nd week it is zygote
yes there is such thing as a ghost they are spirts. yaes my dojang teacher saw one his friend died
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Babies cannot be christians until they are old enough to act of their own initiative. Christianity is a choice.
No, enjoy your life together. A big plus is you can count on each other if for some reason one of you need blood.
22 week fetus usually weighs around a pound and is 11 inches long.
Usually about 20 weeks. Sometimes before. It can depend on the position of the baby and the quality of the equipment being used.
Only if our brains,memories & wallet Will alow it.
press and rub your boobs daily. if you have any boyfriend then you say him to suck your breast for 2-3 hr. then your breast milk again came out.
Plan B can only be taken day 1-5 after sex so after 1 week there is nothing to do.
Yes, because space is restricted because they have become so big
Your baby usually drops towards the end of your pregnancy.. about the last few weeks. You may be able to tell if the baby has dropped if you can start to breathe a little easier, if you are noticing that urination is becoming more frequent, and heartburn might ease up so that you can eat foods that...
no ........................ Ghosts are not "alive" in any true sense, so ghosts cannot reproduce, have babies, grow, mature or go through any of the life cycles that living persons experience. OTOH, if an infant was murdered or died in traumatic circumstances, there might be an energy residue...
i have 30days menstrual cycle.what is the right time to make a baby
if you missed a period, (or it's been about a month since you think you conceived it) then you can finally buy a pregnancy test and see..
Your baby should be at least 2.5 to 3 pounds at 7 months.
Generally baby showers are given when the mother to be is six to eight months pregnant. It is wiser to give the baby shower when she is six months pregnant because the closer she gets to her due date the more tired she would be and she may not enjoy the baby shower to it's fullest potential. It is...
I would love to answer your question, however, I would need someclarification. Are you referring to the cost of average doctorbills? Or the cost of a black market pregnancy?
About a month before a woman is due to deliver her baby, the baby turns in the uterus so its head is down and the baby "drops" down so it's head rests between the mother's pelvic bones. The pregnant woman suddenly has more room to breathe (before that the baby interfered with the diaphragm and made...
If the side of the blanket is 150 centimeters and it is a square than you'll need about 610 centimeters to go around. I rounded up so if there is extra just snip it off.
Around the 4-5 month mark, an ultrasound can show you the baby and an ultrasound technician can tell by looking at the genital area whether your baby is a boy or a girl. Some places have rules against telling the patients what sex their baby is, and some places have no problems about telling you. ...
morning sickness is a symptom of pregnancy, but it would be good to check this theory with a pregnancy test
It would be slightly tacky if you are throwing the shower for yourself. If a friend or family member is giving you the shower, then no. Besides, the stuff you gave away five, six years ago is out of date. Any car seat or other such baby items would be virtually obsolete, and these things are...
If you are asking about the Apgar scale the number two is related to the overall health of the baby after birth. The Apgar scale was developed by Virginia Apgar in 1953. Apgar is also an acronym which stands for appearance, pulse, grimace, activity (muscle tone) and respiration. Each of the five...
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You may not have to take the ring out at all. During any surgery the doctor may ask that you remove all jewelry as it may interfere with the machinery but as long as there is no tearing due to your belly getting too big or infection, you should be able to keep it for the duration. Ditto the above....
Try yellows,oranges, and maybe black and white.on the clothes go with circus animals, giraffes,fishes, and maybe some other sea life
In the later stages of pregnancy; its not just voices but certain sounds as well. example; if 'mum-to-be' sits down in the afternoon to relax a bit and watch some tv, the baby can recognise the theme tune to a tv programme (or similar).
After eight weeks, the embryo is a fetus. This is the stage in pregnancy where the fetus starts to resemble a human.
It contracts and pushes the baby out starting with the head
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Sleeping on your side is best while you're pregnant. In particular, sleeping on your left side may benefit your baby by improving blood flow -- and therefore nutrients -- to the placenta. It also helps your kidneys efficiently eliminate waste products and fluids from your body, which in turn reduces...
I was never medicated during my last two deliveries. Labor began with menstrual like cramping with tightening of my belly. As time goes on, the cramping worsens and gets closer together. Them come the urge to push. This urge feels like you have to have a major bowel movement. You can not control the...
7 month of pregnancy baby turn their body up side down.Head is turned down and legs are up.This is birth position.
The body is designed incredibly well and the way that the baby is protected is absolutely incredible. There's plenty of layers of skin, fat, muscle, and various organs that protect your baby... Uterus: Also called womb. It is a very strong muscle that surrounds the baby for protection during it's...
go to the doctor and get an ultrasound, then the doctor can tell you if its a boy or a girl
No. This is one of many old folk tales from the time when a baby's gender was a mystery until birth. At your next prenatal health care visit, ask your medical professional if you can have an ultrasound to determine the baby's gender.
Its been recorded that a woman did indeed get pregnant while she was already pregnant, but I think it was due to the fact that she had two uteruses.
Average gestation for a dog is 60 days.
Yes, you can. Pregnancy gives you the perfect reason to pamper yourself and make yourself feel pretty. Here are some advices to make you look seductive and pregnant at the same time: 1. Relax 2. Get nice clothes 3. You can buy a stretch marks cream 4. Eating healthy as much as possible
Natural cot mattresses are definitely the way forward! - unless you want your room smelling of cheap foam and chemicals! All I would say though is check that the cot mattress has some certification that it is genuinely chemical free - beware of 'natural cot mattresses' - essentially, these...
Answer . Not just Bulgarians. The people in most other countries don't normally host baby showers.. It is an American/British tradition, and not a very old one at that. It is slowly becoming more and more popular in other countries as they adopt/mimic many American practices, such as bridal...
There may be a few reasons for this. 1. You may be suffering from urinary incontinence. The baby's head is pressing down and squeezes the bladder. You may not be aware that the "wetness" is urine leaking. 2. Your waters may have broken and the baby's head is well down in the pelvis and the...
Yes. Why would she not? A baby shower is to celebrate the upcoming of the little one with family and close friends. It doesn't matter how old her children are, or if she has children at all. Just because her youngest child is a teenager does not mean that she should be deprived of such a special...
You should always wash the baby clothes before you use them. Babies are sensitive to fabrics that are unwashed. You can use baby detergent.
Answer . When my Daughter dropped it hurt so bad that I couldn't walk. The tricky thing is that she managed to go back up. You will feel a lot of pelvic pressure near your cervix. Just make sure that you aren't having any contractions with it!
Answer . The majority of what you hear are myths. They are untrue. The only thing that determines sexual orientation in an unborn baby it the chromosomes that the male carries in his sperm.. Answer . Well although some people think the signs are MYTHS, they aren't A boy you carry lower and the...
Every pregnancy is different. They say that your skin becomes more blemished and you get morning sickness much more often if you are pregnant with a girl. People also say that you carry a baby boy high up on your abdomen and carry a girl low.. but a lot of my friends carried either high or low and...
All infants born in Tennessee must have a newborn screeningspecimen sent to the Tennessee State Laboratory for certain geneticconditions. Although this is not a drug test specifically, they douse blood samples for the screenings, so any drugs in the systemwill show during the tests and that...
1. Do not harm your baby: stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol etc. 2. Consume at least 850mg calcium per day. 3. Consume folic acid and vitamines.
i think the answer is fertilization :)
If you feel pressure in your cervix and are towards the end of your last trimester that means your baby is dropping into delivery position! :)
They say to take your belly ring out to prevent this from happening, but after delivery of a child your belly should go back to your normal "pre-baby" body. It'll just take some time.
Welcome Baby or Congratulations are both appropriate.
It doesn't mean anything, it's very common for pregnancy carrying both male and female babies.
Yes, it's fine. Consult with you doctor just in case.
Traditionally, a baby shower is only meant for the first baby. However, we are seeing more people have showers for subsequent babies, especially if they did not have a shower for the first baby, the second baby is of a different gender than the first child, or if there is a large age gap between the...
No, this should not affect your ability to get pregnant.
As of September 2014, there is nothing to indicate that LeeWilliams from Lee Williams and The Spiritual QCÕs has passed away.The group has been together since 1968.
The Little Green Sheep do a new cot bed that is solid hardwood and made in the UK. As far as I know its the only cot bed that's made in the UK. It seems like they use natural and organic finishes too, it's about £600 which is similar to the MDF ocean cot bed from Mamas and papas etc. so not bad!...
The fetus gets food and oxygen through the umbilical cord.
I had this same question and someone at John Lewis told me they were indeed the exact same mattress manufactured at the same place but the only difference is the John Lewis organic cot bed mattress is just branded differently - and is much more expensive! If I were you I'd go for The Little Green...
For girls- once you get your period your free to have babies! For guys- once the girl you wanna bang gets her period
Ovulation is a good thing if a woman is trying to get pregnant. Ovulation is necessary for "natural" pregnancy.
After about a week from conception the zygote consists of over 100 cells. It then separates into two distinct mases. The outer cells form a shell that will become the placenta and the inner cells will become the embryo. First the outer cells must implant or embed themselves in the wall of the uterus...
Most people have baby showers four weeks before the baby is due. Some people have it closer to 36 weeks, and some people have it way earlier -- when they know what the gender of the baby is and they picked out their child's name. It's totally up to you, though. Your child, so you don't really have...
not a good idea to be forgetful about a pregnancy, it will show in about 3 to 4 months!
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Ballotable, or ballottable in reference to the head of a fetus means that it can be felt moving around in the amniotic fluid.