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What are the demographics for drugs?

DemoGraphix . A, B, C, D, Upper - Middle - Working - Lower - Black - White - Asian Lords, Ladies, Gentlemen, Germs.
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Demographics of Italy?

As of 2013, Italy was broken down into the following generalizeddemographics. 13.8 percent of the population was between the agesof 0 and 14. 43.2 percent were ages 25 to 54. ( Full Answer )
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What are England's demographics?

As of 2011, there were more than 53 million people living inEngland. At the time, the population was almost 50 percent male and50 percent female. 83.46 percent of England's po ( Full Answer )
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What is demographer?

A demographer is a person who studies human population and the the effects it has on the world such as death and birth rate..
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What is a demographer?

Demographers are statisticians who study human population.Demographers look at trends and statistics such as deaths, births,and diseases, and analyzes and interprets the findi ( Full Answer )
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What does a demographer do?

One who studies the characteristics of people residing in an area, including age, sex, income, educational attainment, race, ethnic origin, religeous affiliation, etc.. "A De ( Full Answer )
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What is a Demograph?

Demography is a population projection model, it is simple to usebut highly reliable. And the quantifiable statistic for a givenpopulation are the demographics.
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What is a demographic makeup?

A demographic makeup is a measure of the population of a certain are which includes facts such as religion, race, education, etc.
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What demographic are you?

It depends on what age you are. If your a minor then your between 0-18 years old. If your a middle class, then your between 18-50 years old. Lastly, if your older than 50, the ( Full Answer )
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What are the demographics of demographics of shingles?

Approximately 500,000 cases of shingles occur every year in the United States. 20% of those who had chickenpox as children develop shingles at some time in their lives. People ( Full Answer )