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How do you become certified in genealogy?

  You become certified in genealogy by applying to the Board for Certification of Genealogists. You submit work samples that demonstrate your knowledge of the genealogical (MORE)

How popular is genealogy?

Genealogy is more popular than it has ever been. It has become a mainstream hobby since it's now easier to access information through multiple free and fee websites, and it's (MORE)

What is genealogy?

Genealogy is the study and documentation of the ancestry and  descendants of specific people, often with added reference to their  lives, accomplishments and lifestyles. It (MORE)

When did the study of genealogy begin?

Genealogy is a little different then family history because people have been attempting to trace their roots back for thousands of years. Genealogy really didn't pick up until (MORE)

What is the genealogy of Hades?

Gaia bore the sky god Ouranos without a father, and as she emerged without parent, she and Ouranus were the parents of the Titans, among them Rhea who was the mother of Hades, (MORE)

Which Gospel stresses Jesus' genealogy?

The Gospel According to St Matthew provides Jesus' genealogy back through his father Joseph, his paternal grandfather Jechonias, and then through the great Zorobabel, son of (MORE)
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What does genealogy mean?

The study of ancestry or pedigrees.    For people, genealogy often involves constructing what is called a  "family tree" showing the births, marriages, and descendants (MORE)

What is the paradox of genealogy?

One observation that has been called a "paradox of genealogy" is that the more information is known, the more (unknown) information there is to find.   ANSWER  >That depe (MORE)