Jamaica is an island nation of the Greater Antilles. It is located in the Caribbean Sea, about 90 mi south of Cuba and 119 mi west of Hispaniola. It has an area of 4,244 sq mi and an estimated population of 2.8 million as of 2010.


Specify question. Are you talking about the Spanish language orpeople?
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Yes Jamaica is common for banana's. Banana's in fact grow on treesin Jamaica.
Crowds, litter etc. is spoiling the countryside and beaches. There are more and more buildings covering up beautiful landscapes and scenery for tourists. 90% of people who go on holiday don't think about the impacts they are making on the country/place.
Go to the official website jw.org and scroll to bottom, click on"attend our meetings" and enter your location and language. It willtell you the nearest Kingdom Hall and language to your location. Hello, If you contact Watch tower Bible and Tract Society in Jamaica theywill beable to give you an...
Jamaica is an English-speaking country, so the answer is: "thank you."
Like North America and all islands in the Caribbean, Jamaica is in the Northern hemisphere. It is also in the Western hemisphere.
Jamaica does not have a Minister of Security and Defense. There are two government positions, the Minister of Defense, and the Minister of National Security. The current Minister of Defense is Bruce Golding (who is also the Prime Minister), and the current Minister of National Security is Dwight...
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If you are in Jamaica, it's worth one penny. If you are in the US, it's worth what someone will pay you for it. Jamaica money used to be hard to find but as it increases in popularity as a tourist destination its rarity in the US. is quickly dwindling.
Stated in US$, depending upon condition, anywhere from ten cents for a well circulated coin, to about one dollar for uncirculated.
Yes, in general most households in Jamaica have some form of electricity.
The highest peak in Jamaica is Blue Mountain Peak at about 2,256mtrs above sea level.
They are about 1,188 miles away from each other
The Jamaican government is a constitutional monarchy and aparliamentary democracy. They are based on the Westminster model,and have a functional two-party system.
A flight from Dallas to Jamaica is about 4 hours.
Original Symbolism - "Hardships there are, but the Land is green and the Sun shineth." Each color in the flag is symbolic. The black stands for hardship, the green for both hope and the fertile land, and the gold for wealth and sunshine.. New Symbolism as of 1996 - "Hardships there are but the Land...
Hurricanes, earthquakes and storms
If flying out of Milwaukee airport, it will take just over 4 hours non-stop.
Saint Andrew is located in Surrey County and has a population of541,000 people. It is the third smallest parish in Jamaica.
A flight from Beverly Hills, CA to Jamaica takes about 6 hours. Thedistance from Beverly Hills, CA to Jamaica is 2,741 miles or 4,412kilometers.
The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is one of the two major political parties in Jamaica.
Pentecostalism reached the shores of Jamaica through Pentecostalmissionaries sent from Pentecostal denominations such as but notlimited too : Assemblies of God, Church of God, and Apolostic
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Hello community of answers.com I'm the one who posed the question on this site (Why do Jamaican mother hate their daughter's afican-american boyfriend and why do they forces their daughter's to merrier their own culture or somebody who is not a afican-american man is that true?) This question is not...
The distance from Jamaica to England is 7,483 kilometers. This tripwould take about 10 hours flying on the plane.
No. Jamaica is a Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy within the Commonwealth of Nations.
You might be able to find some at The gallery of West Indian Art, they have works from 22 Jamaican Painters. The link is below.
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Rum has no carbs, sugar, sodium, or fats of any kind.
Port Royal in south eastern Jamaica was destroyed by an Earthquake in 1692. Please see the related links.
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it is in Jamaica Any legal marriage performed in any country is legally recognised in many other countries. For example,, any country of the British Commonwealth will recognise a marriage from any other country whether that other country is part of the British Commonwealth or not.
It is possible to get a passport to Jamaica with a felony. However,an individual must not be a convicted international drugtrafficker, subject to federal arrest or felony-related subpoena,or forbid by a court order, or parole to travel internationally.
Product Regulation . Fresh fruits and vegetables Import permit and phytosanitary certificate required. Dried or frozen fruits and vegetables and processed plant materials No import permit or phytosanitary certificate required. Coffee Importation of coffee berries is prohibited. Roasted coffee and...
i think its the independence day to celebrate becomming independent after British rule in 1947! xx
This would definitely be a matter of preference. It would probably depend on what activities that you would want to participate in as well as the amenities that you are looking for. Jamaica has a large number of all inclusive resorts whereas Puerto Rico may have only one or two. Puerto Rico is a US...
If the birth was registered, then getting a birth certificate is astraightforward process. The "Where to write for vital records"page on the CDC web site provides the contact information for eachstate. You can order a certificate in person or by mail. Birth registration is compulsory in the United...
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There are Jehovah's Witnesses world wide. If you have a phone bookyou could search for The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses or go to our websiteat: JW.org Select the 'About us' tab and you can type in any location and findthe nearest Kingdom Hall in that area. I hope this information helps you...
USA, Latin America, UK, CARICOM, Japan, Canada
You are not going to be able to drive to Jamaica, but the air distance between Calgary and Montego is about 2992 miles.
I think Turkey and Malta, check the embassy websites for these countries. Also the other Caribbean Islands except Dom Republic and Cayman.
Jamaicans have a variety of jobs. The jobs are dependent on the location and educational background. Persons in urban Jamaica with high education levels work in offices filling roles such as: accountant, clerk, office manager, supervisor, etc based on the industry. Industries in Jamaica include:...
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He was deported to his native land of Jamaica, due to legal issues with the government.
''I like that'' translated to patoi is ''Mi like dat''
100 Jamaican $ are worth US$ 1.11 US as of 02/08/2010
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Yes, there are several species of poisonous bugs in Jamaica. Thereare all kinds of poisonous bugs known all over the world.
Jamaica's an Island!
From around 4000BC to 1000BC
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It is 80 kilometersm width and 234 kilometersm in length and contains about 4,300 square miles,
The rules are 1The flag is never to touch the floor or ground
Depends on where you live -- maybe where the marriage is certified. Probably be ok getting it squared away in whatever county of whateve state one of the two of you are domiciled in. Presuming you're in the states.
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no. Jamaica is separate island. haiti does border the dem. republic though.
Jamaica falls within the tropic of cancer and the equator making it part of the tropical belt whic is nearly 65degrees in length sapnning from the center grid on the earth Since Jamaica is surrounded by water (being an island and all) the temperatrue is failry regulated year round and cooled daily...
it is easier to collect the countries revenues ( TAXES )
Jamaica does not have a President, it has a Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister of Jamaica is Bruce Golding. And the population is approximately 2.8 million people.