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Also known as the Cherokee, the Liberty is a compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by Chrysler for its Jeep division. Manufactured since 2001, this 4-door SUV is available in four-wheel drive (4WD) and rear-wheel drive (RWD) layouts.


Well, I'm afraid you must be more specific. Why are you changingit? Did a clip fall off? Do you have the piece? Do you need awebsite on where to get one? Please say more.
underneath dash near steering column attached to linkage from master cylinder
There is a fusebox on the left end of the dashboard when you open the door. It is enclosed behind a removable panel. There is a decal on the back of the panel numbering the fuses. Your owner's manual will tell you which number fuse is for which circuit.
p0302 is cylinder 2 misfire, you need to fix the cause of the misfire. Possible causes are plugs, coils, injectors......
Answer . \nDriver side of upper intake manifold. Just behind the IAC valve. IAC is just behind the throttle body.
I do not see aftermarket replacement rear wiper blades nor rear wiper refills listed in the aftermarket wiper catalogs for the 2008 Jeep Liberty. This would possibly indicate that the rear wiper was a proprietary technology/design and you may have to go to the dealer for the parts and possibly labor...
\nIf your jeep does not have a factory trailer hitch installed then you would look one up online, in a catalog, or go to a hitch dealer, and find one make for your jeep.\n. \nIf you have the factory hitch receiver then you are most likely looking for what is called a ball mount. My 2003 liberty with...
there are 2 torx head screws that hold the tail light on. you will need to open the back gate to get to them. then there are two snap connectors that hold the tail light to the body. you will need to pull straight back torward the rear of the jeep to get these to come loose.
Trouble code P0038 means:HO2S heater control circuit high (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
The 2.4 liter 4 cylinder , which has a timing BELT , IS NOT an interference engine I don't know about the V6
You will need a 15-T (Torx) bit to remove the screws that hold the light box. Then push slightly down and pull out. This requires some force. Hope this will help. Both sides are removed by opening the rear gate, (look into the hinge area for the driver's side) you will see two Torx screws T-15...
The manufacture will recommend 30k, no one ever does this, 50 would be better than never
wife called me today with the same question...on her 1996 Chrysler sebring ,I googled it , saw your question also , called local dealership and asked them, no one there ever heard of it or had a clue , drove her car it read ''LoWASH '' not loursh .. low washer fluid...
In the cap on the front pass side of the engine.
It is in the exhaust pipe between the engine and the muffler.
Approx $410.00 with a tailpipe included without tax. This is how its usually repaired as the tailpipe is not easily separated from the muffler. The labor to separate and reuse the old pipe is nearly as much if not more as the new pipe. They are usually replaced together for that reason.
I would try disconnecting the battery....that may reset the computer chip.
On the gas engines, one per cylinder. Zero on the diesel.
Answer . Not downshifting properly. Plugged catalytic converter. Needs tune-up (new plugs)
It is on because there is a problem with the Antilock Brake System (ABS).
part time light is on want go out how do i get it out
The Enhanced Warning System (BeltAlert) can be enabled or disabled by your authorized dealer or by following these steps:. NOTE: The following steps must occur within the first 60 seconds of the ignition switch being turned to the ON or START position. DaimlerChrysler does not recommend ...
\nThe owners manual list fuse number 22 as: Wiper Switch/Front & Rear Washer
FUEL FILTER. NOTE: Capture all fuel in approved and appropriately marked containers. Wear safety goggles and adequate protective clothing when servicing the fuel system. . Disconnect the negative battery cable. . Disconnect the water in fuel (WIF) sensor wiring harness connector. . Drain the fuel...
Its a fairly simple process. Remove the wheel, unbolt the two bolts on the back of the caliper. Go to the engine bay and open the brake fluid resivoir to allow the brake fluid to slow back up into the resivior. Now that the two bolt are loose, you can pull the caliper off of the rotor. Remove the...
It is mounted to the firewall on the driver side.
Answer . \nRemove the ash tray to reveal a single screw. Remove screw. Molding around radio should pop off to reveal 4 screws holding the radio in place. Remove screws. Unhook wiring and antenae.
\nMy guess would be components in the rear brake assembly. My 2003 Liberty kind of makes a creaking sound back there. Depending on the type of sound it might also be something with the exhaust system, which I believe runs down the passenger side.
I do not see aftermarket replacement rear wiper blades nor rear wiper refills listed in the aftermarket wiper catalogs for the 2008 Jeep Liberty. This would possibly indicate that the rear wiper was a proprietary technology/design and you may have to go to the dealer for the parts and possibly labor...
Hi Well you better sit down so I can tell you where the gas filter is located for a 2008 Jeep Liberty Its located in the gas tank on the end of the gas line yep in the tank PERFECT
Answer . turn the key to run (not start) 2 times with in 5 seconds and watch the odometer
Answer . yes, u need to get a tow kit that will turn off yer spedo or just unhook the cables yourself (if a older beetle)
Fwd left hand corner of the engine (3.7l) , and has a drain gully..
Remove rear tires--19mm or 3/4" socket for tires. Remove caliper with the 2 bolts on the back of caliper--I believe 13mm bolts. Take a screwdriver and lightly pry between the edge of the rotor and the steel part of the pad---the pad only need to move 1/8 or so to clear any rust ridge on the outer...
It should only flash when the doors are locked and the alarm is armed.
I do not see aftermarket replacement rear wiper blades nor rear wiper refills listed in the aftermarket wiper catalogs for the 2004 Jeep Liberty. This would possibly indicate that the rear wiper was a proprietary technology/design and you may have to go to the dealer for the parts and possibly labor...
The 2002 Jeep Liberty takes 19" replacement windshield wiper blades on both sides front.
What does the 20 amp power outlet fuse do on a 1999 dodge durango
My sister bought a used Liberty and had the same issue- not in dire straights, but looking to that possibility in the future (actually NEEDING the spare with a lock and no key). I tried using ViseGrips to no avail- the lock's material is simply too hard to allow the visegrips to get a bite. SO,...
It is possible that the Idle Air Control ( IAC ) valve may need to be replaced. That's a guess on my part and should be taken into consideration with any warning lights that may be illuminated on the instrument cluster.
Surprisingly, this is an incredibly common problem with 2002 JeepLiberty models. The most common reasons are a broken switch, ablown fuse or motor, problems with the liner seal, or a broken autolock. If trying to close the sunroof makes any sort of noise, it isa problem with the motor. If the...
The 3.7 litre V6 engine in a 2003 Jeep Liberty has a timing CHAIN
Answer . \nRemove two screws located on the inner side tail light assembly w/ trunk open.\n. \nPull taillight assembly straight off; you may need to utilize a wedge to gently work the top and bottom of assembly away from vehicle on outer side.\n. \nOnce removed, twist the top light cover counter...
The answer is: it depends on the transfer case. Generally, though, one can change from 2 Hi into 4 Hi by simply pushing the transfer case lever into the appropriate indendt. 4LO is different. Generally to go to 4LO, one must be moving VERY SLOWLY and accompish the shift while everything is moving....
Trouble code P0442 means:Evaporative emission control system leak detected (Small leak)
Two wire connector, only has one wire in it though.
\nThis is most likely the Brake Warning Light. It's usually obvious because it says BRAKE under it but perhaps not always. This indicator light is usually located bottom center of the tachometer gauge.
The electrical system is 12 volt negative ground. Really about 13.6 volts while the engine is running, though.
because your oil pressure is not right. either replace the oil pressure sensor or the pump.
That is the check engine light. It comes on when the enginecomputer detects an emissions related failure and sets a troublecode.
That is the Service Engine Soon light. You need to have the vehicle checked at your earliest convenience.
Answer . The IAT sensor is mounted in the backside of the air cleaner housing for a 1.6 MFI (Multipoint fuel-injection) engine and for a TFI (Throttle body fuel-injection) enging it's located on the right hand side of the engine, mounted in the intake manifold below the throttle body.
Check your owners Manuel, If it has the towing package with the class3 hitch its 5,000lbs.
No, it is of a different formulation than the HOAT type the Jeep was built with.
Put your car in Neutral(N) on the gear shift (if you have a manual transmission do not put it in a gear, leave in neutral) then pull up on the 4 wheel drive gear lever. do not drive faster than 55mph in 4hi, and never faster than 15 in 4lo, also you should never put it in 4lo unless you are...
The thermostat housing is where the lower radiator hose attaches to the engine. remove the hose and the housing (2 bolts) and the thermostat is in there (it may come out with the housing)
In the first stage you may hear a rotating squeak when accelerating. As the joint deteriorates you may hear clinking and snapping sounds when putting vehicle in drive and accelerating, then you may also feel vibrations at certain speeds. The last sound you will hear is when the driveshaft falls off...
\n. I just hit 300,000 on my 4.0. Oil pressure is getting pretty low at idle, but starts everyday summer or winter.
My right hand side mirror on my 2002 jeep liberty is loose the mirror part only. How do i tighten it?
dome light problem . \nthe keypad on the drivers door gets moisture in it and causes electrical shorts. you can replace the keypad or dry it out and put some di-electric grease inside on the circut board. take off the door panel, un-screw the keypad, disconect the wire harness and open with small...
Pass side 2-4-6 Driver side 1-3-5
4 including the front passenger. Each rear passenger has their own seat belt (UK).
NO. The tire is an inch bigger around than the rim....
Left side dashboard facing the door. Remove the oblong panel. The fuse panel diagram is in your owners manual, if you don't have one, go to and download it for free. Fuse Panel Description Cavity Fuse Description . 1 15 Amp Blue Horn Relay, Power Sunroof Relay, Power Window Relay ...
Answer . There is a plastic tank mounted on the top of the radiator, there should be a yellow cap marked "coolant" on your right hand side, this tank also holds your washer fluid which is on the left hand side so be careful to make sure the cap you are removing is marked "COOLANT".... Once you pop...
The radiator cap is actually on the plastic overflow bottle located on the passenger side of the firewall. It is pressurized while it is hot, so, use extreme caution there. Your best bet is simply to let it cool before removing the cap. *On a side note* If you are adding a radiator or cooling...
look for the big bulky thing and turn every dial and one of them will be the tuner
I guess you mean the small map lights in front. Use a small screwdriver to gently pry the lens from the housing, be careful, they break easy, even the dealer techs break them. I think the bulb may only be available at a dealer. No, the bulbs are available almost anywhere. It's just a 194 bulb.
Answer . The sensor in the differential may be bad. Also the wires going to the sensor may have rubbed against a brake line causing them to short. The sensor in mounted on top of the differential and reads the vehicle speed.
Because your brake system is not working properly. You need to have your brake system checked out and repaired before you have to make an emergency stop and then they fail to brake as they should. ALWAYS DRIVE SAFELY
Try disconnecting the battery for about 10 minutes or have vehicle scanned to determine problem and have codes cleared
Not a hundred percent sure, but it is likely that your door latch didn't unlatch the window when it opened, thus not allowing the window to re-latch when it closes. Check the latch and make sure that it is opening the window latch when you open the door. I have a 2006 liberty that's what happened on...
I work in a Dodge Chrysle Jeep dealership and we always use 5w20 in liberty's. Check your oil fill cap,it shold sayon it what weightof oil to use. Even if it doesn't, it should take the 5w20.
If you have proof of ownership (title, registration, etc) and the VIN number (which should be on said documents) you can go to the dealership and they can look up your key code and cut you new keys. Your liberty uses a transponder key so the dealer will also have to program the transponder, I...
you cant theres a screen in the line belive me i haVE A 92 PARK AVE AND U CANT GET GAS OUT THAT b*** thats why im on here ima just punch a hole n the tank f**k it its totaled with a full tank
Answer . Could be any number of reasons. Get it to someone that can hook it to a computer and find out what is wrong before it becomes a Major issue.. Good Luck.