VW Rabbit

Also known as the VW Golf 1, the VW Rabbit was a first generation Golf model introduced in May 1974. This model was a front wheel drive (FWD) car sold in Canada and the United States.

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What does it mean if your rabbit bleeding out his nose?

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Sadly, it could be a sign of brain trauma. I had a little white rat before and when I awoke one morning it also had blood around the nostrils. Sadly shortly after he passed on.

How do you change a rear bulb on a vw transporter?

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Get out and walk to the back of the car

How do I change the engine air filter on a 2003 gti vw?

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2 screws on the firewall side of the box itself and pop open the 2 tabs closer to you on the radiator side....lift up and take the filter out and replace it...

How do you play with rabbits?

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For ideas and helpful links about games and toys for your rabbit, see the related question (linked below).

Some people have written:

If you have a garden, leave it out there and just stroke it, maybe run with it. If you don't supervise it, make sure to leave all gaps covered so they don't run out to your neighbours or the place that leads to it. If you DO supervise it, DON'T let them go to places near that gap or places you don't want them to go to. Only occasionally should you say NO (name) or BAD (name) as they will not listen to you if you make them discouraged and scared of you.

You can play with your rabbit by providing her with toys or play structures that interest her, and by providing space for her to run around in.

It might take experimentation because not all rabbits love the same toys and games. One rabbit might spend hours destroying a cardboard box; another rabbit might care less about the box and would much prefer throwing a slinky around.

There may not be many interactive games you can play with your rabbit, but it is fun to see them play with their toys and when they're tired out they'll enjoy a cuddle from you.

i have a lead and harness for my rabbit so i take them for walks i also sit in the run with them or even just open the door and smooth them

You don't really have to play with your bunny. Some just like to be pet while others like to be walked around on a leash like a dog.

What does it mean when you find a dead rabbit?

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u killed it

it also could mean you are pregnant.

How do you remove the vw emblems trunk latch and grill on MKV's?

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You would have to replace the grill there is aftermarket ones available. the rear is much harder and would require re locating the door latch and welding and painting would be required

What is the difference between a VW Cabriolet a VW Cabrio and an MK1?

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1980-1993: Cabriolet, Mk1

1995-1999: Cabrio, Mk3

1999.5-2002: Cabrio, Mk3.5 or Mk4 (depends on which side of the pond you're on)

And now are all replaced by the Eos here in the states

What is a coil and how does a bad one effect a vehicle?

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A coil is what gives you spark it distributes the power to your spark plugs so it would run bad or not at all check for spark.

The coil produces the power for the spark to ignite the fuel/ air mixture in the combustion chamber of the engine . The distributor systematically distributes or places that spark to the spark plugs in the firing order .

How do you know that a rabbit is playing?

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The House Rabbit Society has identified nine different rabbit play behaviours:

  • Burrowing and tunnelling
  • Digging and scratching
  • Shredding and peeling (paper products)
  • Throwing (with the mouth)
  • Climbing
  • Chewing
  • Bunching, organizing, scooting, bulldozing (blankets, fabrics)
  • Rolling, nudging (balls)
  • Hitting, boxing (with the front paws)

See the related links and questions below for more details.

What colors are rabbits?

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The color of rabbit fur varies widely. Some wild rabbits change the color of their fur across the months from all white to brown with a white underbelly. Domestic rabbits have fur ranging from white across tan and brown to black. Gray is also possible, with different shades of it. Some darker grays appear almost blue. Many have a lighter to white belly.
Wild rabbits are generally either black, brown, white, or grey. Pet rabbits can be those colours, too, but they can also be other colours like orange and lilac.

How do you change the low beam bulb on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

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open the hood. in back of headlight assembly there are two metal tabs. pull them up. the assembly will slide oot of the grill giving you access to bulbs.

What does the E stand for on the stick shift of the 1983 VW Rabbit?

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It stands for 5th gear. I think it was a VW marketing ploy to show that the 5 speed car is Economical when using the "E" gear.

How many liters of oil does a 2007 5-cyl vw rabbit require?

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Start with 3 1/2 and then run the engine for 2 minutes and then shut off and check dip stick in 10 minutes. A liter is slightly larger than a U.S. quart.

How many US VW Rabbits are produced daily?

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None. U.S. production of the Volkswagen Rabbit ceased in 1984. The Volkswagen Rabbits that were sold in the U.S. and Canada between 2006 and 2009 are produced in Wolfsburg, Germany and are rebadged Golf Mk5's. The capacity of the Wolfsburg factory is 3400 vehicles per day, although this number represents a mix of models produced for countries all around the world.

When Volkswagen introduced the Golf Mk 6, which is on the same platform as the Rabbit, but with a new body style, the Rabbit badge was once again discontinued as the new model was just called "Golf" in the U.S. and Canada.

To change thermostat in vw 1982 rabbit?

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Put the car front end up wheel ramps, or if you do not have ramps but do have some 2x6 lumber lay the lumber down on the ground and stagger the second board over top of the first. This gives you a basic ramp for one tire and you raise the car 3 inches off the ground.

Because this is work you got to do underneath the car. Get a clean 1 gallon pail so you can collect the coolant. Open the hood and remove the black cap that holds the coolant so air can get in.

. Get into your dirty clothes and have a 10mm socket on a 5 " extension and on a ratchet 3/8" drive is good enough.

. Crawl under about where the passenger sits. Follow the big bottom rad hose and that connects to the thermostat housing that is held in place with 2 black 10mm bolts. No imperial measure or inch socket will work here. 10mm or nothing. Loosen the bolts rotating counter clockwise. Have the bucket nearby and loosen one bolt but do not remove it, then loosen the other some and then use your hand and pull down on the big hose right near the thermostat housing and it will wiggle loose and start Peeing out coolant in a thin stream. Now, I am not in a rush so let it come out at a controlled speed so you collect it all. You can reuse it later.

At this point I go have a coffee...rather than lay under the car. When the dribbling stops, remove the bolts and CAREFULLY REMOVE THE IGLOO THERMOSTAT HOUSING. A reusable rubber "O" ring will come out as well. There is no paper gasket. Now if you look straight up where the housing was you will see the thermostat up inside. If this is the case, then use your fingers to pull on it and hopefully you still have the bucket there because another 2 quarts will run down your arm and into the arm pit.

Surprise ! Now you have removed the thermostat.

Putting it in is the reverse of removing it.


If your problem was no heat or overheating then it is not the thermostat you should be looking at. It most likely works dandy.

To fill a VW radiator, you remove the upper rad hose and fill the rad hose up with coolant...this fills the back half of the engine that submerges the thermostat in coolant, submerges the temperature sensor in coolant so the rad fan clicks on to cool the motor when hot AND fills the heater core with coolant so it gets hot.

. Then you put the upper rad hose back onto the radiator and tighten the clamp. Then fill the upper coolant tank with coolant as full as you can fill it(no air space) and put the black lid on.

. Then on the passenger side inner fender there is another coolant tank which you HALF FILL UP WITH COOLANT. The lid on that tank is loose and is suppose to be loose. It just pops off when you push up with your thumbs,(and snaps down) It is meant to be loose because as the coolant heats up it expands and pushed the air out.

> when the coolant cools down say overnight it sucks in air. You engine expands and contracts like your lungs idea.

Then drive car and check the coolant level in the overflow tank (which is the tank on the passenger fender) the next morning when it is cold. You never want to be at MIN. because then you are sucking air. It is a quick "Eyeball check to see if you have enough coolant" It helps when the coolant is colored as it is easier to see the level.

Where are the timing marks on a Mk1 1600 cc caddy engine?

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The timing marks on a MK1 1600cc Caddy engine is on the front of the crank pulley. It is under the cam also.

What might cause a new and fully charged battery of a volkswagen rabbit to go dead after a few days of not being run?

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Interior lights being left on Shorted wiring for the starter motor. This is the very first electrical component that receives power from the battery.

Any wires that are shorted together (positive & negative tied together or simply touching) will also run down the battery in short order.

How do you change a low beam headlight bulb on a 2003 Honda Accord?

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METHOD #1 - As described in the Owner's Manual

Go in from the front wheel wells. If changing the DRIVER SIDE bulbs, cut the wheel to the RIGHT. PASSENGER SIDE, cut the wheel to the LEFT. From there pop off the the plastic anchors holding on the plastic liner with a flat head screw driver. Be careful though. They break pretty easily. After that pull the plastic liner away. The liner is fairly flexible, so feel free to pull it back a bit. And that's it. Make sure you got the right bulbs and change away.


METHOD #2 - Lots Easier

This method avoids having to go through wheel wells (just performed on my 2004 Accord passenger side. Should be same to 2003, and if on driver side remove battery to get access)

- Get a right-angle ratcheting (or angle) screwdriver so you can loosen the three screws securing the bulb in place. Search Amazon for "Lisle 64250" and you'll see what I bought, it's around $15. The angle screw driver is real cheap and works just about as well as the ratchet because all you have to do is loosen the screw about 1/8 turn of so. Then you can do the rest of the removal by hand.

- With the help of the ratcheting (or angle) screwdriver to just do an initial loosening of the screw, carefully unscrew (by hand) and remove the screw closest to you, and the screw at the top of the "screw pyramid"... the screw closest to the hood. For the third (the one on the other side of the bulb from you) just loosen it a couple of turns. No need to remove it as that would be the hardest to put back in place later. Just loosen enough so the bulb can be turned and removed from the housing. Be careful not to drop screws into the well as they will be hard to find.

- You'll need two hands in there because of short power wire length, but unplug the old bulb from the power harness. Do this by squeezing the harness near the wire end... this will lift the plastic tab that holds the bulb in the harness and allow you to unplug it. You can also lift the plastic lock tab with a small screwdriver instead of squeezing the harness.

- Put new bulb in the housing. Once it is in, with the same hand you should be able to hold the bulb in place while you tighten the screw you left in there. That should hold the bulb in place fairly well to get the other two screws in place. As others suggested I didn't touch the bulb but also didn't run into a point where I felt I had to. I handled it from the plastic end, open end for the harness plug should be pointed toward the ground.

- Once the holding screws are in, plug in the power harness to the new bulb. It should click right into place. You're done.

The whole process took just a few minutes... you'll want to do it with plenty of light available. When I first looked this over it was at night in my garage and it looked harder than it was. In the daylight with no weird shadows it was a no-brainer, and going in through the wheel well wasn't necessary at all (unless maybe if you fumble-finger one of the screws and have to find it. Telescoping magnet would hopefully help in recovering).


METHOD #2A - Even easier than METHOD #2

This method above (from the top side in the engine compartment) is much easier because the so-called "fairly flexible" wheel well liner is not really that flexible and it poses a constant nuisance springing back into place while you are trying to perform the replacement through the wheel well. I gave up on that method even though it is recommended in the Owner's Manual.

If you are doing this on the driver's side low beam bulb, disconnect and remove the battery and its hold down clamp and shield completely so you can see where the bulb holder is. Replace these when done with the bulb assembly replacement.

I have found after two low beam bulb replacements, one on each side of my 2003 Honda Accord, that you only have to completely remove ONE screw, the one nearest to the center of the engine compartment and easiest to reach. You only have to LOOSEN the SECOND screw at the top a bit -- just enough to allow you to rotate and remove the plastic connector into which the bulb assembly plugs. Don't even mess with the THIRD screw, which is impossible to reach anyway.

Also note that the particular type of screws used here are very easy to remove after you get them loosened just a little bit. They can be unscrewed by hand using your fingers only after the first 1/8 turn or so with an angle or ratcheting screwdriver. I was amazed that they had not rusted or corroded at all in the 7+ years I have owned this car. I think that they are aluminum alloy screws which screw into a plastic holder. DO NOT DROP THE SCREW.

Do this in an environment with plenty of light as mentioned above. Most of this can be done by feel, but you need enough light to see where to feel.