Kawasaki Motorcycles

The Motorcycle & Engine division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries started manufacturing different motorcycle models since 1954. Throughout the years, several models of motorcycles have been produced like the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R, which is one of its most popular motorcycles.
Too high of an idle could be producing too much fuel for your jetsto work with
22.68 horsepower. torque is 10.02 foot-pounds or 13.58NM
neutral, one position down will be 1st, then going upwardsdirection through or past neutral will be 2 nd gear, one positionup 3rd, aother up 4th, another 5th and lastly one up 6th gear. Andthen the precise opposit when you down shift.
Remove the panels on each side below the seat, one has 2 screws,one has 1, while here unscrew the pipe cover one(1 bolt) also andunbolt the rear resevoir(1 bolt) from it, remove the bolts fromeach side of the front seat(2), remove the seat. Unlock and removethe rear seat, the upper side of the rear...
yes, you can easily put on a size 160-180, any bigger you mightneed bigger rims and even a bigger swing arm.
you would have to go to a garage and get it physically removed, then you need to get your bike re-registered. but this also depends on what country you live. in countries like australia you have to do this. in my country (indonesia) we don't use limiters other than the ones that comes with the bike...
Half a quart a little more possibly needed after first ride make shure u start bike and let it idle for a bit before just taking off after oil change.
It all Depends On where you buy it from you can go tomotercycle-usa.com and buy one from there for $2,800.
If you're asking transmission oil, the oil capacity is stamped on the motor by the fill plug in cc's. \n. \nIf you are asking about premixing your gas, that would depend on what type of oil you will be using for your premix. The oil base stock is either petroleum, semi-synthetic or synthetic oil...
The headlight is the only thing different on the Vulcan Classic. The Vulcan 2000 has a projector headlight with a larger housing.
It is under the seat, there is a cover directly in the middle.
On the left frame just forward of the foot rest
Kawasaki does not produce a street legal drifter.. Above answer not true! This person must only be familiar with Kawasaki snowmobiles.. Kawasaki produced the 1500cc Vulcan Drifter in the US from 1999 until 2005. An 800cc model was available from 2000 until 2006. Kawasaki does not release production...
You might need to replace the kick start gears
192 with speedohealer. Mods were a PCIII and Muzzy exhuast. I couldn't say stock. This was done with gps speed recording device.
Answer . On the right side of the bike (if you were sitting on it) there is a cover that is not cover by the plastics, this is the clutch cover. On the clutch cover, there is a dip stick to check the oil level, this is where the oli goes.
Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R/ZX636R range from the mid 90's to now and traditionally every 2 years a minor/medium model update was done and every 4 years a completely new design. As such, the HP and performance has increased over the years. I can give my own experience as an example, Kawasaki claims the...
It is underneath the seat just behind the fuel tank and forward the battery. There are two round openings in a piece of plastic. This piece is removed and the filter is below.
My vn1500 had a round sight glass on the lower right side of the engine. The bike should be sitting up straight (get a friend to hold the bike to be safe). The oil level is correct if it covers half the glass.
no they changed they bolt pattern after 2002. from 99 - 02 they are the same style
Japan, not on our shores yet......soon
I'm using NGK Iridium plugs, CR7EIX with the gap set to 0.7mm, as per the UK NGK website.
the difference is that a kx is a 2 stroke bike and a klx is a four stroke. the difference in strokes is the cylinders and a 2 stroke needs gas mixed with the oil
My 92 holds 4.2 quarts.
Answer . It's sounds like the brakes, Someone might have used the front brake really hard. try spraying the front caliper with a water hose to wash the brake dust from between the pads and the rotor. If that don't work pull the caliper off and see if the pads are glazed over. If they are you can...
it depends on the type of ktm there are all different kinds of ktm 125's
The Yamaha WR 250 is THE baddest bike on the planet. Kawasaki sucks a**. But on a more serious note the WR has about 25 more horsepower than a KLX because the KLX suckssssss!!!!!
65 is pushing it, but 70 max is what we have had out of mine
Take off greese fitting on rear caliper and pump the brake lever until fluid starts to squirts voilently. then make sure that you put grease fitting on fast enough before more air enters the caliper. the top of the grease fitting is often covered by a rubber cap.. Palmiero NY
Its a rather long list. see http://faq.ninja250.org/torque/ for all of them.
I have not took my zx6 to extreme yet but i took it up to 160 and lost my helmet LOL but it was still willing to have more throttle power and also felt like it was capable of getting to the 220 mark.
There's a button on the handle bars that says "on". Press it.
there's a book available called "Hollywell Interchange Book" and it will tell you everything you need to know
open the toolbox on the back, and remove the screws inside it holding the seat on, it lifts right off after that.
no 93 kx 250 had more performance parts on them
most likely regular but if you race u might want to use a higher octane gas
Nobody has discovered how you get Kawasaki disease but there is a cure for it.
I prefer Shell Rotella 15-50w as it's a very good oil and still contains zinc in its formulation which is good for older ie: '80 and before, cylinder walls and rings.
The kx 85 is over all faster......but the 150r would give it a run for its money
no it does not have space at the front
The main fuse on a Kawasaki 400 Ltd is located under the seat inthe fuse box for most years. Some Kawasaki's have the fuse boxlocated in one of the side panels.
could it be pressure on tank due to unvented gas cap? try runningwith vented cap.
The Kawasaki Ki-10 was the last biplane fighter used by the Imperial Japanese Army, entering service in 1935.. Crew: one, pilot . Length: 7.55 m (24 ft 9 in) . Wingspan: 10.02 m (32 ft 10 in) . Height: 3 m (9 ft 10 in) . Wing area: 20 m2 (215.3 ft2) . Empty weight: 1,300 kg (2,866 lb) . Loaded...
Most motorcycles are air cooled not water cooled. But few are water cooled and any antifreeze can be mixed with water.. Not true. Most water cooled motorcycles require special coolant. It is best to not automobile coolant because they contain "scrubber" agents to keep the cooling system clean. These...
nope!! frame fairing mounts arent the same. 1998 to 2002 are the same mounts!!
okay, so you just have to reach your hand behind the rear, underneath the tail-light, and forward to the right of the shock-absorber there should be a little black lever. With your middle finger, pull back on the lever and the seat should pop right off!
Yamaha no one cares
cc is the displacement of the engine. the more cc means more displacement this intern creates more power.
My kawasaki 250 kx (2 stroke) chassis number is: kx250k017919 somebody tell me the year please..
look on the right side of the steering head on the frame and get that number. then, go to kawasaki's website and go to the owner info tab. when you click on something, like owner's manuals, it will ask you for this number, and then tell you what year you have.
bike handle bending process
there's two 10 mm bolts one on each side torge s the back of the seat under the flange part of the seat you need to bend down to see it.hope this works.
川崎 /ka wa sa ki/ is the name of a city located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
not a bayou but my ninja 250 over flow tube was leaking and i replaced te two o-rings on either side due to cracks and no more leaks. i had to get them from the dealer because i couldn't find them at a parts store. they were like 4.00 each but had to have them. the o-rings for the fuel rail i found...
it depends on how you like to ride faster? kawasaki is faster and more reliable... or going out the odd time and messing around, i prefer can-am my friends and i like to fool around like doing cat walks but kawasaki doesnt have double oil pump so you can only go so long before smoke comes out of...
The Kawasaki 610 holds 1.5 US qt in a completely dry engine. Youshould never overfill the motor oil. You can check the motor oilwith the motor oil dipstick. 1.37 Qt if changing oil and andremoving filter. 1.1 us qt if your not removing filter. this isstraight from the Kawasaki mule dealer mechanic...
yes but you have to change the rings because the stock rings wont fit properly i recommend buying wesco rings
cannot find 96 specs but a 98 kx80 has 33.1 inch seat height
there are two bolts in the back of the seat. remove them and then slide the seat back about an inch and remove
In order to have a kid you have to have had your period! If that's your question and if you are talking about how old till your an adult then its 18!
It is underneath the gas tank, inside the frame on the side of the rear brakes, there IS a side door to access the battery, so do not take the tank off. Look at the fin fairing and follow it to the rear and you will find it.
1986 t01990 kawasaki kx80 cylinders
If what you are trying to do is charge the battery, then you must be hooked directly to the battery terminal with the positive lead and the negative can be grounded anywhere to the frame that you can get a good ground. If you have a difficult battery to access you can buy or make leads that come...
0.7 liters( about 3/4 of a quart )
well there should be a few wires going to the ignition switch one should have power i hate to say it butt if you twist them all together it will work but that's definitely not the correct way but it will work the key is only a switch alowing power to travel throught it when turned on so if you don't...
use a grinder to grind down the studs so they are flush with the link then use a chain break to push it apart.you will need to either replace the chain or add a master link which i dont recomend for the street.
Can't tell by the motor number, give me the 17 digit VIN number on the head tube.
I dont know about the '89 but i have read that the 1990 has about 50hp.
lack of spring pressure, clutch pack smoked or not assembled proper.
Its a personal choice. Get what you like best. I've herd way better things about kawasaki I think that's the best (kawasaki)
Under the seat:. Black box covered by a removable black plastic strip
there is no dipstick, it has a sight window on the crankcase left side bottom. there is no dipstick, it has a sight window on the bottom of the lower left side bottom of the crankcase