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This landlocked East African country is bordered on the north by Sudan, on the east by Kenya, on the southwest by Rwanda, on the south by Tanzania and on the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its official languages are Swahili and English.
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schools in Uganda officially start at a half past eight am (08:30)
Uganda imports machinery, clothes and oil products
Uganda (Republic of Uganda) - 91,136 square miles.
they listen to hip hop and opra
The Grey Crowned Crane is the national animal of Uganda.
there is no official religion,they have religious freedom there. I think you are asking for the religion of the majority. very different. About 80% Christianity, about 7% Muslim are the main faiths
236 Thousand sq km
The Narus River is in northern Uganda. The Nyagak River is inUganda and is a tributary of the Ora River.
Coffee, fish & fish products, tea, cotton, flowers, horticultural product & gold.
Joint venture formation in Uganda is just like any where else. For the un-initiated, a joint venture is a strategic alliance where two or more parties, usually businesses, form a partnership to share markets, intellectual property, assets, knowledge, and, of course, profits. Therefore, before this...
No, Somalia is an independent country - as is Uganda
Some parts of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Turkey, as well as Egypt, Sudan, Ruanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and South Africa, have the same longitude as parts of Uganda, but their latitudes are different. Some parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Nauru,...
Uganda has produced many thing such as coffee beans. They are very wealthy for their fruits and veggies!
Uganda is 91,136 sq mi. The closest state to that is Oregon at 97,073 sq mi.
If you meant mountains.. There is quite a number : - Mountain Rwenzori (the highest) Moutain Elgon (East) Mountain Muhavura (South West)
Canadian imports from Uganda include electrical products, precious metals and stones, vehicles and equipment, chemical products, and base metal products, and vegetable products.
1° 16′ 48″ N, 32° 23′ 24″ E1.28, 32.39
Yes, he was Uganda's worst President by far.
Uganda (East Africa Time; UTC+3) is 10 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Saving Time (UTC-7) and 11 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8).
  Most of the African countries, you need to pay fees to enter the public schools , but only   Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (LAJ) the education is free even in the university and studying outside Libya you get to go and get paid and study , there are more than 3,500 Libyans who are studying...
look up its GDP on CIA World Factbook Country Profiles
Uganda in africa is in east africa
Stanbic, Standard Chartered, Centenary, DFCU, Barclays bank, Baroda and Crane bank. seven banks
They mostly wear sarias and safari suits and in the winter they wear jackets casual clothing and jeserys .
Divorce is looked down upon this this country. Only the men can  file for divorce if the woman has been unfaithful. The women have  no way out.
Please, ask him? I know he owns a boda boda and cows.
No. Uganda became an exporter of diamonds in 1997 when it began exploiting diamonds in took from the DRC.
Uganda's climate is tropical and it has two dry seasons, one from  June to August and another from December to February. Uganda is  more temperate than surrounding regions thanks to its altitude.
there are 9 rivers in uganda!
No there is no McDonalds in Uganda. But there is Nando's if you have heard of it before.
it is located in Africa Ugand is a country in East Africa
yes.... It has a high precipitation
The recent market in Southern Sudan contributes fundamentally to the growing demand for pineapples in Uganda.
it is the 1995 Ugandan Constitution. the reason is because it was written after massive consultation with the citizens at all levels and also after vigorous discussion and ddebate
before answering this question, one must understand several ways in which this question may appear. It may appear as a question of argument between of amongst citizens of Uganda in trying to understand the basis of legal decisions and deeming them repugnant to the cutoms or to other acts of...
privatization has benefits to the Government, Social and Economy.for the government when it sells the entity it will raise its revenue, Puntland Privatized Government owned entities like BASAWAYN
povertycorruptiongovernment policypoor information technologyhigh costs to buy software and hardwarehigh staff turnover
Around 25,000 people die of malaria every day in Uganda.
Flying at a rate of 500 mph, it would take approximately 8 hours to fly from London, UK to Kampala, Uganda.
Uganda is ROUGHLY the size of Arizona.
is 582 km and can be crossed in about 8 hours 11 mins (medium)
I think this is possible, because we are experiencing a recession in an economy nowadays. So, mass lay offs in many places are occurring, but in some places job markets are getting healthier.
There are many advantages of privatization in Uganda. There is  improved performance and efficiency which results into an stronger  economy.
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Uganda was imperialised by the British in 1894.
Mount Margherita and the Ruwenzori Range
Catholic 44.5% 41.9% Church of Uganda (Anglican) 39.2% 35.9% Muslim 10.5% 12.1% Pentecostal -[note 1] 4.6% Seventh Day Adventist 1.1% 1.5% Other Christian 0.6% 1.2%[note 2] Traditional - 1.0% None -[note 1] 0.9% Other non-Christian 4.0% 0.7%[note 3] Orthodox Christian
 Complete the necessary application form.  Send the application together with the required documents and the applicable fee to International Criminal Police Organisation. 
 Complete the necessary application form.  Send the application together with the required documents and the applicable fee to International Criminal Police Organisation. (The complete address is listed below.) 
It takes about eight hours to get from London Heathrow to Uganda.
About 10 to 10.5 hours driving time.
Uganda is located in East Africa and Kenya and Tanzania are in East  Africa
It means "hello" (said to one person) You would say tena korua to two people and tena koutou to three or more.
It depends which part of the country you are looking at. You can have a look below-
He had opposition leaders and many others murdered, without due process of any type (but just on his personal orders).
That would be unlikely, perhaps if he had dual citizenship. But he would have to be a citizen of the country he was president of.
There are 65 official tribes in Uganda.
Uganda's total area is 2,540,725,862,400 square feet.
Uganda (Republic of Uganda) - 91,136 square miles.
The Queen Elizabeth National Park is a popular tourist site inUganda. Also the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is another populartourist site.
  My cousins go to Uganda all the time. They usually bring back food, hand-made jewelry, Ugandan cloth/fabric/quilts, African clothing (traditional wear) and keychains....... i think Jewelry and clothing is a good idea. I hope that helps ;) !
Yes there are 18 rivers.
agriculture and picking tobacco. im in 3rd period and doing a "research project" and i fount some stuff....
The currency used in Uganda called Uganda Shiling and it is symbolised by USH
great britain
The doctor to patient ratio in Uganda is 1:1500
The driving distance from Mombasa, Kenya to Uganda is about 780 miles / 1255 km
in total there are about 24 but each school has to pick a minimum of 5 this is entirely the decision of the respective teachers and faculty most likely the literature department in that school.my school does the lion and the jewel,the burdens,the african child,lowino and ocol these change on an...