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Fairy Tales

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From the weird and wacky to the blissful and romantic, fairy tales, with their knights in shining armor, princesses, dragons, witches and other such creatures, are woven into our imaginations as children and they never quite leave. Questions about both the original and regional versions, as well as the animated and Disney versions of fairy tales, can be asked and answered here.
Yes, but to frighten the pants off them.
the next book will come this month:january or next month:february!
Boo boo is a term that is normally used to refer to a person  fondly. It is most commonly used by couples to refer to each other.
The Diamond Edition for Cinderella was released October 2, 2012.
It was made November 13th 1991 in France if you wanna know.
Tinkerbell, Silvermist, Fawn, Iridessa, Fira, Rosetta, Rani, Lily, Bobble, Clank, and more!
Her name is Princess Aroura, but also went by Briar Rose, or just Rose. And of course Sleeping Beauty.
Mary Costa, who did the voice or Princess Aurora/Briar Rose in the 1959 Disney Classic "Sleeping Beauty" sang all 3 versions in the movie (Intro, Middle and Ending) of "Once Upon A Dream" with Bill Shirley (The voice of Prince Phillip). ~Mary Costa is not just a voice for the character but also a...
Three Little Pigs, Three Chipmunks, ( okay it"s a cartoon) numerous animal tales... further down the line Thee, signiifying the Trinity has a mystical/religious angle and there are three good fairies in Sleeping Beauty- Probably in the original they were Sisters Faith, Hope, and Charity- until...
The Crow and The Sparrow
Jane's mother is Wendy Darling, who went with Peter to Neverland when she was a girl.
If you are referring to the crossword puzzle clue, try one of the following: GretelRoseredNeeEyreElfGnomeOgre
Rampion. See the link below for more information.
I would describe Ariel as adventurous, bold, and daring. She is also a bit headstrong.
there was dolls of Melody, in Toys r us when the movie was out, my friend Madonna Matilda DE lay saw for her daughter Madame Poo-Bag, a box containing dolls Ariel, Eric, Melody, Triton, Morgana, Undertow & Baby Melody, complete with outfits... preh she has them now, by the way you love Dan...
captain hook and the pirates
there are 2 problems and solutions. #1 the problem is the wicked tries 2 have her killed. solution she runs away and finds the dwarfs. #2 the problem is the wicked queen puts her 2 sleep. solution the prince comes along 2 kiss her and wake her up.
By definition: it's still being (re)done, more than 100 years later.
Her Fairy Godmother.
  == Answer ==   Kirriemuir, Scotland
Honest John the fox. Gideon the Cat. Stromboli the puppet show manager. The Coachman. Lampwick the foolish boy. Monstro the whale.
because she ran away from the ball
Hans Christian Anderson
Usually they teach some kind of lesson. Plus, the stories are usually pretty ridiculously impossible that they are funny, and therefore memorable.
Chapter 5 I, Kensuke The old man is walking toward me, he is saying something. I don't know the language, maybe Chinese or Japanese. Stella seamed to think he was a friend or something, considering she hadn't barked at him. The man drew something in the sand, it's the island. Oh ok, splitting the...
The late 1500's AKA 16th Century Germany
It is a public monument, owned by the Danish Government, and hence, unless it were put up for sale (like a Madsen, pronounced like Madison M-l4 from the Army) does not have a price tag. a comparable case might be the Statue of Liberty which is again, a federally-owned monumental structure- albeit...
Yes, if you read her biography Unsweetined, she mentions that she did pageants. She doesn't really say much about the pageants at all though. However there is a color photo of her at the age of 3-and-a-half years old, wearing a sash and tiara. The sash says "Cinderella Tot". That is from the...
You mean the Holiday Specials (Special Editions in the USA) The biggest books there are in the Rainbow Magic series are the Activity Books and the Annuals (Rainbow Magic Fairy Annual 2013 out now!). There might be a 2014 Rainbow Magic Annual probably out next year, but there's no information that...
what did the crocodile swallow in peter pan
As you spelt it: Goldilocks
Tchaikovsky originally wrote Sleeping Beauty as a ballet in a  prologue and three acts. The ballet was first performed in 1890.
they are dust which means fairies need them to do stuff just like human need energy.
  It is one of Hans Christian Anderson's stories, however most of his stories were folk tales from the Scandianvian oral tradition, so the story is probably much older than that.
The Jolly Roger was a pirate flag.
The 1946 Belle et la Bete was of French origin.
He plays the flute! Eric is the first Disney Prince to be featured  playing a musical instrument. Prince Naveen is the second.
The witches in Macbeth do not have individual names. They are only  referred to as the three witches or the Weird Sisters.
Rapunzel's prince wasn't given a name in any fairytales. it was  just "The Prince"
ToveTwas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe...From Jabberwocky
Based on different sources there are two possible answers. Some  believe the song Part of your world is the main 'theme song', while  others believe it is Under the Sea.
10, 11, or 12 in the beginning, then 14, 15 , or 16?
The story of Peter Pan is written for both children and adults.
For lack of a better word- Yes. there are some similarities to the legendary Golem of Jewish mythology, which was a dough-like artificial man.
Dolphin Island is located in Alabama, it is a barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico.
Yes. Maleficent uses the ball at the end of her staff to see into the future.
she proved she was the fariest of all
Mr Walt Disney :') What a legend!
sugar is the prettiest that's why i think salt likes her and every time sugar tries to kiss him he always tries to get away isn't that cute
  Fairy tales take place out of normal time signature-Once Upon a time. I would assume it would be her Sweet Sixteen or seventeen Birthday Bash, or something like that. It was a Ball, not a Prom as somebody wrote in Proms are held by schools, not palaces.
A Filipino-American actor named Dante Basco.
blonde hair and grey eyes, athletic figure
It depends on which version you're talking about. In the various Snow White folktales, usually only Snow White is named. The dwarves and other characters may be given names in films of the story, but these are different depending on which one you watch.
The story of the pied piper takes place in Hamelin in 1284. However, the story does not state how old the piper was when he helped banish the rats from Hamelin. His age can range anywhere from 730 toabout 800 years old.
Melody is twelve years old. In the beginning of the movie, when Ariel is searching for Melody, one of the places Ariel looks is the kitchen where Chef Louis says he doesn't know- but that cake is finished with "twelve petite candles". I find her age puzzling though, because that movie came out in...
Disney died in l966, the Mermaid film came out in l989. Now books, etc can be posthumously published ( look at Elvis craze) but not this type of Movie. Walt never saw the picture! It is not really a Disney character but one by Hans Christian Andersen, do not confuse with Science-Fiction Mogul Gerry...
Sorry i do not know. It could be... A princess for example ( Belle ), her mice or her dog? If you do know then you know...
To entertain kids of certain ages.
No, but there is one named Dulci. She is a baking talent fairy, and the most talented in her group.
It is when the wolf went down the chimney and burned his butt and ran away.
he is a dawf that hates her and then is secretly in love with her
Peter originally knew how to fly because - like all children - he was a bird when he was born. Even though he wasn't a bird anymore, he was still sure he could fly, and flew away to Kensington Gardens. But when the birds explained that he'd become a boy, he couldn't fly anymore. He appealed to Queen...
"The Beast was a prince who lost his father at a young age, and whose mother had to wage war to defend his kingdom. The queen left him in care of an evil fairy, who tried to seduce him when he became an adult; when he refused, she transformed him into a beast. " ~ Wikipedia
Hey, that's an easy one! May is right about to be dropped onto the bridge of souls by Evil Bo Cleevil when Pumpkin bursts through the door. He lunges onto Cleevil and eventually they are both on the bridge of souls. Than both of them are flung into space and become stars, never to be heard of again.
May Bird warrior princess is a book written by Jodi Lynn Anderson.  At Hog Wallow Middle School, May Ellen Bird was always slightly  invisible. Then she went on a long trip to the land of the dead,  where ghost towns glowed blue in the dark dusk and spooky specters  dwelled in cities on the Dead...
the Knights of the round table folktale
Sorry, no clear question here
He may be refered to as a hero to some people, but I personally don't think so...
Skylights is one of Captain Hook's crew. Hook kills him, mostly just to show what a badass he is.
mermaids are cool but think about it u would not be albale to swim at all and if u get discoved they will lock u up
Chief Looking Glass was the right hand to Chief Joseph. Famous for the quote " I will fight no more Forever" Chief Looking Glass refused to "give". Took his clan to Canada to avoid the reservations. Close to the Canadian border a sniper shot and killed Chief Looking Glass.
Mother Gothel in most stories, which means godmother. in others,  she is just an enchantress or a witch