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Democratic Party

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In the US, a Democrat is a member of the Democratic Party, one of the two primary political parties. Its progressive and social liberal platforms are considered center-left in the US political system.
The Right to Equality can be defined as many things. I define it as  the Right to Equal treatment under the law. However the Right to  Equality can also mean the Right to be equal in all affairs. It is  a mostly leftist kind of right that is not supported by most  right-wingers.
In general terms, the main features of a democracy are two in  number. First, political offices are limited in power, scope, and  term-length, so as to ensure diversity in government and prevent  tyranny. Second, ordinary people have a say in the what, who, why,  and when (etc.) of governance in...
-Form of government controlled by the people     -The Needs of the people are primary.     -People have rights.     -People are free.
 The Democrats were the strongest Party in Texas during that  year.       Holding Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer,  Land Commissioner and 1 of the Texan senate positions. They held  the Majority in the State Legislature and the Majority of Texans  voted Democrats...
The Democratic Party believes in immigration reform. It seeks reform around four basic principles. First, to adequately secure the borders so that persons of different nationalities are required to use the American system of immigration laws to live and work in the United States.Second, to focus on...
-Form of government controlled by the people     -The Needs of the people are primary.     -People have rights.     -People are free. 
The reason they are more common is due to the fact they have  existed longer than the third parties and thus get the most  recognition.   Additionally, the Democratic Party has aligned to it more workers  and minority groups. This however, has not stopped the Republicans  from winning federal...
The reason they are more common is due to the fact they have  existed longer than the third parties and thus get the most  recognition.
Athens had the First Republic.
increased money supply, lower tariffs, higher farm prices.
A country can develop strongly without a Democracy. Hitler's  Germany was very well developed, however there are some  non-developed Democratic Governments in Africa so really while  development is helpful it's not a prerequisite.
As of Jan 2015 there are more Republicans in the House and Senate.
The Party of the Irish Progressive Democrats was dissolved back in  2009.
Social democracy and Social Liberalism.   According to its constitution, the party believes in a "fair, free  and open society ... in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty,  ignorance or conformity". It has traditionally argued for both  positive and negative liberties, tolerance of social...
The Democrats before 1930s were much more socially conservative and  fiscally conservative compared to the Liberal Republicans.
National Democratic Congress: A Social Democratic Party which is amember of socialist International. It is a Center-Left Wing Party. New Patriotic Party: Center-Right, Liberal Conservative Party. Itis a member of the International Democrat Union.
Since 2006 Democrats have held a majority in Congress.
Roosevelt's efforts backfired because in each case his candidate  lost and the incumbent senator won the nomination and the November  election.
Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic) and Herbert Hoover (Republican).
Apparently in the past 2 years over $101,000 worth was spent on her alcohol aboard military planes that she commandeered for herself, family and hangers on.
Yes he is he was the owner of the National Gazette that was opposed to Alexander Hamilton who was a Federalist
The time when the Germans tried to remove the Jewish identity from the face of the world through the holocost.
the whigs and democrats embraced the idea of popular sovereignty
The Democratic Party was founded around 1828. Andrew Jackson is considered to be the first Democratic president.
last that i heard democrat
The power of business leaders with corrupt political machines.
The middle of being a Democrat and being a Republican is called being politically independent. This means that you do not favor or choose being a Democrat or Republican, but feel as though you would vote on either side depending on your personal views and what you feel is best.
Democrats    This guys is obdviously a democrat if he thinks that. NO.  Republicans pay about 70 percent of taxes, and democrats pay 30.  (because a lot of democrats feed off of welfare and pay no taxes).    my answer: it is impossible to tell without access to I.R.S. tax  forms. do NOT...
Switzerland is the only one i know of as a place with direct  democracy all other countries have either Representitive democracy  orsomething else but if your looking for a direct answer with lots  of info i think you should visit another website that knows more  about government.
Louisiana is a predominantly Republican state.
Democrats are generally on the liberal side of politics. Basically, democrats are for government that solves problems and is effective for citizens. They do not believe in government for the sake of government. Democrats believe in civil rights and the expansions of the rights of citizens. They are...
The Republicans were able to take control of both houses of Congress.
Grand Old Party. Gallup Opinion Poll Grand old Party
Oskar Schindler was a member of the National Socialist German Worker's Party, or in German "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei." You know them better as the Nazis.
The Democratic Party was originally created to run against Lincoln  and keep slavery. Since then there have been major political flips  and the Democrats have been (In general) more progressive on civil  issues.
This is a question which opens the door to volumes of toxic  comments, sniping and general snide mudslinging.   I personally don't see a role reversal. During Washington's and  Adam's administrations they were known as Federalists, but were  probably the true foundation of Republican. They...
Some democratic rights are to vote, to own a car and house, have faith in any religion and have an education.
1.Rawlings being a charismatic leader 2.The work of the 31st December women 3.the work of the DCES and assembly members at the time 4.The well organisation of N D C 5. Incumbency 6.
Andrew Jackson ran for president in 1828. His opponents called him a jackass, so he decided to play with them and put donkeys on his campaign posters. An editorial cartoonist named Thomas Nast used donkeys to symbolize Democrats after that.
Is the Democratic Party like the Communist Party. No, they are very different. Is a democrat like a communist? No, they are also different. A democrat understands that government belongs to the people and not to a few. The communist believes he has the truth about how the people and the government...
Texas democrat. He was JFK 's VP.
lol. I am progressive. I love America, and I agree with socialism. hmmm, how does that work? If you're one of those who listens to Glenn Beck (sorry to assume if I'm wrong), don't you find it interesting that in our own Pledge of Allegiance, it says:"with liberty and justice for all"?That sounds...
Because to the Liberal mindset the idea of Social Justice is of primary importance in the foundation of a Politically Correct and well functioning Personal Morality. That Morality consisting largely on matters of harm, rights, and justice. Therefore adherence to this definition of Morality would...
Because it is America which is founded on Freedom.
It will costs more than we actually have. With that being said, although it's a solution to the current healthcare crisis, it will increase the severity of the debt crisis.
Describe two functions of political parties within congress
Yes, but . . . There were four parties competing for President in 1860. The Republicans and the Democrats were two, but the Southern Democrats and the Constitutional Union party also were in the mix. Lincoln and Douglas represented the Republican and Democratic Parties. John Bell and John...
A radical is a person who relates to a political group associated  with views of extreme change.
Adali Stevenson in 1952 and 1956. . John Kennedy in 1960. . Lyndon Johnson in 1964. . Hubert Humphrey in 1968. . George McGovern in 1972. . Jimmy Carter in 1976 and 1980. . Walter Mondale on 1984. . Michael Dukakis in 1988. . Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996. . Albert Gore in 2000. . John Kerry in 2004...
Yes, for closed primaries you are only allowed to vote for candidates who are in the same party as the voter. In an open primary, like a general election, any registered voter is allowed to vote for the candidates on the ballot. The difference between open primaries and general elections is that...
The "tea party" is not actually a political party. It is a group of people who are pushing austerity--the same austerity that isn't working anywhere else they've tried it--on America. It is controlled by Koch Industries, its cheerleader is Fox News and its spiritual godfather is Grover Norquist....
The first amendment allows the freedom to express one's self. Our natino being as diverse as it is needs the first amendment to keep national stability. Multiple religions, races, ethnicity's all lead to different views and opinions
The Democratic Party doesn't have another name like "G.O.P." for  the Republican Party.    In particular, the name "Democrat Party" is incorrect. No member of  the Democratic Party ever refers to it as the "Democrat Party." 
Each state gets 2 US senators regardless of how large/small the state or how many/few people in the state.The senators can be from any party....the people of the state elect whomever they want.
Capehart is openly gay. He was one of the journalists on a panel in 2008 sponsored by the gay advocacy group Human Rights Campaign and the gay-interest cable channel LOGO. As such, he was able to grill the six Democratic candidates for president, and was reportedly the "breakout star" of the event....
  == Answer ==   American poet during the American Revolution. Usually reffered to as the "poet of the American Revolution" Educated at Princeton, born in New York.
The assigning of colors has never been officially set, anddepending on the outlet you watched before about 2000, either partycould be either color. Then when the 2000 presidential electioncame and recounts and court battles extended the process, themainstream media found themselves reporting more...
Absolutely nothing. Democrats contribute nothing but corruption to our country.
They were both nationalists who believed in business and commerce.
That would not be an item I have ever heard of publicly or privately.
a good democratic front means one which fullfils all or most of spirits of democracy.
The answer you are looking for is revenue or money bills. Under the Constitution all money bills must start in the House. Article I Section. 7 begins: All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other...
Good question. In fact the CIA considers Zimbabwe a parliamentary democracy in The World Factbook. And they tend to keep a close eye on things. But democracy has many layers and Zimbabwe has struggled with democracy overall.
That is a great question, but you get a lame answer:The Democratic Party and the Republican Party make up the two party system in the United States. It is a lame answer because it is reverse engineered out of the reality that in our country there are two major political parties and have been since...
In 1976 the Democratic Party chose Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale as the Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees of the party. Carter had a significant crowd to beat in the primaries including: Jerry Brown, the once and again Governor of California, Terry Sanford, former Governor of North...
The Hill is less of a partisan newspaper, and more of an "inside baseball," publication. It features pundits from both sides of the ideological spectrum, and includes many articles from politicians from both parties. So although The Hill isn't really permanently skewed one way or the other, it...
Democrats are in favor leaving decisions regarding medical issues and family planning to individual Americans and their families. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_democrats_views_on_birth_control#ixzz1uCEgSiAo
First, you have to be selected by the Liberal Democrat Party to be their candidate for a constituency at the General Election (you don't have to be local to the constituency, but it helps). Then you have to win the election in that constituency.
James K. Polk belonged to the political party of Democrats. He was the 11th elected president of the United States.
No, the disgraced former Vice President under Richard Nixon was a Republican. When he left office he was replaced with Congressman Gerald Ford who assumed the Presidency when Richard Nixon resigned under the pressure of the Watergate Affair.
One of the two major parties in the U.S.A. . Generally they are anti-war, pro-choice (abortion), and are found in most large cities and along coastlines. ^This is true, but they also support "big government", AKA government involvement in people's lives in the case of entitlement programs. They...
NATO    my answer is: NATO [ europe ],SEATO [asia] n OAS [ Latin America]