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My grandfather had only one and he produced 6 kids. 3 boys and 3 girls. So yes you can. Yes, I only have one testicle and I have produced three wonderful children. I was wathcing a show where, this man was denying a young ladies baby because, he said he only had one testicle, and couldn't have ba…
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The fact that you have not gotten your wife or gilfriend pregnant doesn't mean that you can't have kids or that your sperm is not strong enough.Believe me when I tell you this, because my husband and I tried for about 7 years to get pregnant. We were both tested and nothing was wrong with either of …
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It's possible, it only takes one sperm to make a baby. It is usually a lot more difficult though.   yes a man with low sperm can produce a baby. My husband has a low sperm count and i just found im 6 weeks pregnant. It make take a little while longer ttc. but we tried for 2 years and finally …
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Sperm can not live in open air. However; sperm when ejaculated are not in open air. The ejaculate fluid (semen) protects the sperm. So long as the sperm remain wet and within the seminal fluids, it is possible for them to live two to three days. To keep them wet for that long would require ideal c…
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Excessive sex can cause prostate infection like prostatitis which can affect sperm quality and quantity. It's safe to have sex 2 to 3 times a week. Commonly, the prostatitis can be cured by herbal medicine named diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill.
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Answer yes the prostate gland produces seminal fluid which is pre-cum Answer I don't think it is. Precum is the secretion of the Cowper's glands. Answer no its the seminal vesicles Answer "Cowper's gland is the correct answer for this specific question. **** Both the prostate and th…
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No, not always..
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The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. The prostate is just in front of the rectum.
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For starters, there is no ego involved, despite what you may have heard. The best way I can describe it is dealing with a addiction, like crack: you can get enough to satisfy yourself, but to meet the satisfaction the next time usually requires more. Going without is like going through withdrawal. T…
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Very often it's just common jock itch, and can be remedied by using one of many products available over the counter, in a spray, cream, or powder, such as Dessinex, Lotrimin etc. But if you use such products and it doesn't clear up, see a doctor. Don't be shy. Just do it.
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There are no accepted or approved treatments or supplements that increase the rate of facial hair growth. However, there are a few supplements been shown to help with the health of the hair, which may help it to grow better. The main natural products that help with hair health are Biotin, Silica, MS…
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Here is where you can find some very good info on some of the best techniques in wetshaving. Other video's also cover shaving brushes, creams, and other links to find supplies. From Cartridge razors to safety razors and even some links to straight razor info.
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Depends on your hair color. If you are blond, then it's your normal hair color. If you are not a blond, then it might be discharges or dirts. Wash it away if that's the case.
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My skin regimen; 1. Wash face 2x a day with licorice kojic acid black soap body with papaya kojic acid soap 2. Dry your face with clean towel and put kojic acid topical cream body with kojic acid lotion 3.sunscreen when going out on the sun atleast spf45 broadspectrum 4.take vitC with high mil…
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Yes the exposed glans of an intact penis can be very sensitive especially when it has not been exposed on a regular basis.however you my be confusing pain with senitivity. It is normal for the glans to be sensitive because the glans is highly enervated and protected by the foreskin. it will become l…
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urinate before sex and start washing properly. bacterium under the foreskin can lead to elephantitis of the urinary tract causing inflammation inside the penis and making it look severely mutilated.
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Absolutely - but don't try to use it as a contraceptive. It's too voltile (evaporates too quickly) and isn;t good for the mucous membranes.
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Actually its possible that that may be a symptom of an STD, most likely Gonorrhea or Chlamydia. You should see your doctor immediately.
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The glans and the foreskin are fused at birth, ( like your finger nails are fused to your fingers) so attempting to pull the foreskin back can result in trauma and scarring to the glans penis and can lead to infection and a need for surgical intervention. Never force the foreskin back on a child. le…
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There are several causes for this. If you swim a lot this will shrink the penis size temporarily (anything cold does.) Stress, emotional problems that have not been resolved can also do this. I strongly suggest you get a check-up by your doctor. He will check for blood flow, and also give you a blo…
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Here are some good websites; also, it's a good idea to have a serious talk with your doctor to see if you could take hormones.
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When i went through my 40's I also had strong desires to have another child? Yes, it's normal. But that doesn't mean you have to act on it. You should consider all aspects of the child-bearing process BEFORE making any moves. I mean, do you want to be 62 when your child goes off to college?It's…
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Normally you can't. Pre-cum is a natural excretion from the male penis when it is being stimulate. This normally will act as a lubricant as long as you do not wipe it off. Pre-cum is a pH balancer that precedes ejaculation of the semen/sperm content. Pre-cum is meant to remove the natural acidic st…
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im guessing maybe only pleasing yourself only once a week or less would cause it to coagulate.cause as far as i know your body makes new semen every 48hrs or so and that's why we have wet dreams... to get rid of the old semen
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well past the bottom of the glans exposing all of the mucousal tissue that lines the inside of the foreskin and the glans in their entirety.. if it does not do this then some simple stretching exercises can help pin achieving this, It is helpful that it can retract fully open so that you get the rig…
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ITS CALLED CHAVING! Answer You may have an STD, even if you aren't sexually active right now, if you ever have been, it could have been "dormant" until now. I have no idea what it would be and I may be, and I hope I am, totally wrong. But if I were you, I would call a doctor right away, just to…
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It's possible that it can be part of the cause. Some women are just more prone to getting them. And then havning sex can irritate and make them happen more often. Make sure you are both clean before having sex. This will help to prevent bladder infections.Urinary infections can be caused by sexual c…
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%DETAILS% It may be a STD. You may want to ask your doctor or someone you don't feel weird around talking about something like that, talk to them....You should get it checked out.   But..how could it be an STD if I haven't ever down anything sexual before?   It could be a lot of …
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Not usually. If the penis is anatomically in normal shape the fluid will come out without noticing. However there are possible malformations that will change the way it comes out so that he can feel it.
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Why Men Have Nipples It's left over from early fetal development - at a certain point we were just a fetus with an undetermined gender, and then a flood of hormones came along in utero and told us what gender we were going to be. Nipples are a leftover from that time. Men do have mammary tissue, a…
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Kesh Vardhak herbal hair drops is a wonderful formula from KDN, developed after 5 years of intense research, by a team of 18 doctors. Kesh Vardhak herbal hair drops is first herbal hair drops in the world, which stops hair falling within 10 massages and regrow new hair within 40 massages. (if hair f…
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Cute Brunette in the Levitra CommercialHer name is Marie Silvia. Deb D'Agostino has done work on Levitra Commercials she is a model from New York City. Not sure if this question relates to the commercials Deb is in.
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Answer Skin tags can grow everywhere. Just look at old men the world over! Talk to a urologist or a plastic surgeon if it's really freaking you out cosmetically. Talk to a sexual health doctor if you're not totally certain what it genuinely is. Answer As # 1 said, a skin tag can grow just abo…
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Blood.dont panic, its probly nothing. if is stays around for 1 month+, see a urologist. if not, dont worry a bit, as it is nomal
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Also, can help prevent prostate cancer as the previous author mentioned, due to cleaning the urethra. Answer Yes, it is your body's natural reaction, and it's purpose is to clean the urethra after sex. Perfectly normal! Answer Plus, during sex you are repeatedly pushing against your bladder…
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You cannot see sperm with the naked eye. The fluid of ejaculate is called semen. Semen can be clear to a milky white. It should not be dark brown. I'd suggest talking to your doctor.
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Does it Itch, sting? If so, I would go to your local doctors.If the pimples itch then the most likely cause of this is thrush which is a fungal infection. Curing this on a male is simple, you can purchase a tube of thush cream from any chemists. Preventing reinfection is harder. Improve your perso…
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If you don't have a doctor of your own, just phone a Miami hospital and they can give you some leads. Interview the doctor and don't be afraid to ask questions. If you want a Jewish ceremonial circumcision, look for or ask about a "mohel."
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Okay. So the answer to this problem is easy. Its not bad if it is unless when you ejaculate it causes a burning feelings. That isn't good naturally. But, when your sperm is clear it is possibly precum. The more you ejactulate within a period of time can make the color vary, as can dieting and excers…
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A study of the average male erection size was done and it actually turned out to be about 6 inches. Any more than that and u have a BIG penis!
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Here are suggestions from WikiAnswers community members: Normal push ups help to get rid of "man boobs" Try taking dunb bells and laying down and putting them back behind your head and then pulling them up. If you're doing it right you can feel it in your chest. Doing push-ups is the way to. Y…
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go see a doctor i would say Answer If you are talking about the small white spots then they are normal and nothing to worry about. You will also see the spots where your pubic hair will grow, they are just pimples.
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There a variety of enzymes contained in the semen. One of them causes the semen to clump up, and acts quickly, the other causes it to become thin, and it takes a little longer to work. That is why when the semen comes out it is liquid, but then it clumps up, and then it thins out.
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TESTICLES maintain a constant temperature for the semen they store, maintaining a constant temp for the sperm. The testes are like an automatic thermostat. When the temp is too high (lowering sperm count), the testicles drop down to cool off. When the temp is too low (lowering sperm count) the testi…
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Please see your doctor right away. Although it may only be a cyst (that should be removed and can usually be done as out-patient surgery ... you can leave the hospital or clinic the same day) men can also get breast cancer just like women. I am not trying to frighten you, but make you realize that a…
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As Marcy said, it's not unheard of. The medical term is "vestigial tail", and is usually discovered at birth. That being said, yes, it can be surgically removed. However, if there are spinal nerves involved, the procedure becomes more complicated. Best of luck. Answer This is more common than y…
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no its is normal for sperm to change to a yellowish color. It's very common for semen to have a little yellow to it. No cause for alarm. But if it's totally yellow or orange, then it could be a sign of gonnorhea.-----I observed yellow semen twice in my life. The yellowest was my first time as a 13…
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Some do and many don't. It's all your choice. I wouldn't recommend it, though if you try it, use one of the "micro" type trimmers. Razors and shavers can cause nicks and cuts, and are much more prone to leaving you with ingrown hairs and terrible itching! "Micros" aren't perfect, but the best I've f…
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Answer As I am sure you already know the penis is an extremely sensitive area of the male body. You could have pulled a muscle in your groin, you could have hit that part of your body during sports, or you could have a urinary tract infection. You may also have a hernia. If the pain continues ple…
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Answer Yes. You are still quite young, but it could also shrink mate. unlucky. ANSWER: dont worry your young some people grow alot from 16 to 22(varies) and some dont but in some cases people have grown 5 inches from 16 to 20 so dont worry and 4 and half is enough to provide an orgasm for a fe…
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Men can get yeast infections from women or create it themselves. The woman you have engaged in sex with may or may not know she has a yeast infection. It is imperative that men keep their penis washed well and after the sexual act it is adviseable to have quick shower. Simple mild soap and warm wate…
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No it it not normal, bulldog cheeks!
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Outside the body 10 min at most. In the uterus 5-6 days. The answer depends on a number of factors. On a dry surface sperm are dead by the time the semen has dried. In water sperm will live longer. Inside a woman's body, sperm can live for up to five days. If you have unprotected sex even a few days…
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All men are different and some can even grow facial hair as early as 13 years old. Most young men your age have "fuzz", so I wouldn't get too concerned about it. Avoid shaving if you are trying to grow a beard as shaving DOES NOT increase facial hair growth. Take a look around at the male relatives…
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Not instantly. Sperm that is underwater will die because water has an inhospitable pH for sperm, but the water will not kill the sperm on contact.http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Maternal/Re-How-long-does-sperm-live-outside-the-body/show/862323?forums=forums
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Yes, it is possible to have 3 testicles, but it's rare. If a male has 3 testicles it is usually rectified by surgery. If the child is healthy it is not rectified by surgery. There's no reason to. I know of a set of twins where one have 3 and the other one 1.
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Shave your pubic hair off and crazy glue it it to your face
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Answer A man need never become impotent, men can go on fathering children into old age. Answer Answer It varies with the man, I knew one man who was in his ninties who still had an active sex life.
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Other than a spermacide, being outside of the body will kill sperm, but they will survive for more than a couple minutes. Sperm can survive up to 6 days inside the vagina or uterus being outside of testicles. they don't survive more than a couple minutes outside of the body. Many chemicals kill sper…
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Nightmares are a normal thing - everyone has them.Some of the possible "physical" causes can include fever, cramps, and muscles tension in the neck and back. Inebriation, stomach pains and indigestion are other possibilities. Fortunately, most nightmares are simple subconscious imaginings.
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Answer number one, i don't know why you'd want more pubes. they are unattractive. but again, you can't change the growth patterns of your hair anywhere on your body. it is what it is.
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Yes, but they may die.
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Everything on one side of your body is not exactly the same size as the other. If you look at your right hand and your right foot as well as your right ear, your left will be smaller.I understand that when things grow from the embreo and things start to form, it duplicates, such as in when people ha…
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There is one effective medicine which is used to increase the level of sperms is fildena 50 mg, this particular medicine is really effective and helps to increase low sperm. You can buy fildena online from OnlineDrugPills pharmacy at very low price.
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Problem with ejaculateYou can smear it around the glans and under the 4skin until you get a good erection, then rub the drops in some more along with the natural lubricant that begins to ooze out, until you have an orgasm. That should solve the problem for a while. Sometimes you may find that it wor…
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no for her and yes for you  assuming there is someone else involved of course :-/  just enjoy it as much as possible, that's awesome you can hold out that long. sex isn't about ejaculation its about enjoying the whole experience (unless you want babies)
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Answer That could be several things, from a simple cyst to an infected hair follicle to an enlarged lymph node to a form of cancer. It would be a really good idea to see your physician right away. Discussing this topic certainly can be embarrassing, but it is very important to do so; and remember…
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Sperm is fragile and dries/dies quickly (MINUTES) in open air. However, sperm may live longer in moist areas such as a wet towel or used condom.
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Answer it will dry as if any liquid substance but the sperm can live for up to 72 hours even after it has dried. Answer In regards to the above, once the semen is dry, the sperm are dead!
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About one hour, depending on the surface though it could be longer or shorter.
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Answer Nipple is perfectly suited to soothing a crying baby until it can be fed, according to a major report published for Fathers' Day (June 19) on fatherhood across five continents, which identifies the world's best dads. Aka Pygmy men do more infant care-giving than fathers in any other known s…
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Answer Not usually, maybe a few hairs but a 14 year old with a beard is quite unlikely.
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I actually think the question might have been referring to a person who has what is called a 'retractable testicle'. The first answer was correct about testicles rising before ejaculation, but the testicles should not leave the scrotum at this point. Some males have retractable testicles that actual…
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It really isn't up to YOU, as it is predetermined by your race and family traits. Orientals and American Indians don't usually have very much facial hair at all, while dark skinned Caucasians, such as Italians and Portuguese will have heavy beards and need to shave frequently. Light skinned whit…
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You cannot get ripped and gain muscle. Stop reading bodybuilding magazines, get off bodybuilding.com and go read Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe.
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There are bouncy things on boys that you see when you have sex. it looks funny. and go watch porn
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SPERM is produced in the Prostate gland and is delivered to the testicles for storage by way of seminal fluid (semen)..When the male genitalia is stimulated, the male will release semen (carrying sperm) and have an ejaculation.Previous answer was completely incorrect. Sperm is NOT produced in the pr…
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Sperm does not die immediately upon contact with the air, but it does need a body to live in or else it will die relatively soon after being exposed If kept warm and semi-lubricated at body temperature (like on the skin or in a warm test tube), sperm remain motile(= alive) for several hours. Insid…
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You should be happy with what you have. However if you really feel the need to increase your penis size,then you should try out these : Here are four natural penis enhancement techniques. They may or may not work. 1. Penis stretches. This one is simple. Take your flaccid penis and stretch it as f…
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The only way a boy can grow breasts is by taking female hormones orwearing a bra and stuffing it .If you just want to build up the muscles of your chest you need to do exercises._______________________________________________ You could also try these methods ,each one scientifically proven 1: Puttin…
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Some Asian guys have small penises, and some do not. Similar to every other guy on the planet, Asian or otherwise. The notion that all Asian guys have small penises is a generalizing stereotype, much like the stereotype that all black men have large penises (which is also untrue). The point is, s…
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She can get pregnant because only one sperm paticle can get her pregnant. If it was on your tongue and you put her tongue deep, deep into her vagina, then its possible. Tell her to get tests just in case.
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"Sperm dries out very quickly when it's outside the body - and once it's dried, the sperm die almost at once. How quickly it dries depends a lot on what the surface is." The life span of sperm after they're ejaculated depends on the environmental conditions. Sperm ejaculated outside the body usuall…
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Are you trying to feel it for pleasure or because you're concerned about a swollen prostate? If you're worried - don't try to self-diagnose yourself - you have nothing to compare your prostate size to. Your family doctor can do a rectal exam - it doesn't hurt, and only takes a couple of seconds. …
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yes,the longer a woman stimulates her mans cock, the more pre-cum he will produce and it will emerge from the hole in the head and yes, there is sperm in it. Not much, but enough to get pregant. If a man eats lots of fruite a couple of days before his woman gives him oral sex, his pre cum and sperm …
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Circumcision makes the penis less sensitive and cause sexual activity to feel less pleasurable. The head of the penis is protected by the foreskin, which is removed during circumcision. Following circumcision, the head of the penis slowly becomes less sensitive. The foreskin itself is rich with thou…
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For male pattern baldness I have heard that rubbing a raw onion on your head helps to stimulate hair follicles and then growth. If baldness is male pattern, and not from stress, there is no solution. if there were, someone would be extremely wealthy that discovered it. Baldness caus…
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Men do it all the time when they want to look. If a man took the hormones, his voice would get lighter and he would develope breasts, among other things.Female hormones in men will not change the voice. You can train your voice to sound like a females voice.Female hormones will make you more female …
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Answer Nothing unless you have the money for surgery.
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Answer What you think about yourself and what other people think about you are 2 very different things. Everyone has their complaints, but chances are....they aren't as bad as you think. also could be klinsfelter disease
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There is no general preference that all women have across the board. There is just as much variety in that as there is in shape and size. Aside from personal preference, a particular woman's physiology can also be a factor. Some women find large penises an inconvenience, since they hurt them during…
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Loose fitting jeans are tighter than any skirt or dress since the skirt or dress does not even have any of the seams that form the crotch of a pair of pants. A skirt is only attached to the body only at the waist. You can't say that about pants. This makes the skirt or dress cooler and consequently …
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"Blue Balls" is the pain a male human being allegedly gets in his groin when he is very close to ejaculating but the stimulation stops before he ejaculates. However, blue balls is simply a myth that some males use to receive sexual favors from gullible/compassionate females. Most men/boys, if not al…
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NORMAL EJACULATION Actually, there is no specific "NORMAL" age for any part of the maturation process for girls and boys. Ages for starting puberty vary greatly and generally girls mature faster than boys. HOWEVER, a boy may start to fully develop at a young age of 10 or 12 and a girl might not star…
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According to the Mayo clinic. The life span of sperm after ejaculation depends on the environmental conditions. Sperm ejaculated into a woman's vagina can live in a woman's reproductive tract for up to five days or longer. Fertilization is possible as long as the sperm remain alive. Sperm ejaculated…
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The height for shoes is between 1.5-2cm   Average height in the US and UK is 5'9" to 5'10". Average shoe size of GIs is 9.5.   British Columbia, Canada ... 5' 9" to 6'. Average shoe size is 11 - 12 I'm 12 and a size 9 English shoe
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