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Some health issues are unique to only men. This is the category for those questions. Whether it be about anatomy, reproduction, or disease, ask them here.
It may be, but only a urologist can tell you for sure after an examination. There are things that could be problems that could have similar symptoms. You mean on the underside of the glans (the head of the penis)? Stopping just before the meatus (the pee hole)? Relax, every man has this. You are...
yes most mamilians have foreskins other domains of the animal kingdom would have them if they had penises
When you get hit down their
By shaking the excess gently from it after peeing and washing witha little water or in the absence of water, dry with tissue.
Stop urinating, then shake your old fella before putting it away.
Apparently it might not start 'til around eighteen in a few rare cases. So check then. But, in my rookie, non-medically trained opinion I would say around 14. Just ask your physician, they won't tell anybody, and if it is serious he can fix it for you, I think with testosterone injections.
It is simply the work of the person who circumcised you. Not everyone has it, some are very smooth. The major difference is between circumcised and not. The details of the process are going to vary. It is not something that is going to make much difference. The person who did it was probably just a...
Overall health, blood supply, underlying health issues. Mental issues, stress can kill the impulse even with Viagra. Simply doesn't work for every man. Ask your doctor and have him look for the reason you needed it in the first place. Fixing the problem may not only give you an erection, but save...
It can be as thin as water and practically clear or thick with small chunks and slightly yellow. Age, diet, exercise, drugs, both prescribed and street, length of time between sex. Anything that goes into our body or affects it in general is going to affect the parts of it.
Average is 111 million. Most never reach the egg.
  Generally the damage from a single kick or something isn't very serious, although if you're concerned it never hurts to check with a doctor. Otherwise, I'd say the only sure-fire way to know that there IS damage is if your nuts are now flat :P
The average is 6.
How can a scrotum be herniated? Where do you get that from guys?? In my case I don't wear any support and my scrotum is healthy as hell!!! Don't let the ignorants worry you dude. ...I don't wear underwear and my scrotum looks like a bull's scrotum lol, and that's awesome, it feels really good. Our...
Everyone with cancer will have a slightly different combination of symptoms, but here is a list of some of the most common symptoms associated with testicular cancer: A lump that can be felt on the testicleA discomfort located in the lower abdomen or scrotumA feeling of heaviness in the...
Absolutely not, health will never be recovered after sperm loss. You will die soon.
Possibly pulled back at the wrong place, and tore due to strain... Or dry skin/infection, or she was tight her self.. can be many things.
In mammals it occurs in the male testes and epididymis in a stepwise fashion, and for humans takes approximately 64 days.
If your testicles haven't descended by age 16, you should see a  doctor. Your doctor can also check to make sure that your late  puberty and undescended testicles aren't related to any hormonal  problem.    If you're just starting to get pubic hair, it sounds like you just  started puberty,...
when i was 12 my penis was 5 1/2 inches. so yes
These symptoms do not sound related to each other. There may be more that one thing going on with you. Or nothing at all. Usually urgency in urination is due to urinary tract infection and you should probably see a doctor regarding this. If your jaw has only hurt this one time and the pain went away...
Penis size has nothing to do with how much sperm or ejaculate you produce. That comes from the testicles. Average is about 1 teaspoon, but just like penis size, this varies a lot and will vary some each time you climax.
6 inches is the average for an adult. At 14, you should expect a little bit more before you quit growing.
Average world wide is 6 inches.
we can talk about different ingredients but I will prefer to stay  on the natural side , feed your prostate with healthy fats of olive  oil and nuts and avoid unhealthy fats in meats and processed food.  Prefer the usage of prostate friendly food of cruciferous  vegetables, including broccoli,...
Wet dreams are just the bodies way of releasing sperm when you aren't doing it yourself. Keeps a fresh supply of sperm and keeps the process working. If you are not having sex, you are supposed to toss one off every so often.
I have heard that testosterone, bioidentical cream, can and also there is butea superba. Try eBay for the butea superba or Google search.
I'm not a doctor or anything but I don't think wet dreams decrease stamina. I don't want to be rude or nothing like that or be all up in your personal life, but if your having wet dreams that means you ain't getting any and you need to (my apologies if your offended I am so very sorry but it is true...
sperm is produced in your gonads by a process called meiosis So male animals can also produce sperms?(just curious......)
Allthough its a normal avg size of penis in male humans but it finally depend upon the complete physical growth of body if your body will increase in faster rate then to normal then there are much possibility to increase in its size. The size of penis increase upto to the age of 19 and then it is...
Yes it corrodes your insides and makes your brain melt and come out of your nose Oh dear... If sperm is not required after about 10 days or so it is destroyed by your own body. You are constantly replenishing your sperm. It's all automatic and healthy, don't worry about it.
Certain fruits do make semen taste sweeter
Prostate health has a lot to do with your immune system, so the  most important thing to do is support your immune system and the  immune system of the prostate. The best option that is out there  right now is transfer factor male pro made be 4life research as  well a transfer factor plus. This...
No it is not. Many masturbate through out their lives incl marriage.
A blood boil or cyst broke open. Aggressive partner or angry cat? If you are certain that is where the blood is coming from, it should be fairly easy to find the specific source.
The average has been dropping over the last 50 years, but current is 200 to 500 million per ejaculation. The bottom number seems to be around 20 million to be fertile. Tight shorts have been shown to decrease sperm count. They don't let enough air get to the testicles and they are too warm. Try...
Its call a testorsion or somthing like that. no you cant die but you will experience lots of pain in some serious cases the testicle may lose to much blood and die but i will not literly kill you
Person having klinefelter's syndrome disorder have risk of  developing breast cancer and osteoporosis as it affects one out of  500-1000 newborn males
Answer   Blood.dont panic, its probly nothing. if is stays around for 1 month+, see a urologist. if not, dont worry a bit, as it is nomal
It will grow trust me in like 5 now and i was like 2-3 then, just wait til puberty
Well I Wipe my penis after peeing and I think it's healthy And if u don't it gets a fishy smell I have experienced it and I'm only 12 but yeh wipe but not with water
Any competent surgeon could do it but I doubt many would. I don't know you, will never meet you, and have nothing to gain from saying this. Before you do something that you may end up regretting, talk to someone about your desire. You don't say that you want gender reassignment, or a sex change, you...
Stimulating yourself sexually.
Most likely his sperm count would be half what it would be with both testicles. May be less depending on why he has only one. Since it only take one sperm to fertilize an egg, he can still be a father.
well from 9-13 if you havnt had by then, well go and see ur GP
Frank, Bob, John. I don't know that there is a term for the person, just the condition or describing the condition.
Only with possibly catching an STD. Other than that, it's just protein and water. Nothing to get excited about.
I assume you shaved it in an attempt to make it grow faster? It doesn't work that way. Shaving hair, anywhere on the body does not make it grow in faster or thicker. All you did was set yourself back 3 months. It will grow in as it is supposed to and take the amount of time that it does.
 There are a number of great reasons to purchase your prescriptions  online. Aside from the pure convenience, you can also enjoy easier  comparison shopping and ultimately, lower prices. Some utilize  online prescription services to avoid the perceived embarrassment  of physically picking up...
Semen or ejaculate. Sperm can sometimes be released in small amounts in urine or pre-ejaculate as well.
If you hit puberty and they can swing.
i m feeling elergy on my pennis out side on the round of the cap ,its not that bad but before this never happened and i never did sex wid any one ,only wid my wife .
Klinefelter's, is a mutation, so a person with such disease, would have normal parents (XY, XX). Klinefelter's is the result of nondisjunction of the sex chromosomes, causing trisomy of the sex chromosome, (XXY) not because of a mutation in the somatic cells of the parents, but instead of the...
most companies differ in quality, i ordered once from a company it took like three weeks to receive, but the pills were good. They worked perfect, i could not upload the link here.. you can check it on my profile
In males, semen begins to be produced during puberty. If it's not expended in sex or through masturbation, it will naturally flow out of the penis when you're asleep and everything's relaxed. Wet dreams are a perfectly normal part of growing up.Wet dreams, have no known cause, currently, but they...
I've run across some like this. Everyone is different. Some behave like yours and others don't really get any bigger, just get hard. You have a surprise for whoever you are with. As far as being normal, there is no normal, everyone is different in size, girth, curved or not, in most every way....
There is nothing to do, you will make more. You can't run out. If you masturbate and anything comes out, there are probably some sperm there. It does take some time to rebuild your numbers, but there are always going to be some there.
There is a muscle sheath in the scrotum which lowers the scrotum when the temperature is high and hugs it tighter to the body when the temperature is low.
no no this natural poses over exertion have no side effects onfertility
  == Answer ==     Yes, the testicles are extremely sensitive. If you were accidently hit in your testicles extremely hard (or someone kicked you there) it can cause you to vomite and takes a long while to get rid of the pain. If you are still having problems please see your doctor.  ...
Most of the time it is a light white. Milk and water color.
Yes, more than one, in fact.
Stop worrying about it. Every man worries he doesn't have enough. Somehow the birthrate keeps going up so I guess it doesn't matter. A lot of women don't really like a big penis. They can only take so much comfortably. There is a lot more to sex than just jumping on and trying to wear her out. If...
Yes. It often happens at much younger ages, as well.
A person's diction can vary in terms of how the person was taught  to speak. If a person is around another person that is always  talking in broken sentences, that is how the person is going to  learn to speak. Where a person grew up is also an influence on  diction and the pronunciation of...
After the esophagus, the food is balled up into what is called a bolus and is dropped into the stomach to get digested. It then travels through the duodendum, the small intestine, and lastly the large intestine before getting excreted.
  No as the nerves in the spine have not link to sperm production. It may how ever cause impotence as the nerves in the coccyx link to the nerves in your penis and if damaged and take away your ability to have an erection
Pr4epuce is another name for foreskin
The size that it is. There is no normal size other than what you have. That is normal for you. The average adult is 6-7 inches. They range from 2 to 12 inches with a few outside that range on each end. Overall height and penis size have nothing to do with each other. I've seen 5' 6" with 12 and 6' 4...
Healthy skin is well hydrated and free or impurities. Using a  moisturizer as well as drinking plenty of water will help keep skin  healthy.
Pain, swelling or tenderness, examine them by feeling for bumps that shouldn't be there. Blood or other discoloration in your ejaculate. Or ask a doctor.
  Why would you want to trim them? Things may have changed, but when I was 14 pubic hair was seen as a sign of masculinity. Something to be proud of. Next came facial hair showing you were becoming a man. It's your body, do what makes you feel proud and comfortable with it. Just be sure you know...
Nothing much. At some point in the day, after 5 or 6 times, you should run out, but you will have more tomorrow. The body keeps replacing them as needed. Keeping things cleared out may help slow or reduce prostate problems.
There have been no human deaths from Cannabis in recorded history. Smoking is harmful regardless of the substance, however Cannabis can be eaten or vaporised, minimising lung damage due to smoking. Weed won't kill you. Emphysema might.
  No. The common cold is a virus which has nothing to do with a STD.Nasal congestion is not a symptom of any STD in adults. See your health care provider to get screened for STDs, since you're concerned.
When you are just starting to ejaculate, it is going to be clear and watery. As you get a little older it will thicken up and become more milky.
Could be as young as 10, but 12-13 would be a safe bet.
The only way to see the individual sperm is with a microscope.
Pertaining to the penis, e.g., penile fracture or penile implant.
  yes, a man after having his 1st intercourse may feel low and down. His face may not look as glowing as it was before his 1st intercourse
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Time will tell. You are a mix of your parents. If you average their heights, you come up with 5' 8". There is really no way to tell if you are done growing or not. At 16 1/2 you are most likely done.
Also, can help prevent prostate cancer as the previous author mentioned, due to cleaning the urethra.   == Answer ==   Yes, it is your body's natural reaction, and it's purpose is to clean the urethra after sex. Perfectly normal!   == Answer ==   Plus, during sex you are repeatedly...