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McDonald's is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the nation. The menu ranges from iced coffee and eggs to soft drinks and the Big Macs.
You are never too old, you may be too young
4-ounce (113 g) (approx. uncooked weight) ground beef patty withketchup, mustard, and two slices of cheese.
Agourmet burger is more than a typical patty topped with lettuce,tomato, and ketchup. Gourmet burgers go out the way to add toppingsthat are exotic and unique to provide a different flavor twist. Agourmet burger is not available at most restaurants. They can alsobe a tad bit expensive, but most...
No. Subway is far healthier than McDonald's. McDonald's patties have many preservatives that can cause cancer, not to mention the grease and calories. Subway's food compared to McDonald's is healthier by default because they use clean ingredients, fresh dough made there, fresh veggies, and pure meat...
Four piece:190 Six piece:280 Ten piece:480
McDonalds serves around 70,000,000 people per day, which comes outto about 25,550,000,000 people per year.
One medium order contains 266 mg. Of course, that depends too onwho is metaphorically driving the salt truck.
Four-piece- 280 calories. Six-piece- 180 calories.
Yes there is, i went to Tunisia myself and saw one.
$3.39 give or take a few pennies depending franchise or corporation owned
yes ---- McDonalds purchase their food ingredients from third party vendors. They do not genetically modify anything. ----
$25-$60,000 per year, depending on the position, performance, and responsibilities
540 calories, 28g fat, 46g carbs and 25g protein. That's based on anormal Big Mac. Not a large or a meal. On the McDonald's website,they do have a nutritional calculator that you can use to calculateyour whole meal. Alternatively, I like to record my food on the appMy Fitness Pal where it has all...
I believe that You would have to be at least 16 ..... it may varyin different states.
McCafé Mocha Frappé = mocha blended with ice, topped with whipped cream. McCafé Caramel Frappé = coffee, caramel and whipped cream
The month of March, or around St. Patrick's Day.
over 31,000 restaurants worldwide
by eating to much fries!
I don't think so!
A McDonald's hamburger cost 15 cents in 1957.
McDonald's is the brand that spends the most on ads, racking up $963 million in ad spend last year, up 8.6% from the yearbefore. That means $1 out of every $6 spent on restaurantadvertising in America is done by McDonald's, points out BurgerBusiness This Study Was Conducted in 2012
how much money does a big mac cost,. how much money does a big mac cost,. how much money does a big mac cost,
McDonalds is own by two way. It is owned by McDonalds Corporation or a franchise which is independly owned.
i belevie Mcdonalds has about 1,100,000,000 stocks total...i happen to own 16 :)
McDonalds was established in 1948.
It is just commonly known as hamburger but, whereas it can becalled in so many ways such as: turkey burger, bison burger, orveggie burger.
Not a one, because the McDonald's we all know and love did not start business until 1955.
By offering cheap, delicious, nutritious, fast food.
You have the C, Q, S, M and X stars. They each represent a key areain the restaurant, e.g. C- cleanliness, Q-quality, S service, MMcCafe, X performace review. The employees have to be trained inthe area of the star and then complete a quiz, if they got >90%they successfully complete the quiz and get...
well there are many McDonalds secrets but I'm assuming thatMcDonalds needs to have something good quality in their burgers.And it gives taste to the burgers as well.
Not yet, there isn't! On the African continent, I am only aware of McDonald's being present in South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco. Although there are rumors abound that McDonald's will open in Kenya in late 2013, following on the recent opening of KFC and soon-to-be opened Subway. Yes, but as you know...
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Ø Recession: This effects businesses overall due to customers being 'too scared to spend money', therefore a decrease in sales. In 2011 McDonalds New Zealand did a survey to understand why people were not spending their money at McDonalds to conquer this problem. At the end, it was established...
No generally schools do not go to McDonalds for a fieldtrip as it is a fast-food restauraunt and not a park or museum. No, unless you go their to eat after visiting another place. Also if you are conducting a science experiment on the germs in the restroom or the fat in the food then maybe you...
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There was no Big Mac in 1960. It wasn't introduced until 1967.
5000m aday to be aprox they are one of the largest fast food resturent in the world
Eating with your hands, talking freely, casual dress code,unarranged seating, using trays, self-service, to name a few.
A service crew are the people responsible for prepping, preparing,serving food and cleaning the restaurant. They are the ones thatprovide service from start to finish.
The ghost of Ronald McDonald's father is watching over McDonalds restaurant now.
McDonald is primarily a Scottish surname, however, the form MacDonnell (Mac Domhnaill) is found in Ireland. The Irish MacDonnell's have three distinct origins:. A Scottish clan from Argyle (Lord of the Isles) Co. Antrim; . A sept of Co. Fermanagh, now almost extinct. . MacDonnell of Thomond (Co....
Because it doesn't decompose like other fresh food.
Overall, the McDonald's menu is not healthy due to excessivesodium, sugar, preservative, and fat content. The stupid burgers and chicken nuggets they sell are completely100% fake. One person bought McDonalds food and after 20 years, Itis known to be fake. Those fake idiot food from McDonalds will...
there is no KFC and there is no Mcdonald
It's too small? No. McDonald's was interested in placing a franchise at the corner of Elm and State Streets in the old bank building. There was some local resistance. Negotiations proceeded between the city and McDonald's, and the city expressed concern about the traffic issues caused by the...
No experience needed, you get on the job training. You must be atleast 16 yrs. old with working papers to work at McDonaldsrestaurants in most states.
They cost about 15 cents in 1955
Crappiest food on the planet
On the bottom of the box of a Happy Meal, it tells you what the next toys are going to be.
The world is being threatened by this kind of preposterous thing! Its an outrage! On top of that, we can't even sue them. The world is being destroyed and being made in to McDonald's KFC, Taco Bell, Ell pollo loco, and more. Our environment is being destroyed for this!?!?!?!? And they say it;s our...
Everyone and anyone that they think might visit one of their restaurants, which is a vast majority of the population in most countries they operate in.
16 in most cases, however some places may employ 14 and 15 year olds.
The number of McDonald's in Melbourne is not known, but there are184 in Australia.
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It's ONLY 30% breading, the ready sugar, oil, and fat
Over 75% of McDonald's branches are owned by private companies. The other 25% are owned by the McDonald's Corporation.
The first McDonald's opened on May 15, 1940. The first restaurantwas located in San Bernardino, California. In 2014, there areMcDonald's located all over the world.
Assuming you are asking about sales : About 47 million burgers are sold at McDonald's branches worldwide.
According to this- New Delhi
For any public company in the U.S., the easiest thing to do is to go to the SECs website and run a search: Once the results come up for the company you want, narrow them to show only form DEF 14a. This is the proxy statement, which will show ...
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McDonald's coffee if not gourmet in the strictest sense. It comesfrom beans from all over the world and is then over-roasted tocreate a homogenized, same taste around the U.S. flavor.
It depends on where you live!!!!!!!!! Why type this I don't know!! Ask your neighbor! I know this place has a good deal on chicken nuggets and there's the same restaurant near and they both have different deals!
No. Teenagers/adults who work at mcdonalds get low pay and have to work in a very hot, oily environment.
As of 2011, there was 4712 people working for Nintendo. Source:
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They make counterfeit food that does not rot and the science isused to make your senses think its real and edible when it reallymaims the people that eat it.
McDonald's finally reached an agreement with French authorities to open a McDonald's branch at the main entrance of the famous museum The Louvre.
in 2006 they made 142 billion dollars.
In Sweden there are 230 McDonald's restaurants.
For McDonalds to make a Big Mac it will cost them $70 cents (NZ Dollars)
I've heard that it depends on the McDonald's that you go to. But most business hire at 16. So It really depends.
that is hard to answer as there are so many fliers but I would saymore than half as there are so many fast-food restaurants.
Actually, in many cases you can, especially if you have a very large order. Many McDonald's restaurants appreciate a heads up for large orders. While they can produce food quite fast, large orders such as sports team buses can create chaos in the restaurant when there is no prior warning they are...
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