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Chrysler Concorde

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Chrysler Concorde was a four-door, front wheel drive vehicle manufactured from 1993-2004 by Chrysler. The vehicle was designed with short overhangs and low slung windshield. Its wheels were effectively placed to the side of the vehicle to create a bigger passenger cabin than its competitors.
The transmission computer default to limp mode when it detects amalfunction. It will also set a trouble code. You need to have thecode read with a scan tool to know possible causes.
You may or may not be able to retrieve the codes with the ignition switch.. Turn the ignition key ON,OFF,ON,OFF,and finally ON again(ENGINE NOT RUNNING) . The codes will start to flash on the POWER LOSS or CHECK ENGINE light. . FLASH,pause,FLASH,FLASH=code 12 is an example. . If this does not work...
Answer the alternator is under the power steering pump on the driverside of the motor. for the removal. need to remove the top radiator support and electric fan. then you can see the bolts for removal.
the thermostat is located in the lower front area... under the engine in another words
if it was cold then ur engine wasnt warmed up that is one reason. or it was to hot out and ur radiator isn't working properly and it overheate. did it start after a while??
It's not a five-minute job. I just had to replace one on my 1999 Concorde. You must remove the upper tie bar to access the fan/shroud/radiator assembly, remove the fan module from the radiator, replace the fan motor, then re-assemble everything. I would estimate maybe 1.5 hours for someone...
Answer . The light bulb unit is found underneath the carpet behind each tail light area. Remove the plastic screws holding the trunk carpet to the interior sides behind the rear lights, follow the wiring to the center of the tail light, this is the light bulb unit-unscrew and remove.
How do you remove rh front axle from transmission on 2001 chrysler concorde Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_remove%20lh_front_axle_from_transmission_on_2001_chrysler_concorde_lxi#ixzz1WpkayAtD .
Passenger side attached right to the radiator. kind of in a bad spot toward the bumper underneath the bumper and facia
Answer . \ndepends on what engine you have. a cheapy chiltons manual will explain a lot. for extrememly detailed info, call crhysler for a factory manual.
if its a3.3 engine its located at the back of the planum, follow rubber vacuum hose comming out of the valve cover to the PVC on the planum
Answer . Should be at the front of the engine behind the A/C condensor
I've had this problem with the same transmission. Replace the input and output speed sensors and that will more than likely fix your problem - if not you have a more serious problem with the transmission. See the attached link to the Autozone repair page explaining where they are etc..... Good luck!...
The map sensor is located on the back of the air filter. It will beheld in place by a plug and 3 screws.
Standing in front of the engine the left cylinder bank cylinders are numbered 2-4-6 ,and the right cylinder bank is numbered 1-3-5 (counting front to back of engine). The firing order is 1-2-3-4-5-6.. EDIT: I have been told that it is the opposite (1-3-5 on left, 2-4-6 on right--this is what...
Nope ....Nothing Happens On That Day ! . Those People Who Have No Work Spread This Rumors And Try To Fool Others. . So People Dont Believe In Such Rumors Until You See It With Your Eyes!
The transmission speed sensors are located on the driver side of the transmission case. Those are also where the speedometer signal comes from. The abs sensors (if equipped) are located at each wheel bearing.
I have a 3.2L that had the same problem. There's a hard antifreeze line that runs down the back of the motor(along fire wall) that had a break(rusted) on one of the bends. It only pissed when the car warmed up and you have to remove hoses and clamps and reservoirs to get your hands in it. I had to...
The fuse block is located on the drivers side of the instrument panel and is accessed by opening the car door pulling the plastic cover out of its clips. Hope this helps. . Johnny Texas
Answer . Parking brake not adjusted properly?. Frozen brake caliper?
If the engine does not start even on cranking for more than 10 seconds and there is a clicking sound, open the hood and remove the rubber tube leading to the fuel air inlet. Add couple of drops of fuel directly and try to start again, if it fails, then for sure the fuel pump is spoilt and needs to...
It is inside the front of the engine, driven by the timing belt.
Answer . There are 2 Speed sensors on the outside of the transaxle. 1 is an input, the other output. Procedure for both is the same. Be sure to replace the correct one as they are identical in appearance. The output shaft speed sensor is rearward most on the transaxle's driver side. gently lift...
Answer fan won't shut off 2000 caravan . there is one of two things that would do this,1: themostat is stuck in closed postion,2: water pump is in need of replacement.in this year of van I would be replacing therostat first ,this costs much less and is not that hard of a job.If the problem still...
Unlock the doors with the key or with the remote.
It is on the rear of the passenger side cylinder head.
Answer . you need to remove the plastic seat belt furnishings first, they pop out very easy just by tugging on them, then open your trunk and there will be spaces everywere on the underside of the back shelf push on all corners and spaces so that you may have enough room to place your fingers...
Bank one is the passenger side on a Concorde. Sensor one is beforethe catalytic converter.
There is one on the left, one on the right, and one under the rearof the transmission.
In the fuse block located on the instrument panel end and can be accessed by opening the driver door and pulling the plastic cover off. Hope this helps. Johnny Texas.
your input clutch assembly is probably burnt up you will have to smell the fluid or have some transmission technician check the clutch volume indexes with a drb (diagnostic tool) Answer Actually it's probably your spped sensor that is located on the trans. Chrysler has always had a problem with...
you can search "concord add-on" on google, or go to fspilotshop.com , captainsim.com, justflight.com, or another sight you might find on google.
In the fuse block located on the driver side end of the instrument panel . It can be accessed by opening the car door and pulling the plastic cover off. Johnny Texas.
The engine computer is the voltage regulator.
thay are on the driver side of the trans. The output speed sensor is the two wire sensor to the rear of the driver side of the transmission.
To change the alternator on a 1998 Chrysler Concorde, disconnectthe negative terminal of the battery. Then loosen the two boltsthat hold the alternator in place. Pull out the alternator andreplace.
yes, but you have to buy a kit to convert the 3.2l to the engine bay,and the 3.5l fits also, but the 3.2 is the cheapest.
unhook the neg. cable from your battery and wait 5 minutes
On the driver side of the transmission case there are two sensors that have two wires going to them. The input sensor is the one closer to the front.
Front and rear Left and right
There are 4, one before and one after each catalytic converter in the exhaust.
Where are Points for lifted 3.5 l engine on 3003 concorde?
The relay is in the power distribution box under the hood on the driver side by the battery. Johnny Texas.
I replaced the front door speakers in my 99 Concorde because they had blown. They are 6 1/2". I bought mine from best buy.
It's where you'd expect, at the bottom of the radiator in a corner. On the engine side of the radiator. It unscrews counter-clockwise, same as a bolt. However, there are supports in the way with only a small access hole, and the drain fitting is made of plastic, easily broken. Replacement...
This is a fairly common problem on these vehicles. It is usuallycaused by a bad body control module, or BCM. If you buy a new oneit has to be reprogrammed for your car by the dealer.
A 1995 is OBD1 not 2. The plug is the rectangular plug under the dash on the driver side. It is not the same style plug as an OBD2 plug.
The check engine light comes on and stays on when a problem is detected by the self diagnosis system of your vehicle. Generally, the problem is in the emissions or something that is affecting the effectiveness of the emissions, but other causes can trigger the light to come on, too. To determine the...
yes it will, i have 22 on mines wif no problems
Inside the front of the engine, driven by the timing belt.
Have the trans computer checked for trouble codes. That will give you a place to start diagnosing.
Driver side rear of the engine.
\nThe speed sensor is located behind the front driverside wheel over the cv boot. The wire for it is supported on the strut.
Answer . Jaybird1980. outer tie rod get the parts first verify they are the same (length and style) . 1 loosen jam nut to outer tie rod (the nut that is threaded on the inner tie rod just behind the outer tie rod.). 2 (remove cotter pin) loosen castle nut or if it has a locking nut just remove...
Answer . \nPurchase a Haynes auto repair manual for your vehicle from almost any auto parts store(about$13.00). Look in either "engine" section or in "tune up" section.
Answer . \nits on the trunk lid.. in the center of the lid.. where it latches
Answer . There are two sensors located on the driver's side of the transmission. there is an input and and output sensor. You can get to them from the underside of the car.
There should be a seep hole in the front of the pump either under or behind the pulley. Usually if the pump is done, there will be coolant leaking from there. If you are rebuilding the motor, it is cheap insurance just to replace the pump.
Answer: . Depending on the specific submodel (LX with 2.7L V6 or LXi/Limited with 3.5L V6), the average price for a cam position sensor will be around $50-70 if you buy from an auto parts store.
The 3.2 Litre is rated at 225 Horsepower, regular fuel required only. Jim
Secure your new water pump with the water pump retaining bolts.Connect the water pump return hose. Put the belt on to the waterpump. Top off your cooling system with new cooling fluid.
it is just to the right of the thermostat housing with a 3 wire connector attached to it. . Also when replacing it with a new one there should be a spacer on the bottom. You install the new one pressing it all the way down. The spacer will rub off after you start the engine.
You purchase a $8,000.00 computer and press "erase codes." If the light comes back on, which I am sure it will, then you repair the problem. Then you erase the code again.
The " A " pillar is the roof support on either side of the windshield, the next support back is the " B " pillar and so on.
My 1998 concorde recommends 5w30...but before I bought it, Oil was changed using 10w30
Cold air from the defrost indicates that the air doors are in thewrong position. The doors are vacuum controlled in most vehicles.check the vacuum system for a leak.
Depends on the type of car some by vacuum others by electric motors. Johnny Texas.
When you take the cover off the fuse panel there is usually a diagram on the inside of the cover that shows the fuse panel and what the fuse is used to power. It would take a while, but you could remove each individual fuse and see if any are blown. You can clearly tell a blown fuse as the metal...
The headlamp bulb is removed from the rear of the headlight assembly. You have to remove the front bumber fascia to remove the headlamp assembly on this model. There is a plug that needs to be removed (twist one way, then pull) and the bulb should come out with it. Installation is reverse of removal...
It is under the housing at the engine end of the lower radiatorhose.
All LH body(Chrysler Concorde, Chrysler LHS, Dodged Intrepid,Eagle Vision and 1994 and on Chrysler New Yorkers) car take R-134Afreon
The alarm is part of the engine, body, and sentry key modules.There is no individual fuse.
remove the a piller trim, they just pull off. remove the black trim which goes across below the windshild. with a short screw driver remove the screws from the speaker. unplug the wire connector. put in the new speaker
Answer . Disconnect the - battery cable Raise and support vehicle Remove wiring harness at starter Remove mounting bolts Remove starter. Answer . Disconnect the - battery cable Raise and support vehicle Remove wiring harness at starter Remove mounting bolts Remove starter
I had that problem and had to replace the clock spring in the steering wheel. It's a coil of flat wire that breaks.
If it's the same as my 99, then there is an adjustment inside the centre console. There are 2 ways of getting to it. Method 1: The easy way. Reach into the console storage compartment. There is a hole with a removable plastic plug in the forward wall of it, directly behind the parking brake lever....
After you have removed the wheel and caliper it should just wiggle free. Sometime they stick really bad (as is the case with mine), but with enough time and energy even a stuck rotor will come loose. You may try heating it with a torch if it isn't coming off.
Aparently the 1980's were a bit of an odd time for luxury cars. People wanted to design high tech vehicles but didn't have the technology. Some cars that were out and considererd luxury would be the BMW early 300 series and the Mercedes 300SD. Also the Toyota Cressida was considered quite flash....
from below the engine, on the right side you will see the sensor. be careful of the clip on the wire or you might break it.. from below the engine, on the right side you will see the sensor. be careful of the clip on the wire or you might break it.