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Who is north America and South America named after?

The were named after Amerigo Vespucci. He proved that the Americas  weren't Asia, but a separate land mass. Mapmakers then named the  "New World" after the first person to f (MORE)

Are South America and North America connected?

The correct answer would be yes, they are connected. North  America's only land connection to South America is at the Isthmus  of Panama. However, there is the Panama Canal (MORE)

Who is the president of north America and south America?

No-one. North America and South America are continents and they contain many countries, each of which has its own leader. For example, each of the countries in South America ( (MORE)

How are North America and South America alike?

Both are continents in the Western Hemisphere with the same number  of letters in their names.   Both have a range of climates ranging from tropical to temperate to  arc (MORE)
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Where are north America and South America?

Both continents are located in what is called the Western Hemisphere. North America is the continent where it's northernmost islands are within the Arctic Circle, and extends (MORE)

What separates North America from South America?

The Panama/Colombia border. Central America North America and South America are technically the same thing. they were connected until the panama canal was built. interesting (MORE)
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