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Situated in the Midwest and flanked to the east by Lake Michigan and Lake Superior to the north, Wisconsin is known as "America's dairyland", leading the nation in cheese production.


Google Maps estimates the driving time as 19 hours and 34 minutes.
First class mail is delivered in three to five days.
It iis 47.5 miles according to Google Maps.
The Distance between Saint Louis, MO and Miami, FL is: 1708.68kilometers (km). In Other Units: 1061.72 miles. 922 nautical miles.
how far is accra Ghana from Milwaukee wis
Oak Grove, Oakdale, Oakfield, Oakland, Oasis, Oconomowoc, Oconto, Oconto Falls, Ogema, Ojibwa, Oma, Omro, Onalaska, Oneida and Orange are towns in Wisconsin Oregon, Orienta, Orion, Osborn, Osceola, Oshkosh, Otsego, Ottawa, Otter Creek, Oulu and Oxford are towns in Wisconsin.
i took my high school diploma there in 2003 i need a copy of it
You could visit the Wisconsin Dells! It's so much fun there. I live in Wisconsin it is really fun. For Wisconsin Dells there's the Chula Vista, Kalahari, Wilderness, Noah's Ark, and Mt. Olympus! Including more! You should visit some of thoses sometime! I've been to all and it's fun. Also you could...
You can order a copy of a Wisconsin birth certificate from the Wisconsin Vital Records Office. You can apply in person, by mail, or by fax. Proper ID is required, such as photo driver's license or ID card, or 2 of either a government issued employee ID badge with photo, passport, checkbook, bankbook...
Because of the European and Scandinavian background of the people who settled the state. Many of them came from farming/dairy regions of those countries. Therefore when they settled in their new homeland they brought their customs and introduced them into their lives here.
It is 630 miles according to Google Maps.
It is 102 miles according to Google Maps.
IIt is 1,077 miles according to Google Maps.
It is 1,265 miles according to Google Maps.
Of course not. Wisconsin is cause The Badger State because there are no badgers whatsoever in the state.yes there are , the 1st person who answered was wrong , then why would it be called the badger state then ?
It was founded in 1910 and dedicated in 1911, from the websiteHistory of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, past and present: . STS. CYRIL AND METHODIUS CHURCH The arrival of Rev. James Cherne in Sheboygan was in March, 1910,and his mission here was to found a Slavonic Catholic church, inwhich he was...
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He was unhappy with his contract and wanted to leave.
Madison is the capital city in Wisconsin. Lincoln is the capitalcity in Nebraska.
It's approximately 55 miles and a 65 minute drive, depending on traffic. See related links for more details.
Occasionally some of the boathouses on the Upper MIssissipi Rivercome up for sale, but seldom through a traditional realtor. Thebest way to learn of one for sale is to visit the area where youwant to buy one and talk with the current owners. There are alsoowners' associations, and one of these...
Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl, both Democrats.
It is nine miles southeast of Marshfield.
It is 117 miles according to Google Maps.
the hottest it's ever been is 135 degrees It's usually hot and humid, above 30 degrees, even in northern cities like Beijing. Summer is also the rainy season. So you can expect, alot of heat and rain. Many places are air conditioned though, such as buses, and trains. It doesn't get quite as hot as...
No city in Wisconsin begins with the letter Q. However, if you need a Q letter word for Wisconsin, Queens Way is the name of a road in Monona, Wisconsin.
As of March 27, 2010, 39.8" had fallen. Source: NWS La Crosse office
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 3 hours and 7 minutes.
Les Paul and Harry Houdini
Kanpur is about to be the sister city of Milwaukee. You can view Milwaukee's sister cities on this link- city . milwaukee .gov/ sistercities
No. You commit a crime somewhere and then commit a crime somewhere else, both places will want you to serve time for each individual crime you commit.
It was admitted to the Union in 1848 as the 30th state. 1846
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 20 hours and 34 minutes.
yes you can. I know many people that are.
It is 333 miles according to Google Maps.
Answer well... Wisconsin is known for the dairy products The "natural" age of emancipation is 18. In some cases a minor can be legally emancipated. You would want to contact a family lawyer in your local area to ask about this. Answer There is no early emancipation statute in the state of...
It is 328 miles according to Google Maps.
It is 1,123 miles according to Google Maps.
First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.
New York, NY, USA is 1 hour ahead of Milwaukee, WI, USA .
It is 886 miles according to Google Maps.
It is 1,850 miles according to Google Maps, however if you can live with a little less glitter, you could drive to Las Vegas, New Mexico which is only 1,383 miles.
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 18 hours and 14 minutes.
Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan
Well on their website it says "Meeting community needs...enhancing quality of life." So I'm assuming that's it.
It is 92.4 miles accordiing to Google Maps.
The driving distance between Denver, CO and Milwaukee, WI is approximately 1045 miles. The driving time would be approximately 16 hours 30 minutes if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such...
No it was on capitol just east of appleton avenue. About 74th or 75th.
No river in Wisconsin begins with the letter Q.
Wisconsin professes to have 15,074 lakes (see related links). However, 9,037 of these lakes are unnamed and average only fouracres in size, leaving only 6044 that are named. According to WIDNR, "Of the 15,074 documented lakes in Wisconsin, only about 40percent have actually been named. The majority...
The Five Major Highways in Florida are: . === 95 === . === 75 === . === 10 === . === 275 === . === 4 ===
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The abbreviation of Alabama is AL.
Nashotah Necedah Neenah Neillsville Nekoosa Neshkoro New Auburn New Berlin Newburg New Franken New Glarus New Holstein New Lisbon New London New Richmond Niagara North Freedom North Lake Northfield North Prairie Norwalk
Through the 2009 season, that is Richie Sexton with 14. On April 25, 2003 against the Atlanta Braves, Sexton had a double and three home runs for his 14 total bases. That broke the Brewers record of 13 set by Paul Molitor in 1982.
Beautiful year round in northeastern wisconsin where I am from. Summers are perfect about 70-80 degrees with beautiful uncrowded large lakes for jetskiing, boating, fishing some lakes up here are 7 miles long with beautiful pine trees and tons of Eagles flying above you. FALL the weather is...
Lottomatica Roma of the Italian Lega A.
it is a cold and hot climate according to its temperature.
Answer . It depends on where you live and is associated with latitude. The further you go north or south of the equator, the deeper the frost line tends top be.
There is no statute in Wisconsin. You'll have to wait until you are the age of majority. If you are not safe at home, contact the local social services agency to get help.
gray squirrel . great blue heron . great horned owl . groundhog
because we used to have so many dairy farms, our state animal is the dairy cow and our drink is milk, and the best milk and cheese doesnt come from california, its wisconsin!
· Queens Way is the name of a road in Monona, Wisconsin
The time of sunrise and sunset is very dependent on the date and exact location. A difference of 15 miles can change the time of sunrise or sunset by a minute. Please re-post your question with a city name or zip code. You can easily calculate the time of sunrise or sunset by visiting the web...
Take I-80 WEST to I-94 WEST in Indiana. . Take I-94 WEST to Milwaukee. On this stretch, bypass Chicago by taking I-294.
It is 324 miles according to Google Maps.
Some famous people from Wisconsin include: Frank Lloyd Wright (architect) Laura Ingalls Wilder (author of Little House on the Prairie ) Gene Wilder (Actor works including, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory - 1971 and The Producers - 1968) Eric Kyle Szmanda (Actor playing Greg...
It is 1,044 miles according to Google Maps.