Officially the Republic of Finland, this Nordic country is located in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe. With a total area of 130,596 sq mi, it is the eight biggest country in Europe. Finland is also the most sparsely populated nation in the European Union.


Technically, there are more than one body of water separatingEngland and Finland: the North Sea, which is closest to England;and the Baltic Sea, which is closer to Finland.
ethnic group finn are known s finns or finnish people in shortdescription.
Names are spelled the same way in Finnish.
Yes, in 1952 the summer Olympics were held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The winter Olympics have never been held in Finland.
yksi kaksi _ kolme_
Dream (noun) is uni in Finnish. To dream of something is " uneksia jostakin". To have a dream is " nähdä unta jostakin".
Dot is piste in Finnish.
It will never be held in Finland.
Helsinki is the only Capital of Finland and also at the same time the largest city with approximately 583,484 (2009-12-31) inhabitant's. Other large city's in Finland are: Espoo, 244 353 inhabitant's. Tampere, 211 544 inhabitant's. Vantaa, 197 663 inhabitant's. Turku, 176 157 inhabitant's. ...
The most common Finnish eye colours are blue and brown, so yes.
Finland's money is not a dollar. Finland uses euros.
Finland is +2 hours ahead of the UK. 9am in London would be 11am in Helsinki.
That would be "Olenko vehnä vai akana?" in Finnish. Why someone would want to ask that I don't know...
The Baltic. Would it not be easier to look at a map than asking wikianswers?
The phrase "Good luck!" in Finnish is " Hyvää onnea! " or " Lykkyä tykö! ". You can also just say Onnea! on it's own. " Onnea! " can also mean "Congratulations!".
Move to Finland. Finland has a superior quality of life compared to USA. Especially if you have children. Think free healthcare, education, higher education, lower crime, etc etc
Finland has one of the best education systems in the world. It is also a very beautiful country, especially in the summer with many lakes and islands. The people are very nice, but it might take a while for them to warm up to you (alcohol seems to help this process though). Winters can be difficult...
It's "Hyvää joulua" or "Hauskaa joulua". Happy New Year is then "Hyvää uuttavuotta".
...zoos? Of course Finland has zoos! Maybe the most famous zoo of Finland is Korkeasaari ("High Island") in Tampere town.
Pori and Vaasa are nice
The concept of "small talk" doesn't exist in Finland, so silence is a normal part of their lives, though Finns are comfortable with it. So any conversation that Finnish people have would be of some sort of importance - it may start off with "Hi, how are you?" "I'm fine, thanks" and then diverse into...
The Customer Service Office of the Bank of Finland will convert all markka banknotes printed after the Second World War into euro until 29 February 2012. Coins included in the last markka coin series will also be accepted for conversion until 29 February 2012. However, the deadline for the...
Finland was not occpied by Axis-states nor was a member of Axis-states. Finland fought a separate war against Russia in two occasions first 1939-1940 and 1941-1944. First Russia attacked Finland in November 1939. This 'Winterwar' ended after 105 days of fighting when Germany (Hermann Göring)...
Finland was an ally of Nazi Germany from 1941-45 and was not occupied.
Finland already controls some of Karelia ("West Karelia", "Finnish Karelia") . If the remainder of the region was offered, it is likely they would consider the offer, and quite possible they would accept it.
finlands national insrument is the Kantele
Well I went to Finland, In the winter, And we had a fire which has smoke, which causes environment issues. We had also buying more cotton clothes which kills any animal with wool, such as a sheep. In the summer time it gets really hot, we have bbq's which does the same as a fire.
Finland was first invited to join the Olympics year 1896, but it didn't join. First time Finland competed at the Olympics in the year 1906.
Answer . \nBlitzkrieg was a war tactic used by Hitler to strike and occupy areas quickly. \n. \nNorway was occupied by Germany but Finland was not. Thus there was no blitzkrieg with Finland.
About 1 hour and 25 minutes if you fly directly.
They were never a de facto Axis as they never singed the Tripartite Pact they are classified as a co-belligerent. The winter war started on 30 November 1939 so I guess you could count that, or the Continuation War on 25 June 1941. I think that the Continuation War is when they joined as the Axis...
60 o 10'15''N, 024 o 56'15''E
Dead is kuollut in Finnish.
The capital of Finland is Helsinki and, since the country is part of the European Union, Euros are used.
In 2007. Koskenkorva (Locally manufactured grain spirit) Leijona (Locally manufactured grain spirit) Suomi-viina (Locally manufactured grain spirit) Source: Oy Alko Ab (Finnish alcohol monopoly company.)
We have crops to grow our food. If you want some other kinds of foods too, farm animal industries are also located here. Meat: Only 0,1% or so contain salmonella. It's safe to eat almost anything here. But a fair warning: Mämmi is as ugly as it is tasty... Some might like it and some...
Yes. Before Germany attacked Russia, Hitler and Stalin were partners for two years. This was the time after Germany and Russia signed a "non-aggression pact", to clear the way to invade Poland, which both did in September 1939. The Soviet Union then attacked Finland, in what was called the "Winter...
Answer . Answer: Play Softly, Thou Tune of My Mourning
Finland is 3,5% of the size of US.
It is really unclear where are the Finnish people from. If we have understood right the signs we have found from Karijoki's Susiluola (Wolf Cave), there have been Neandertals in Finland about 130 000 years ago before the last ice age. But the signs what we are sure about, are from Lahti's Ristola...
In the 31th of March of 2O1O, it was 244 930. Espoo is also the second biggest city in Finland.
I don't know man, it keeps me up at night.
I went on a American airlines flight from San Francisco then I went on a British airways flight to Helsinki. I don't if it's the best route but that's how I got to Helsinki from San Francisco.
3 answers after a merger: 1. Pre-historic Nordic people invented skiing to assist hunting, military technique, and as a practical transportation for themselves and the Samis. The oldest and most accurately documented evidence of skiing origins is found in modern day Norway and Sweden. The...
It is believed that all major religions are practiced in Finland. However nearly 80% of Finns belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.
There is nothing else like it. The wind in your face. The extreme speeds you can only get from skiing. The air and acrobatics you can do off a jump. Nothing but you, a piece of plastic, and the ice (or powder, whatever you prefer to ski on). "Nothing else compares"-Jake Zamansky (US Olympic Skier)
Sauna and lots of alcohol.
Johan Ludvig Runeberg in the 1846. Actually, he wrote it originally in Swedish as a first poem to his book The Tales of Ensign Stål (in Finnish Vänrikki Stålin tarinat ). In the 1848 Fredrik Pacius composed it. After it Paavo Cajander translated the song to Finnish. Finland's...
Finland is farther north.
Right now, there is not any wars in Finland, but from year 2002 the Finnish people have joined the war in Afghanistan.
They are called Finnish, Finns, and Finlanders.
various fins, whale, shark and dolphin for example.
He translated the New Testament into Finnish, which was the first printed work in Finnish. In doing so he also had to invent many Finnish equivalents of words from latin and in this way he helped develop the Finnish language. He was the principal of the Cathedral School in Turku Finland, and...
A hummingbird is kolibri in Finnish.
In Finland, there were 6 internet service providers in 1999. For more info:
In Finland it's Helsinki, in Romania it's Bucharest.
Sillä he jotka astuvat sisään tulevat kohtaamaan kuoleman.
A murderer is murhaaja in Finnish.
Bad girl, as in someone who is naughty, would be tuhma tyttö . If you mean a bad girl as in a bad person then it's paha tyttö .
Eero Snellman & Bruno Tuukkanen
There is no queen in Finland.
Perhe.. Family is perhe in Finnish.
Yes. Dutch can be similar to English but Finnish is not.
Alpine skiing, biathlon, freestyle skiing, hockey, snowboarding, speed skating, cross-country skiing, ski-jumping, Nordic combined, and figure skating. So a lot of skiing there.
Helsinki is located in Finland, Europe.
i think the major imports for Finland are the things that most other countries get like cars, food supply, water, electronics.
Queen is kuningatar in Finnish.
They do use the Baltic Sea
Mikka Kiprusoff (Calgary Flames), Teemu Selanne (Anaheim Ducks), Saku Koivu (Anaheim Ducks), Mikko Koivu (Minnesota Wild), Olli Jokinen (NY Rangers), Tuomo Ruutu (Carolina Hurricane), Jere Lehtonen (Dallas Stars), Jarko Ruutu (Ottawa Senators), Valtteri Filppula (Detroit Red Wings), Joni Pitkanen ...
Obviously,,,Nepali can come to Finland for their study .......Just you need to rearch for the college and apply for a appropiate university,,,But never go to consultancy for help,,every information is provided in Internet,, and u can search in internet,, don't pay any money for information,, For...
No, Oslo is the capital of Norway. Finland is a country.
Because it is a nice view in Most of Finland And very nice weather.
Finland exports metalproducts, paper, electronic hardware, minerals and other materials that can be gained through mining, and more. Some of the biggest cruisers in the world (including the biggest one) have been built in Finland.
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
We grow mainly wheat, barley, oat and rye. Wheat and oat are not that widespead, they're only grown in the south, because they don't survive the conditions up north. Barley and rye are more tenacious.