India Marriage

Indian marriage commonly involves a pre-arranged wedding by the partners’ families. It is usually a lively event that lasts for several days and focuses on two families being united socially by marriage.

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List of top ten states in India?

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The top 10 strongest states in India today due to a survey in mar 2011 are: (on basis of Agriculture,Industries,Past and Present Political presence, Available Resources,Contributions for the nation,Total number of towns,Total Number of educated people and some other key factors ) : 1) Uttar Pradesh (UP) 2) Maharashtra (MH) 3) Tamilnadu (TN) 4) Panjab (PB) 5) Gujraat (GJ) 6) Haryana (HN) 7) Karnataka (KA) 8) Kerala (K) 9) Uttarakhand(UA) 10) Andra pradesh (AP)
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What is the Priyanka Chopra's email address?

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WikiAnswers does not divulge private or personal information, such as telephone numbers, email addresses or home addresses, for individuals.
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What is the meaning fo the name of saranya in Tamil?

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S - Santhosa A - Annaipil R - Ringaramiitu A - Aaallai N - Nilaiyaka Y - Yasikaka Veipaal A - Aval ---------------------------------- SARANYA
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Why do people have red dots on their foreheads?

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The Bindi, or the dot, has a deep spiritual meaning for Hindus that revolves around chakra and figuratively seeing with a third eye. Chakra is the belief that certain points on the body have a deeper spiritual purpose to them. The point in between the eyes is considered to be a focal point of concentration and understanding, hence the figurative third eye reference, to see what most do not. It revolves around the belief in being conscious of things that take deep spiritual focus. It also can carry the idea of the center of the universe around us is at that point on the forehead that deals with concentration and meditation. It is a symbol for many, but for some the dot is actually believed to help them be able to see things clearly.
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How do you add husband's name in the passport?

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You cannot add names to US passports. The person wishing a passport must apply for his or her own under the federal laws relating to the matter.
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What is the meaning of the red sign on a Chevy Cavalier showing an arrow and liquid level?

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coolant temperature is too high indicating a probem such as thermostat, water pump or worse. Also means low coolant. Check it.
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What is the age limit for marriage in Germany?

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18 years for female as her body has to develop fully to give birth to a baby. 21 years for male as he will be robust and father a healthy child. 18 years for female as her body has to develop fully to give birth to a baby. 21 years for male as he will be robust and father a healthy child. 18 years for female as her body has to develop fully to give birth to a baby. 21 years for male as he will be robust and father a healthy child.
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Is there a name for the parents of your daughter-in-law?

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The English language has no term to describe a relationship between you and the parents of your daughter-in-law. In English-speaking cultures, you are not related. If you have to refer to them other than by name, you can call them "my son's parent's-in-law" or "my daughter-in-law's parents."
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Do Hindu men have many wives?

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In India, as per the Hindu Marriage Act, polygamy is considered illegal.
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Can a 16-year-old girl and a 24-year-old guy get married?

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That depends on the laws in your state. It is easy to understand that you must love this person. Make sure it is what you want. If you are truly in love than the two of you can wait until you are of legal age and have at the very least finished high school. Best case scenario...enjoy being 16 don't rush adulthood. He had his time at being a teenager. YOU should have yours. The question is not "Can you get married," it's "Why do you want to get married?" Both the guy and the girl are immature to think this is a good idea. The girl has no experience with the real world, and the guy would essentially be married to an immature little sister. If the marriage happens, it will be over in less than two years. One of the two will grow up and realize the mistake that was made. Let me guess, neither of you graduated from high school, right?
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Can a 17-year-old girl get married to a 29-year-old guy?

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With permission of her parents, yes. Otherwise she has to wait until she is 18, or is legally emancipated, if possible in her state.
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Does shahi surname come in rajput caste?

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answer to your question is Yes, my name is Anil shahi and i m Hindu raj put of A very rare bisen clan. As per my knowledge shahi also comes in Muslim bisen rajputs (converted our relatives)and the title shahi is used by Punjabi rajputs and janjua Muslim rajputs. places where shahis are found: Afghanistan, Pakistan,kashmir, rajasthan, Punjab, haryana,uttaranchal, up, mp, bihar, Nepal. {Iran---- Muslim community} the other confusing part of this surname is many of the shahis are bhumihaaar bhramins (bhramin clan). so if you find shahi from up, bihar and Nepal they could be bhumihaars.
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What is the success rate of military marriages?

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If you are in love with someone in the military then go into the relationship with your eyes open! The explanation in the story linked to the right gives you reason for a higher risk of divorce, but, if you love the person then even a day, week or month of seeing each other should keep you together. Particularly a woman deciding whether to marry a soldier or officer should be aware that he may be gone for long lengths of time, that there will be worries such as "are they coming home safe and alive" and the most dangerous of all ... LONLINESS! The wife can be left on base (housing) feeling very lonely when her spouse is off to war. However, there is no reason that two mature people can't endure this stressful time. The female spouse can get active by working, volunteering and it helps the time to pass. Writing your spouse letters, sending videos of yourself and children if and when you have any and just being there to cheer him on. Both male/female soldiers need all the cheering and upbeat news they can get and it gives them a reason to keep on fighting. I believe if you want it to work then it can! You have to decide. Don't let the stats below make you decide not to marry someone you love that just happens to be in the Armed Forces. If you love him then marry him! Marriage is a risk at best. If you are in love with the person then go ahead. There might be that chance that the person might die at war, but if you love him/her, are you willing to take the chance?
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What does the Red dot signify on the foreheads of India Hindu?

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Answer The red dot is actually made of a powder called 'KumKum'. It is considered sacred in Hindu religion. Both males and females wear it. 'Bindi' is the modern version of kumkum worn by women. It doesn't necessarily signify if the women is married or not. -------------- The area between the eyebrows is where the Third Eye is believed to be located. It represents inner wisdom. Hence kum kum signifies this spot and believed to protect the inner wisdom. it also is always red for Hindus
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Kya life main sex jaruri hai or kyun?

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Sex jaruri hai sukh aur santati k liye. Sex is necessary for pleasure and procreation.
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Where can unmarried couples get a room in mumbai for a few hours to spend time with our partners?

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you will get rooms near Aaksa beach Malad west..........there r many rooms available for couples............
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How will a bold guy behave when he loves a girl?

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Flirt with her, and if she doesn't want to know, the grow back your hair or get a wig!