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Rules of the Road

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The ability to obtain a license to drive is based upon knowing the rules and laws associated with the endeavor. Ask questions here about the laws and legal responsibilities of being a driver.
That varies state to state and county to county, speeding in mostcases is a minor offense, however, how much you go over the speedlimit can make the fine more expensive and how many points go onyour driver's license. So for speeding tickets in general, there isno exact amount. If the officer that...
usually not even sentenced unless they send you that night and willbe able to call a bail bonds man as soon as u get there. i got 2felonys and 6 charges and still goin strong so dont stress bro.....
You will get a warrant issued for your infraction in the state  where you committed the offense.
From dividing strip count 1st lane. if 2ways, close to soulder is  2nd lane
The maximum BAC (blood-alcohol content) you are legally allowed tohave before being considered illegal is 0.08% in the US. In the UKthe limit is 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath.
That varies from state to state, and that's usually up to the judgewho is given your case. There is no exact sentence for a DUIoffense, but each state has requirements that each person foundguilty must meet. For my state: In Indiana, if you're found guilty of DUI/DWI/OWI,according to dmv.org,...
they didnt have traffic lights back then sorry :/
In many jurisdictions you can drive LSMs, or low speed motorcycles, commonly called MoPeds or motorized bikes, without a drivers licence or any special insurance. These bikes are limited in engine power which is often an electric motor and are a great means of transportation within city limits.
In the U.S. the law varies from state to state, in Oregon you must park no further than 12 inches from the curb. Some states allow as much as 18 inches. Ideally for safety, I tell drive students to be about 6 inches from the curb, there is less chance a passing vehicle will hit your car.
buy a tag from the title shop 
A privilege that can be revoked if abused.
No. If you do not go to court you will be put in jail.
Over 845,384 in the us alone
Yes, anything over 49cc is considered a motorcycle.
Your right, you are responsible to leave enough distance between  you and the vehicle in front of you in order for you to be able to  stop. Good measure is one car length for every 10 mph that you are  traveling. This also applies to the person behind you. Technically  you are responsible for...
You will need an I.D., your birth certificate, and an non-laminated  Social Security card. Go to the court house, and ask for the  licensing section.
-You must obey the traffic laws. -You must drive without a collision.-You must drive with your parent, guardian, spouse or an adult 25 years of age or older who has a valid California driver license.-You must hold your permit for 6 months before you can take your driving test to get your driver...
It depends on if the officer will add wreckless driving to the  ticket. It will be around $200 if he doesn't.
Citations and fines are controlled by the local municipality that  the violation occurred in, no matter whether the ticket was issued  by State Patrol, Sheriff's Deputy, or City Police. If you were in  the City, call the Magistrate Judge in that city. If in the County  it will be Magistrate or...
if you get stop in Canada for DUI and don't report to insurance, are you obligated to report to them.
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The law is that it is not legal to cross a solid white line in cobb  county.
It depends on your state, and sometimes your county. Your state's  DMV website may have information on specific fines and penalties,  but generally they will only tell you what the maximum fine/penalty  is. You may get a reduced fine for various reasons.
What you wrote here is not a question. I don't know what you are  wanting to know about a ticket. The ticket will show up on your  Virginia drivers license even though you received it in another  state. As far as the status of your license that will depend on  your home state.
Prices for fines are control by the individual jurisdiction in  which the violation occurred. You will need to call the City or  County listed on the ticket itself to find out what the fine is for  the violation for which your were cited.
Leaving the scene of an accident can be a major issue. In Georgia,  fines and such are handled by the individual jurisdiction where the  violation occurred. Fines are different depending on the Magistrate  or Probate Court that is handling the matter.
If it's over 50cc, is registered, insured, and you have a  motorcycle license, then yes.
Just simple compressed air, available for free at any gas station.
Both. Even the most minor traffic violation is a crime.Speeding is a crime. The sign says speed "LIMIT" not speed suggestion.This is a law. Any law broken is an illegal act hence a crime.
Of course not. You should legally move over to the turning lane,  signal and make your turn, always knowing that any other vehicle  occupying the lane has the right of way. You can never legally cut  across lanes.
You should see a doctor if you feel any level of pain and  discomfort. It may even be a good idea to get checked out even if  you feel fine. Your doctor will be in the best position to  determine whether you sustained any serious injuries in the  accident.
    == Fault in a Parallel Parking Accident ==     Here are several opinions from FAQ Farmers:     * Always always always the person behind. There are so many reasons you might not see someone behind you, but you should always see the person in front and give them enough room,...
Some parks are located on private property and some are public  property. It would depend on the owner of the park. A homeowners  association for instance can own a park within their subdivision.  This would be a privately owned park and can be only for members of  the homeowners association if...
Go to the courthouse and get another one.
If you receive the higher rate component of the Disability Living  Allowance, you may begin driving at the age of 16. Otherwise, you  must wait until you are 17.
I think 37 percent drivers are habitual of drinking. For moreinformation visit SiebenCarey .
Traffic signals are placed at intersections to keep traffic moving and avoid crashes true or false
Assuming that the car hit was stopped when the other car was  backing up, the one backing will be at fault. If there is no  damage, or if it is below a certain threshold it may not even count  as a collision.
Absolutely. You have one drivers license. The ticket is tied to  this drivers license number and therefore will go on your driving  record no matter what state the license is from. It will definitely  show up on your record.
  Since SADD's founding in 1981, impaired driving deaths among teens have dropped nearly 60%, a remarkable decline. It's important to note that SADD changed its name in 1997 to "SADD, Inc." and encouraged chapters to use "Students Against Destructive Decisions" to emphasize that the...
you need to get your drivers license replaced when your current one expires. look at the license's and you'll see a date(not your birth date) & that's when you need to get it replaced.
the age requirement for a learners permit in Florida you must be at least 15 to receive your license you must be 16 or older to qualify for a license you must have had your permit for 12 months (1 year) and have your legal guardian appove that you have completed 50 hours of driving with a 21 year...
How much limo drivers make depends on where they work and their  experience. Limo drivers usually make a specific amount per hour  and also get tips.
My opinion is that you should not be driving any longer. Jail is  most likely the best alternative. Thanks for your question. I hope  my answer was helpful to you.
  Every person who operates a motor vehicle on the highways of the State of Alabama must first secure a driver license.   Alabama law recognizes two classes of engine-equipped cycles:   1. Motorcycle is defined as a motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and...
Inebriated, impaired, or incompetent. Also dangerous.
The car that is moving is the only one with the power to avoid the  accident therefore, the other car is at fault. They may say they  weren't moving as well though. Good luck.
Why were you driving without a license? You will be prosecuted for  the violation but it has nothing to with fault. If the other party  was at fault their insurance is responsible for damages to your  car. You will never get your license back. Habitual gets you jail  time.
  go to the dmv WITH PROOF of the states error and they should reinstate it.
== ==   Well it has to do with your state. Around 15-20 yrs of age. IN NY it is 16- 17 yrs. of age.   In some countries there are no restrictions
It will be impounded until you pay the fines and fees involved. Be  careful because you will probably be charged a storage fee for  every day you leave it in the impound lot.
When you can see the rear tires on the car in front of you touching the road.
they keep the world in balance. without them we would all be dead
An intersection with no stop sign indication means you have the right of way, this also means that the drivers on the other side of the intersection have a stop sign. But to be safe,you can always slow down, just to be ready to break if a driver thinks you have a stop sign.
An intersection with no stop sign indication means you have the right of way, this also means that the drivers on the other side of the intersection have a stop sign. But to be safe,you can always slow down, just to be ready to break if a driver thinks you have a stop sign.
You would have broken more than one law. You would be charged with  vehicular manslaughter, among many other possible charges.
Your court date is generally listed on your ticket. You must pay  the ticket before this date or show up for court.
No. Regardless of your point of origin, all persons entering Canada by air from another country must have a passport.
If you have your G2 or higher you need insurance to drive.
Fine for violation are determined by individual municipalities.  Rates are different is every town. There is not even a Statewide  standard and certainly not a Nationally.
You can get a "junior permit" as young as 14 if you can show that you do not have adequate transportation to school, work, and/or other important functions. Restrictions are to be placed on the permit by the Department of Motor Vehicles based on the intended use of the permit. If you only get the...
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outside lane is the lane nearest edge of road inside line is lane  closest to the middle of the road
If you're caught, depending on what the restriction is, you could be fined, and even have your licence suspended.
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There typically isn't a Statute of Limitations for a ticket. It is designed to prevent someone being accused of something years after it happened when witnesses are not available and memories are not fresh. A ticket eliminates this issue. Once a ticket has been issued, there is no requirement that...