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Care of Reptiles

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No longer just the snake or lizard captured from your back yard, pet reptiles have become a major industry with exotics imported from all over the world. Reptiles are ectotherms and must back in the sun or find a warm spot to get warm and become active. Keeping reptiles as pets requires equipment, knowledge, and special care. To learn more about how to properly provide the needs of pet reptiles, come into our Pet Reptile category.
Red Ear Sliders are not "bottom walkers" so it won't stay on thebottom. They love swimming, and can get quite large so a lot ofswimming space is needed. They also absolutely NEED to bask toprevent shell rot and other not so nice medical conditions,including not digesting their food and eventually...
Yes they can, just make sure not to overfeed it with leafy greenssuch as parsley, cabbage, spinach, kale, etc.
Either it means the male thought it was food by mistake, it wanted to play with the female, or it just did not feel comfortable around her at the time.
DO NOT FEED HAMSTERS!!!!!! Feed rats. if the rat is as big as the biggest part of their body then do it!
It is not recommended to "play" with your RES. You can and shouldhandle them, but not frequently and not for long periods of time.If you want to bond with it, you can take it out of its tank andlet it walk around in the grass, but this can lead to all sorts ofproblems and should be done under...
Turtle eggs look almost like a ping pong ball. The only thing is that they are a rubber feeling if ou were to touch them. The only time bio techs takes the eggs is when they did not hatch.
yes Indeed a dog can fart - many, many times..... Dog flatulence can be unpleasant for both you and your dog if it becomes excessive. It can be a sign of a deeper health problem so if your dog does start to fart, keep an eye on the situation. A dog can get a spot of gas just like any human....
Usually leaves, woody plant stems, and vegetation around them.
Cordeelia,Bugweiser,Brittany,Lily-pad,hoppers,jumper any name you want actually!!!
A terrapin is not only the mascot of the University of Maryland,but it is also a turtle. A terrapin may be eaten by raccoon,skunks, and birds when the turtles are still in their eggs.
The pet desert can survive without eating for a few months.
Food and more food and more food.
There are some 300 species of turtle, and the curious party would do some searching on the web and through a library to find out what they are called and learn something about them.
Ok, whoever put the last answer is stupid, because there's a difference between spider bites and snake bites. Snake bites are one on one side and one on the other, but spiders are just 2 on one side. and sorry i have no idea how much it costs. I was looking it up two, and found that answer and was...
Cage, or I called my tank simply a tank.
The frilled lizard is a slight khaki colour.
yes, as well as king snakes, they are great for begginers.
A red eared slider can live out of the water for extended periodsof time, up to several days, though you risk death due todehydration. I wouldn't recommend leaving them out for long periodsof time. I'd say max 4 to 6 hours a day.
I would say no, but I could be wrong. Mine likes to dig in his dirtnext to a heat pad.
Yes. They are color blind. :)
when tortoises come out of hibernation, they do not eat any differently. since they have been in such a deep sleep, they may have to get used to it again, but the do not eat any differently.
Frogs are prey to a variety of animals including (but not limited to) snakes, birds, bears & foxes.
It will not do any harm to grow Aponogeton in the turtle aquarium.This plant is fine for your turtle to eat as part of a wider,varied diet.
Usually in turtles, if the belly is flat, it is female and if the belly is concave, it is male
They are two..The Gila monster, and Mexican beaded lizard.
They could get eaten or badly hurt.
a turtles shell is rough and hard, so most animals can't open them. they have quick reflexes allowing them to bundle up inside their shell when threatened.
Depending on the actual species - 20-25 years.
It simply means that you have a dominate male or female. The "beard" turns black as a sign to others. Its totally normal.
Snakes are amazing pets! First of all, snakes are perfect for those who are not financially able to maintain a pet who needs a lot of money invested, such as a dog. A snake only eats once a week because their digestive system is slow; my snake eats two mice a week which is $5. The cage cost around ...
fish and frogs
Male chameleons are best not handled because they are very terratorial and aggressive .Female chameleons are less aggresive but if annoyed they may hiss or bite this is the same for a male .If you are looking for a pet chameleon i would advise to get a female rather than a male if you want to be...
I normally feed my tortoise by taking a piece of aloe off of aplant and giving it to him, but he is picky and doesn't eat it.
I'm not sure trying to figure it out
Red tail boas don't hibernate or brumate like most lizards do. They do like to sleep, especially to help digest food faster. I would guess it's coming out to explore at night. Make sure you have an 84-87 degree temp and humidity between 60-80%.
Answer . size is not an accurate way to tell age of a turtle do to the fact that if the turtle is kept in poor conditions ie without light in a very small enclosure not eating correctly or if it is sick... but from my opinion a quarter sized turtle is about 5 weeks old.
The Gopherus Polyphemus is a tortoise native to the coastal plains of the USA, Commonly called the Gopher Tortoise
Yes they do but most commonly red eared sliders 4" and above. I you want a baby red eared slider < rescue one from china town ;)
Hi :-) If you would like to keep them for a long time then follow my steps:. 1.They eat fruits and vegtables.But they love salad a lot.Atleast mine do...... 2.Change there food evreyday.. 3.Give them 2 water boils.Why?Because they have 2 have regular water and salt water.. 4.The best place to get 1...
No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The shark will eat it! Don't even take the chance!!
Two possible reasons--competition for food/territory/resources, or mating activity. If you see a lot of this going on, you need to separate the animals into different enclosures.
Russian tortoises need to eat a dry grass tortoise supplement . This may be found in a local pet store. This is not usually their food of choice, but they do need to eat it so they absorb nutrients. They also really enjoy pure romaine lettuce . This lettuce is usually what they love to eat, and...
there is only one of this species of tortoise And some people are hoping to find more.But a zoo has claimed to have found a male one too but it's unsure
Yes, Testudo hermanni is a temperate tortoise that is native to Europe's Mediterranean Basin. The temperate zone in the Northern Hemisphere is between the tropical and arctic zones, and that is where all members of the Testudo genus are found. This includes T. hermanni , as well as T....
We cannot give you any information - without a detailed,accurate description ! ANYONE considering keeping animalsshould research the species before they get it - regarless of whatkind of animal it is! Then - at least they'll have some idea ofwhat they're letting themselves in for ! Your ...
only some frogs eat grass but not all!!!!!!!!! mostly grass frogs eat that
Agkistrodon piscivorus (also called a Water Moccasin) is a live-bearer - giving birth to a clutch of up to 16 young.
yes i have 7 red eared sliders and they do eat their poop
There are two types of turtles: Freshwater turtles and sea turtles. All freshwater turtles live mostly in water but often climb onto rocks and land to bask in the sun, mate, and lay eggs. Sea turtles don't bask in the sun, but they mate and lay eggs on land. Freshwater turtles live in rivers and...
My name is Sarah. I have had my fire bellied newt for seven years. I feed it either live or frozen blood worms. It usually has fresh water, but I have not cleaned the terrarium that often, so I assume he is a tough little creature. I expect it to live for at least ten to fifteen years.
That geometric tortoise only have a ponty back .
Get a life do you really care NOOB
Fresh water turtles live at most to their twenties or thirties, depending on their species. Tortoises often live longer than 150 years, and the record for the longest-lived tortoise is 226 years. Sea turtles are lesser-known, but are often speculated to live up to 80 years.
It rather depends on the species. For example Corn snakes average around 12-15 years, while Reticulated pythons can live to almost fifty !
Spinach is a favorite, but also lettuce.
Answer . Maybe it is too cold, and it is trying to keep warm. Does the instruction manual say to provide a separate heat lamp at one end to raise the temperature significantly? I bet it does. If you have such a lamp, you could try putting a red bulb in it so it is warmer radiation than a white...
Pets especially dogs owned by bad owners. But no matter how good a owner is, wolves, wolf hybrids, snakes, monkeys, crocs, and scopions are very bad pets.
There is a specific species - called (funnily enough) an egg-eating snake. It's Latin name is Dasypeltis scabra. See related link for the Wikipedia entry - including a picture.
herbivores ---------------- Most tortoises are herbivores, with a very few species being omnivores.
the shell keeps the tadpole safe because it protects the tadpole from predetors
Yes Chinese water dragon are really good swimmers. You should fell a bathtub full of water so they can swim and it's really healthy for them
It is possible for a turtle to live that long, but unlikely. American box turtles usually live to be only 40, but have been known to live up to 100 years old, and sea turtles are estimated to live to about 80 years old. Keep in mind the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. Turtles live...
Cold Blooded just means that the animal is unable to maintain a constant body heat. Reptiles and other cold blooded animals need to be given some type of heat in order to maintain proper body function
oop by eating food
They usually go in the chicken coop or outside.
Keep it away from water that's too deep and do what you normally would do to care for your turtle.
You have inadvertently answered your own question ! They live exclusively on the Galapagos Islands !
This is from wikipedia: Hibernation is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in animal, characterized by lower body temperature, slower breathing , and lower metabolic rate. slower breathing , so yes your tortoise does respire when it hibernates
About two-three inches long. Don't worry, they'll grow!
long necked turtles eat a variety of foods such as crayfish, tadpoles and fish.
That seems easay. Well the only turtle that i know that lays over a hundred eggs is the green sea turtle. Sea turtles also live to be over a hundred years old.
They are related because millions of years ago reptiles evolved from amphibians, so that makes them pretty close.
. Depends if they are the same species. Also use commons sense do you really want a baby turtle around a large one?
Box turtles need both land and water to survive.
It's possible you have the temperature set too cold !
The Kleinmann's Tortoise is native to Egypt. It is very small, about five inches long.
Having to feed it little baby mice
An adult female crested gecko is usually bigger than a male due to the calcium and fat reserves required to last the breeding season. During the mating season, females will usually cut down on the amount of feedings due to stress. A female is usually not fit to breed until 45+ grams. A male, who is...
it puts the eggs underground
gut loaded crickets
i love baby turtles and i have two and i feed mine lettuce and turtle food for desert lol u can get turtle food that come in packs from any fish market and theyre super friendly so youll love themm
Corn Snakes are great first pet snakes to have. You should get a baby cornsnake so you can train him and look online for information on how to care for a snake. It is fairly easy and lots of fun because you learn things about snakes that you can't learn from a book. An adult corn snake can be up to...
It sounds like it's going through the shedding process (sloughing) - Both eyes should turn a milky blue, then clear again before the snake crawls out of its old skin. If it's not shedding - have your local vet take a look just in case it's something more serious.
I am an expert on frogs and tadpoles. This is how to look after tadpoles:. Don't give the tadpoles tap water because in that water there are 2 chemicals ( Fluoride and Chlorine ) that kill the tadpoles. So you should use either rain water or water from the creek/pond/river you got them from. If you...
No they can not live in a bowl they need a area to bask and they will grow pretty quickly so it's bets that you get a proper tank :)