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Anxiety Disorders

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Anxiety disorder is a blanket term covering a variety of mental abnormalities in which severe anxiety or fear is a prominent symptom. Anxiety disorder is separated into general anxiety, panic, and phobic disorder.


Not all grandmas have anger issues, but some may have them.
Why am I hallucinating? So I have three ideas of why , one I  haven't been eating much . yesterday , all I had was 5 pizza rolls.  But aside from that nothing extreme. Or , it could be that I just  quit using MDMA , its been a week since I've used . or I could be  wrong about both and I could be...
It's not a phobia. You're just a very caring person
There is a link between increased anxiety or panic attacks and  seasonal allergies and I suppose other allergies that increase  histamine production. But, I cannot get anyone to explain it to me.  It is recommended to take an antihistamine as Claritin, non-drowsy,  even when you don't have eye...
Traditionally Cold Calliing and Public Speaking. Fear of Failureand/or Success is also prevalent especially in young adult hawks.
Atychiphobia is the name for the fear of letting people down.
There is no such phobia that is the fear of werewolves, however, did you know that the werewolf originates from a disease called Lycanthropy? HHHHOOOOOOOOWWWLL!!!!! Larry Talbot arises again!!!
Answer . Agoraphobia is the fear of public or open spaces. More particularly, agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder characterised by an uneasiness, fear or dread about leaving familiar surroundings. This may include a reluctance to travel, particularly on public transport, or to be in crowded places....
They could but a panic attack affect the breathing more than the brainthe main symptom would be sruggeling to breath and a sudden fear washing over youyou could also possibly not be able to move towards what if making you scared
It's hard to imagine a physician choosing Temazepam as a first choice anti-anxiety treatment. Temazepam is likely to knock you out, since its principal use is as a sleeping medication. It does have some anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effect, but a physician is more likely to use one of the other less...
She has intense fear for: floods, anagrams, zombie apocalypse, and tangled wires
I'm not sure how old you are, but some anxiety regarding the opposite sex during the teen years is quite common. The idea of dating and becoming close with someone can be a little scary even to some adults. I am not an expert, but I am a mom, so my advice would be this: speak to someone about your...
One of the most effective ways to stop having panic attacks is to look at each symptom of the panic attack as it's own thing, rather than a symptom of a panic attack. For example, someone might always feel really dizzy when he is starting to have a panic attack. Then the next time he feels dizzy and...
There does not appear to be a scientific name to describe the fear of long jumping.
There does not appear to be a scientific name to specifically describe the fear of drains. Perhaps the fear stems from a fear of losing something valuable down the drain, or the resulting mess should something clog the drain. A fear of swimming pool drains or street drainages may indicate a fear of...
"He had arachnophobia, and could not abide the thought of a spider."
With an understanding of the language and a good list of existing phobias, I've come up with a new name for the Fear of Inability to Know or Fear of Not Knowing: Agnosiophobia (From Gnosiophobia - Fear of knowledge, which too many people are afflicted with.)
Astynomiaphobia is the correct psychological term with  astynomia meaning police in Greek and phobia  is fear in Greek.    Policophobia is more commonly used as slang which means a  fear of police encounters that appears to be more associated with a  class of residents such as renters, low...
Newspapers. Slippers. Hair Spray. lol Actually, air movement around a spider is what usually causes them to move; that is their defense mechanism. They feel air moving towards them on their body hair, and that causes them to get out of the way.
I'm not quite sure if there is an exact term for a "math phobia" but the fear of numbers is known as arithmophobia.
Cacophobia is defined as the fear of ugliness, which would include things you find ugly whether it be an animal or person. Unatractiphobia is not a real fear, it is more like slang, like, "my blind date was so ugly, I had a sudden case of unattractive phobia (unatractiphodia)"
Mankind in general has been plagued by fears. Experts have  classified death anxiert into various categories...These include  the fear of pain, the unknown, losing loved ones in death and the  fear of losing loved ones in death, and the fear of negative  consequences that one's death may have on...
There is one key factor that makes the difference between those who fully eliminate panic attacks from their lives and those who do not. The key ingredient is not medication, lifestyle changes, or relaxation exercises. It is when the individual no longer fears the thought of having a panic attack.. ...
== Salley ==   == ==   This word means "willow" and comes from the Irish word "saileach" for willow.   The Latin for willow is "salix", which is the name of the genus used today.   W. B. Yeats wrote a poem called "Down by the Salley Gardens" (published 1889) after visiting a village...
Astraphobia: an abnormal fear of lightning and thunder.
The emotion of fear has been around since the dawn of mankind.
Astrophobia is the fear of stars or celestial space.
Its because when your in the water with somebody you feel if a shark comes to eat you it will go for your friend, but of course if a shark comes to eat you when your alone you feel it will eat you. But just remember your more likely to die because of a bee or a dog than a shark. Phobia's are...
No Anne Frank was not claustrophobic. If she were claustrophobic  she wouldn't of been able to stay in what is know as the Anne Frank  house today.
Arachnophobia is different to a fear of spiders in the sense that a phobia is a lot more irrational and affects a sufferers life more than a fear. i have arachnophobia and even writing about it is slightly difficult. the one thing i cannot do is look at them or even look at pictures of them. I would...
  Its A Good Thing I don't Have A Lump In My Throat You Alien Weirdo you have A Lump In Your Throat.
•People with a general tendency towards fear and anxiety • People characterized as 'high strung' • People suffering from adrenal insufficiency
This could be claustrophobia or it can also be anxiety. If you know  you are not claustrophobic then most likely it is anxiety.
Agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces, so that would probably stop you leaving the house.
  I am not sure whether you are referring to a physical or emotional hurt. If you are referring to physical pain then there is the phobia listed below. Agliophobia - Fear of pain.
It's called podophobia only 1 in 1000 people have it.
Sitophobia or Sitiophobia is the fear of eating
I'd guess Georgophobia? From the word Georgos (Greek: Farmer)
I'm not sure about sailing, but fear of water and wave-like motions are technically termed:Water- Hydrophobia. Waves or wave like motions- Cymophobia or Kymophobia.Theses fears probably cause a fear of sailing.Hope this helped :S
I am 90% sure that Daniel Craig has social phobia.
Here are some of the most violent, bloody video games for children above age 12!Gears of WarGears of War 2God of WarGod of War 2God of war 3ScarfaceAll Grand Theft AutosFalloutFallout IIFallout IIIFallout New Vegas*Dead Space*Dead Space 2
When you over use it making it go from protecting yourself to harming yourself.
Chronophobia- Fear of time
  == Answer ==   It's not required at all, now. Reason is that all kinds of Horrible people have mushed - up nowadays and you needn't fetch troubles by bowing to such evilish ones.   Sahaja Yoga is the Only Gateway to the Kingdom of God and is the Only Real Religion.   Goto www...
It depends on which type of candy... But there is no candy phobia. Just phobia of candy :)
don't feel tensed or panic during the interview,as these things are not going to add anything to your potential rather than decreasing it. So, what ever comes to your mind just say it in the best way it possible.Try to give the answers honestly,what you are!!!! because pretending something can be...
i don't think so cause there would've been some kind of record(s)
Arrhenphobia- Fear of men
The fear of snow is: Chionophobia
Vertigo is a feeling of dizziness that sometimes afflicts people.  It is most often caused by a problem in your neck or inner ear,  though it can sometimes be brought on by more serious problems,  such as a brain tumor.
People fear what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer.Andrew Smith
  Use Australian Bush Flower Essences Emergency Essence put 7 drops in 16 oz of water and shake, then sip and wait a few minutes and get a little closer to the escalators, take another sip and wait till you are calmer and keep advancing only if you feel comfortable. Best thing I found for fear...
Probably not because if you are afraid of everything then you can't eat, drink, sleep, use the restroom, or really even walk, or do anything with their bodies.... So no! I feel bad for them.
Perhaps one of the most preternatural irrational fears, a fear of oompa loompas. Oompa loompas are the musical, ubiquitous, little, creatures from the commonly known film, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". According to the novel, the knee-high creatures come from Loompaland, originally Africa...
It could be Isopterophobia- fear of termites or other insects that eat wood.
One of the most effective ways to stop having panic attacks is to look at each symptom of the panic attack as it's own thing, rather than a symptom of a panic attack. For example, someone might always feel really dizzy when he is starting to have a panic attack. Then the next time he feels dizzy and...
== Answer ==     Yes. Infact, I have this syndrome. The resperatory problems and fast hear-rate are usually caused by hypertension and constant high-level stress. The dark circles under your eyes are also likely side affects, or they could also be caused by a lack of sleep, which is common in...
  Yes they can be in certain individuals in various circumstances. There are also many other reasons and possibilities of chest pains as well which is best to have diagnosed by a physician.
  The caffeine in coffee (as well as the theophylline in tea, and the theobromine in chocolate) can be anxiogenic. That means, these compounds can increase anxiety in those who are prone to developing anxious symptoms.
Dear its very easy to calm anxiety . first of all take bath either warm or cold water use according to weather condition . then take a glass of your Favorited juice or water . lay down on bed enjoy glass but don,t use alcohol. then close your eyes just start to relax. After this just think that your...
Culrophobia isn't a phobia however, Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns
It is quite like Lygophobia, which is something coming to get you in darkness- I have this!
Terror-phobia or Terrorphobia.
A fear of the cold.
In 1919 a new Act was passed by the British government to give themselves greater power over the people of India. This Act was called the Rowlatt Act and was named after the Rowlatt Commission who had sent recommendations to the Imperial Legislative Council. The Act was also known as the "Black Act"...
PTSD can be a very hard illness to deal with, even if you are the  watcher, not the sufferer. For families it could be very upsetting  because part of the illness is sometimes losing touch with the  present moment (dissociating) and due to the high anxiety of the  condition, they may sometimes...
You can relax your self by putting a pillow in the seat. And if you have some earphones plug them to your phone and put relaxing song. Sincerely, Relaxologist
There are several things you can do to reduce the risk of stroke. Here are a few: Maintain a safe blood pressure, exercise, either don't drink or drink only moderately, take an aspirin a day, don't smoke, and keep your weight in the normal range.
There is no name for a fear of pancakes.
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i think Vidigameaphobia
Teacherphobia or Teacheraphobia
ANSWER several things but id say mostly latent survival instinct, a lot things to be fearful of can kill you or injur you to near fatality and as an animal survival instinct is very strong in humans. also the unknown itself is scary as you dont know anything about it, and one of our defining...
No. PTSD some cases may be cured and/or controlled with therapy. Not all cases of PTSD, just as not all people are the same. Some Dr's like to just put you on a medication and that's that. Most will put you on a medication and monitor your therapy progress. As you make progress with therapy they may...
  If you are having vision problems in one eye, you need to see your eye doctor. There are many possible causes, some of them are serious, and some are emergencies.