Officially the Republic of Cyprus, this Eurasian island country is located in the Eastern Mediterranean, west of Syria and Lebanon, and south of Turkey. Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region.
No. There is no city called "Cyprus" that is a capital city.However, the country of Cyprus has a capital: Nicosia.
the size of Cyprus its area is 9,250 sq km (3,571 sq mi).
Paphos, Cyprus is 2 hours ahead of Manchester, UK
Cyprus is a popular destination for British holidaymakers thanks toits mix of great weather, beautiful scenery, rich culture andlively nightlife. The expat community can also make the island feellike a home from home. But the familiarity of Cyprus does notnegate the need for travel insurance. As...
Tourists are in general, less caring about their impact on the environment of foreign areas. They tend to litter more, smoke more, drive more, clog up traffic (since they don't know where they're going), and crowd restaurants and theatres.
Cyprus is two hours ahead of the UK in time.
You can get to Cyprus by flying on the best airlines( Lord Airways) started by Joseph Lord.
There are two major religions in Cyprus; Orthodox Christianity in the south and Islam in the north. Yahweh (or Jehovah) is the Christian god, Allah is the Islamic god - although both religions can trace their roots to Abraham, so it would actually be the same god. In pre-Christian times Aphrodite...
Timi is a village in Cyprus.
The country code for the UK is +44 The area code for London is 020 - but the first zero is removed when dialling in from abroad. So, from Cyprus, the London number (020) 7946 0018 would be dialled as: 00 44 20 7946 0018.
The most popular one is football. The Cypriot league isimproving dramatically through the years, leading two Cypriot teamsto the champions league groups (Anorthosis Famagusta in 2008 andApoel Nicosia in 2009). Moreover, basketball is of great interestand as a third comes volleyball. Here is the...
Cyprus has a presidential republic.
Very pleasant! The people are generally friendly, the crime rate is extremely low, and there are amenities there to cater for every taste, from golfing to hill-walking to learning to scuba-dive. Fuel prices are very low, and car hire is cheap PROVIDED you use a local, Cypriot hire firm and not one...
Goa is 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Cyprus
Cyprus is a part of Europe.
Dimitris Christofias is the current leader of cyprus
after one year.sure 2011 \1\1 Answer 2 It is now 2012, and Cyprus still has no date for joining the Schengen Area.
A random search for flights from Glasgow (GLA) to Larnaca (LCA) shows: OPTION 1: 7hr 05min via London Heathrow (LHR) GLA - LHR BMI - British Midland Airways Flt 1 Dep 12:10pm 06Mar,Sat LHR - LCA Cyprus Airways Flt 347 Dep 02:50pm 06Mar,Sat Flight Duration: 5hr 50min; Layover Time: 1hr 15min...
You can use euro almost everywhere in northern Cyprus, although you might have to ask for the price in euro as menus will tend to be marked in Turkish lira.
UNFICYP = United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus See related link for more details.
oceans, lakes, mountains, wetlands, peninsulas, headlands, bays, and rivers
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A random search for flights from Larnaca (LCA) To Milan Linate (LIN) shows: OPTION 1: 5hr 30min via Rome Fiumicino (FCO) LCA - FCO Alitalia Flt 7705 Dep 01:10pm 12Mar,Fri FCO - LIN Alitalia Flt 2090 Dep 04:30pm 12Mar,Fri Flight Duration: 4hr 25min; Layover Time: 1hr 05min; Total Trip Time:...
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It is now 2012, and Cyprus still has no date for joining the Schengen Area.
You can't actually fly to Limassol as there isn't an airport. Limassol is equidistant between Paphos and Larnaca airports. It's around 4 and half hours flight to either airport and 40 minutes drive from either to Limassol.
It really depends on how you look at it. Some people here, such as the president, are rich. Some people come in at middle class like here in America, and some people ARE poor. But you can't say if the country is rich or if the country is poor. It could be in between-you just can't say either one.
The average life expectancy in Cyprus is 74
Where does Peter Andre live in Cyprus
They Grow Soya Beans And Avacardos !
Well there is a lot of Flamingos in salt lake Larnaca. They are very pink and usually arrive in large flocks in years where there is little rainfall. Then there are green turtles on the far west shores of Paphos this is listed as a wildlife protection area, they lay their eggs in the sand. These are...
It was used by Greek Army Regiment Headquarters as forward command post during the war of 1974. Hit by Turkish Air Force as part of conflicts between the Greek Regiment and Turkish Regiment.
It is now 2012, and Cyprus still has no date for joining the Schengen Area.
Roughly about 3650 kilometres or 2270 miles.
It is now 2012, and Cyprus still has no date for joining the Schengen Area.
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Yes they can. The British High Commission in Cyprus gives the following information: "British and other foreign nationals who have entered Cyprus through the north (e.g. Ercan airport) are considered by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus to have entered Cyprus through an illegal port of...
Alas, very little in Cyprus is cheap nowadays.. Property prices are lower than the European average.. Eating out is good value.. Fresh fruit and vegetables are good quality and, usually, very fresh as they are grown locally, but not particularly cheap compared with the rest of Europe.. The local...
+2 hour time difference, e.g 2pm GMT = 4pm Cyprus
You have to go to school from the age of 5 to 15. I started the kindergarten at the age of 3, and because I am going to an English private school, I will finish it in 5 years when I'd be 19 years old; well actually 18, since the school finishes in May and I was born in October.
Football is the most popular sport in Cyprus.
$1.00 (US) is worth .726850 Euro (the currency in Cyprus)
Cyprus is classed as in Europe (Eastern Europe precisely) (it is also a member of the European Union) but it is actually split between Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa.
As of 2012, Cyprus still has no date for joining the Schengen Area.
from Glasgow International Airport, it is 4hr 30 min with out dealeys. hope that helps
Well when i traveled from Cyprus to Paris it took the airplane 4hrs and 5 minutes.
It is Angaro City, 5 miles from the Western border.
Cypriot wine is commonly available in the UK. This is wine from the Republic of Cyprus. Produce from Turkish North Cyprus is subject to import restriction because of Turkey's dispute with both Greece and the Republic of Cyprus following the Turkish military intervention in the1970's.
Citrus, there are large orchards of orange trees to the west of Limassol at Fasouri which go into the island's Lanitis orange juice. Also almonds, carobs, olives, grapes, figs and I'm sure many other things.
The average temperature for the months of November-March varies between 41 and 59 degrees fahrenheit. The average temperature for the months of June and September is around 98 degrees fahrenheit.
The white background represent peace. The country's shape in copper to show its historical attachment with the metal, copper.
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Yes. However, because the island is divided between independentCyprus in the south and Turkish-Occupied North Cyprus (TRNC) in thenorth, crossing the border at Nicosia is probably the best way todo it. It is also much easier to cross into Cyprus from TRNC thanthe reverse. Additionally, it would...
Keo Beer. Which is a Cyprus home made beer, and is exported world wide.
The only restrictions are that rental cars from the South are not allowed into the North- the only way you could drive from South to North is if you somehow managed to borrow a private car from a Southern resident. If you want to motor in the North and are unable to do this, the best thing to do is...
The full list of the 26 current (as of 2013) members of the Schengen area is: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia,...
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Cyprus has been a Republic since gaining Independence from Britain in 1960, with it's own President who is elected every four years. The breakaway Northern sector, which was formed following the Turkish invasion of 1974, declared itself to be a Republic in 1983, although it is not recognised by any...
If you are driving you simply join the motorway that starts at the airport and follow the signs for Protaras or Agia Napa.
Like in Modern Koine!by many linguists cypriot (and cretan) it's not consider a dialect because of the small diference...
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Read number of entries, duration of stay, and validity of the visa. If you have single entry and you've been there once, then you have to get a new one; If it's multiple entry, then see if you have already stayed the number of days allowed; If you still have days remaining, then see if the...