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Hungary is a country in the Carpathian Basin of Central Europe which comprises of only land. It is bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. The capital is Budapest. It has an area of 93,030 square kilometers and a population size of 10,031,000. Ask any questions about the geography, history and local religion and culture of this country.


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János Áder is the president of Hungary.
  Just one. The numbers are obtained from the names by adding up the values of letters that are used in Roman numerals. For example, London has D and L, which are 500 and 50, respectively.
About 10,000,000 people.
They don't fulfill the Maastricht criteria
That depends on the flight you take. There aren't any directs, but  the shortest through Amsterdam is about 4.5 hours
There are no seas. The biggest lake is Balaton.
Community Answer 1 Hungary is in Eastern Europe. _____________________ Community Answer 2 Hungary is in Europe. It is located in the centre of thecontinent. Hungary is in Europe. true Europe
A random search for flights from New York Kennedy (JFK) to Budapest (BUD) shows:OPTION 1: 9hr 05min Nonstop (Fastest & costliest option) JFK - BUD Delta Air Lines Flt 98 Dep 07:35pm 05Mar,Fri Flight Duration: 9hr 05minOPTION 2: 11hr 00min via Brussels (BRU) (Cheapest Option) JFK - BRU Jet...
5105 miles (8213.95 kilometers)
Yes, until 1989.
No they use a civilised system, Milimeters.
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One popular dish is the famous Hungarian Goulash, which is a beef stew. Another specialty is fried goose liver. Hungarians enjoy gelato (Italian ice cream), and many deli foods.
not really
how is hungarys weather like all year around
Answer 1 During WWII Hungary was one of the Axis countries, with own fascistgovernment. Hungary rebellion of 1956 was planned mostly by BritishMI6 (secret service) - i.e. rebels were trained on Austriaterritory. The goal of rebellion was to destabilise Warsaw pact. So, Soviet Union was trying to...
János Áder is the President of Hungary. He officially became President on 2012 May 10 after being elected as President of Hungary on 2012 May 2. Laszlo Solyom
  == Answer ==   If you're referring to how much someone spends a month, generally for one household including one person we pay $50 for electricity, $60 for gas, $15-$20 for water, $20 for taking the garbage, about $150 for food, if you have a car, there are monthly and annual taxes that...
Hungary was communist after the Allies reigned victorious over Germany. The Russians established USSR, which then converted all the newly joined countries to communist. Hungary was the first country to become economically free from USSR.
pork is the national food of hungary
Hungary is a democracy and a republic.
1hr 35min to 1hr 50min Rome Fiumicino (FCO) to Budapest (BUD) by a nonstop flight operated by Malev Hungarian Airlines or Alitalia.
The post World War 1 borders of Hungary were the same as the present borders except for a very small area near Bratislava. (In 1939-41 Hungary annexed about a quarter of Slovakia, the Capartho-Ukraine, part of Romania and part of Yugoslavia - but lost all those areas in 1944-45).
The capital of Greece is Athens. On a side note, this question should be under another category. It has nothing to do with Hungary=)
No, Hungary is land-locked.
Hungarian language has a very complicated grammar, so it will be very difficult to explain... the stand-alone word "daughter" means "valakinek a lánya" [vɒlɒkinɛk ɒ laːɲɒ] (valaki: somebody, -nak/-nek: of, lány: girl, not daughter) so if somebody has a daughter, in Hungarian we say, that...
Nyugati station is in the centre of Budapest (from where you can join Metro 3) and is about 10 kilometers from the airport. There is a new simple and efficient train service operating between the station and terminal 1, and it only costs 300HUF.22 kilometerPublic transport: 1 hour and 20 minutestaxi...
These larger railway stations in Budapest:south (Déli Pu.)west (Nyugati Pu.)east (Keleti Pu.)Kelenföldi (Kelenföldi)The international trains generally arrive and depart east (Keleti) train station. A taxi transfer price is usually 25 to 30 €.You should pre-book a taxi. If you look at my profile...
What kind of question is that? Of course US is better off. But Food in Hungary is better if that's any interest to you.
Thomas Hotel is conveniently located in the south-eastern part of Budapest and is easy to reach from the highways and the airport. The next metro station is just 500 metres away. Choose from nicely furnished rooms and start every new day at the rich breakfast buffet, before you set out to explore...
It is not poor or anything but it is not super rich like Luxembourg. It is the 37th richest country in the world. Hope i helped.
The Hungarian currency now (2014) is called the Forint (symbol:  HUF). We are trying to change to Euro, but we can't. If you want  reasons, go to the politics section.
The main food which springs to my mind would be Hungarian Goulash. Its a sort of beef stew dish. The beef is stewed in a tomato sauce which is slightly spicey. Traditionally its eaten with bread and butter (that is an uncut loaf such as a tiger or hedgehog loaf) and has a dollop of sour cream on the...
Welcome!A taxi transfer price is usually 25 €.If you look at my profile, then there is help.Regards,
Austria-Hungary demanded that the Serbian government undertake thefollowing: 1.To suppress any publication which incites to hatred and contemptof the Austrian Monarchy 2.To dissolve immediately the society styled Narodna OdbranaNational Defence, and to proceed in the same manner against theother...
Traditional Hungarian foods include goulash and chicken paprika.Goulash, tokany, and porkolt all contain meat and a hearty mix of vegetables in stews or saucesSausage is also a big part of the Hungarian cuisine.Fish served with various sauces, mushrooms, and vegetables.desserts:Somloi galuska:...
I believe it is Mt Glittertind, whicth is 2472 m.
  About 9 hours if your flying with Malev airlines and have no-connections.
capital of Hungary
In Hungary there is no official or unofficial national animal whatsoever.
No! We still use the forint:)
The Hungarian Parliament Building
The currency in Hungary is called the forint. It is approximately 200 forints to $1 but of course it fluctuates.
Most Hungarians speak Hungarian.
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It was the location for Hungarian Parliament.
There are no states within Hungary. Budapest is the capital and the biggest town. There are however counties. Budapest is also a county.
It is approximately 1558 km or 968 miles from Calais, France to Budapest, Hungary
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They sent a bunch of tanks and troops to defeat it. Successfully.
That is Croatian for you have a cute booty (loose translation) specifically, a pretty butt.
1,147 road miles and about 17 hours driving time.
It looks like a schnitzel.    Hungary is an entirely landlocked country and its borders are  completely arbitrary, as set by the Treaty of Trianon.
About 966 km or 600 road miles.
In 1896. It was built for the Millineum celebrations because Hungary was invaded by the Hungarians in 896. BTW it was also the 1st subway on the continent.
You don't. That's why most Hungarian live outside of the country.  It's nearly impossible to earn a living there.
  At 15 he and his family became victims of state terror. At 16 he became a freedom fighter to participate in the 1956 Revolution against Soviet oppression. At 17 he is betrayed and arrested by the dreaded Secret Police (AVH). Now he has to spend the remainder of his life in a political prison,...
Elizabeth died in the year 1231 at Marburg, Germany of natural causes.
Five hundred six (506) is the mileage from Frankfurt, Germany, to Budapest, Hungary. That equals 815 kilometers or 440 nautical miles.
The Royal Palace in Budapest, also known as Buda Castle, has been rebuilt, added on to, and destroyed many times throughout the history of Hungary. To find the exact building you are looking for, you could check out the page on the castle's history at the link below.
Clolonized? If you mean colonize answering your question needs a little explanation.Hungary is a European country. Throughout its 1000+ year history Hungary has been a regional and -as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire- a Great power. It hasn't been colonized by anyone. It has been occupied at...
Hungary's poverty rate is 12%.
yes it is also the nation with the most citizens descended from the Magyars
Budapest its the capital of Hungary
Hungary is not communist. They were before the fall of USSR. They are now democratic, but are slowly moving toward the right-wing as Jobbik has gained enough power in the government to be able to change it.
Elisabeth of Hungary was born on July 7, 1207.
  The main exports of Hungary are chemicals, consumer goods, cars, and computers.   ( I'm in 9th grade)
Budapest is the capital of Hungary.
Yes, Hungary is member of Schengen since 21st December 2007 and Schengen visas are valid.