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Officially called as the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigeria is a federal constitutional republic divided into 36 states. It is the most populous African country and the eighth most populous country in the world, with a total population of 152,217,341 as of 2010.
No,   St. AgnesHospital is located at 900 Caton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21229,  410-368-6000.
English originated from the fusion of languages and dialects, now collectively termed Old English or Anglo-Saxon, which were brought to the eastern coast of Great Britain by Germanic settlers beginning in the 5th century of the modern era. A significant number of English words have Latin roots...
  Nigeria is actually very rich. It's the 6th leading oil industry in the world, but because the government is corrupt and spends the money on themselves, it leaves many people impoverished.
The green stripes represent Nigeria's agriculture industry and its lush vegetation. The white stripe represents the desire for peace and unity within the country.
Nigeria belongs to the continent of Africa.
English is the official language of Nigeria. Since Nigeria has over 500 documented languages currently spoken throughout the country, the decision to make English the official language was due to years of British colonialism, English was commonly spoken throughout the country.
When Nigerians were colonized by the British.
  == ???? ==   If you marry anyone, you become his (or her) spouse.
The main Nigeria animals are goats ( they can be seen on the streets), dogs, birds, and poultry (probably hens and cocks.)
The deputy Govenor is Adejoke Orelope Adefulire Source: www.lasg.gov.ng
What are the traditional roles of men in nigeria  i want the answer right now
  curriculum is just to help the student to upgrade in their learning of education in nigeria most expecially in the tertiary institution
It means removal of the subsidy, (the part government pays for) in getting dometsic fuel
Yeah.. Obviously.. Since Nothing is Impossible.Each and every one should contribute and UN should take some measures.
There is a same day transfer service. If done before 12mid day in Nigeria, should get to the UK bank account before close of business on the same day.
Aliko Dangote according to Forbes Magazine. Check forbes for more info
he that will come for equity should come with a clean hand. there staff also should work with fear of God by doing justice and not collect bribe.
Benin is to the west, Chad lies to the east, Niger is to the north, Cameroon is to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean is south and southwest. shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east.
what is bta if shes coming home from nigeria and she has a passport and visa if required then she needs nothing else.i would be very careful if i were you . bta stands for basic travel allowance as she has a UK passport and is resident in the UK why should she need this.
There are 1000+/- languages in Nigeria. So, English, or a form of it, is used as the official language and general lingua franca.
Lagos is a city in Nigeria, Africa.
uzaba sabo benin nigeria have admiral houspital
3:00 pm in the Nigerian standards
  As of October 5th, 2007 the Minister of Internal Affairs in Nigeria is Godwin Abbe.  
Nigeria was colonised by the British.
  Yes, there are sharks everywhere
they use a combo of fossile and non-fossile fuels
No.Atleast, It is not an official language because Nigeria has picked English as its official language for their country.
  Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Idi-Araba:   5453760-74 Ext. 4172 or 4174   Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) in Ikeja:   08023036507
One of the problem facing the Nigerian Federalism is the complexity  of the interest and units as represented by the local government,  ethnic group affiliations, and some states. Instead of uniting the  country, Nigeria federalism has divided the nation through tribal  appointments and...
Nigeria became a colony of Britain in the 19th century. As aresult, the education and formal employment systems functionentirely in English.
inadequate regulations that reflect the peculiarity of nigeria
What is the impact of universal banking on nigeria economy
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Bad leadership and corruption
Hallo, there is no information concerning the existence of the Slovenian embassy in Nigeria.
The history of Nigerian mass media can be traced to Henry Townsend, who in 1859 established a newspaper called ''Iwe iroyin. '' the purpose of establishing a news paper was because he wanted to inculcate reading habit among the Yoruba people and also to create avenues or a plateform where by...
The capital of Nigeria is Abuja City. Its population is 778,567 (2006).
Radio Broadcasting was introduced to Nigeria by the British in 1932, when BBC signals were relayed to receivers through the rediffusion system. In 1951, the Nigerian Broadcasting Service (NBS) was inaugurated mainly to relay the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) programmes.
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Nigeria's government today is authoritarian.I hope that helped!
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What are the impact of deregulation on the oil sector in Nigeria economy.
Eleke Cresent, Victoria Island, Lagos
can someone send money from mexico to nigeria through western union
Type your answer here..the role of capital market in developing nation, nigeria
The family Asoro in Benin City
I am holding Australian passport and want to visit Mozambique asa visitor for one week, how do i apply for a visa? please help
It is a small country in Africa next to the country, Niger
Lagos, Nigeria is 6,500 miles [10,461 kilometers; 5,648 nautical miles] from Houston, Texas. It takes about 13.5 hours to fly from Houston to Lagos. Houston is usually 7 hours behind Nigeria. But Nigeria doesn't observe daylight saving time [DST] when the clock is set one hour ahead. During DST...
Headquarters is at 26 Creek road, Apapa, Lagos
The major natural resources of Nigeria are oil and natural gas. Nigeria is the 10th most petroleum-rich nation and it is #1 in the production of oil of all of the African countries! -Proud Nigerian
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it is located on the gulf of guinea.
hisory of swimming in nigeria
First, Britain and the US do not claim to be Christian civilizations; they claim to be Secular. The claim that they are Christian civilizations is often imputed to them because the majority of their populations are Christian. However, they do not govern according to Christian principles or ideals;...
Alcoholic beverages were developed from different ethnic groups  within Nigeria, such as pito and burukutu in the north and palm  wine in the south. A gin called ogogoro is distilled from fermented  palm wine. Western traders popularized sale and consumption of  alcohol and the first Nigerian...
Types of adornment among the ethnic group in nigeria
It depends on the amount of it. Too much is bad but sometimes it is needed.
  Abuja has no postal code.
There are three major religion in nigeria th are christianity isiam
If you want a direct flight from Lagos to London you can check fares at Arik Airways, or if you need an indirect flight from Nigeria to London you can check at Airafriqiyah Flights.
Yes there are....commonly called Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs)...
Military Intervention in Nigerian Politics (Searchlight on the Nigerian Army from January 15, 1966 to May 29, 1999) and Civilian and Military Politicians in Nigeria by Ajisola Ewuola, AJIS - AJET International Company, Calabar pp 229, and pp 212, respectively By FEMI ADESINA Thursday, January 27,...
Late Sir Dr. Alec Dickson (found Man O' War in the year 1951 ) By John O Taidi (Delta State)
What are the features of nigerian 1960 constitution
The name Nigeria was taken from the Niger River running through the country. This name was coined by Flora Shaw, the future wife of Baron Lugard, a British colonial administrator, in the late 19th century.
Madonna university Babcock university Convenant Redeemers Ajayi Crowther Igbenion university Crawford university Novena America university of Nigeria Benson Idahosa
Abuja. it's the first planned city in Nigeria.
No there's not. During America's summertime, Nigeria has its rainy season and during wintertime in America, Nigeria has its hot season, but there's never any drought.
what is the postal code for uvwie delta state
What are the roles of CESAC agencies in the development of curriculum in Nigeria