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Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia. This country experienced fast economic growth from 1985-1995 due to its popular tourist destinations like Ko Samui, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya.


there are over 1 million!
You can find it in siam paragon or emporium no where else Namannach19@patana.ac.th
Official? One, central Thai. Actual, spoken by locals/natives? Around 74.The greatest number of people have "Isaan", a dialect of Lao, as their first language.Everyone who goes to school learns central Thai "pasat glang".Other major ones include the northern language of what used to be the Lanna...
The Gulf of Siam, which is part of the Pacific Ocean.
yes it is not not unhealthy
Land of smiles
The countris that border Thailand are Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia
Thailand was once known as Siam.
Thailand culture is to have temples and to prey for budha
Yes of course, Thailand is a popular holiday destination since there are a lot of interesting places in Thailand due to its rich history, unspoiled and beautiful nature and vivid nightlife which are exactly what tourists need. If you are a beach lover, following places will be worth visiting : 1)...
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Hua Hin, four hours southwest of Bangkok.
For example, I bought a silk scarf for 5$ in Thailand.
It's about a 12 hour journey. You need to take a boat to Suritani, then drive for 7 hours to Krabi.Then a 2 hour boat ride to Koh Phi Phi.
  The name of Thailand's current Prime Minister is Samak Sundaravej .   Thailand is a constitutional monarchy is ruled by King Bhumibol Adulyadej.   http://www.bangkokpost.com/60yrsthrone/
The environment in Thailand varies. Some of the landforms include  fertile plains, hills, mountains, extensive coastline, as well as  lakes.
You pronounce Thailand as Tie-land. Many English people see the th togethor and mispronounce it is Thigh-land.
What a bizarre question. You can be sued in some countries for libel speaking any language.
The name of the town or hotel you are going to.
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That means you are going to say "I love Thai langauge" >>" Chan Ruk Pasa Thai"Chan = IRuk = LovePasa = LangaugeThai = Thai
It is a name, a proper noun, so it would be Melissa.
People in Thailand speak Thai.
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Siam- ThailandBatavia- JakartaConstantinople- IstanbulYedo- Tokyo
Thailand Time Zone (UTC+07:00)
Hong Kong, Abu Ghraib, Tokyo.
  Khun Bang Klang Thao and Khun Pha Muang Most historians believe the Thais, originated from southern China in the early part of the Christian era. Firstly forming a number of city-states in the north of what is present-day Thailand, in places like Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai....
It's called a tuk-tuk, pronounced "took-took".
The King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej , is an important inventor. Among his inventions are: . The Chaipattana Aerator : a floating machine that put oxygen back into polluted streams and rivers. It is also good for shrimp farms and similar ponds. . A computer program for Devanagari characters...
Located in South East Asia
Thailand was originally called Siam.
Thailand had no requirement to subdivide the governmental organization to the manner of state since its' area was not that large. Thailand divided the settlement into city and under control of the same government using same law nationwide.
By car, Bangkok to Pattaya by car is 152 km and takes 2 hours and 2 minutes about.
thailand was the only country in south east asia not colinized by european country
inthanon mountain, khorat plateau, central plain, and the chao phraya riverresorts, waterfalls, islands, rainforests, main cities, and temples.By: Scarlett Emberton
Thailand gets about 700 inches of rain each year.
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The GB Pound is down from its bubble. Thai Baht is about the same as it was.
where should i get good laptop in Bangkok , show me the price list of whole laptop range
To get a visa to visit Thailand, one must visit the Thai embassy in one's home country. There, one can fill out the appropriate paperwork to get a tourist visa.
one of them is bird of paradise
King Bhumibol's dog called "Khun Thongdaeng" (copper) she was named after the color of her hair . She is a strayed dog, His majesty found her on His way to the hospital. She is very smart and very polite. You will frequently found her sitting beside His majesty.
The Kingdom of Thailand   Yes, Thailand is a nation and it is a Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy. The head of state is His Excellency King Rama IX Bhumibol Adulyadej, regarded as the guardian of all Thais.
Thailand is a developing country.
Thailand and its progress   The Kingdom of Thailand has advanced in the past 10 years technically as well as in other areas. The capital city Krung Thep (Bangkok) is a world class Metropolitan city.In recent year, more and more high rise skyscrapers, malls and office buildings have been built,...
the absolute location of Bangkok is 20degreesE and 17degreesS
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Abhisit Vejjajiva was the Prime Minister of Thailand from 17th December 2008 to 5th August 2011.
there are 76 cities are in Thailand
1 Thai baht = 0.030893 U.S. dollars (6 Apr 2010) Therefore in such day, 500 Baht = 15.44 US $
They are the sandy bits around the edges. I guess you want to know some example? Bangkok has beaches, as does Pattaya, Phuket, all the Isalnds Kok Pet/Koh Samui/etc. Look at a map, all the provinces along the coast have beaches.
There are a great many people in Thailand's army. There are as many  as 305,680 people in the Thai army today.
The Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand is the supreme law of Thailand. Since the change from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional democracy in 1932, Thailand has had seventeen charters and constitutions, reflecting the high degree of political instability and frequency of military coups...
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With a fair wind 45 degrees against you, it would take about a week.
They live all over Thailand. The four main areas are Chang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya and Phucket.
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Bangkok if you want hustle and bustle!
1. Khong-Kwan (= present) Khong as in King-Kong kwAn as in bAnyard 2. Pon-Sa-Wan (=special ability) Pon as PONd.
Thai (duhhh XD)
lots of activities. see temples go to tiger temples crocodile farms cruising even ice skating!
Malta uses the Euro (€).
Generally we eat a lot of vegetables, rice, soups and spicy stuffs. For city-people may not be the same.
There are hundreds of American fast food restaurants in Thailand all over the country. McDonlad's, KFC, Pizza Hut are everywhere. but rarely found are Burger King and Subway. I don't think there is any Taco Bell yet.
Vientianne, capital of Laos, is just across the Mekong near Nongkhai in the North-East of Thailand.
It's the highest mountain in Thailand. It's nice to have a place to go to when you want to escape the heat.
De jure. Yes.. of course. How much? as pleaded in the bill of right. Lastest edition is enacted in 2007. De facto. It depends on what kind of right you'd like to ask about. If you mean anything but political right, yes... one,with Thai citizen status, can claim. But political right, well... there's...
Abhisit Vejjajiva was the Prime Minister of Thailand from 17th December 2008 to 5th August 2011.
WalMart has not spread to thailand, just yet. Give it a few years, and im sure it will.