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Birth Control

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This in an umbrella term for various methods and techniques use to prevent fertilization or interrupt pregnancy at several stages. Some of the commonly used birth control methods are condoms, contraceptive pills and injectable contraceptives.
Intercourse doesn't cause bleeding unless you have an alteration inyour vagina's inner tissue, that only a gyno can tell you, after anappropriate examination. Other cause may include lack of natural(from your partner) or artificial lubrication. About Yasmin, youcan either talk to your gyno or to...
i would be taking a pregnancy test asap. missing pills can affect your chances of getting pregnant. i am in a similar situation! every time you miss a pill, it doublesd your chance of getting pregnant! take a test as soon as your able too! i had a weird crampy feeling before i got pregnant each time...
According to the CDC, Oral Contraceptives have a failure rate of  9%. Thus meaning their effectiveness is only 91%
Tubal ligation does not stop your period.
Not always but quite often. Like most mammals bearing live young,  giving birth is a painful process for the mother and often is  accompanied by at least some bleeding. Often long before the babies  are actually born, contractions and the movement of the babies  along the birth canal can push...
      Bleeding from a skin incision or inside the abdomen.   Infection.   Damage to other organs inside the abdomen.   Side effects from anesthesia.   Ectopic pregnancy (an egg that becomes fertilized outside the  uterus)   Incomplete closing of a fallopian tube that...
can sleeping pills effect depo proverainjection
tubes be undone by tiding and burnt by endoscopy
Ordinary paracetamol or ibuprofen with no other additives areusually OK if you take them in normal doses. If you take narcoticpainkillers such as morphine, it will make your baby too drowsy tofeed properly. There are also quite strong painkillers you can buy without aprescription, but these usually...
It depends on the pill, but yes. Usually it takes 24-72 hours for it to not show up. And depending on the pill.
Ummm, works best that way. The whole idea behind a vasectomy is to keep someone from getting pregnant.
There are many medicines that cannot be taken safely during pregnancy. Please see your health care provider for specifics.
If a boy ejaculates inside you while you're on Depo Provera, you have good protection against pregnancy, but not STDs. Consider using condoms in addition to the shot for STD protection.
A vasectomy is considered a permanent procedure so they want you to be at least 18 but preferably older then that since not many 18yo wants to be parents but changes their minds when they get older.
Some women complain of increased discharge while on depo Provera, and others notice a decrease. If it has no itching or odor, there is no cause for concern.
Pregnancy is possible, but Nuva Ring is a highly effective method. Pregnancy is unlikely in the situation you describe.
I am pretty sure that will depend on the hospital; it's best to ask  the hospital about their price policies.
  == Answer ==     It is possible to get pregnant naturally after having had a tubal ligation. Your chances are approximately 1.4-2%.
There are no known drug interactions between Premarin and Depo Provera. Sometimes estrogen is used temporarily to control the irregular bleeding from Depo Provera.
If you mean, trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole, then the answer isNO.
The patch can fail if not put on right. If It's not staying on the right way, saying it got wet and is falling off, put on a new one soon as you can. Remebering when you need to change the patch will help form the patch failling.    AnswerDifferent medicines and some teas I have heard can...
Abstaining Oral contraception IUD (Internal Uterine Device) Condoms Spermicide Oral sex Masturbation There are others such as anal sex and various deviant sexual practices, some of which are illegal in most countries.
It is good for health or future.
  Yes. Sometimes a vasectomy can correct itself or not be complete.
Sure, this is entirely possible! Birth Control can help regulate hormones in Women at any age, but may become increasingly useless after menopause, as the Woman does not menstruate. You should definitely see your Doctor for more information. Birth Control is simple and usually very effective at...
take a birth control test immediately and if it is positive then stop taking them and see your doctor to make sure you are pregnant
  == Answer ==     Yes, it sounds like implantation bleeding. Meaning: your pregnant
No, however sometimes your hormones have a weird way of adjusting to the birth control. If you have not waited at least 7-30 days to have unprotected sex you may have become pregnant.
You could have a missed period from birth control or from pregnancy. Since you're not on birth control now and have a missed period, you should take a pregnancy test.
Answer   Blood.dont panic, its probly nothing. if is stays around for 1 month+, see a urologist. if not, dont worry a bit, as it is nomal
No, it would never prevent the MILLIONS of sperm that a man ejaculates. It does help though.
When the man has had a proper vasectomy it is impossible for him to father a child.
No, you are not pregnant it is your body getting used to your birth control getting out of your system, but you can find out for sure about pregnancy by taking a test to be sure, but more than likely you are not pregnant.
In some woman it does in others it makes them gain weight.
pottassium cyanide and pottassium chloride
I was on Depo Provera about 12 years ago and it really changed myskin. I think up until I started getting it I had maybe 2 pimplesmy entire life and then after I was on it for 2 years my face justconstanly was breaking out. I used to get a lot of cystic acne tooand even after I got off it my face...
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Yes you can, if you have had unprotected sex within those two days. Another form of protection will be needed.
No, spotting and breakthrough bleeding does not count as the first day of your period. Spotting and breakthrough bleeding is an annoyance that occurs as an unwanted side effect of birth control. However, frequent spotting or breakthrough bleeding can also be a sign that you need a higher dosage of...
Sleeping pills does not induce abortion unless you take so many you die since then the fetus will die with you. If this is due to you not affording it; . Some facilities have funds to help cover abortions for women who can't pay. Also, the National Abortion Federation hotline operators at (800)...
In the US, sterilization is the most popular form of birth control.
  no she didn't it was only a rumor but they are engadeged
Your menstrual cycle should be expected during the week of your placebo pills.
in 3,000 BC fish bladders, linen sheaths, and animal intestines were used as a sort of "condom". In the 1500's the fist spermicides were used by soaking condoms made of linen cloths sheaths in a chemical to kill the sperm, then left to dry before use. It wasn't until 1838 that condoms were made of...
Strictly speaking, yes, if taken correctly. Oral contraception is greater than 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy if taken as directed. Some studies quote 99.9 percent effectiveness. That said, it is nearly impossible to take "the pill" exactly as one is supposed to, 100 percent of the...
  It effect various hormones in different ways. The majority of hormones it decreases.
There is the possibility of becoming pregnant in that situation. You should get tested to verify.
The Morning After Pill should not normally make your period 2 months late but significant stress can sometimes make your periods stop, particularly if that stress has caused you to lose a significant amount of weight. However, if you had unprotected sex (which I assume due to the fact you took the...
  == be salf ==   When I came off the pill I was told to give it at least 6 months before I might conceve because the pill is still in my system so you should be ok.Taking 2 will make no odds if you dont whant to get pregnant keep on top.
You should only take it after your first period and then still it can have unwanted side effects on your sexual and physical development.
Yes you can. Birth control is only 99.99% effective when taken every day at the same time. If you were to miss more than 3 days, you should throw out the pack of pills and use another form of birth control until your next pack begins and wait at least 2 weeks until having unprotected sex. A...
  My pharmacist said that heat will make the hormones be overly absorbed in your skin--as a result it is bad to tan with it on.   taking it off before tanning and replacing afterwards has risks as well--effectiveness may decrease or it may not restick   apparently being in the sun with it...
usually you will start the pill the Sunday after your period begins. this will regulate your period so you will get it about the same time each month
  == Answer ==   Yes, you still have the other tube and it only takes one to get pregnant. Good luck Joymaker RN
  == Answer ==     Each birth control pill effects one differently.   When you first begin taking BCP's you will experience pregnancy symptoms because of the hormones contained in BCP's. BCP's work by tricking your body into thinking its pregnant and also by preventing Ovulation...
As no birth control is 100%, and as it apparently didn't exist for one night, then yes, there is a chance you could be pregnant.
A few would never be healthy. If the sleeping pill is prescribed you should ask your doctor about your specific situation and see if taking both together is right for you.
Sadly yes, the chances are indeed reduced but it is still possible. Even using spermicidal lubicant whit a spermicide condom, while the girl is on Birth Control, and pulling out before ejaculation does not mean you are 100% unable to get the girl pregnant. There is always a chance micro-scopic...
The only way to absolutely ensure not getting pregnant is abstinence (refraining from sex), but condoms and chemical solutions such as "the pill" have success rates over 95%.
There are no birth control pills on the market in 2013 that contain hCG.
It is Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg cap. can be used for the following:AcneActinomycosisAmebiasisAnthraxAnthrax ProphylaxisBacterial InfectionBartonellosisBronchiectasisBronchitisBrucellosisBullous PemphigoidChlamydia InfectionCholeraCutaneous Bacillus anthracisEhrlichiosisEnterocolitisEpididymitis,...
Abstenance is number one, protection is second and not only one type of protection, the girl can be on the pill and the guy can use a condom. Speaking to people and letting them know that their virginity is something that is of value and there body is one of the only things in this world that they...
"How, exactly?". All men (vasectomised or not) produce sperm that are reabsorbed back into the body. In fact 40%-50% of sperm you produce is reabsorbed. Sperm go from the Testicle to the Epididymus for storage and maturing. It takes about a month to mature them. Whilst in the Epididymus, excess...
how long does it take for multaq to start working?
All women black, white or purple started taking birth control pills when they came out in the 1960's.
The color of your menstrual flow has no particular medicalsignificance.
You've got it! Follow the Nuva timer and take it out at the regular time. Always follow that course, regardless of any bleeding.
It depends. If you have been taking a birth control pill consistently ( not missing any) and just switch brands you should be fine, but if you were off the pill for a cycle and go on the new one you'll need to be careful because it will take a cycle to fully protect you.
yes u can get pregnant when stop taking the pill i missed 2 pills and got pregnant now i have a 11 month old boy hope this helps
This may have the effect of mood swings and becoming very emotional because birth control contains female hormones, mostly estrogen, so his masculinity may drain.
That is very often when and why a vasectomy is done. So you don't have any children.
Answer \n. \nAbortion became legal, in the US, on January 22, 1973. .
Depo provera is meant to prevent pregnancy. it is not meant to make it easier to get pregnant.
Yes but they must show an Id that proves they are old enough to purchase it.
You are still protected from pregnancy, as long as you take your birth control everyday at the same time. Birth control is more than 99.99% effective when taking the right way.
There is no guarantee to any woman of a normal delivery. If you arecarrying a single fetus, you will probably have a normal delivery.
If you were previously pregnant before you got an IUD they wouldn't of let you have one
When it's been at least seven days since she inserted the first one, and when she has used it consistently and correctly for the past seven days.
No. Endometriosis is when endometrial tissue spreads outside theuterus and it causes great pain when the woman menstruates, as wellas from inflammation in between periods from where the tissueseeded itself. Depo Provera stops endometrial cells fromproliferating, so while a woman uses Depo Provera,...