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Human Behavior

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The study of human behavior which is affected by genetics, perceived behaviorial controls, attitude, and societal norms
yes and there are good people and there are bad people. the bad bad bad people love the Satan and the good good people love god and i am from the good people.
There is no way of knowing this, as it was probably one of the primitive humans who was first tricked into doing something by another primitive human.
Twin adoption can help us study hereditary diseases by seeing which of then has them, if not both, and why. If anyone knows the second part, please put it afterward in an improvement.
As the question is a bit unclear it is difficult to say what thisrelates to. I assume you are talking about a psychological/socialexperiment of sorts. But I still think this is a Dad joke and thesubject is Australian fauna, more likely Kangaroos or Emus, whichcannot walk backwards or talk.
They can but it depends how old the boy kid is so he can develop sperm
As you do not specify which cannibal group you are talking about,it is difficult to tell. Usually ex-prisoners take either route: a)they keep low and try to live a normal life or B) they resume incriminal activity
1)Eating 2)Television 3)Sleeping/Napping
Stockholm Syndrome describes the behavior of kidnap victims who, over time, become sympathetic to their captors. The name derives from a 1973 hostage incident in Stockholm, Sweden. At the end of six days of captivity in a bank, several kidnap victims actually resisted rescue attempts, and afterwards...
A synonym for Cannibal is Anthropophagite, a person who eatshuman flesh
Most normal people have some narcissistic tendencies and those tendencies may come to the fore during times of personal stress. And I do believe that the prevalence of narcissism is higher than the 1 to 2 percent estimated by experts. Narcissism is a spectrum disorder with only a minority of the...
Because "weird" people know they aren't weird; that is just your opinion of them, and they believe they are just as normal as you, or that you are weirder than them.
All people are flawed. Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing.
Are you asking for homework or do you really want to know? I like most teenagers because they are people with fresh ideas, a new perspective on things and often idealistic and full of energy. I dislike teenagers who have no perspective of what's possible in life, where they fit in a larger world...
Depends on what you mean by the "universe": Physics will not change just with your sincere begging. However, PEOPLE can provide things to you if you sincerely ask.
I think so. It should be though.
Because they smell like urine and cheap liquor. They ask for money and give you some bull story about needing it for food, when you know they're going to buy more liquor. If they wanted food, they'd go to one of the many local homeless shelters. And if you give in and try to give them a five spot,...
Answer . Just be yourself! People can tell when you are being fake. Being yourself is much more attractive.
You need to be more specific. Generally, when several things go wrong around the same time, it just seems like "everything" just falls apart. Is your house still standing; is your town/city still standing? Step back and reassess what you need to do. Choose the simplest fix first. If you can find...
No. He urged the Donner Party to take a shortcut which caused the party unnecessary hardship. If the Donner Party had not taken the shortcut, they would have made it to Sacramento before snow came to the Sierra Nevada mountains.
nooooooooo what the heck is wrong with people who do that this guy in my development does that and hes cranky so definitly NOT
Mature men don't. It's not a good way to treat someone that you care about. If your boyfriend is doing that, dump him. There isn't any way to know if he's just trying to annoy you or if he's "trolling". If it's your husband, let him know that you don't like it. If he keeps it up, both of you need...
The world is REALLY dangerous. Don't trust anyone.
There is no such famous person as Ashley Dudd. However, there'sAshley Judd, who is a well known American actress. She is notreally a diva. In fact, she is known for being very well manneredand nice!
Some example of unethical behavior include adopting lies thattarnish the competitor's name. Sabotage makes sure that the enduser or consumer does not enjoy all the benefits he can.
yes. regardless of adapting to his own way of thinking
Body Language and Face Expressions
Well if you are a boy, you can just pee anywhere: . On Buildings, on trees, on bushes, in water bottles, in a water fountain (if you don't get caught) In a well, in the sand, in the ocean, in the bathtub, in the shower, in the sink, in the urinal, in the toilet, in the grass, in the pool, in the...
provide unconditional positive regard for their children
When ever a manager encounters a certain problem or situation, (motivating employees to increase the output ), a universal rule cannot be applied(hike in pay), because no two individuals are the same and different people posses different ideologies .Pay hike may work for some employees but in some...
The Chuck Norris species. It's impossible to tell unless you compare a specific boy to a specific girl, but I think boys are more aggressive on average.
In the beginning, she is friendly, shy, known as a geek, and pretty naive at times. Throughout the series, she becomes more confident. She remains focused on her schoolwork throughout high school as well as college, but when it comes to research, she later begins to rely mainly on spells. She also...
People need to find things to do when they are bored. Do not expectto be entertained every minute.
Consciousness, intelligence and emotion.
Many things can make a person happy, including kids and pets.People may also enjoy socializing with friends or working, whichwill make a person happy.
Each individuals strengths are different. Some Strengths include: . Pshcyical Fitness . Perserverance . Mental Toughness . Handling Stress Well . Being easy-going . Being a quick learner . Adapting Well to Changes . Good Psychical Response Time . Being a Quick Thinker . Being Psychically Fast...
If you are asking Him something along the lines of "If you arereally God give me $100 dollars right now"
perceptive type:
That would be a difficult statistic to compile. Shopping habits among populations are so vastly different. Even in one household, shopping habits can vary widely. I personally spend the least amount of time shopping as possible, I even hire someone to do my grocery shopping every week. I know people...
women may like man because of.... . there apearance . there thoughts in mind . the r e comedy . there atidude . feeling for one another and lots more!!!! that's why i geuss.... ^^ And don't forget pheromone's!
Answer . In my experience,compulsive liars are not literally compulsive liars.They are a very creative lot.They conjure up lies knowingly.And they do this because they derive a sadistic pleasure by thinking that they have fooled others.What they do not realise that after a point of time people can...
You can be born with these, or work up to them 1. Singing 2. Flexibility 3. Academics 4. Acting 5. Classical music 6. Sports 7. Dancing (ballet, modern, tap, lyrical) 8. Gymnastics 9. Cheer-leading 10. Debate team 11. Polyglot (learn/know a lot of languages) * Drawing/ Portraits * Dancing to...
You can deveop virtues easily 1 St take a diary and write down the qualities you want to build inyoursef . Your soul is 1000 times superior than you ,it has all thequlities . For bringing up these qualities you must do yog(notyoga)
because some people just don't care and there is nothing the can do anymore
Because evil people want to rule the world and make other people bow down to them but nice people want to make the world peaceful and make it a better UN POLLUTED place to live.
no, being protective is a stance or disposition. an emotional state (like fear) or another disposition (like love) could prompt one to take a protective stance, but being protective is not an emotion unto itself.
Yes. A narcissist is someone who is obsessed with themself, this doesn't mean that their void of all emotions and feelings.
In order to develop personality it is necessary to first get anaccurate idea of the dimensions of your personality, to understandyour strengths and to realize that weaknesses in personality comeprimarily from overdoing our strengths. For example, if we are goodat details and see nothing but details,...
You don't! Give her a foot message, then discreetly smell your hands.
41% of people are afraid of speaking in front of crowds. 34% of people are afraid of hights. More people are afraid of spiders than they are of death.
Fast, heavy metal riffs, usually on the lower tuned strings. A song that is instrumentally aggressive is Bleed Alone by Haste The Day.
It is not necessary to extract revenge from a spouse in a failed relationship. Get on with your new life and use the experience to make sure you don't make the same mistakes. A failed relationship takes the efforts of two people.
deviant act or behaviour that violate cultural norms, they not criminal but are social wrong.
That's an interesting question. I would say that almost anyplace onearth is disaster prone in some way. And even if you know that adisaster could happen, I don't think that people always have theresources to do something about it. Poor people have to live intrailers, shacks, cardboard boxes, or even...
Behaviorism is all about control and depends on the type of person. This person could be shy or even have ADHD. The behavior of one revolves around the tthings and ways they were taught as a child and bay and is mostly based on who they are and what they may be able and what they cannot control.
Answer . You don't! The person that is the compulsive liar has to reach out for professional help and it doesn't matter what you say or do, this person has to admit they need help. It truth when they say, "they are always the last to know", meaning, an alcoholic never thinks they have a problem...
Answer One view is that personality is largely determined by environment. Heredity determines what we are at conception, but the 'environment' means 'external' learning, i.e. what we learn after conception. In the womb, the developing embryo/fetus is learning, though far from consciously so....
It's human nature. All successful carnivore and/or omnivorous living creatures have that drive. Without it they become extinct (unsuccessful).
klu klux klan or something... :/
Every society worries about their own livelihood. When new people, immigrants, come to an area they bring differentcustom's and culture. This culture has language and lifestyle's.Some of these lifestyle's add to the betterment of society and somedon't. What causes issue for immigrants is either the...
Finding hope and the resolve to carry on when things are bleak can be very difficult. People tackle it in different ways depending on a variety of things such as their environment, upbringing and character. Some will sit down and calmly analyse the problems and work towards a solution, others...
It might be the name a particular AA group or other rehab group has picked for itself. Sometimes groups name themselves
An increased ability to maintain control of one's emotions in a variety of situations
only visible behavior can be measured and understood
People who fear someone or something different than what they are used to.
No. If someone is made of chocolate I'm sure they are not living human beings.
I don't think they should unless ur at the stage where ur makingthem cry themselves to sleep or if ur just putting them in bed andnot rocking them if u have rocked them previously its probably acoping stradegy
Answer: Your knuckle joints are moved, releasing small bubbles of Nitrogen which creates the small popping sounds. It is not dangerous to do this, but if practiced to the extreme, your fingers will not bend slightly. Also, your knuckles may expand... Answer: It is suggested that you...
No one owns trends. Far too many trends come and go for one demographic to be a sole consumer of a trend.
Reflexive sneezing induced by light, and sunlight in particular, is estimated to occur in 18 to 35 percent of the population and is known as the photic sneeze reflex (PSR) or the ACHOO (autosomal dominant compulsive helio-ophthalmic outbursts of sneezing) syndrome. Its genetic nature has been known...
With your pure heart introduce yourself to the front personality. No need to act 'Over smart'. Grow your tree of friendship with loyalty because it's difficult when some hidden things come out.
Tell them to be quiet and say you will give them something special (that wont be too affordable, such as a bike ride, a day playing with him/her, or getting him/her something that he/she will enjoy). Or you say if you will be quiet you will give her chocolate
There are many reasons why people ask questions. Well, to start, were only animals (i think) and we DONT know everything. We can go to school to get more knowledge buty we also get tourcherd. People ask questions because they dont know answers. Other people may know the answers to this question...
Answer . No, but it is possible to make an educated guess.
Yes; you can squeeze something really hard when you feel the need to crack your knuckles.
It's human nature to get angry at times: frustration, stress, or pain can lead to an overwhelming emotion, and a need to lash out at something. But at a young age, we're taught that it's unacceptable to hit people or break things; if we do, there'll be a price to pay. So instead, all that anger...
It's normal it means you like him.