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Chevy Silverado

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Also known as GMC Sierra and the Denali in Mexico, Chevy Silverado is General Motor’s latest model of full-size pickup truck which received the 2007 Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend magazine.
If there are two conductors leading to the switch, just disconnect them both from the switch, strip them to the bare wire, and short them together. If that doesn't work, tape them apart and try that. If there is only one conductor leading to the switch, it either needs to be stripped and bolted...
  == Answer ==   if you have no brake lights it will most likely be one of 3 things a blown fuse bad ground wire or under the brake pedal you will find a small switch that the pedal hits when you press on the pedal the switch does go bad but is easily replaced and usually not too expensive
My brother-in-law has interchanged the same flywheel before. He said it worked o.k.
The standard fuel pressure for a 1998 Chevy 3500 with a 454 engine  is 50 PSI. If fuel pressure drops much below this level, the fuel  injectors will not work properly.
Chevy 305=5.0 Chevy 350=5.7Chevy 4.3=350-minus two cylinders making it a V6
  == Answer ==     If it is loosing the seal around the top of the window, use a strip of paper or a dollar bill and shut it in the door where you think it is not sealing tight from the outside of the truck, pull the bill out. If it comes out easily, then roll down the window with the...
I believe it is controlled by the BCM (Body control module)
A bad relay switch will cause the windshield wipers to not turn  off. Replace the relay switch and the windshield wipers should turn  off.
  In the front 6 1/2" round   In the back 4/6"
Answer . All of your oxygen sensors are located on the exhaust. Anywhere from the manifold back. Most are located on or near the cadylac
  == Answer ==   Buy a kit at Wal-Mart or auto parts comes with instructions
 == Answer ==   Hey Ryan==If you have automatic air, it is probably in the controler. Check all of the fuses amd fuseable links. GoodluckJoe 
A clunking noise when shifting gears on a K1500 automatic  transmission, might mean a problem with the drive axle or drive  shaft. Check all U-Joints to make sure they are working properly.
The map sensor is plugged into the intake manifold. It will behindthe throttle body on the passenger side of the vehicle.
How much R-134a you put in will also depend on the model and the engine. But the best way to fill the system is to go by the PSI level (which is determined by the ambient temperature). But you can find a chart on the website link below. Look at the icon "to find your low side port" it will also have...
  == Answer ==   Broken or split hose   Radiator leak   heater core leak
The most common problem that causes that is Bad valve seals in the head.
5 QTS with a new filter and some hold 6 QTS with new filter.
Why does the speedomater go frm 0 to 70 while the vechal is idel? for a 2005 trail blazer.
Sounds like you have a wheel bearing going bad. Which the ABS sensor on most trucks about that year are housed in the sealed hub bearing assembly. Not serviceable, REPLACE! Sounds like the ABS fault is causing you the brake issues. Jack the front of your truck up and grab your tires at the 12 and 6...
  == Answer ==   Remove the drums and take them to an auto parts store that has a brake drum lathe. 
The strongest Duramax ever is the 2011 Duramax that will be coming out in Summer of 2010. It produces 397 horsepower and 765 pound feet of torque. But the truck that this 6.6L sits in still can't tow or haul as much as Ford's new 6.7L Powerstroke which produces less power, at 390 horsepower and 735...
DISSCONECT YOUR BATT FOR 10 seconds...........there you have it
I have a 2010 SE Street Glide, Vance & Hines dresser dual headers, Rinehart 4" mufflers and a Power Commander, rest is stock. It has 88 HP and 110 Ft Lbs of torque. I just got it off the dyno.
  == Answer ==     The AIT sensor is located on the plastic tube that runs from your air filter box to your engine intake throttle body. There is a two wire plug that attaches to the sensor. It is visible as soon a you open the hood on the right side of the engine bay.
-Remove the trim pieces from the corner and center pillars (6 total)-Remove the visors AND CLIPS-There are screws under clear plastic of the front and center dome lights to -Remove them, then they just pull of with clips-The Rear ceiling handles have 2 bolts each-Remove the cover for the cargo light...
Look for an RPO code tag. This is a white sticker with a bunch of three-character number and letter strings. It is usually found in the glove box.The code for heavy duty chassis is F44.
your issue could probabally be a fuel pump. when u run a car out of fuel it runs the fuel pump dry and the only thing lubricating a "in the tank fuel pump" is FUEL
  == Answer ==   First make sure service brakes are adjusted properly   Adjusting bolt will either be at the junction of the 3 cables under the vehicle or at the handle of the emergency brake - make have to move the plastic trim
A torsion bar lift kit will normally cause the vehicle to write a  little rougher. The vehicle suspension will not absorb bumps as  well, as it did.
Well it depends on how you drive and which model. If you're on the highway somewhere around 416 miles, less in the city.
  Yes,   The foglights from a 2003 Silverado will fit a 2007 Silverado.They are the same exact part.I know that they will go into a 2007 Silverado Classic.   I am not sure if they will fit the 2007 new style Silverado.   Answered By Skog-Anoka,Mn
it might be suprising, but the Chevy small block "5.7" only put out 145 hp. but due to the gearing, it puts out very much low end power in torque.
is too involved to answer here. Buy a repair manual for you car. Around $12 at most auto parts stores.
go to gm and ask them for a print out of the dash and ALSO how to DISABLE THE AIRBAG. Dont try and remove the dash without disableing the passenger side airbag
  == Answer ==   check for an open fuse or   check the vss (vehicle speed sensor)
once you take the door panels off there is a black plastic clip around the speaker. the top of the clip has to be pushed down and the speaker flips out
  == Answer ==   The 1992 Cavalier is most likely...Fuel injected. 1: You may have an electric fuel pump that is not putting out enough pressure. It Idles..but won't run as you give it gas...becaue it supposed to get more fuel at that exact moment..and it does not have enough pressure,and...
Answer   As far as I know, there is no adjustment. Sounds like the hinge pins or bushings are worn. Open the door all the way and then try to lift up on it. If it moves, then one or both of the hinges are worn. Hinge pins usually come with new bushings and are pretty cheap (around $10) but they...
1/2 tons used the 4L60E and the 3/4 tons used the 4L80E transmissions.
  == Answer ==     I'm not sure about the limited but on my custom the drain is on the bottom right of the radiator when you're facing the car from the front. There's a twist valve on it.
  it is an easy task if you have the right toolage... you will need a socket set, socket wrench, a breaker bar, hex sockets, pry bar, flash light, MAPP gas torch, penetration lube, w-d 40, and wrenches and maybe some torx bits too....   Removals....   - Wheel   - Disc and Caliber   -...
Check the manual, Wheel nut torque, N·m (kgf·m, ft·lbf): 102.9 (10.5, 76)
You need a press, my advice is to go to NTB or sears and pay the 65 bucks to have this done right and fast takes no longer than an hour
Any Vehicle In most parts of Canada and Usa does not need to have a Catalytic Converter If it was made Jan 1,1995 and earlier.It will flow better and probably get more powerand mileage
It will tell you in the owners manual are you can open the drivers door and look at the sticker in the door jam and it will tell you too.
Answer . Unfortunately, you can't replace the front hub bearings--you have to replace the entire front hub assembly. This is becoming the rule and not the exception in both foreign and domestic later model cars. Gone are the days of simply replacing $10 worth of bearings.\nYou can get a Timken...
No, they are designed to be just snug. Do not preload the bearing by torquing it. Snug it up and install the locking ring on the locking pin of the inner nuts to hold the inner nut in place. then install the outer locking nut, this nut you may tighten very tight, it is hard to over toque this nut....
Around 3,695 cubic inches for 65 liters
  there is a Sensor in the tank and if you get bad gas or something it will mess it up and it wont read
First is lubricate the lock and see if it will start turning.If that doesn't work remove the door panel and remove the lock cylinder. Take it in to a locksmith and have it replaced or repaired. Many times the spring cap cover comes up and the cylinder can't be turned. That can be repaired or...
EGR closed position performance.
Answer on what? on a 2002 grand am it is right on top of the big black tube coming from the air filter to the engine
It is bolted up inside of the drivers side frame rail behind the cab. You will have to slide up under the truck to see it.
5W30 in the winter time. 10W30 is okay in HOT weather. Do not use any heaver oil then this are you will ruin the valve train.
No it will not. Has nothing to do with engine knocking. You need to define the word KNOCK. Need to ask your question again. THANK YOU.
Take the inside of the clove box out and look down and to the right behind the dash and you will see it.
When its a left handed thread you would turn it counter clock wise which is right to loosen and left to tighten it.
It is screewed into the rear of the transfur case.
A engine coil has a high internal resistance, the needing of a suplementar resistance may be advised to you by a car electrician, who works with such brand and model of your car.
easiest way to replace fuel pump on 1989 Chevrolet truck is to remove the eight bolts under the bed and disconnect the wiring harness from the lights in the back also must take three bolts out of gas fill and lift bed up and sit it back fuel tank will be accessible take lock ring off and remove fuel...
Type your answer here... 255 horsepower and 335 lbs of torque
  the only way i have found is put the parking break on 1 click where the break is not doing any thing but it shuts the running lights off and if you only do it 1 click the park break light does not come on on the dash
  there is certain mph's that do that. ur tires are prolly off balance or your alignment needs to be fixed.start off by balancing and rotating ur tires.and if it shakes when the brakes applied the you need to check your rotors.
  == z-24 answers ==   What year is your z-24? I have the dealer manual for a 1989. It has everything
Answer . Check for a vacuum leak either under hood or under dash or bad vacuum actuator under dash - defrost is the default setting for this model
It has a coil pack but no distributor.
Make it fit What year is the tank from? Some dynas don't have removable tanks.
I don't know about the size difference but, the early 50's chev truck frame is straight from front to back. The 80's frame drops several inches between the front and rear axle.
  on top of the tank so you can take the bed off and change it or if it is really low on fule or empty then you can drop the tank
On top of the gas tank. To service/replace it, ya gotta remove the bed.. Ick.
Top front near center of engine,a bit on the driver's side, partly under the intake manifold. only sensor in the area(wires connected to it) It CAN be removed and replaced without removing intake manifold. (a little filing and a little forcing)
%DETAILS%    == Answer ==   So you have a 93 SHO that is stuck in park... Actually this is a common occurance and happened to my 95 SHO. The repair is extremely cheap as well. You will want to go to a discount auto parts store such as Pep Boys, Trak Auto..etc. The part you want is by...
My trucks a 2001 and the stock stereo put out about 10rms per channel, i recently replaced the speakers and they needed more power for high volume so i am now running an alpine deck with 25rms for each channel giving the speakers the power they need to function properly,
You cannot remove what is does not have. There is no governor on the vehicle. The engine revolutions and speed are controlled by the ECU and you cannot remove that nor reprogram it unless you are a techno whiz.
in the fuse block under the hood, drivers fender
you cant my friend sorry you have to have a wiring harness or your speakers wont work. trust me i have looked all day and tried till ultimate failure.
700r4 if it is a 4speed auto Thanks 1202208751
A Chevy turbo 400 will bolt up to a Chevy 400 engine just fine. A BOP (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) turbo 400 will not bolt up to a Chevy engine. The bellhousing is different between the Chevy turbo 400 case and the BOP turbo 400 case. Another option is a J-W Performance ultrabell which can be used with...
They are all threaded into the exhaust system at various points. Best reached from underneath.
Borrrow a GPS, drive somewhere, compare the distance.
  == Answer ==   Hi. You're probably trying to avoid paying money for it but if you want to do any repairs to the car yourself then a "Haines" Repair manual is prefect, they aren't very expensive and have exploded views of almost everything, On top of that they are written by certified...
  == Answer ==   This info can be found in your owner's manual. Until you get one, tighten to 80 ft lbs.   == Answer ==     Front-Drive axle/hub nut is 180 ft-lbs Rear-Hub and bearing assembly-to-knuckle retaining nut 185 ft-lbs
Extended cab short box 2wd 6100 lbs 11000 gcvw with 3.42:17100 lbs 12000 gcvw with 3.73:1source: owners manual
The bolt pattern is 6 on 5-1/2".
did you change the exterior of your truck at all? lift kit? different tires? No, it's bone stock
What model do you have? I am saying no to your question. In most vehicles the service engine light deals with the operation of the "engine", igniton system, exhaust, and fuel system. If there is a problem with the brakes you could see an ABS light (if equiped) or a BRAKE! light on. If the Service...
  == Answer ==   I found out that the cables on the speed sensor become loose or toast, so just check them out. is on the driver side on the transmission. is easy to fix.