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Also known as GMC Sierra and the Denali in Mexico, Chevy Silverado is General Motor’s latest model of full-size pickup truck which received the 2007 Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend magazine.
Answer . \nAccording to the book it should be #12.
Full instructions and with pictures available at .
yes 6000 rpm on a 305 is WAY too much the max is 4500 and 5000 and that's pushing it. A stock small block Chevy has plenty of power no need to wind it up that much!!
It is in front of the radiator. Should be able to see it throught the grill in front....
well that would be dependant upon your rim spacing i don't know if you are old enough to remember the old "frogger" style that people used to go with but unless you have atleast a 10" wide rim i wouldn't try it you still might have issues with rubbing on the inner fender well or worse on the frame i...
It is very easy. There are a couple screws holding the outer frame. take them out and u will see more scews take them out too. you can just pull it out now.
%DETAILS%. Answer . Hey Kelly==A good wrecking yard will have the software to tell you this. GoodluckJoe.
364 cubic inches ( according to my Consumer Guide book )
Answer . Mine jams all the time. Pulling it won't work. But the rear part of the belt the part that is behind you that goes thru the loop. if you pull it up and let it go fast, the belt part frees up. The Cinch button does nothing to help.
Location of Camshaft Position Sensor . I have a 1998 Metro with the 1.3l and the Camshaft Position Sensor is located on the bottom of the oil pan.
You have 2 choices. (1) drop the gas tank, which is not easy and requires 2 people or (2) Remove the bolts from the truck bed and remove the bed. This way, you have above tank access. Option 2 is way easier. Don't try to sifon any of the gas out of the tank to make it easier through the fill tube...
Top of the frame rail.Forward of the left rear wheel.
With a 2bbl carb. 195 HP With a 4bbl carb. 220 HP.
5.2 liters is the 318 cubic inch V8
C =2 wheel drive k =4 wheel drive
Remove the air cleaner, disconnect the wiring from the iac, throttle position senor,and the injectors ( squeeze the tabs together on the top ). Disconnect the throttle cable by open the throttle to put slack in the cable and unloop the cable and slide the cable end out of the hole. Remove the detent...
No, I'm afraid not. It's got a hydraulic slave cylinder that's not adjustable. If it's slipping, you've got to replace the clutch and pressure plate. Sorry, Dude. ... just adding to this. I think if its slipping you may be screwed (see above). However, if it's not fully DISENGAGING (i.e. slop in...
Unplug the wiring harness from the iac. Using a adjustable or a 1 1/4" wrench remove the iac.
your dash lights and gauges are soldered in and are not supposed to be replaced. The right way would be to order it from the dealer. But if you know how to solder and have some knowledge of electronics then check out this site . copy and paste this to your address bar. good luck http://www...
The "change oil light" doesn't run off of the quality/quantity of the oil; it runs off of the odometer and the "memory" of the last time the "change oil light" was reset.. In other words, if you changed the oil at 3,500 miles and reset the light at that time, the light will automatically come on at...
Answer . Hey Robert==There is a wire obn the wrong terminal. It is supposed to unlock when you put into park. GoodluckJoe.
Use any major brand 5W20 oil.
Inside vehicle, passenger side, under the dash, mounted next to the firewall.
I have a 1994 Chevy suburban. the reverse went out in it. I have afriend that has a 1996 suburban transmission. will a 1996 transwork in a 94? To answer the title question; No, the 4L60E(1/2 ton) or 4L80E(3/4ton) out of a 1996 is electronically shifted, while the 700R4 inthe 1992 is vacuum...
just go with a spacer kit well its just easyer to go and get the spacer kit for the 4 by 4 model i have a 89 ford f250 that has dually wheels on it and theres a kit you can buy that's a spacer on it when i talked to ford about it they said they sell alot of kits for the f350 that came with single...
it could be your clutch disc, but i can't say for certain because i would have to check it out my self. for the time being go ahead and replace your clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.
%DETAILS%. Answer . Hey Kyle==The wire is probably off of the sending unit. GoodluckJoe. Answer . \nMy 89 Jeep Comanche did the same thing and it was the Oil pressure switch/sender it is located just under where the oil filter goes in
18 gallons found at
Regardless of the block, you have to use Vortec heads to use a Vortec intake.
Any type of glasspacks from cherry bomb or thrush ar FlowmasterSuper 10 series
Answer . between the intake and the firewall on top of the block
To properly answer this question we would need more details. there are various things that could be happening, you could have a bad plug wire, a bad spark plug, or even a bad rotor button, it all depends on what the problem is.
Had to research what a fleetside was and came across this, leaving my answer for anyone else that came across this question.. It's near impossible to find a definition of fleetside, but I did find this sentence in a wikipedia article at ' C/K trucks were...
Check the label on the insde of the door...gross vehicle weight Edit: Previous answer is not the answer to the question. Gross Vehicle weight is what the vehicle is lawfully allowed to weigh when fully loaded, not including trailer weight. The answer to the question would better be answered with...
There is not a reset procedure for the Low level light. There is one for the oil change service due. On the side of the oil pan there should be a sensor with 2 wires coming out of it. Be sure you didn't knock the connector loose. If it is hooked up, unplug it and plug it back in. If the light...
There are four ways to find a ratio. 1 A dealer can normally tell from the vin number. 2 There are normally tags or labels on the axle that have part number, gear ratio, and fluid requirement info. 3 You can count how many times you have to turn the driveshaft to get one complete turn of the...
acid drips from your battery onto the wiring harness. corrodes a wire connector near rad support. bin there, done that.
It depends 9on what motor you put in it
Answer . Usually on the upper end almost under dash board
Yes, but the exhaust Y pipe from the 305 may not fit the 350.
on the right hand side of the cylinder head! right hand side of the motor!
send e-mail address to auto5starz@hotmail.con & I'll send it! Bruce
you could have a bad alternator or faulty plugwires ,or even a dirty fuel filter check for breaks in wires.
look om the passengers back side of the valve cover. You need to take off the vortec cover.
Answer . \nTail lights in automobiles are in use for the simple reason that cars behind you can see you at a glance. A car without tail lights can easily be camouflaged, in the right environment. Tail lights ensure that this does not happen, especially when a car is braking.. Answer . and so me...
Left front= gray and tan Right front= dark green and light green Left rear= yellow and brown Right front= dark blue and light blue
Just replaced the sensor in my continental and it is no starts and will run flawlessly but won't be a reliable car
Where is the knock sensor for a 99 pathfinder
On the main bearings, .001, to .003.
\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nLock up torque converter solenoid sticking.\n. \n. \n New Answer \nIt is likely the electrical solenoid. You should replace it.
Can a wood grain steering wheel be installed n a 94 caprice classic that has a. Air bag in the factory steering .
Answer . \nI should ask first why the wiper switch? The switch is part of the Multifunction switch and the steering wheel has to come off to change it>this means airbag work (Module and Sir coil) NOT FOR THE INEXPERIENCED!!
where is located theknock sensor 97 mitssubishi eclipse
If you jumpered the pressure cycling switch that is mounted on the accumulator and the compressor engaged, then the system is low on refrigerant. Do not attempt to service it with refrigerant that has stop leak added. One reason is that in the long run it will cause damage to the system. The other...
The battery is still going until you open a door.
There's an access window on the backing plate that's cover with a rubber plug.
It's on the lower right side of the block
No they are not. But 88 to 99 will work.
THERE IS A SHRADER VALVE LOCATED JUST BEHIND THE INTAKE MANIFOLD. LOOKS SIMILAR TO A PSI VALVE STEM ON A TIRE. REMOVE THE CAP AND RELIEVE THE PRESSURE JUST AS YOU WOULD ON A TIRE. Bump the starter, in other words turn your ignition(key) to start just long enough to turn over engine but not start....
Move the crankshaft back and forth a little until the distributor drops. It should drop under it's own weight. Realign timing marks to TDC then double check distributor position.
go 2 google images and type in ,picture of wireing diagram for 1997 chevy z71
there isnt one after 2002 for 5.3 and 4.8 models for sure
Answer . \nCall your local GM dealer and ask the parts department personel the question. You may have to refer to the "service parts identification" sticker located in your glove box. This sticker will have a list of 3 letter/number combination codes on it. At least 2 of these codes that start...
There are several sending units in that vehicle such as the fuel sending unit, the oil pressure sending unit, the temperature sending unit. Need to know which one you want to change.
It is debatable but has been known to put out a better spark do to the positioning of the angle spark plugs, but how much more affective this is I dont know.
Auto? Low or dirty transmission fluid? Plugged filter? Bad transmission pump? When my husband's car wouldn't shift (it was an automatic) it was his crankshaft sensor. It ran fine after that.
Round shape oil pressure sender on the passanger side to the right of the oil filter. Oil pressure sender sends how much psi your oil pump pushes out to the ecu.
Run the truck until you have less than a 1/4 tank of fuel or siphon the fuel out. Remove the front seat. Remove cardboard cover that covers the fuel tank. Disconnect wires and fuel line to sending unit. Remove the sending unit from tank. Reverse for assembly.
The ABS light is on because there is a problem with the system. Until the problem is fixed the light will remain on. Once the problem is fixed the light will reset itself.
If you're talking about the push rods, no it doesn't matter.
Under hood in the power distribution center on the driver side fender.
If the one speed it works on is high speed, it is the blower motor speed resisitor that is bad.
Boat engines circulate water through a heat exchange with the oil, so that might indicate a leak in the heat exchange coil.
Jaguar s type for sure..
Answer . There are several options.. -Bolt extraction kits, you can probably get one at your local autoparts store. Drill a hole in the bold and insert the extractor, turning counter-clockwise. You may need to tap it in with a hammer first. It's best to use a reverse-thread drill bit to drill the...
"1/2 tons used the 4L60E. The 3/4 tons used the 4L80E" The 1993 year models do not have the wiring harnesses or the computer required to operate an "E" series transmission. The "E" stands for electronic controls. The 1993 half ton automatics for the 1993 year model were still the 700R4.
you have to remove the intake, and there are 2 knock sensors.
No, They will not, Different stud pattern.
You have given us little information here. Bad wiring, a shorted glow plug, improper battery connection and other issues could have all been factors.
Neither, that should be the sensor after the catalytic converter. Bank 1 sensor 1 would be the first sensor on the drivers side of engine. Bank 2 sensor 1 would be the first sensor on the passengers side of engine. Bank 1 sensor 2 would be the sensor after the catalytic converter.
Turn the key to on, do not start, push the gas pedal to the floor three times, the light should flash on the dash indicating the reset. Turn the key off. You should be reset.