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Chevy Silverado

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Also known as GMC Sierra and the Denali in Mexico, Chevy Silverado is General Motor’s latest model of full-size pickup truck which received the 2007 Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend magazine.
  Depends on what your problem is, which isn't specified. But, assuming that your speedometer isn't working at all, there are three likely issues.   The speedometer (and odometer) is operated by a cable that connects into the transmission. On the rear end of the transmission you will notice a...
I have put 285/70/R17 both in the BFG MTK2 and the BFG AT, no problems at all. I fills the wheel well but does not rub at all. I have had them on for over a year. I don't think you could then fit chains on however, but I have not tried. The 285 equate to about a 32.5 to 33 inch diameter.  It is a...
The easiest way to unlock a door on a Chevrolet Silverado pickup  truck is to use a key. In the event you do not have the key you may  have to break a window.
In front of the Radiator, behind the front grill, you should be able to see it looking through the front grill.
A Duramax Diesel is the much successful line of diesel engines produced from General Motors. You can find these engines in the GMC Heavy-Duty trucks and the Chevrolet Heavy-Duty trucks. Duramax is the second-best selling diesel engine on the market behind Powerstroke from Ford. The current Duramax...
The front speakers, in your 2005 Chevrolet Silverado, measure four  inches by five inches. The rear speakers measure six inches by  eight inches.
looks like your tracking is outand if its lower on one side than the other....somethings brokenether way go to a garage
n way around it you have to pull the radiator to get the puller on the pulley
try craigslist . Used car lot.. MY DRIVEWAY. ebay
Answer . \nDon't replace anything. The dealer can make you new keys by using the Vin # on your vehicle.
Inside the bed is bolts that hold the housing in place. remove and you will be able to get out the bulbs. Use a clean rag to keep the oils from your fingers off the glass. Toms 2003 red silverado
This depends on whether you have rear ac or not but there should be a decal under the hood that gives exact lbs.
It does not have a sensor, It has a switch and it is mounted just above the brake pedal.
A knock sensor is a device that senses detonation. Detonation  occurs in the engine when the fuel begins to burn prematurely; it  can cause substantial damage to the engine.
You can't. It requires a scanner to read them.
It only has 1, And it is on the passenger side screewed into the rear top of the engine. It is hard to see.
  == Answer ==   My friend bought a 1991 Trofeo with a dead guage cluster. After some Google research he just changed out a capacitor on his gauge cluster (IPC) and it made it work again. The odometer then showed "Error" so he changed the BCM (Body Control Module) and it then read 149356...
  == Answer ==     May be the switch in door, test to be sure their is power going to and from when you move switch. If so it is the switch. If you do have power both ways then the wire in the boot in the door could be broken. Only way to tell is to identify the color of the wires to the...
It is right behind the distributor. IT is HARD to get to.
378.3 cubic inches.
There's 4 on that truck, There about 3 to 4 inches long with an electric wire in the end of them. They are screewed into the exhaust pipe/ pipes. start up at the engine were the pipes hook to the exhaust manifolds and work your way towards the muffler and you will find them.
Hey Charles==The only way to do it legally is to use a recycling machine. GoodluckJoe
depending on the engine package your truck was built with your output will be between 300-325hp and 360-370 lb-ft
If they're 7/16" studs-80#
To have it done right, It would cost about 1.300 $
pull your oil level dipstick out. roll a peice of paper into a pointed funnel and pour your oil in using that New answer: There should be a oil cap on the top of the valve cover. If not then remove the PCV Valve and pour it in there. That will be in the top of the valve cover also.
It is on the passenger side, Bottom rear side corner of the engine.
It is located on the passenger side front fenderwell tub, among the two relay's, one being the A/C relay, the other your fuel pump's relay, both are bolted to the rear of the fenderwell, close to the firewall, the fuse for the pump is a capped single fuse plastic receptacle, there is a also an open...
1/2 tons used the 4L60E 3/4 tons used the 4L80E
if you are talking about a conversion (using what you already have): I'm not sure your application or why you would need to do this but, the only difference in a 4.8 and 5.3 vortecs is the rotating assembly. a 5.3 is just a 4.8 with 9mm extra stroke. bore is the same. block is the same. even heads...
Yes they will. Go under the skirt and remove the two 10mm nuts that hold the molding. There are more than two but the two directly behind the skirt should be enough. There shuold also be another bracket under that one. Remove that and jack the car up high enough to catercorner the top of the wheel...
9 psi is pushing the limit in a non-intercooled platform. 9psi is almost 3/4 of a whole extra atmosphere. that translates into almost 230 psi peak compression in a relatively large combtion chamber. its not as though you're dealing with too much piston compression but, the 5.3 is just a stroked...
That would be the springs as long as the spring brackets aren't rusted in half.
It's either the alignment is off, or your brakes are grabbing, get it aligned (about $40) and have the brakes checked out.And in the future, don't just go replacing parts, have everything checked out first, because I'm sure you wasted money on an idler arm, those hardly ever go bad.
Take the cover off the hub and clean it up with parts cleaner then put a small bit of clear grease on the gear of the locking hub, not to much, little on top and a little on bottom.
It can not be cleaned. Trying to clean it will mess it up.
i would put a 700r4 that's a good one for the gas per mile and towing or 350 turbo for the other
IN order to answer this question, the year of the motor is a  necessity because the type of ignition differs. Yet, since you are  talking about setting timing it is probably a motor with a  distribuitor, as opposed to coil packs. To set timing, you must  have a timing light; a light with an...
Yes it does. It is in the back top side of the engine. That's what all the plug wires go to.
No it should not turn if the valve is adjusted right.
  == Answer ==   The pan is different from most, having a ridged hefty look compared to most pans. it's on the passenger side towards the frount wheel. The bolt(19mm) is on the backside of the pan(facing the front of the car).
Answer . \nIf you don't see one on the trans pan, it does not have one. Pan must be removed.
If it's a V-8 then it has 2 of them and there both underneith the intake manifold. You will have to remove the intake to get to them. If it's a V-6 then climb up and lean over the top of the engine and it will be screewed into the top left corner of the engine. Back left top corner were the...
NO you do not. That is what the o-ring is for. If you use sealer it will wind up in the oil and that is Not good.
Hey David==Get a new wiring harness from someplac like PAINLESSWIRING.COM and it should have instructions. GoodluckJoe
Need the YEAR and what it is in to answer that question right.
Answer . \nIn the engine compartment. On the passenger side of the compartment, just about level with the fill cap of the radiatior resivor. It is the blue cap on the large line. The small line is the high side and the large line is the low side. The dryer which is the silver cannister is...
If they weren't marked there's no way to tell which cylinder they came out of. You might get away with putting them in where ever. But it usually doesn't work out very well. Best thing to do at this point is to take the rods and caps to a machine shop and have them re-sized. Then you'll be starting...
It may just be spillage. Usually some end up on ex. manifold no matter how careful you are. See if it will burn off.
What is the stock size tire for a 1994 sierra Z71
It is sreewed into the transmission tail shaft housing.4X4 trucks have them in the transfur case tail shaft.
one can easily break down or make it use for their bad idea
It is bolted in the passenger side of the timing cover on the front of the engine / Behind the front bottom pulley / behind the harmonic balancer on the front of the engine.
Simple answer is count the bolts on the diff cover. Generally 7.5 rear ends are 10 bold and have somewhat square corners. While the 8.5 rear ends have 12 bolts and are round.
Each cylinder needs fuel, compression and spark. You are missing one of those.
  follow the instructions on the fan shroud
It requires a SPECIAL tool that you can push the plate down with and then remove the lock ring that's around the steering shaft. There is a spring under the plate, IT MUST BE PUSHED DOWN TO REMOVE LOCK RING.
Which engine do you have? In any case; there is no fan belt us older types remember. The fan is electrically powered and controlled by the car's PCM (computer). The car does have a serpentine belt that drives the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning compressor. It is...
  Yes, but not much. You must be VERY CAREFUL when releasing the nuts so that you don't crack the fuel line! If you do, the line should be replaced the from the filter to the next fitting (NEVER try to splice the gas line!).
  == Answer ==   I don't think its a brake light switch.   I think its the park brake release.     I rethought this and I now think that what you are asking about is the cruise "dump" valve.   If it actually on the brake pedal its the cruise.   Sorry for the confusion
you half to loosen the 33 mm seck bolt, separate the end going into the center link, just give it a good whack then lube the end of the pitman arm with the splines and pray.................................. then install you pitman arm puller and if you prayed hard enough it will pop right off if not...
  Not enough info to give you a straight answer but go here and look it up.   http://www.mekkelsenrv.com/Home/Sales/TowGuide/1998.htm   Happy Trails!
Get a Better Quality Filter . Wix 4.3L=51040 all others use Wix Filter 51042 . Forget the fram filters 4.3L=PH3387A/DG3387A all others use PH3506
You didn,t say what year it was ? So I'll answer it like this. I would make sure the SPEED SENSOR that's in the transmission tail shaft is working correctly. REPAIR as needed. The transmissions MUST be the same YEAR and same kind. If I new the year and what it was in, I may have given a different...
Answer I own a 1995 Saturn sl2, I just had the same problem you were having and yes, I had to replace the EGR valve. Now it runs like new.change the Fuel Filter!!!!!!!MOst likely your EGR valve is sticking open. This would cause the sputter stall condition. Have it removed and opened manually with a...
Their is a torsion pulley on the top center parts of the engine. Their is a special tool to use but a socket will work. Find the right size socket to fit the bolt on the front of the pulley and use a 1/2 in handle. Put to the position to loosen a bolt and lift the socket counter clockwise and you...
raise it up into place and secure it with the 2 gas tank straps with the bolts and nuts.
only if both vehicles are prior to 1999..newer versions are metric pattern, and not interchangeable..
My 1994 Chevrolet 4x4 had 16" 6 bolt wheels.
  Check the operation of the stop light switch located at the upper area of the brake pedal under dash
Valves are not tourqued. There are no bolts on them at all. they are held in by keepers    AnswerI believe what you are asking is "how do you torque the rocker arms" on a SB Chevy. As long as it is mostly stock, and not using solid lifters, the following is the proper method for setting the...
No you can't get to them. The converter is in the way.
  == Answer ==     the rotation is counter clock wise and the firing order is 1-3-2.
  == Answer ==   you can buy a kit at your local auto parts store for around $40.00, you have to vacuum pump out what R-12 that might be present. then follow the instructions in the kit.
It is right behind the distributor, It is hard to get to.
  Turn the key to "power on" (but don't START the engine!)....press the accelerator pedal 3 times within 5 seconds. The CHANGE OIL light will flash a couple of times and the reset is complete.
do you have to change a timing belt on a 93 318 is BMW
IAT sensor is located on the intake tube of the air filter box, just behind the driver side head light. remove the cover of the air box as if you were going to change the air filter. in the back of the air box are two 10mm bolts holding it to the battery tray. remove thoes bolts and pull up on the...
  we have just finished a 1996 Blazer with 4.3 vortec and found out that the electrodes under the cap do not match what the configuration on the top of the cap this could be your problem, has fixed ours hope this helps, the guys at Mid-East services Inc, waynesville office.
  The biggest size yo could put on is 265/75 R16. if you install a level kit you could install 285/75R16.
Depending on the exact type of 2500 (crew cab , hd ,and so on) about 15000 lb.
You have changed ever sensor? That's expensive! I had a similar problem on my SL1 and it was the coolant sensor. The little pin inside (where the wires were attached) was broken off, so the problem exhibited different symptoms when it jiggled around (making contact whenever it wanted to!!!). So.....