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Chevy Silverado

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Also known as GMC Sierra and the Denali in Mexico, Chevy Silverado is General Motor’s latest model of full-size pickup truck which received the 2007 Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend magazine.
It does not have a governor. Speed is controlled by the ECU.   If you want to change any of the settings like shift points and top speed, you will need to buy a programmer. You won't be able to change the settings to anyone elses vehicle but your own since the programmer requires the same...
  One or a combination of things, Bad vaccum motor, bad vaccum lines, and or dirty axle lubricant. After market shift motors are now available that use mechanical shifting means and replace the very failure prone vaccum motor.
Both....they are usually conjoined by a single cable.
Answer . \nbank one is the side where number cylinder is sensor 1 is before the cat sensor 2 after the cat
  second cylinder back on right bank of engine
Answer . \nit has rust build up we use a hammer sometimes you have to hit it hard spin rotor dont hit in same place every time
This is what I had to do on my 94 Silverado 1500 Truck:1. Remove the lens cover2. Remove the light assembly from back of the truck cab3. Unplug the wire connector, by stretching out the clip is on the side of the connector body. (You may not need to do this step)4. Take a piece of Popsicle stick or...
  under passenger seat
  it is not the fuse it is a broken wire. Replace the shift lever.
  1) Turn the Power ON 2) Set trip meter to "ODO" 3) (you may need to Power OFF at this point) 4) Turn the Power ON 5) Hold down the ODO/Trip button for 20 seconds 6) While keeping the ODO/Trip button down, put the driver seatbelt on. 7) You will see b_on / b_off choice in the ODO meter,...
bad wire.. or plug or coil packHere is another idea to try. You will need some insulated pliers and try pulling one plug wire at a time while the truck is running. This might help out on trying to find your miss. You could use a inductive timing light to see if you have a bad wire. Also look at a...
  Open the hood. Look on the firewall, about the same level as the top of the air cleaner but WAY over to the passenger side. It should be a silver or black can that looks rounded on the top and bottom.
  go to auto zone they will do it for you
Generally speaking. The IAT sensor will be located on the intake hose after your air filter and before the engine. It is usually connnected into the hose at a 90 degree angle. It has a connector on it. Undo the connector then pull it out. It usually is just held in by a grommet. Sorry I couldn't be...
  thermostat sticking closed then snapping open
  == Answer ==   The towing capacity for a 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 is 8400-pounds with Quadrasteer and Quadrasteer increases the towing capacity of Silverado 1500 with the Vortec 5300 to 8600 lbs or 10,200 pounds with a weight-distributing hitch and sway control.
You need a special puller for the power steering pump pulley. With out the tool you cannot remove retaining the bolts. Check your local parts house, they usually have a kit in stock.
I have 89 Chevy extended cab pickup 350ci 700r trans i would like to know the rearend gear ratio and if 89 3/4 ton rear would help tow 6500# camper have replaced leafs with 3/4 springs seems original rear geared to high trans gets hot
  hello it can be done a little involved depends on wether its a 6cyl or 8 cyl vehicle
Check for a blown fuse. possibly could be your air bag module in your steering wheel, just a possibility, hope that's not it though, could be as simple as a fuse. air bag module will run about 600-800 buckswhich fuse is it, the manual shows it to be fuse 31 under the back seat but i am not sure that...
  == Answer ==   when my banshee motor got rebuilt last year my mechanic told me the way to break it in is to ride in 2 or third for a few days and also try to stay at the same rpm. Riding in second going about 20 or 25 mph is good for it   == Answer ==   when my banshee motor got...
  there are two signal lights 1) the signal indicator, which is located by the head lights. 2) the cornering light.   1) is located right next to the head light in the same mounting bracket, there is a total of 3 ports. 1) for high beam 2) low beam 3) turn signal. can be a tight squeeze, you...
  Need to check the rear u-joint in the drive shaft.
== Answer ==   1.3 and 1.6 liter don't have one 1.8 liter is at the back top see picture at this site   == Answer ==   It's a wonder he could even figure out how to turn the computer on. Please don't answer questions if you don't know what the hell you are talking about. Geo Metros did not...
  One of the "wheels" that the belt goes around is also the tension adjustment.   When loosened it moves down to release tension. You may have to push and hold it down as well.   See the diagram at this link - it should provide you with the corect information. http://autorepair.about.com...
    Clean it, then bandage it. So it won't get infected.
  Need to check the upper ball joints first.
  The PCM. Power train control module / computer is what controls the transmission.
  Sure.. That car was probably designed for 15 inch rims.. But check the owners manual, and if you don't have a manual look on the door jam of the drivers side door and it usually tells you the tire/wheel size recommended, as well as max air pressure, Chuck
  did you check your fuses. Has ther been any repairs back there like a new fuel pump? Is it four wheel drive and someone snagged a wire? I would say it is an open line or the possibility that both tailights went out and you just now noticed. Check the bulbs
Ther is no PCV valve on a 06 silverado with a 4.3L engine
  12 for gas intake and air both
  IT just may need a tune-up, plugs and an air filter. But it could use an injector cleaning or replacement. You could try fuel injector cleaner. More serious problems could exist, however you could have the catalytic converter replaced. Have it checked out.Good Luck!
Answer \n. \nYou can use which ever you want Conventional or Synthetic. I believe the recommended oil is 5W-30, Brand name is your choice. As long as the engine has no major leaks that should be attended to and repaired. I would use the First in Synthetic Motor Oil's because it gives you better...
  bad sending unit in tank.
  Top of the bed is 63 1/4 in.   Bottom of the bed is 65 in   Wheel Tub to Wheel Tub is 49 1/4 in.
  == Answer ==     contact your local DMV (department moter vehicals )           drive safe
Pop the hood there is a pin (metal rod L shaped around 1 in on the short side and 6 inches on the long side) that is above the headlight assembly remove the pin and the assembly will essentially fall out, change bulb, replace the assembly and put the pin back in. 2000 Chevy Silverado LT Ext Cab 4...
Blue smoke in both petrol and diesel engines is caused by the burning of engine oil during the combustion phase, i.e there is oil in the combustion chamber. The oil could be entering the combustion chamber via the valve stem seals or the oil rings. Also check that the oil level is correct as too...
  the fuel pump ground wire for my 97 and 96 are bolted to the frame behind the drivers side rear tire.
  there is a rectangular box mounted on the drivers side of the radiator. open it up and the condensor fan is the second one from the drivers side. you can open up the square box also mounted on this rectangular box, and switch those relays. the one in the square box is the wiper relay, it is...
There is a new part out to correct this try this number at dealer or go on eBay for best price.pt. no. 19153614
  inside the fuel tank
  == Answer ==   in the heater box. problem is most likely the cable or the retainer on th switch came off. if the knob is stuck or really hard to turn it is the door or frozen cable. if it is really loose the cable is boken or clip fell off. if it moves a little then jams the cable is...
  [Edit]   = Where is the location for the shift solenoid on a 1999 cavalier? =   [Edit]
The Oldsmobile Alero has a sealed system with no dipstick. A total  change requires approximately 9.5 quarts of Dexron III transmission  oil.
Actually I need to know how to access the motor, after the door panel is off there is still a sheet of metal covering access.   == Answer ==   Your best bet is a local dealer Honda / Acura or local part store for a remanufactured version of the motor.   There is a couple bolts holding the...
do a pressure test on your cooling system. pressurizing the system will cause coolant to seep out of your leak allowing you to pinpoint it.this is just a guess but check your water pump. that's my bet. mine leaked like you describe from the pulley shaft.tweek
In order to disable OnStar unplug the cords that are connected to  the OnStar box. The OnStar box is found in the inside panel of the  trunk of the car.
nothing special, plain 400 heads comparable to 441 993 487
\nIts right above the oil filter. Its easier to remove the oil filter to get to it.
  Is it cranking at all (do you hear the engine turning when you turn the key to the start position)? If so does it cought, splutter or otherwise give any sigh it is trying to actually run? If not do you hear a clicking noise from under the hood, or just silence? Do the dash lights come on,...
it was the turn signal switch. Hurt my back changing it. Lost 2 weeks of work. Will just take it to mechanic next time, especially since replies took months.
Most likely the cluster, but it could be the sending unit.
  On google images type "door handle diagram Chevy C1500"
  Could be a bad flasher     == Answer ==       you probly have a burnt bulb someware
i have a 1983 Chevy k10. it uses GM corporate 10 bolt axles with 2.73 gears
  That's a very broad question on a complicated procedure. I would start with an eBay search for the service manual for your vehicle.
Knock sensor is located in block below rt.[ pasasenger] side motor mount.
The Chevy heater hose removal tool is a plastic piece that clamps  around the hose. The tool slides into the fitting to release the  hose.
There is no simple answer to this question. The resistance/current varies in several parameters. Heat, lean/rich mixture, amount of contamination, etc. The value also varies from one manufacturer to another. If you want bench test the unit, you must induce heat on the tip. Commonly with a propane...
  You need to diagnose the problem, verify which cylinders are not running, ignore the look of the spark plugs and wires on those cylinders, replace them. check the distributor cap and rotor for any damage even fine hairline cracks. replace as necessary. all that is ignition stuff. If it turns...
The heater inlet hose on a 1999 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L is located in  the left, rear of the engine compartment. It connects directly to  the heater core which circulates heat throughout the cabin.
  center of the engine near the top. It is going to be by the heads.
  It is in the fuse panel on the drivers side. It is the 4th fuse from the left in the top Row. It also runs your rear lift glass and a couple other courtesy items.   It is in the fuse panel on the drivers side. It is the 4th fuse from the left in the top Row. It also runs your rear lift...
Losing coolant in a vehicle is not a good thing. It is best to  check all seals and all bends in tubing.
  You should find your horns just behind the grill and to either side of it on the vertical part of the radiator suportthats right there. They should both be toward the top.
AnswerUsually located at the top area of brake pedal under dashI did my 2000 306 HDi today. Remove the plastic fuse box cover. Remove the convoluted air pipe. Remove the 4 nuts that hold the steering column and lower it as far as it will go. Sit in the seat (ie you dont have to be laying in the...
  Your truck will show true to 1 million miles. then it will go back to zero.
  5.3 engine iron block 295 hp   5.3 alumnium block 310 hp
  There is literally about 100 answers to this question.,,,, You need to supply A lot of info. Model, Year, Reg. cab, Ext. cab, two door, four door, what tonage.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, You can check yourself easilly, You measure from the center of the rear axle to the center of the front spindle.
== Answer ==   The lights on most newer tahoe's are automatically turned on when you turn the ignition switch. but there is a way to turn them off if youre parked and dont want to be blinding every vehicle that drives by while youre car is still on right? engage the break pedal and the light will...
Answer . \npop the hood and look at the top of the head light there are 2 L shaped rods that go down through the lens twist and pull up and setlens aside look down at the amber lens there is a plastic clip on outer side of lens push in and pull out away from grille hope this helps a little
== Answer ==   Generally, over time, the compression release will get out of adjustment. Remove the overhead valve cylinder cover (the dead cylinder for twin cylinder engine) and adjust the compression release with the cylinder at TDC. Loosen the adjuster locks and set intake valve clearance to...
    what you do is turn the key so the battery power comes on, pump the gas pedal 3-5 times (cant remember which one) then start the truck. it will flash and stay on for a minute but then should turn off.