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Chevy Silverado

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Also known as GMC Sierra and the Denali in Mexico, Chevy Silverado is General Motor’s latest model of full-size pickup truck which received the 2007 Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend magazine.
  You can go under the driver side of the dash, turn the lights on, listen for the chime to locate it. Once located simply unplug the two wire connector.
From inside the vehicle and all doors closed put key in the ignition turn the key to the run position (DO NOT START) the instant the key is in the run position depress the gas pedal three times simultaniously and hold the pedal to the floor and wait for the change oil light flashes. Turn the key to...
passenger side of firewall in engine compartment
Tie rod jam nut   &   Tie-rod end-to-steering knuckle nuts   Engine   57-76 ft. lbs.   --------------------------------------------------   Metric   77-103 Nm
location of oil level sending unit 6.6 disel
you can if you install the Bose amp also, just the radio swap will result in no sound.
Yes, there are wiring diagram available for a 2007 Chevy 2500  Duramax. These are available in the cars maintenance manual.
  standard is 10w30 but changes with weather conditions   standard is 10w30 but changes with weather conditions
front and rear door speakers are 6 1/2"....
  Could be a bad oil pressure sending unit Try a manual gauge to determine actual oil pressure   Could be excessive engine wear (bearings)   Could be a weak oil pump   Try a heavier viscosity oil i.e. 20W-50
  Start at the longest line and work towards the shortest (R-R,L-R,R-F,L-F)   Attach a flexible hose to the bleeder screw at the top of the wheel cylinder/Caliper   Place other end of hose into a container filled with clean brake fluid   Have assistant push brake pedal to about 2/3 of...
  every car's sensor is 50 ft lbs for trucks and such it varies from 80-110 ft lbs. i would torque it to 55 to be on the safe size but no more because you dont want to strip the threads on your cat
Answer . \ntheres a fuel pump relay located undr the hood left hand side near the fire wall\nif your fuses are good this will be your problem it your fule pump relay\n. \n. \ndrive safe
Many of the vehicles are valued at a price close to $10,000. The  exact amount for the vehicle will vary depending upon their  condition and what types of upgrades they have on them.
  Short bed is 26 gallons. long bed 36 gallons
  you can't,it's controlled by the computer.
Peak hp 193.5 @ 4,500. Peak torque 214.5 @ 4,000. Bone stock numbers for a 92 5.7L TBI. It is the same setup.
No! The angle of the intake bolts are not the same. Also The vortec heads will make more hp so you probably will not want to use standard Heads..
  the only way to change it is to buy an aftermarket programmer then you l be able to change it to whatever you like, mines set maxed out at 255mph
The 1987 Chevrolet Corvette oil pressure should be between 45 PSI  and 40 PSI. The idling oil pressure will be slightly less.
  Right side of the engine down very low... Folow the RED battery cable it will lead you right to it.
  It reads the vibrations that result from the ignition of the air fuel mixture in the engine. The computer uses that information to calculate proper ignition timing.
that is your exhaust pipes when they heat up they expand when they cool down they pop and crack like that nothin to worry about
  305 cubic inches   305 cubic inches
  32 inch tires is the biggest for a factory setting supension. You could tighten your tourshen bars and get a nother 2 inches of tire travel.
It is the 15AMP fuse in the under hood fuse box labeled "info".
You will see a three inch canister behind the fuel tank mounted to the frame.It has an electrical connector and a hose(about the size of a cigar)...slides out of connector@frame.
  locked up or making a growl---remove line leaving comp & check for grey matter --- remove inline orfice to check for metal flakes
how do you change the air condition controller in a 2004 chevy silverado
It's a matter of having to cut them out with a cut-off tool, a cutting torch or a plasma cutter.
Mounted between the Master Cylinder & the Firewall on the driver's side. It is the large vacuum diaphragm with the vacuum hose going to it.
Depends on what year hemi silverado would smoke an 04 hemi but a  2012-2013 but be a much better race
Sure will if they are both small blocks. Never change the bell housing bolt pattern. Im asuming your Chevy c10 probably had a straight six, a three fifty, or a 305. It will be same as a 1992 350, 305, or a 4.3l. Just make sure the flywheel is right for the motor, depending if it is internatly...
  Usually that's caused by tires that are out of balance or bent rims.
  == Answer ==   Answer Most modern vehicles have an internally mounted oil pump, usually mounted in the bottom of the crankcase, accessible by removing the oil pan.
The knock sensor is located on top of the block in a 4.8 2002  engine. The intake will have to be removed to get to the sensor.
  If the windshield itself is rattling, you need to get it serviced by an auto glass professional. The windshield is an integral part of the air bag system. My guess is that you have a rattle in the dash. Those are very hard to pin down. An automotive stethoscope can help. Read this article:...
A rear parts diagram for an Iveco Daily can be found in the  maintenance manual. A diagram can also be obtained at some auto  part shops.
1969 saw a new V8 engine: a 255 hp (190 kW), 350 cu in (5.7 L). Along with the new engines came a new grille design for Chevrolet trucks and a more upright hood for both Chevrolet and GMC trucks. A utility variant known as the K5 Blazer was also introduced with a shorter wheelbase of 104 inches (2...
  It is probably a bad transmission. Sometimes it can be repaired "in the car". Not all transmission shops can do this repair. Most dealers do not repair but rather they will replace. This may not be nessessary.
  The "Stock" pan holds 5 quarts. However... there are after-market pans and even some original equipment "high volume" pans that have been used on the Chev 350.
  My 2000 is overheating, too. We discovered the cap to the engine coolant had come off. and after replacing the cap and filling her up with more coolant and water she was fine for a week but then suddenly started overheating again. We noticed the coolant was low again and filled it up again. If...
  It is a means for fuel storage. Simply put it keeps fuel clean and contained to be used in the future.
  nearly any trans made by general motors will bolt to a small v-8
  Replace the fuse to a higher amp fuse. Like if the fuse is a 25amp, change it to a 35amp. This will most likely make the problem go away and will not hurt your system. I'd be willing to bet the new unit you bought and installed is rated for a higher amp. If this does not work, then you will...
  the ecm is the vechicles computer and is located under the hood.
The 2003 Solverado did not come with a 5.5L Vortec. The 4.3 V-6 and 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, and 8.1 were the coices fer the Silverado. The common spots are passenger fenderwell or behind the glove box. Good luck and happy hunting!
  Very simple to do as a D.I.Y. project. Visit your local auto parts store and go to the aisle for hitches, etc. You will find the right equipment in that aisle. Read the book and find your vehicle. I used to work at an auto parts store while I was in college.
The "penalty" is a repo on your CR.,higher interest rates on future loans, and a possible judgement/wage garnishment against you. A repo is a repo is a repo in credit files.
22ft pounds is the torque spec, The tightning sequence is as follows.. Upper side: 8-4-1-5. Lower side: 7-3-2-6-9
I may be wrong but I believe in addition to the automatic transmissions that that particular vehicle came with were a 4 speed manual, and 5 speed. Getrag perhaps? Might not hurt to check out whether you are set up with flexplate or flywheel.
Hi I think they will probably fit but you should measure the length and height of both to be 100 percent sure.. I have a 83 C10 and took fenders off an 86 silverado truck and they fit fine. On both fenders there were at least 3 or 4 shims to hold it in place at all points so there is some "wiggle"...
it all depends on the features, not the way it looks, the distance it can travel before having to fill up, hauling a heavy load of horses or any other domestic animal, haulin woods or somethin else. i laugh when i see these youngsters gettin all fired up in the mamas pickup truck and burnin the damn...
  The vehicle is due a service soon
  The Oil you want to use is 15W-40, if your truck is higher mileage I use Amsoil's Heavy truck/ Marine 15W40
  i put 24's on my 99 sierra 1500. no rubbing.
It's a left hand thread. Crank to the right.
  it has a switch under the steering column
Should be right before the catalytic converter. Mine is a 1988 and that's where it's at.
map sensor is usually located on the air intake some also have them near the catalytic converter as well.
Answer . \nAs you give very little information as to make, model, engine size or year, and exactly when it is ticking, this is just an educated guess. Normally this is valve noise caused by valve clearance issues. If it has solid lifters then they need adjusting. If it has hydraulic lifters, they...
  there is no typical fuel capacity. can be anywhere from 50 to 200 gallons per tank and most semi's have a tank on each side,which doubles the capacity   a semi that is not used for long haul, but typically local deliveries will usually have smaller tank to enable more weight removed from...
On my 94 530i auto, v8, you fill from the bottom side of the pan. There are 2 plugs, 1 drain, 1 fill. My trans. is the 5 hp 18(a5s 310z) 5 speed automatic, behind the 3.0 L. v8. The fill plug is in the corner of the pan furthest from the front of the car. Filling is similar to a manual trans. pull...
you will need a special tool called a steering wheel puller. they are needed to compress the rings around the column and wheel and release it so you can remove the main nut.
  I believe for yours it is 5x114.3. As for the 1989-1996 240sx is a 15x6 wheel with 4x114.3 or as for the 1995-1696 240sx se is a 16x5.5 wheel with a 5x114.3.   Reference: http://www.discountedwheelwarehouse.com/Nissan___Vehicle_Bolt_Pattern_Reference.cfm
yes , they are the same bolt patters , might have to change light connections , just put a 85 Scottsdale radiator support on my 91 suburban
Do you want to know how much torque the powertrain for this vehicle puts out or the torque spec for a certain bolt. If its a bolt you need to let us know what you are trying to tighten.
  300 hp is not alot of power keep your foot out of the gas and your milage should not be to bad.
  with the door handle !!!!
  I've pulled a 20,000lb trailer with my 2001 ford f250, so i cant see why not.
The interior light switch may be in the off position or the fuse is blown.
  www.HelmInc.com has shop manuals
  There SHOULD only be oil inside the valve covers. If they leak coolant you have a serious problem.
  # ==== Replace the Rear Shocks in a Silverado ====  # Step 1  Lift the truck with a floor jack, and support the Silverado with jack stands. If you have selectable ride, disconnect the electrical sensor.  # Step 2  Use the ratchet to pull out the upper shock absorber nut and bolt. Unbolt...
You remove the radiator cap (on a cool engine only) and pour it in....