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What does WikiAnswers have in common with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Delicious, and scores of other sites? They are all Social Media sites that promote social interaction! The content on Social Media sites is user-generated, making the sites interesting and fun! Ask questions about Social Media here.


it tells you have much you have been a member in stardoll if its tall then u have been a member 4 a long time
== Answer ==   I will try to answer this question. When you define a marketing research problem you are trying to reduce the outcome of an answer. The question of course when you speak about "marketing research" is how can I target more customers that I can sell my product to. You are looking for...
I Dont Think Its twitter Its Facebook I Think That Offer Has Ended By Now! Sorry
Unfortunately, you cannot send clothes to other members on Stardoll. On the old version you could, but that tool was sadly removed. Now, if you are superstar, you can sell clothing and interior in your StarBazaar.
You have to be a superstar
Ok, to get sopilers go here: cdn.stardoll.com/flash/items/0/28725.swf but chamge the nimbers to get different items.
Save $20 off $50 - DDBGIFT
I think hen people are quit o play stardoll.
New Smyrna Florida has many doll awards ..You may want to askaround there ,or visit there shops.It is a beachfront community andthe most shark bites every year ..Also home to the late Bob FossieTV painter ...
Causes usability and design issues
There should be a black bag when you get to your suite that says starplaza on it, and when you click on it, it opens.
I know the answers 1) Gorrila are the largest of the living...? Mammal Primate Answer Amphibian 2) Which gorrillas are silver backs? Just males Answer The vain ones Just females 3) The reason(s) for their endangerment is/are: Loss of habitat poaching commerical hunting all of the above...
Social Media: Content delivered through social Interaction that excites others to repeat. Many of the definitions flying around the internet focus on applications, or networks such as the "Big Face" and "Bitter". I try not to give even MORE exposure by using their names, but i think you know what I...
yes stardoll is an easy free website were you can become superstar for only $5 it has amazing clothes and clubs and members it wont let u swear or put dirty pics becoz stardoll staff has to advise it before you do and even if u try they wilol send u a message or if you ignore the message you can...
Callie doesn't own stardoll, she writes for the magazines. Liisa wrang [ A famous artist ] drew dolls and decided to make a website called paperdollheaven.com. Then she got a bigger company and changed her websites name to Stardoll.com. . she has a daughter and her user name on stardoll is rihon (...
Hiya there, Stardoll is a great website isn't it however there is a website that is just as good as Stardoll called Club Penguin! Try it out it is amazing! Try Girlsense. It's really cool! There is no membership or payment, it's ALL FREE! you create clothes, apply makeup and more. the best thing...
  == u just press buy unless your not super star ==   from lily i mean lilylau
Well you must be friends with the person. Then click on the picture of a letter under your MeDoll. Then click Compose! :)-Nicki<3
"Angel Wings" are not rares, but "Angel Wings Inspired" are.
i really don't know but my name on stardoll is coolchick999 please add me as a friend thanks...
It depends on what doll it is really, Superstars get more sometimes and other times less than non-superstars
It already came out. Go to the LE shop in the Stardoll starplaza.
To download anime from AnimeTake, one must first register. Some basic information, such as email address and name, must be entered to create an account. Then one must find the anime they wish to download. One can search by the name of the series or search by genre. When one finds the anime they...
Type Into Your Search Bar "Stardoll" And Click On The Second Result. Then You Pick Your Doll And Create A Username And Password And Put In Your Date Of Birth. Hope This Helps. Quick Link:http://www.stardoll.com/en/Thank YouAdd Me On Stardoll EviculewThank You <3
Your Stardoll album is a place to express yourself and your style.   Here is some advice...      Don't write about yourself. It's not a diary, and it will be pretty  boring if it's just full of your own personal information. Think of  it as an actual album. Fill it with little clip art...
All you have to do is click the tab that says "design" and then click parties.Only superstars can host a party.anymore questions you can ask _preacious_
I think facebook is the most popular social networking website. It  is mostly used by the peoples due to its user friendly application  and interesting features.
I have never, heard of that!
You can also get a prepaid card from stores like Walgreens, target, Walmart, and other stores like that. you can get a $10,$15,or $25.$10 card you get 300 star-dollars and 4 gifts.$15 card you get 500 star-dollars and 4 gifts.$25 card you get 900 star-dollars and 7 gifts.
Ok , all you have to do is go and be _preacious_ friend and ask her.   She gave me one of her old superstar accounts, but if she doesn't have anymore she will probably give you one with a lot of clothes and stuff, just as much as a superstar.    So go and see her, don't tell her you were...
well i have a stardoll and you can get a tear for 1 stradoller if you want my dolls name is goth79 if you want to see my doll
You mean your MeDoll? Well what you do is go to edit medoll, go ahead and decorate her then look near to bottom of the page and find something that is gray and white that should say, Save and click it.I'm kiki7324 on stardoll :) Hope I helped
A social platform is a Web-based technology that enables the  development, deployment and management of social media...
which scenery you want to delete when you click it there will be a trash button in the corner just click it they will ask you if you want to delete it and say yes your scenery will be deleted
People say it is Callie, but the real makers is just one and it is the creator of all Stardoll.
that's not possible to check
Stardoll.   Fame, Fashion, and Friends.   It's super fun. You Create your own person [MeDoll], Dress your person in brands such as Hilary Duff, DKNY, Khols. And other Stores in the Starplaza. Stores such as Folk, Pretty in Pink, Rio, Fallen Angel, and more. You can accessorize her and...
LE most commonly comes out in the second month of a season, however it may vary.
It is Public Show of Affection
easy!!FIQURE it OUT your SELF NOW
Callie Stardoll is a member of the Stardoll Staff, and she works for the Stardoll magazine. In that job she writes news articles and makes competitions. Her Stardoll account is Callie.Stardoll. EDIT NEW PERSON ok so callie is also a member on stardoll. some people think that she runs it but she...
His real name is Edwin M Barry II, he currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.
when you visit somebody at the bottom right corner there will be a gift a star a house and a save thingy. roll your mouse over the star and the top is one and the bottom is 5. you click which ever you want to rate them
Creating a professionally edited video will help boost yourviews--nobody wants to watch and share a shabby, unappealing video.Most people don't have the expensive software or skill set to edittheir own videos, but you can go to companies like Valoso to getyour videos professionally edited. Other...
Some laptops have a snipping tool where you can cut out pieces of a page to save to your laptop. If you do not have this, you can download it from the internet.
Of course they probably don't tell the whole truth! No one does usually! Even if someone swears on the BIBLE that they will tell the whole truth, they usually won't. The number one reason why they wont tell the whole truth is usually because they are afraid of what might happen if they uncover the...
To be most popular on stardoll, you must have alot of starpoints: over 4000 in most cases. you must also brodcast a million times a day. also make designs of cartoons like hello kitty or spongebob and sell them. 99amanda99 has designs on sale.
I think you buy them in the shop?
U cant u have to b a real celeb if ur not ur not
you can either A) become a superstar and get coins and be able to buy anything. or B) play play and earn. you can get u to 5 stardollars per day but can only buy things non superstar
yes, but you have to be very patient to get stardollars, unless you become a superstar, which you do have to pay.
Characteristics of Mass MediaThis is a great website to visit to learn about all the characteristics of the different forms of mass media:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_mediaHere are more opinions and answers from other WikiAnswers Contributors:If I understand the question correctly, newspaper or...
just type in celebs name and u go in
Good question. We all wish we knew. You wont find the answer.
How To Get Stardollars On Stardoll   1. Go to " My Account "2. Click on " Earn Stardollars "3. Click on a task that is simple and easy to do4. Click on " My Page "5. Look at the top right corner !!! Enjoy your stardollars !!!    
Yes it is verily simple to do
I'm pretty sure you can't. Stardoll won't let you.kiki7324 on stardoll :)
You can't actually make money on Stardoll, you have to buy it with real money. When you sign up, you automatically get 50 stardollars, but there is no way to make virtual stardollars without paying real money.
click on to brands at the top and click the stardoll or stardoll archieve
Yes, definitely! Over usage of Social Media may affect the study habit of a student thus affecting its academic performance. Social media addiction affects a student academic performance adversely.
When You Go To The Login Page Where it tells you to type in nickname and password go down and click on forgot nickname and that's it
Go onto Become Superstar and then scroll down until you find Gift Card or Gift Code or something like that, Type in your code then press 'Redeem' voila! :D
Well, most LE seasons are unsellable, But some you can. Somebody will put their LE up for 1sd and you buy it. Then you put your LE up for 1sd and they buy it. VOILA! Safe swap! (:
well you can sell your clothes in starbazaar! also can you add me! my name is The_Glitter_grl on stardoll and put in the message that you were the one i helped! you can also just sign in every day and get a stardollar a day or on Christmas day and get 15 stardollars!♥♥♥I Luv Stardoll♥♥♥
well yes you can send pending requests you type in the persons username and the you see theyre suite and at the bottom of their sweet it'll show and add sign and a girls face click on it and youll have them as your friend only if they say yes and accept
You makeover the person's doll in their doll maker (next to the suite icon), take a screenshot (using print screen/sysrq button), pasting it on to paint, saving and uploading.
You can't open the site sometimes if the site is temporarily down or is updating.
how to get star-points in star-doll you need to do your album and your starmovie and you need to get diffident clothes on and you press save and i get 9 star-points maybe you do to and another thing is you can sell things and bye and you get some star-points and when you first log in you get a bag...
  under your picture is the mail box, guest book ect. Click on the crown for starpoints and on the far right is your details at the bottem of that is a space to change your password just click on there type in what you want and go on save changes. Hope I could help. :) My user name is XxX_lil...
They get their spoiler pictures from cdn.stardoll.com/flash/items/0/23138.swfTo see the newest spoilers, increase the number at the end of the link.
You cant. Unless you entered an age under 13 then I think it filters stuff automaticlly. But even if u didnt enter an age under 13 they still wont let you curse and put inappropitate stuff on. Are u a mom? Cuz ur hovering if you have to ask this... my mom doesnt even care. gawd
No. There has not. But, Someday I want to be the first non ss to be cg! I hope I win! XD ---If you mean National Covergirl, I won without being superstar once (although I had been superstar once before, I wasn't ss at the time I won ncg).
I will write in steps: 1. have to have 200 starpoints 2. create a club 3 join another club: lets say Amy Diamond 4. it will say you are a member of Amy Diamond and below it will say you own no clubs 5.create a club again 6 keep on creating as many as u like
You just do everything stardoll has to offer, (Join clubs play game etc...)
no he does not. he doesnt have a twitter or a myspace or anything like that either.
Yep! it's Miley-Ray-Cyrus
To be frank it is not safe to hire anyone online because youcan never tell if they are trustworthy or not, the bulk goes towhether they have been tested and confirmed to be safe. I have beenat this junction before of if it is safe to hire a hacker on Quora,I feel quite sad to tell you that a ran...
Sorry,Your suite doesn't come with a bed. -AGluvr.. VotemeCG!!!
thats because you need to save your room before you leave the room
Sure.But go to shypuppygirl,and send her a gift.I did.Now add her and say in it '' superstar,one month.Now in her guestbook say something nice.She will send u the code.
go down and you will see a purple x icon click it and it will say ''are you sure you want to block _____? ( Stardoll username ) if you want to report him/her press the ! mark near the block mark then write your meaning why your reportingthats how you do it
  == Answer ==   Look online or in a self-help book for a form of "waiver and release", or hire a a lawyer to draft one for you.  Depending upon which state you were in while driving without insurance, this could be the least of your worries. 
you get 4 clocks. there is a green one, a yellow one, a blue one and a pink one.
Go to .. My Page > Scenery
Probably just some average member of Stardoll.
Well to access everything especially the best parts, you must have adobe flash player.Hope I helped, I am kiki7324 on stardoll
To achieve Social change, Media should give their viewers and readers (for print media) sensible programs or articles that can promote social change. Media play a significant role in social awareness, thus it is their responsibility to inform and educate people.
yeaits the best interactive game that i know of
Yes, Any Diamond dose have a stardoll. But she really dose not get on there very often, to see more real celebs than go email me at elizabethjhall39@gmail.comHope I helped and don't forget to visit me on stardollMy username is ejhall02~~Lizz~~