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The Chrysler Sebring is a range of middle-sized cars manufactured by American carmaker Chrysler between 1995 and 2010. It is one of the few practically priced automobiles available in sedan and convertible body styles.
If it is leaking through the crack next to the soft/hard top just put some sealant there and it should be fine.
What state was it purchased in? In different states the programming  process is different due regulations for that state.
Unfortunately, you have to remove the wheel to access the battery.
i would start by looking down at your hands...in the middle of the steering wheel
  == Answer ==   In the trunk, you'll find two screws that, once loosened, will allow you to remove your light assembly.     Take the bulbs out - I replace them all at once so not to have to do this again soon - and reassemble.     Tom   Pay It Forward
  == Answer ==     Very small drillbit underneath taillight. small hole water drains out. I recommend sealin the hole with silicone after.
The cost to replace the engine in your Chrysler Sebring will range  between $2000 and $6000. Replacing with a used engine will be the  cheapest and replacing with a brand-new engine will cost the most.
The sensor is under the car on the back of the engine on the left  side on the 2.4L.   On the 2.5L it is on the top rear of the transmission bell housing.
Make sure you're not using the valet key. It will not open the trunk, center console armrest, or the glove compartment. It will only have one side cut, with the other completely uncut.
Pull the ABS fuse, unplug a wheel speed sensor, unplug the ABScomputer. All of those options will cause the ABS light toilluminate in the cluster.
The price to replace a blown head gasket on a Chrysler Sebring V6  should be around $1,000.00. The price can vary depending on where  you have the repairs made or if you replace it yourself.
  I had same problem it is the control regulator a little circuit board under the glovebox it is a plugin and i think it was a cheaper part if i remember right just unplug old one and plugin new one
I would take it to the dealer. Especially if you have an airbag.REMOVALBattery Cable At Shock TowerDisconnect battery negative cable from remote negative terminal on shock tower.Unplug field circuit from generator.Wiring ConnectionsRemove the B+ terminal nut and wire.Loosen top mounting ear bolt...
Answer . \nyes there is- its called walking back to the fuel door and opening it like any other car.
You could use the non-convertable seats in a convertable Sebring, but there would be a huge safety issue as you would not have seatbelts. The seatbelts are built in to the Sebring convertable seats. The bolt down assemblies for both however are identicle.
The starter is on the front of the engine, behind the motor mount.
The engine computer is the voltage regulator.
I had a similar issue one day, my friend mechanic advised that the thermostat had siezed, he removed the thermostat, cut the spring and re installed it, I have used it now for 4 months with no issues to date. Please check with a technician, as I reside on an Island that is constant 84 degrees and...
The heater coil is defectiveMy 99 convertible did this, fried my amp under the seat and blew my speakers and stereo. the problem ended up being that the weep holes in the body under the rockers were pinched shut. I had recently had the fender replaced and the weep hole was right where the jack goes....
  If you can't find the oil drain plug - take your car to a professional. Any automotive maintenance is above your skill level.     == Answer ==     On the oil pan. Open the book that came with the car. It is called the owner's manual. Here you will find answers to almost any...
3 1/2 Inches.When it comes to installs, the older the car the more brittle the plastic panels.CAREFULLY pry off the right and left front post trim panels, starting with the top. When those are disengaged, pry up the rear-of-the-car-facing edge of the dash top panel (the one with the VIN window)....
There is not a diagram under the hood showing how to replace the serpentine belt. Can you show me a diagram?
It looks like a little yellow engine.
Answer I own a 99' model sebring LXI. If you have the original fog light housing the bulb that goes inside is an H3 bulb. 9006 is your Low beam and a 9005 is your high beam. To change the bulb you have to get under the car and look for where the fog light housing is located. You then have to...
Answer . \n. \nIt is located under the car on the oil pan.
  Turn key on, engine off, press gas pedal to the floor three times. cycle key. light should be reset.
You will need a Dead-blow hammer ,before disassembaly loosen outer end-shaft retaining nut but do NOT remove,leave on last threads.Now strike with deadblow hammer until the end of axel moves
It is inside the same part that displays the compass direction.
It is under the housing where the lower radiator hose hooks to theengine.
The rear bumper cover is fastened to the car in exactly 9 places. Follow this procedure: Raise the trunk lidRemove the three push-in fasteners in the center of the top of the bumper, directly underneath where the license plate holder would be when the trunk lid is closedJack up the car and remove...
  place a floor jack under carwith a board between engine and jack raise slightly to take pressure off of the mounts located in engine bay you will have various items to undo cables make sure to mark where they go pull cv joints out this will allow you to drop engine and trans together alot...
The dealer scan tool is required to program a key on thisMitsubishi built car.
You ran the battery dead. Jump the car and let it stay running for a while so it can recharge itself 
I'm assuming you have a convertible since from what I've read, the sedan bulb replacement is very straightforward. To replace the bulb in a convertible you need to remove the headlight assembly by removing 2 bolts, one near each end of the assembly. These are (I believe) 8mm bolts so don't go...
If the engine is not spinning over and you have power to lights it most likely has a blown fuse in the fuse block under the hood. a 20 amp yellow fuse near the battery positive terminal. usually replacing the starter takes care of this intermittent problem.
is behind the engine you can reach it from the top of the engine it has 1 wire
Behind the rear seat. Pull up on the seat bottom to release the seat bottom from the car, remove the bolts anchoring the seat back to the car, push upwards (towards the roof) to disengage the clips, and lift up the insulation to expose the pump
For any sedan/car the "Deck or Deck Lid" means Trunk.
I just had this happen to me, it was the crankshaft sensor. If you have the 2.5L the motor will need to be cool to work on it, the sensor is under the exhaust pipe on back side of transmission. Good luck
If it is like my 98, you need to jack up the driver side front wheel and remove the wheel. There is a plate in the fender well that needs to be removed and then you can get at the battery which sits in a tray in the front fender in front of the driver's side front tire.
  No. Because the material is lighter and not as heavy as the hard top, so if there is a bad storm or you are traveling at high speeds, the wind will get under the canvas hood and pull it up removing the hood from the car.
  The thermal fuse in the blower motor resistor pack has blown. This is a very common occurrence on this car. A replacement resistor pack costs about $18. It is fairly easy to replace if you have mechanical experience. Search the web for "blower motor resistor replacement sebring 1999" and...
the throttle cable come in two pieces unless you want to replace the whole thing from the peddle up. the cable rest on the back of your intake and runs towards the left on your firwall and into the firewall box..
First, remove the broken belt very carefully. Then, prepare your work area. Having the right tools are critical. A serpentine belt remover/adjuster, Mopar Part #23-w3221 can really help save you time. It is a silver plier-looking tool with a gold tip that has a solid microprocessor embedded into the...
Go to Amazon.com type in exactly what you need and several should  pop up to buy.   The dealer can order one for you. Try eBay and craigslist also.
== Answer ==   if you look where the seat meets the rugs there should be 2 little o shapped rings, pull them and they will release the seat..   You need to pull up on the back of the seat. The bottom half and top half are to different peaces. The bottom half is only attached in the front but...
Punch them in the face, usually resulting in them falling, as in, hit the deck! If this fails, you should run!
It will cost between $300.00 to $500.00 to replace the rack andpinion on a 1996 Chrysler Sebring. This cost includes labor andparts.
Failed speed sensors, leaking cooler lines, or a leaking solenoid pack.
probably a short in the wires somewhere More than likely, it is a short located in the horn pad inside steering wheel unit.Probable failed horn pad/ air bag cover
The teeth of the flywheel may be slipping and you would need a new fly wheel but it would just be cheaper to buy a new transmission unless you can find one off a another o4 sebring
With gas prices what they are you want to make sure your car is tuned as well as it can be.. Have a tune up performed with new O2 sensors installed and you will most likely notice a big improvement.
The most common cause is a failure of the fuel tank level sensor.
  Quoting the 1999 Sebring (convertible) manual, "The intake air temperature sensor threads into the intake manifold plenum". "Removal-1. Disconnect electrical connector from sensor. 2-Remove sensor". The Convertible is a different engine from the coupe, so the answer is probably different for...
  If this is on a 2.7 litre engine, probably the cooling system needs to be bled. Other causes could be the thermostat, but they are very relieable. Even though the cooling system reserviour shows full, the cooling system might just need to be bled properly. Has the engine had a cooling system...
  == flushing the radiator for a 1997 sebring ==     u need to take both the radiator hoses off the radiator and take a water hose to the top inlet. leave the cap on it. and let water run through it to flush it out.
You have a blown gasket somewhere. Probably a head gasket. These 2.7 litres are notorious for the water pump bearing failures these water pumps are very expensive to get replaced since their timing chain driven
On most if not all sebrings it means that the trunk is open. If your trunk appears to be closed and the message still appears where the odometer reading is, check for an obstruction in the lock mechanism.
Removal.Roll glass down.Disengage two clips attaching speaker grille to door trim panel.They are at the front of the grille, one near the top, and the other one at the bottom.Remove three large washer-headed screws surrounding the speaker (lower door trim panel removal).Remove access cover at front...
Did a 2001 Chrysler Seabring 2.7L Remove right hand lower splash shield under the vehicle. Loosen the belt tensioner which will be two 13mm bolts. Discharge the A/C system. disconnect wiring from alternator and remove the three bolts from the alternor. Once the alternator is disconnected from the...
I printed coupons off the Chrysler website which was for $ 89.00 and took my 07 sebring to the dealer to get a tune up ..try it
On the '03 Sebring, there is a panel on the left end of the dashboard. You have to open the driver door to see it. Just pull it straight out. You may feel some resistance but it will come out. There is also another fuse box under the hood on the right side of the engine compartment. It is a black...
You need to replace the front axle Every 80,000 to 120,000 They wear out, normal maintance
  22 inch on the driver's side, and 24 inch on the passenger's side. I would go with Bosch Evolution wipers. Best in the business.
Under the dash on the driver side.
It is mounted on bracket just above the brake pedal.
Restate the question. What do you mean by "Frame Well"? Answer I had a problem where the water leaked into my car and flooded the driver's side pretty well, and I feel you have a similar problem to this. There are 3-4 drainholes on the bottom of the side frames where the water leaks through the...
  == answer to vague question. ==   if the frame well you are talking about is the one i belive it is it is a normal function of the convertible top drainage system on the car.     as long as there is no water in the floorboards or in the trunk and you dont hear any sloshing when you...
104. I own a silver one with a 400 magnum and am looking for others to buy. If you have one contact Kris at tooleyloach@cox.net Dont junk it, part it out or clone it. Contact me. if its not for sale contact me as i would like to document these cars.
That means one of your bulbs is burnt out if the rear is not flashing that is the bulb that is burnt out. You have to take off the nib on the carpet in the back remove the housing by unscrewing the three black plastic wing nuts. Take the housing off unscrew the grey thing that the bulb is attached...
Get a toothpick and beside the clock there will be two indented buttons, one with a H other M, just take your toothpick and push in the button.
There is a release solenoid that may occasionally lock up when the car is off. Turning the key to the 'on' position should free your safety belts.
The only dipstick are for the engine oil and automatic transmissionfluid.