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What is discrimination?

The definition of Discrimination is to treat individuals or a groupof people differently because of race, religion, gender, age,disability, physical demeanour, nationality, an (MORE)

Did Germans have discrimination?

I believe they did and still do, and if you want a simple example, then go search and read about all the ugly murders of black people in Germany by locals , and that didnt hap (MORE)

What is the discriminant?

If a quadratic equation is ax2+bx+c then we can learn something about the roots without completely solving the quadratic formula. The discriminant is b2-4ac. You may recog (MORE)

What is discriminating?

Discriminating is when one points out anothers difference/flaw and makes them stand out for it or feel embarrssed or resented.   In politics it means treating some people d (MORE)

How was there discrimination in Hanukkah?

The the 2nd Century BCE, the Syrian-Greeks did not allow the Jews to practice their religion, and tried to force Greek ways on them. Answer: The Seleucids (Syrian-Greeks) (MORE)

Why do women get discriminated?

Because years ago, women didn't play a big role in society. They were always in the kitchen and doing chores. Men were known to come home with money for the family so women to (MORE)
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How do you find the discriminate?

b2 - 4ac Example: X2 + 4X - 8 = 0 a = 1 b = 4 c = - 8 42 - 4(1)(- 8) 16 + 32 = 48 ==this positive answer indicates two real roots A negative answer indicat (MORE)

What is a sentence with discrimination?

Sentences using the word 'discrimination' - making distinctions between people or things, in one sense doing so unfairly, or, in another sense, doing so because of highly-deve (MORE)