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What is discrimination?

The definition of Discrimination is to treat individuals or a groupof people differently because of race, religion, gender, age,disability, physical demeanour, nationality, an ( Full Answer )
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What does discrimination mean?

Discrimination means exclusion of or a specific action done to oneperson because of a specific quality of theirs. It stems from thedisposition of looking down on someone who y ( Full Answer )
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How did discrimination begin?

at the beginning of our country - the people in power spread propaganda to keep the white slaves from socializing with the black slaves (lest they join forces and gain power t ( Full Answer )
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What are the definition of discrimination?

Discrimination is when people do not do something or treat you badly because of something about you like religion or skin color. do NoT be discouraged by dicrimination.
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What is the discriminant?

If a quadratic equation is ax 2 +bx+c then we can learn something about the roots without completely solving the quadratic formula. The discriminant is b 2 -4ac. You m ( Full Answer )
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What is discriminating?

Discriminating is when one points out anothers difference/flaw and makes them stand out for it or feel embarrssed or resented.. In politics it means treating some people diff ( Full Answer )
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Why do you discriminate?

The word "discriminate" means to notice differences between things. Often this is a good thing. It's good to be able to discriminate between good food and rotten food. You'll ( Full Answer )
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What is xenophobia discrimination?

It really should be called xenophobic (not xenophobia) discrimination. Xenophobia means "fear of strangers" (= foreigners), so xenophobic discrimination would be discrimin ( Full Answer )
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Who can be discriminated against?

Anyone can be discriminated against. Discrimination is not exclusive to any one race, gender, background, religion, class, or otherwise. Though some have to deal with worse th ( Full Answer )
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What can you do about discrimination?

we all think ourselves as superior to others.. that's how discrimination comes into picture.! weather be it the rich-poor, white-black, educated-uneducated, eastern-western, C ( Full Answer )