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Is pollack similar to haddock?

Pollack and haddock . Not really. They are from different genera.. On your plate, however, they are somewhat similar, with pollack being a less expensive alternative to th ( Full Answer )
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What does a haddock eat?

According to what I've found on Wikipedia "The main diet of deep sea demersal fish (This includes Haddock) is invertebrates of the deep sea benthos and carrion. Smell, touch a ( Full Answer )
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How long to bake haddock?

You can bake haddock at different temperatures for differentlengths of time. You can bake it at 500 degrees for 12 minutes.
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Do haddock eat seaweed?

Haddock fish eat primarily small invertebrates such as snails,clams and starfish. Some larger Haddock's have been known to eatsmall fish, but have not known to eat seaweed.
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How do you cook haddock?

Place the fillet in a square of baking parchment large enough that you can fold it over to seal it & prevent leaks. Drizzle the fillet with mild olive oil and a squeeze of lem ( Full Answer )
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Does haddock have scales?

Ye haddock does have scales. It is very similar to a cod although haddock is smaller , as is the mouth, not reaching as far back as the cods mouth.
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Is haddock a healthy fish to eat?

yes,it is full of the several minerals you need and packs 20.6 grams of Protien for a 3 oz serving. when prepared right it is an extreme benefit to anyone on a diet. it has on ( Full Answer )
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What is the cooking temperature for cooking haddock?

HERE IS A HADDOCK RECIPE THAT NEVER FAILS ME! 4 medium haddock fillets (thawed), 1tsp pepper, 4tbsp melted butter, 1/2c. lemon juice, 1tbsp basil, 1/4c. lime juice First, ( Full Answer )
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Is cod better than haddock?

This is all based on your opinions and likes. Try both of them and decide for yourself.
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Why is haddock popular?

because it IS! That's why! I't got a lovely taste in my opinion though! I love it!