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Which is best Internet explorer 7 or Internet explorer 9?

internet explorer 9 is better and quicker. With internet explorer 9 you can show tabs on a seprate row or on the same row as address bar. The new tab page is different it come (MORE)

Where can I download Internet Explorer?

  Use Microsoft Download. The link for the Internet Explorer download is included below.
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What is the address bar in internet explorer?

The bar you can type web addresses into. If you have a .com or something on the end of whatever is in there, it takes you directly to the website. If there is nothing on the e (MORE)

What is Internet Explorer?

Answer   your internet browser - the screen you use to search the web   Note: Internet explorer it is platform you can browse any website save your home page and passw (MORE)

Why doesn't Internet Explorer work?

If Internet Explorer  is not working there could be numerous problems, just like with any  unresponsive application. Without knowing anything about a person's  PC model, OS (MORE)