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What is good about Internet Explorer 9?

IE9 is more organized than its earlier forms. well its better because it is faster IE9 features a faster JScript engine than IE8's IE9 includes support for the HTML5 vide (MORE)

Which is best Internet explorer 7 or Internet explorer 9?

internet explorer 9 is better and quicker. With internet explorer 9 you can show tabs on a seprate row or on the same row as address bar. The new tab page is different it come (MORE)

What is Internet Explorer?

Answer   your internet browser - the screen you use to search the web   Note: Internet explorer it is platform you can browse any website save your home page and passw (MORE)

Who provides Internet Explorer?

MICROSOFT CORPORATION THRU THEIR RETAILERS AND/OR AS OEM WITH A NEW COMPUTER    Microsoft through their operating systems, eg. Windows 95, 98, XP Note: Internet explorer (MORE)

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