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Who is the god of the pagans?

It depends on the particular group of pagans. Considering that many pagan groups are culturally-identified (Celtic pagans are common around here), you'd need to look back to (MORE)

The meaning of paganism?

  A Pagan is a person who believes that everything has a soul or spirit. Rivers, animals, rocks, trees, land are all filled with there own unique spirits for people who (MORE)

What does the pagan star mean?

The pagan star, called the Pentacle, is symbolic. Each point represents the five elements: (going clockwise starting at the top) Spirit, Earth, Fire, Water, Air. The Pentacle (MORE)

What is pagan?

  What is a Pagan? Chandra Glick This was first published in the Newton Kansan daily newspaper in November of 2002. This article was written so that non-Pagans could (MORE)

Are Buddhists pagans?

Buddhism can be considered a pagan religion when the term pagan describes a non-Abrahamic (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc) faith. However, it is not a Neopagan religion, wh (MORE)

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What are pagans?

Pagan might be a bit of a loaded term, since it descends from the Latin term for "villager" and was used mostly by Christian authorities as a term against non-Christians. It i (MORE)

What is the origin of paganism?

   Not really known as it's a naturally evolved religion/belief. Scientists suspect that part of the human brain is programmed to believe in religion. This suspicion ha (MORE)

Was Muhammad a pagan?

  Muhammad was not a pagan. He was not a polytheist. He was a monotheist. He abolished all forms of idolatry when he was alive and preached never to put a face or an image (MORE)

Is witchcraft connected to pagan superstitions?

Paganism in modern times is an umbrella term for any nature based religion or set of beliefs and practises. Historically a "Pagan" was a country dweller, or one who comes from (MORE)
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What is the difference between pagans and atheists?

Being a pagan is believing in some god other than the  Judeo-Christian God. Examples of pagan religions are Wicca,  Animism, Asatru/ Odinism, etc. An atheist is someone who (MORE)