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What is pagan?

What is a Pagan? Chandra Glick This was first published in the Newton Kansan daily newspaper in November of 2002. This article was written so that non-Pagans could ha (MORE)

What is a pagan?

Historically 'Pagan' was the term Christians used to designate all those who did not accept the God of the Bible. The word 'pagan' is derived from the Latin word for country (MORE)

What is paganism?

A religion other than one of the main world religions, specificallya non-Christian or pre-Christian religion. Nowadays, it's come tomean a modern religious movement incorporat (MORE)

What are pagans?

Pagan might be a bit of a loaded term, since it descends from the Latin term for "villager" and was used mostly by Christian authorities as a term against non-Christians. It i (MORE)

What do pagans do?

\nPagans are people who follow their own spiritual paths - in general pagans have a great reverence for nature and the environment, often observing astrological and seasonal f (MORE)

Who is pagans?

Pagans are people of many different spiritual paths. The word originally meant those who lived in the countryside (non-urban people). As most of the pagan spiritual paths fo (MORE)

Where did paganism originate from?

Paganism is not a single religion or tradition. The three major religions originating from the Abrahamic tradition, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have regarded all other re (MORE)

What are the beliefs about Pagans?

Whose Beliefs? Christian's beliefs? Wiccan's Beliefs? Stregherian Beliefs? There are many forms of Paganism in the world and each of them, though at times may have beliefs (MORE)
In Ireland

Was Ireland pagan?

There were many pagans (sometimes referred to as 'Celtics' today) during the earlier days of Ireland. Before organized religions almost all societies of the world were pagan, (MORE)

What do pagan do?

pagans follow a spiritual path of their choice ussually nature based and having more than one god or godess