Labor and Employment Law

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Labor law or employment law deals with the legal rights of employees and employers. It defines what working conditions are allowable by law, particularly with regard to compensation, work environment, health and safety, and penalties.
You need to check with your state on that one. Start with yourlocal DOL office and see what they say about it. The DOL(Department of Labor) Office is one who write the rules in eachstate which governs full time and part time as well as workmanscomp. Myself I was on workmans comp for 1 hour 2x a week...
It depends if you have an employment contract or not. If not (andsometimes even then) you can be fired for any reason as you are an"employee at will' and it is at the companies discretion as to ifthey want to continue your employment.
You can FILE for unemployment benefits but they will be paid onlyfor the period when you were available for work. For example, ifyou were hospitalized between 8/01/2014 and 08/15/2014, came homeand felt you could return to work on 08/20/2014, your 'waitingperiod' would start on 08/20/2014 (you...
Workers Compensation payments for disability are based on a formulathat is determined by your physician and the WC Board. It is prettymuch set based on your level which is also set. For this reason,you generally waste money with attorneys unless you need help withthe process. The attorney can assist...
I used to work as a server here in NC and while the laws do state that employers are suppose to make up the difference, they usually don't. Everywhere I have worked, save for one place, ALWAYS went back in the computer system and changed my wages (claimed tips) so it would appear that I made over...
The short answer is... you probably won't be able to find it, ever. There is simply not enough premium collected from a short-term workers comp policy for an insurer to want to accept the potential cost of employee injury claims.To make this more meaningful consider this... your workers compensation...
To be covered by workers' compensation, you must be an employee andbe accidentally injured while doing your job, or get sick fromdoing your job, like being exposed to asbestos from ripping outceiling tiles while doing renovation work.
If you meet the qualifications for unemployment, then you can filefor the unemployment benefits. These requirements do not includeanything about owning a separate household from your parents. Youjust have to have lost your job for a reason that is not your faultand there are salary/work time...
Entirely possible. Usually a working enviroment that pays commission will let you work any hours you want, but will require you to be there a minimum amount of hours.
Don't tell them. That's not something they have a right or obligation to know. All they are obligated to know is that you used to work at a particular job. In fact, if you tell them your work history and consent to them calling a previous employer all they can legally ask is if you used to work...
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An injury settlement is when a person pays another person moneybecause they caused injury to them. This is done to avoid a long,drawn out trial in the court system where the judge will decide howmuch money will be given.
In Arkansas, benefits can only be paid to you if you meet all statelegal requirements, and you are not under a disqualification. Themost common circumstances that can lead to a disqualification are: . Quitting your job without good cause in connection with thework. . Being fired or discharged for...
Any stretch of 7 consecutive days worked where the hours are morethan 40 is considered overtime. Florida overtime pay is 1.5 timesthe amount of normal pay.
No. If you look at your appropriate tax prep forms, there areseparate sections for filling in money earned from self-employmentand investment income.
Labor laws are different everywhere. There are laws at the federal,state and even local municipal levels. In CA, for example, it islegal to schedule an employee to work seven days a week so long asthat employee is properly compensated. Fun fact, in CA if anemployee is scheduled to work seven days a...
No. You cannot deduct lost income when you never claim the actualincome in the first place. You are only taxed on the amount oftaxable income that you received. The reason that Worker'sCompensation pays you at this level is that you are not payingincome taxes, state taxes, social security taxes nor...
if you are legal, then 16
If you voluntarily quit your job even though you are capable ofperforming work, you do not qualify for unemployment.
It depends on the circumstances of your termination and where youworked. For example, if you were a pizza delivery guy and got firedfor being late, you would likely just pick up your final check andwalk out the door without any paperwork.
Minimum wage laws can be different at the federal, state and localmunicipal levels, but minimum wage is not affected by your filingstatus. If minimum wage is $8.00 per hour where you work, then it'sstill $8.00 per hour whether you're married or single.
you can apply for a working permit or visa something like that and that will let you work for a specific amount of time and I believe you can renew it .
No. Unless serving in the military or suffering a debilitatinginjury, jury duty is a civic requirement and it is a crime to avoidit. If your employer (aside from the U.S. Armed Forces) prohibitsyou from serving jury duty, they are committing a crime and you canfile a complaint with your state's...
This isn't a common problem these days; mostly to the advent ofaffordable background checks for employers and businesses doinggreater due diligence about checking references of prospective newhires. As far being "covered under a current policy", eachsituation is different and the either implied or...
In 2013, about 70 percent of Australians reported that their liveswere affected by stress of some level. About 65 percent reportedthat their mental health was being affected by stress.
The first successful national labor union in the US the American Federation of Labor, organized by Samuel Gompers.
No... Children that work are in danger.
If you are qualified for Medicare, the fact that you have a workrelated injury will not prevent you from acquiring Medicarecoverage. Worker's Compensation will only pay for expenses intreating your injury that you acquired at work. Everything elsewill have to be covered elsewhere.
I have had to take a lot of time off from work because of chronic back pain, i am close to be written up for absences, and don't think I can continue in my postion it is very physical I see a doctor quite often. My job is not a good fit for me physically, please help.
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In most, if not all, states you would not qualify because you are in total control of your work environment (as opposed to a worker under control of his job). The company not making any money does not meet the criteria of unemployment.
Sure. WC does not prohibit you from applying for SSDI. If you areapproved you need to tell both to make sure you don't end up owingback money you didn't know about.
Here in Canada your employer can not fire you for taking a leave. As long as you have a Dr's note or government note saying you can not work for how ever long, there is nothing they can do. And while you are on your leave, they can not fire you. When your leave is over, they have to hire you back....
Yes you can but you will have to report it
A disability is a physical or mental impairment that prevents an individual from performing actions done by individuals without such limitations. The disability can be physical, psychological, cognitive or social.
Child labour happens mostly in poor and developing countries. 61% of child labourers live in Asia and 32% live in Africa and 7% live in Latin America. Here is a list of countries that use child labour: India, China, Nigeria, Korea, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Angola,...
This would depend on the agents relationship with the company.Often times real estate agents are considered subcontractors and assuch they would not be covered under workers compensationinsurance.
It depends on your employment contract, but, obviously, if the company is actually a cleaning company then the employees would expect to clean toilets.
I worked for the state. I did not get workers comp until all my sick leave was used up. It came from a separate outfit. I did not get 2 checks. Once I could walk and drive a car, the doctor sent me back to work.
I never got time off when one of the leaders in any of the companies where I worked died. The boss of the unit where I worked took off to go to the funeral. None of the rest of us went. We had to work. He came back just before closing from a funeral that had ended several hours previously. None of...
Evidence that you did not work the day you claim to have been injured, or that you were not injured while at work.
Lawyers don't autorized for does claims in this court.
An employee should not be fired for this reason. However, becausemost employment is at-will, an employer can fire an employeewithout having to give a reason.
Answer . Yes. Having your sentence suspended is an act which happens after a defendant is found guilty of a specific charge.
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Under age teenagers can't work unless they are older than 16. It actually depends on where you work at because some placesrequire you to be over 18.
you get payed less but the company makes more money.
If the trip is solely for business purposes e.g. a conference that the employee would otherwise not need to attend.
You shouldn't have been collecting unemployment if you had a job. But now that you are fired once again I suppose it will just stay the same.
There are a few different jobs a 15 year old can do in Charleston,South Carolina. Babysitting, delivering newspapers, tutoring anddog walking are a few good options for teens to earn some cash.
If a business depends on purchases by consumers and families, and if unemployment is locally high, then there will be fewer consumers and families with disposable income to spend and sales will decline. If a business depends on business-to-business sales, the level of unemployment is largely...
The factory Act was passed in 1833 which made it illegal for factory owners to employ children under 9 years old, this coincided with the abolition of Slavery in the UK in 1833 - 34. During this time it was becoming more recognised that children needed to be educated mostly for the upper classes,...
That depends on the laws of the country or state they are working in.
In Tennessee, a minor must be 14 years of age before they can work. Some of the restrictions for 14 and 15-year-old minors are:. WHEN SCHOOL IS IN SESSION: Can work no more than 3 hours per day Can work no more than 18 hours a week Can work no later than 7:00 p.m.. WHEN SCHOOL IS NOT IN...
A way to prevent Child labor is to donate money so that a child can have an education. Another one is to build a home for the children. In there they will not be allowed to work, but only to learn! There they will have a chance to have a better life. After all they are our future
If there are no employees in the business, there is no need for workers compensation. However, handymen, landscapers and other part time contractors may be considered employees and need to be covered. The defining factors between an independent contractors (do not need to be covered under workers...
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study island: He had once been a farm worker and knew the hardships.
Labor unions grew because workers needed someone to represent them.Workers were tired of poor and sometimes dangerous workingconditions, low wages, and unreasonably long hours.
A closed shop is a shop in which persons are required to join a particular union as a precondition to employment and to remain union members for the duration of their employment.\n. \nAmong the workers' rights legalized by the NLRA was the right to enter into a "closed shop" agreement. It differs...
Gissel bargaining orders are orders to bargain with a union that may no longer have majority support because of serious employer unfair labor practices that have poisoned the possibility of a fair election.
Yes they have to make sure you are fit to do the job you are assigned. The military is one example of an employer mandating a health screening.
Workers Compensation act of 1923 is the answer. That was thedoctrine of the notional extension and the spirit behind thisprovision.
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Probably not. This is covered by the Family & Medical Leave Act. Your employer does not have to pay you for your time off for your appointments, but you cannot suffer any adverse employment action because of your appointments. If you and your employer are covered by FMLA, you are entitled to up to...
I believe that this question applies to the same as when people ask if they can record a phone conversation. The answer is no, not if they are not part of the call themselves. Even if the person owns the phone or pays the phone bill, they still cannot record a conversation they are not a part of....
12 year olds may be able to pet sit for neighbors on vacation. Theymay also find work in the summer at animal shelters.
Around 42,700 employees are present in panera bread in the year of2014.
in some states they do have to pay you for vacation days and in some states they don't so it depends really sorry :)