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This category is for questions and answers about Abraham Lincoln. He was the sixteenth president of the United States. He led the country through its civil war, and put an end to legal slavery. He was later assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.


M.L. King uses a number of techniques to persuade his audience tojoin his campaign.
Alan Pinkerton headed the Union intelligence service.
Just before he ran for president, he ran for Senate.
Depends on the battle. Each one was different. Gettysburg had50,000 die in 3 days of battle. Actually, the figures for Gettysburg were: Killed Union 3155 Confederate 3903 Wounded Union 14,529 Confederate 18,735 Missing Union 5365 Confederate 5425
Yes, There is one known photograph taken of Lincoln after the assassination, it was taken ten days after the assassination while Lincoln's body was lying in state in New York City Hall, during his funeral train procession.
Well in a way yes Abraham actually was 1809 to 1865 and thevictorian era was 1837-1901 but you have to be specific he was inthe time of it but was not related to a victorian
He kindly started a conversation with them and offered them books and most of all love and support which clearly made him the best president that's how he got along with them.
Many of the poor Irish emigrants protested the proclamation,leading to riots when the Union instituted the draft. It gave theUnion the moral high ground so that: diplomatically, it preventedEngland, France, and Spain from recognizing The Confederacy as asovereign nation, preventing them from lending...
She died of milk sickness
He died in the Petersen House in Washington, D.C. He was shot April14, 1865 and died early in the morning April 15, 1865. He was atFord's Theatre watching the play 'Our American Cousin' with hiswife Mary Todd Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth was the one who shot himin the back of his head.
To rally support of the North. After Gettysburg the North was sickand tired of the wholesale slaughter of their troops. At Gettysburgalone they lost some 25,000 men. At Antietam 26,000 men died in oneday. Fredricksburg was a disaster. Lincoln used the address to showthat to stop the fighting now...
We might still have slavery, unless another president outlawed it.
i would guess that he would be in favor of it bc state was confederate
In a way, it did. It essentially gave the slaves freedom in theNORTH, not the south. This encouraged them to escape to the North.The South was basically fighting two wars, one from the inside andone with the North. It crippled the reason they were drawn into thewar, slavery.
Abraham Lincoln was elected for 2 terms. But before he could finish his second term, Lincoln was assassinated. He died serving 4 years and 42 days, or 42 days into his second term. Four years, 1 1/2 months
No, there is no sufficient evidence that Benjamin Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln were related.
Life begins under martial law, simply..when martial law isdeclared. Someone who has enough power and influence on Army togain and control over power (denying all democratic rules,institutions and practice). This usually happens in the 3rd worldcountries. Some General decides to have power...and at...
Abraham Lincoln was the United States President during the civilwar. As such he was commander-in-chief of the union army and navy.and he swallowed pills ;)
to end slavery permanently by amending the constitution.
Because his strategies were at last beginning to look successful. Grant had prevented Lee from invading the North. Sherman had taken Atlanta. And the blockade-runners' favourite ports were being steadily re-captured. They felt the end of the war was in sight.
No, Lincoln's parents were very poor and photography was not available at that time. It wasn't until about 1850's that photography was available.
Lincoln was actually for slavery for a while. He didn't really care much about slavery problems until the early 1860s. I think he either changed his mind or he thought it would be good for his next election.
Some of Bill Clinton speeches are i dont know... Why ask.. im just workin on a project and yall arent giving me a answer?!!!
To the best of my knowledge, there are no official records to show if President Abraham Lincoln received any votes from the slave states in the election of 1860. If there were records, they more than likely got destroyed over the years by carelessness, fire, or flood. Today, it's a much different...
...test of the North's willingness to fight on.
There will always be differing views about this sort of thing, but many believe Lincoln was a good president for abolishing slavery in the United States.
The phrase "E Pluribus Unum" does NOT describe the denomination of a coin.
If it's owner dies, it'll probably get sold to another master, after going to the 'slave market'.
5 000 000 000 years old :)
The one that provided for basic needs of the war refugees.
He said that black people should have the same rights as a white person
They were whipped and beaten, so they could learn to love there lives!
If you drive, it takes between half an hour and forty minutes. Depending on traffic, or more likely, tractors.
Abraham Lincoln did not own any slaves. Aversed towards thepractice of slavery from an early age, Lincoln was responsible forits abolishment when he became president.
Yes, there were battles in Missouri at the beginning, and later in Kentucky.
because he wantedto stay were he was born at wisiconsin. also wanted to plant corn on his land.they forced him to leave
Abraham Lincoln wanted to do something to help the world to be a better place
because it was named after him
he was very poor , when he was a young boy, his mother died. So, without having a mother and a proper education, he was raised.
How many illegal things he did as president and got away with, such as shutting off South state's trade ports, getting rid of Habeas Corpus, and allowing West Virginia to split from Virginia without a southern state joining the union at the same time.
Abraham Lincoln, shortly after turning 21, moved about 10 mileswest of Decatur in Illinois. His family set up a homestead on aplot of land near Sangamon river.
The Abolitionist Free Soil Party merged into the Republicans in1854 (When the Republicans were founded)
Mr. Cuyler:�I am filled with deep emotion at finding myself standing here in the place where were collected together the wisdom, the patriotism, the devotion to principle, from which sprang the institutions under which we live. You have kindly suggested to me that in my hands is the task of...
It took him 10min to say the speech..............
\nTo some people he was but to others not so. It depends on how you see things.
Abraham Lincoln is considered by many people as the best presidentthe United States has had. This is because of his honesty and thecompassion for fellow human beings that saw him end slavery in thecountry.
None. Lincoln carried the more populous Northern states. Stephen A. Douglas(Northern Democrat), John Breckinridge(Southern Democrat), and John Bell(Constitutional Union) divided the Southern states. Lincoln had 180 electoral votes, Douglas had 12, Breckinridge had 72, and Bell had 39.
As politely and formally as the 13 colonies seceded from Great Britain. A declaration was sent, and then Senator Jefferson Davis addressed the United States Congress.
John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln but there were also someco-conspirators involved with the assassination.
he died on the 18th January , 1955.
His image was put on the coin in 1909 in honor of his birthcentennial. Abraham Lincoln is generally considered to be thegreatest American president. He led the US through the Civil Warand at the time of his assassination had begun a policy ofreconciliation to reunite the North and South. Mythology...
He never took a Bar Examination. Abraham Lincoln, became a lawyer under an Illinois law enacted in 1833. This law stated that to be a lawyer someone had to "obtain a certificate procured from the court of an Illinois county certifying to the applicant's good moral character." On September 9, 1836...
He had to satisfy the varied opinions of his cabinet. He also learned as he went along, eventually realizing that it needed someone like Grant at the top - an uncomplicated man well-suited to a long war of attrition.
Lincoln was concerned about the borders seceding because the people in the union were crazy and let their dogs and snakes attack the rebels. now tell me you wouldn't want to secede.
Abraham Linclon lead the Civil War.
In 2010, Good Friday fell on April 2.
The Emancipation Proclamation changed the purpose of the Civil Warfrom one of states' rights to that of slavery.
Booth blamed the president for the Civil War and all of the South's problems.
JANUARY 30, 1835 Andrew Jackson Richard Lawrence's two bulletsaimed at President Jackson misfired in Washington on Jan. 30, 1835.Lawrence was apprehended and later deemed insane andinstitutionalized. OCTOBER 13, 1912 Theodore Roosevelt Roosevelt in 1915. (AssociatedPress) President Roosevelt was...
General-in-Chief at the outbreak of the war was Winfield Scott. Then came George McClellan, Henry Halleck, and U.S. Grant. Four the lot.
There are many stories to how he got the nickname. In most of the stories, he was a shop owner and there was an incident that happened with the customer, whether it was that he gave them the wrong amount of change, or the customer left something behind. Anyways he walked a long way just to fix the...
Abraham printed 450 million dollars a large amount for the time. This may the reason. Benjamin Harrison was known for the "Billion dollar Congress" in 1889. These two presidents were all the only ones that I recalled having a million dollars nick name.
Abraham Lincoln was elected into the Illinois house of representatives in 1834
No! Thomas Jefferson was the 2nd president
BEEP yes Like Washinton, Lincoln believed in a supreme being that guided us. He rarely refered to, "GOD" and never refered to, "JESUS".
The southern states were opposed to the southern states secession because the South was the North's major source of revenue. in the 1860s, about 30 percent of the population of the United States lived in the South and yet they paid, through an unfair system of tariffs, up to 85% of the federal...
He was shot April 14, 1865, and died April 15, 1865.
slaves were free if their master died
Harriet Tubman, freed many slaves in the 1800s.
I don't think he was proud that the tree was cut down. He was proud that when asked George told the truth that he had cut it down......he did not lie.....he fessed up to doing it. Georges dad could have even seen George do it. Telling the truth is a good thing.
The Gettysburg Address was given on the battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
I have been researching this for years and have had only a little bit of luck. Here is what I do know. Jim Bishop who wrote THE DAY LINCOLN WAS SHOT, reports a cool evening with clouds and stars in the sky. It was a beautiful afternoon in the hours before the assassination. Bishop incorrectly...
he was vere happy
yes of course he did he was a normal kid who worked hard in school and acheived his dream x
Slaves living in the states that had seceded from the union.
I know people back during the civil war did not like him at all.
This topic is somewhat contentious with archaeologists working in the Pacific. The current theory suggests that Polynesia was colonised by an expansion of the Lapita people from islands in east Melanesia. It was first thought that they made have been colonised from Micronesia but this now seems...
slavery was his biggest problem
He was born February 11, 1809. Figure it out.